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									HealthSource Chiropractic And Progressive Wellness In Clarksville Offers Safe Solutions For

Clarksville, TN, 3-MAY-2013 - Dr. Chad Young, DC of HealthSource Chiropractic and Progressive
Wellness in Clarksville, offers safe and natural solutions to individuals who suffer from chronic, painful
headaches. The Clarksville chiropractor uses a holistic approach when developing plans that address
both the immediate pain and the contributing factors that may be triggers for headaches.

When interviewed recently Dr. Young discussed the commitment of his team to providing the highest
quality of care and education to patients. "Headaches can be debilitating and adversely affect every part
of a person's life. Most people who suffer from chronic headache pain are unable to focus or function
properly and have difficulty completing daily tasks. Other people must lie down in a dark, quiet room
and wait for the pain to pass. Planning activities can be very difficult and enjoying normal activities can
be almost impossible. There are often many factors that contribute to headache pain and I work closely
with patients to make sure that all of the factors are addressed so that the individual can enjoy lasting
results and return to their life without fear of recurring pain. It is important to our team that people
receive the care, education and training they need to become active participants in achieving and
maintaining greater health and wellness."

During the initial meeting the doctor will review the past medical history of the individual, medications
that a person may be taking and the history of their headaches. The doctor will also review the diet and
exercise regimen of the individual as well as any accidents or injuries that the individual may have
been involved in. Contributing factors such as stress, tension or a sudden life-changing event will be
discussed and the type of work that an individual does.

After performing a physical examination and taking x-rays to identify any misalignment, disc
compression or pinched nerves the doctor will perform tests to determine the flexibility and function of
the extremities of the individual and determine whether injury or damage to other parts of the body are
contributing to the head pain.

After reviewing all of the information that has been collected, Dr. Young creates a wellness program
that addresses the immediate pain through the use of chiropractic care and other therapies. The doctor
will realign the spine and neck to relieve pressure from pinched nerves and restore proper circulation
through the spine. The doctor may recommend changes to the diet to increase the vitamins and
nutrients required by the body to heal and increase stamina and energy.

When stress or tension are contributing to the pain the doctor provides stress management training that
teaches patients the proactive steps they can take to address issues before a headache begins. In
addition exercises designed to reduce stress, increase stamina and improve overall health and wellness
are also provided.

To get more information about the safe solutions used by Dr. Chad Young, Clarksville chiropractor, to
relieve headache pain visit today. Individuals and members
of the press wishing to get more details about this press release will find contact information below.
Dr. Chad Young, DC
HealthSource Chiropractic and Progressive Wellness of Clarksville
1734 Memorial Drive, Clarksville, TN 37043
Telephone: 888-977-6734

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