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					Team Split
Team Norms (Day 1 - 4/15, Day 2 - 4/18)
Timeline (Day 1 – 4/21, Day 2 4/19)
Design Brief (Day 1 – 4/21, Day 2 – 4/19)
Team member evaluations
Day 1 evaluation dates: 4/27 and 5/9
Day 2 evaluation dates: 4/26 and 5/6
Self evaluations
Day 1 evaluation dates: 4/27 and 5/9
Day 2 evaluation dates: 4/26 and 5/6
Dimensioned, detailed sketches in engineering notebook of design
    and each individual part of the design (Day 1 – 4/25, Day 2 –
IDW creations of each individual part (Day 1 – 5/3, Day 2 – 5/2)
IDW of exploded view (Day 1 – 5/3, Day 2 – 5/2)
Powerpoint presentation (Day 1 – 5/9, Day 2 – 5/6)
   Norm#1-Treat each other with respect and as you want to be
   Norm#2-Everyone will contribute to finish the work.
   Norm#3-All deadlines should be met on time!
   Norm#4-All work will be split up evenly and each person must
    not complain about what they get.
   Norm#5-If there are any disagreements, send an email to the other
    2 members letting them know, that way something can be done.
   Norm#6-If a group member wants to work on this out of class,
    they must let the other 2 members know with time, that way we
    have time to get things settled.
   Consequences
   If task is not completed by a team member, he/she will not be
    counted on for as much credit as the rest of the team.
   If not communicating, team will become dysfunctional.
  How we communicated
-how we over came this is we decided on what
   method we used to communicate
 Waiting a whole day for one person to reply

-there was really no way to overcome this other
   than working on this at home and I didn’t
   know if any did that
 Knowing who is who

-we ether had our name color coded or we said
   who we were after we finished our message

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