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Underground Marketing Consortium CC offers client with a faster way of getting car insurance quotes through its website. This page also offers information and comparisons for clients to help them choose their auto policy better.

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									Website Makes Getting Car Insurance Quotes Online Easier

Mendham, NJ, 03-May-2013 - Underground Marketing Consortium CC is eager to announce its new
website that makes getting car insurance quotes and application easier. This would provide estimates on
car insurance payment that clients would have to make. These estimates would be from different
companies so clients would be able to know their options and choose wisely.

This service is dedicated for auto plans and covers. Auto policies are needed and even required by most
lenders for auto loans. Even for fully paid cars, policy coverage is still a need. These policies can come
in various types and costs however. So clients can be guided in choosing their policy plan, they can
access this online service.

The tools are very easy to use. The client has to fill out some basic details first that the agents would
use for obtaining a quote. The client's details would be handled with utmost security. Agents would
then call the clients directly after obtaining the figures.

The agents would explain each plan to the client. They would already narrow down the options for the
client to those that are suited for their needs. They would also provide details about payments and how
much the client has to pay.

Agents would also help compare the policies. They can also give tips on clients on how to get some
discounts on their premiums. This would help clients obtain ample coverage with optimal premiums.

Visit the site at for more details on their features and services. Clients can
also read to appreciate the
importance of auto policies better. Members of the press and others with more questions can contact the
person indicated below.

Name: Susan Smith
Title: Public Relations
Company Name: Justin Harrison Marketing
Address: P. O Box 311, Mendham, NJ, USA, 07945
Phone: + 00 1 973 531 4982
Fax: + 00 1 973 543 5683

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