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									                                                    E.B. Dunn
                                              Historic Garden Trust
                                                                     Summer 2011
   Take a Stroll in the Dunn Gardens with Northwest Artists
        Glorious GardenParty & ArtWalk, July 31, 2011
Art and nature join together in a grand display of Northwest art set against the backdrop of the E.B.
Dunn Historic Gardens. Artistic works in stone, wood, glass, metals, clay, beads, watercolors, oils
and natural materials will be displayed throughout the 7 ½ acre site. Proceeds from the art sale will
support the conservation of the Dunn Gardens and its continued use and enjoyment by the public.

                       Gala GardenParty Luncheon &                    ArtWalk Preview
The day begins with a glorious Gala GardenParty & ArtWalk Preview —a luncheon on the lawn
with special Celebrity Hosts: Seattle Art Museum Director, Derrick Cartwright; Dunn Gardens Cu-
rators, Charles Price and Glenn Withey; and Dunn Gardens founding Trustee, Chris Bayley. Guest
artists will also join the party.
12:30 to 2:30 pm at home of Patrick & Susan Dunn & Great Lawn
$125.00 donation (includes both the GardenParty Luncheon and the ArtWalk)

The main event, the ArtWalk, begins at 3:00. Guests will meet over 25 established and emerging
Northwest artists, and enjoy their work among the lush vegetation, winding pathways, grand lawn
and majestic Northwest scenery that are the hallmarks of the mature 1915 Olmsted design for the
Arthur Dunn family summer country estate. All artwork is for sale. Some artists will also take orders
for additional pieces.
3 - 6 pm $30.00 donation (single event)

                                  Online at www.dunngardens.org.
                Space for both events is limited so early reservations are encouraged.

Kim M

                                   e   rber      Clare Dohna         Jared              Jesse Kelly
                             gia G                                           Nason
 For more artist information visit our website www.dunngardens.org
Message from our President—George Vestal
                                                                                Board of Directors
                                                                                    George Vestal, President
                                                                                 Linda Breiwick, President Elect
                                                                                    Patrick Dunn, Secretary
                                                                                    VICE PRESIDENTS
                                                                              Ted Andrews, Finance & Administration
                I see some traces of sunshine out there...If only              Robert Findlay, Garden Conservation
                the weather could be as predictable as your                      Mimi Kirsch, Board Operations
                                                                                  Linda Breiwick, Development
                continued support of the Dunn Gardens!                           Ann Ormsby, Strategic Planning

                                                                          Jann Blackbourn
 As you'll see throughout this edition of the newsletter, we are          Randy Bostock                 Peg Marckworth
enjoying an active Spring. Our May "Wine Tasting 2011" event              Gloria Butts                  Ann McCutchan
                                                                          Beth Dodrill              Char Dunn McGinnis
attracted many visitors and we exceeded last year's figures.              Kristie Fritz                   Alex McKallor
                                                                          Michael Glenn, MD               Tim O’Connor
                                                                          Dave Hanower                      Charles Price
We're excited about our upcoming Garden Party & ArtWalk, be-              Gayle Harris                    Iain Robertson
ing held on Sunday July 31, with beautiful artwork on dis-                Kit Herring
                                                                          Connie Hokanson
                                                                                                         Susan Robinson
                                                                                                      Chris Smith Towne
play and available for purchase. You won't want to miss                   Ruth Kagi                         Jenny Wyatt
this special event — our primary fundraiser this year!                            EX-OFFICIO BOARD MEMBERS
                                                                          Christopher Bayley          Linda Hanson
                                                                          Michael Casteel       C. David Hughbanks
Are there other positive things happening at Dunn Gar-                    Susan Dunn
                                                                          Dirk Giseburt
                                                                                                       Bruce Lamka
                                                                                                 Chris Smith Towne
dens? You bet.... Plan a tour of the garden with our crew of                 EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR - Position Vacant
knowledgeable and fun Docents leading tours, along with a new                CURATORS - Charles Price & Glenn Withey
group of volunteers helping us in the garden. As you tour the                  GROUNDS MANAGER, Zsolt Lehoczky
garden you'll notice something new: Ballard Bee Company's                            GARDENER, Vacant
                                                                                 ADMINISTRATOR, Dot McCain
Corky Luster has installed ten beehives filled with 100,000+ bees                  BOOKKEEPER, Beth Neils

to help pollinate and further beautify our grounds.                                        ADVISORS
                                                                                    J. Michael Kaiser, CPA, PS
                                                                                     Konrad J. Liegel, Counsel

A special thanks to our staff, docents, volunteers and (very ac-                        PHOTOGRAPHERS
                                                                                 Connie Hokanson & Douglas Houck
tive) Board of Directors. Now, as a result of their increased par-
ticipation, many of the garden's day-to-day operating responsi-
bilities are being handled through their volunteer efforts.

Additionally, in response to what we agreed is a need for a
stronger presence in the community, we are happy to announce
that Tanya DeMarsh-Dodson has agreed to become our new
Community Relations Director. Tanya has been active with the
Gardens, and the larger regional gardening community, for a
long time and we look forward to working with her in this new,                   In this edition…
exciting position.                                                                  ArtWalk Invitation

But as the bees drift slowly through the lazy summer days,        Message from our President
the staff and volunteers of Dunn Gardens remain ever busy mak-    Garden Conservation News
ing sure that everything is running smoothly behind the
scenes. We thank you for your continued support and look for- Docent Highlights—The Dunn Gardens
ward to seeing you in the gardens.
                                                                                  The Curators’ Corner
                                                                                      Recent Events
George K. Vestal
                                                                                    Upcoming Events

                                          www.dunngardens.org                                                               2
News from the Dunn Gardens Conservation Committee
Dr. Robert A. Findlay FAIA

Dunn Gardens Receives Two Substantial Grants This Month
We are fortunate to have been awarded a grant from the
Seattle Garden Club to support our Heritage Tree Program.
The story begins nearly a hundred years ago as James Fre-
derick Dawson, head of the San Francisco office of the Olm-
sted Brothers landscape architects, visited the adjacent Dunn
and Agen properties in preparation of a planting plan. The
second growth forest was about 25 years old and about 25
feet in height. Well-trained in the Olmstedian philosophy of
the restorative effect of the natural environment, Dawson
imagined himself editing the forest in order to provide a visual
structure for the garden experience – emerging from the ur-
ban forest along a curvilinear drive and arriving at the sym-
metrically balanced proscenium view from the summer house
terrace to the sound and Olympic Mountains. And of course,
Arthur Dunn constantly reminded him to integrate eastern
hardwoods into the planting plan. Even today, our visitors
cannot help but shift their gaze upward from the understory
plantings to take in the heroic scale of this view from the great lawn.   Photo by Robert Findlay

Twenty years ago, The Portico Group of landscape architects inventoried about fifty of these
heritage trees, both native and imported, that are considered fundamental aspects lending his-
toric significance, and thereby justifying the listing of the Dunn Gardens in the National Register
of Historic Places. As the gardens approach the century mark, our conservation committee out-
lined a Heritage Tree Program that begins with this inventory and maps, and outlines the need
for periodic evaluation of cultural conditions affecting each and guidance for their eventual re-
placement. We have lost several of our heritage trees, and have successfully reversed the de-
cline in others. Our curators and gardeners are ever-vigilant of problems in this aging urban for-
est, and our annual budgeting includes funds for safety-related maintenance and replacement.
The Seattle Garden Club grant now makes it possible to contract with an outside arborist to be-
gin the periodic assessment, on a more scientific basis, of the cultural conditions of daylight, soil
moisture and pathogens, and structural integrity in order for us to be more proactive in prolong-
ing the life of our trees – the fundamental visual structure of the gardens.

The Heather Bed receives a Remarkable Collection of new Heathers
The second donation, 400 heather plants from T&L wholesale Nursery, enables us to totally re-
habilitate the heather bed just above the croquet lawn. The heather display has been a favorite
of many who visit the gardens, but in reality it was the accumulation of three planting efforts and
was not aging well. As the gardeners began to remove the worst of the plants, large ugly holes
appeared in the garden. Coincidentally the nursery offered the donation, the conservation com-
mittee recognized the opportunity to realign the bed and restore a fragment of the Olmsted path
in the area, and the curators developed a beautiful planting plan that reconfigures the bed and
lawn, including waves of heathers in a progression of colors and bloom times that, when com-
pleted, will facilitate better access for maintenance. The project will also provide a memory of
accomplishment for Quill Teal-Sullivan, our staff gardener, who is moving on to a prestigious
graduate program in public garden management at the University of Delaware and at Longwood
Gardens. (continued on page 4)

                                          www.dunngardens.org                                           3
Updates from Tanya DeMarsh-Dodson,
Dunn Gardens Community Relations Director

The Garden Conservancy Northwest Network (GCNN)

1992-1994 the Dunn Gardens House and Garden Committee put together a volunteer docent pro-
gram and struggled with many questions about how this might be best done. In 1994-1995 the
Dunn Garden Conservation Committee at Dunn was working to develop a process for managing the
garden rehabilitation and maintenance program and completed this effort without consulting other
historically significant gardens in the PNW region about what their process were. Also during this
time the Board Development Committee members worked to recruit board members without the
benefit of much professional advice or collaboration.

In 2002 The Garden Conservancy invited a number of Public Gardens to send representatives to a
meeting held at Lakewold Gardens; the event was titled the Emerging Public Garden Forum. Dis-
cussions during this forum about the advantages of sharing information among the many public gar-
dens and horticultural organizations interested in public gardens led to the formation of an associa-
tion, now known as the Garden Conservancy Northwest Network.

Today in 2011 the association continues to evolve to strengthen public gardens and horticultural
organizations in the Pacific Northwest: Oregon, Washington and British Columbia. The group pro-
motes opportunities for networking, resource sharing, and professional workshops, and is marketing
the association gardens and horticultural events to a greater public. The GCNN workshops, held
twice a year, have been one important way the organization has helped to build stronger public gar-
dens. In March 2008, Dunn Gardens hosted one of the 16 workshops held so far, when the topic
was: “Ten Good Ways to Encourage Garden Visitation and Market Your Garden”. The workshops
are designed for the staff, board members and volunteers of garden organizations and are de-
signed so that all the member organizations can benefit from information provided by shared fund-
ing. Susan Dunn, Sue Nevler, Bob Findlay, Dirk Giseburt, David Hughbanks and others have all
attended GCNN events. Continued participation in these workshops by Dunn volunteers and staff is

Another ongoing effort of the GCNN is the promotion of the member gardens and the horticultural
events sponsored by members of the association. Currently we are working on the creation of a
website for the organization modeled on the Greater Philadelphia Gardens website. This site is be-
ing designed to make our gardens and events known to a wider interested public inside and outside
the Pacific Northwest.

Basically this organization functions as do professional associations and independent business
trade organizations. It strengthens the position of each of its members by attending to their com-
mon interests. It assists all in operational efficiencies through sharing information regarding suc-
cesses and failures. Additionally it combines the resources of al to provide professional assistance
in addressing common issues that alone any one member of the association could not afford.
Thank you to the Garden Conservancy, a national organization devoted to the preservation and
opening of exceptional gardens for public education and enjoyment, for their ongoing help in build-
ing this association.

                                      www.dunngardens.org                                              4
Updates from Tanya DeMarsh-Dodson,
Dunn Gardens Community Relations Director (Continued)
Goings on About the Town—

On Friday May 20th at the Maritime Event Center on Pier 66, the Seattle Garden Club invited the
public to a Flower Show celebrating maritime Seattle. The exhibition was varied and informative.
You entered the space walking into an exhibit which demonstrated the importance of water to this
region. It is easy to complain about too much of this substance in our lives, but a stroll through this
exhibit revealed the importance of how we take care of water in its cycle from our skies through our
gardens, our drainage systems, and back into our lakes and the Sound to the wellbeing of our world
and the way we like to live. Beyond this exhibit were the flower arrangements. They ranged from
large and complex, some 6-8 feet tall to small and simple. Even the horticultural samples qualified
as arrangements because of their beauty. The diversity of plants included and the creative ap-
proach to design evidenced in so many of the entries entranced at least one visitor. On the walls of
the exhibition space hung the photographic displays which were clustered by topic. Once again the
skill and creative approaches evidenced in the work on the walls was captivating. The efforts of the
members of the Seattle Garden Club resulted in an impressive flower show.

There are many plant sales and classes going on now. The Elisabeth Miller Library website hosts a
calendar which lists many of the non-profit plant sales and events; it is an excellent reference:

                                 DUNN GARDEN WISH LIST
* Complete the Resource Center project: remodeling interior of garden
    office, interior walls, painting, electrical and heating installation, etc.
   Furnish work area --chairs and work stations
   Fireproof flat files and letter file cabinets
   Updated-commercial type laser printer
   Room darkening cover for skylight in the classroom

               Want to help? Contact Dot McCain at: dmccain@dunngardens.org

                                          www.dunngardens.org                                         5
(Dunn Gardens Conservation Committee article—continued from page 3)
These substantial donations both recognize the value of our conservation efforts and more quickly
advance rehabilitation projects supported by our many individual member/donors.
We thank you all!

          Docents Welcome Honey Bees to the Dunn Gardens!!!
                        The Dunn’s New Bee Garden by Linda Breiwick

The gentle honey bees arrived at the Dunn Gardens on May 3rd. The Dunn is lucky to be able to
host 10 hives from Corky Luster’s Ballard Bee Company. The new Bee Garden is housed in the
northwest corner of The Dunn, complete with raspberries, hellebores and two bird baths.
We all know the importance of bees in pollination, but did you know that honey bees travel no more
than 6 miles from their hives? I doubt our Dunn bees have to travel that far because we have the
flower diversity they desire. Most likely our Carniolian and Italian species bees have “flower fidelity”
at our beautiful gardens.
Corky reported to the docent meeting on June 7th, that urban beekeeping is increasing in interest.
He tends to about 16 sites in the north end of Seattle, as well as several farm sites near Fall City.
We have joined new sites like downtown Seattle’s Fairmont Hotel, Bastille Cafe and Kathy Casey
Food Studios in Ballard.
It’s been widely reported that many bee hives are collapsing, due to mite infestation, pesticides or
dysentery disease. Some adult bees leave the hive to forage and never come back, so the queen
and her brood will eventually die out.
Our bees arrived from California and fit perfectly into the beautiful grounds at The Dunn. They leave
a small footprint, as the hive boxes are the size of a small filing cabinet. Each hive has its own
queen who lays eggs, drones who have no stinger and clean and feed the queen, and the worker
bees who have a stinger and forage each day in search of nectar. Corky will add new boxes (a new
“pantry” for the bees) on top of each original (bottom “brood box”) throughout the summer and the
honey will be collected and centrifuged in August or early September. Be on the lookout for our
“Honey Extraction Gathering” in August if Corky’s schedule permits.
While visiting The Dunn this summer be sure to take a look at our new Bee Garden and check out

Docents in Classroom with Corky Luster, Ballard Bee          Docents inspect hives in Dunn Gardens with Corky
Company—June 7, 2011 photos this page by Dave Schiefelbein   Luster, Ballard Bee Company, June 7, 2011

                                                    www.dunngardens.org                                         6
     Honey Bee Installation 101—-Dunn Gardens—May 2011
             Corky Luster, Ballard Bee Company

                                                   10 hives installed

Pollination and honey                                                    10,000 + bees per hive
gathering area ...up to
6 miles

              Photos this page by Linda Breiwick
Curators’ Corner by Charles Price & Glenn Withey
In some ways, writing our newsletter contribution well ahead of
the publication date is tricky. Who knows what will happen between
now and then…

This has definitely been a cold, late spring in the garden. Record cold for the months of March, April
and May has ‘compressed’ the bloom sequence. Certain rhododendrons are up to two months late
coming into flower! The garden though has never looked better. Between the hard work of Zsolt
and our new gardener, Quill, the garden looks glorious. Sadly, Quill is leaving us towards the end of
June, as she will be attending the prestigious graduate program that Longwood Gardens offer. Only
five people are accepted each year, out of many candidates, so a real honor. Graduates of this pro-
gram are in charge of quite a few botanical/public gardens throughout the country.

So, the search has begun for a new gardener. Our fingers are crossed…

The main new project we will accomplish this year is the renovation of the heather garden. Dorothy
Dunn Bayley first planted this area, seventy years ago. The time has come to replant, as perennial
weeds have invaded and the vigor of many plants were in decline. By the time you read this, the
new planting will have been installed. T&L Nursery was very generous in donating all 400+ heather
plants. Without this donation, the project would not have happened.

We hope to see you at our Art Walk this July, which promises to be another “not to be missed” fund-
raising event — essential to our garden’s success.

The two of us are grateful for your support, as the garden would not exist without it.

Glenn & Charles

                     Drawing of 2011 Heather Garden Renovation by Withey-Price Landscaping

                         Recent Events in the Gardens
* Photos by Beth Dodrill
^ Photos by Connie Hokanson              WINETASTING                                     May 15, 2011

    *Winetasting Event Co-
    Chair Kristie Fritz with
          reps from
      Lodmell Cellars                                                               *Board Members Randy Bostock
                                                                                    and Peg Marckworth with husband
                                              *Guitarist Andre Feriante             Steve Felton

                                                                                          Thank you to our

^Maggie Madearis with Raffle Baskets                                               Central Market—Shoreline
                                                                                   Halfpops popcorn snack—Woodinville
                                       ^Guests on Docent-led stroll of Gardens
                                                                                         Tall Grass Bakery – Ballard

                                                                                   Jensens Old Fashioned Smokehouse

                                                                                        Carpatia Sausage—Shoreline

                                                                                               George Vestal

                                                                                              Jann Blackbourn
 *Docents and Volunteers led by
 Lana Pierce created                                                                        Char Dunn McGinnis
 a feast from our Central Market
 and other contributors’ food-
 stuffs (see photo right^)

                      Want advance notice of all Dunn Gardens events?
                                        Visit our website www.dunngardens.org
     Send an email with CONSTANT CONTACT in the subject heading to us at info@dunngardens.org and
                                              we’ll gladly add you to our email list.

 Hats off to our Participating Wine Tasting Wineries!!!
                      Chinook - A cornerstone of the Prosser wine community where Kay Simon and Clay Mackey have been
                          producing outstanding vintages for 27 years.
                        Kay Simon of Chinook Winery — photo by Connie Hokanson

Domanico Cellars - A small family winery in the Ballard neighborhood owned and operated by
Jill and Jason Domanico.
                        Jason Domanico with Wine Tasting co-chair, Connie Hokanson — photo by Sue Nevler

                         Lodmell Cellars - Andrew Lodmell, vineyard manager and winemaker, planted vines 15 years ago
                            which have produced some award winning wines on land overlooking the Snake River in Walla
                            Walla County.
                           Kristie Lodmell pouring— photo by Connie Hokanson

Long Shadows - One of Allen Shoup's premium wines was recently served at the White House during the
    highly publicized state dinner for Chinese President Hu Jintao.

                    Ted Andrews, Dunn Gardens Board Member, pouring for Long Shadows—photo by Beth Dodrill

                          Lost River - A boutique family owned winery that was started in 2003 by John Morgan in Mazama,
                             Washington in the upper Methow.
                          Happy reps from Lost River Winery — photo by Beth Dodrill

 Otis Kenyon - In tribute to four generations of Otis Kenyons, owners Stephen Otis Kenyon and
 Deborah Dunbar have returned to the Walla Walla Valley to produce "elegantly structured and
 affordable Bordeaux and Rhone varietal wines".

                                      Pours from an owner, Steve Kenyon — photo by Connie Hokanson

                               Terra Blanca Winery and Estate Vineyards - The vision of owner/winemaker Keith Pilgrim sits on
                                  300 acres of Red Mountain in the arid, sunny desert of eastern Washington.

                                Dawn Vargo pours for Terra Blanca—photo by Connie Hokanson

                                                          www.dunngardens.org                                                   10
Mark your calendars!!!!
Dunn Gardens’ Upcoming Events 2011

       ArtWalk                                - July 31st - GardenParty Luncheon 12:30 -2:30pm
                                                            ArtWalk 3-6 pm
                                                  2011 Artists
     Steven Duane Anderson                        Dan Freeman                              Kim Merriman
          Tony Angell                            Georgia Gerber                         Rodman Gilder Miller
          Doug Bayley                             Gayle Harris                              Jared Nason
         Laura Brodax                              ChadHaus                                 Ann Ormsby
           Wil Case                               Jan Hopkins                        Isabelle Grizzard Robertson
        Carolyn Crouchet                         Dehanna Jones                           Chris Smith Towne
           Chris Daly                             Jesse Kelly                               David Traylor
          Clare Dohna                           Mindy McDonnell                             Laura Yeats
           Julie Fisco                           Ann McCutchan

NEW!!! Priceless Experience!               HONEY EXTRACTION PARTY
             We hope to host this event — it will be on short notice — so sign up today and we’ll let you know….
               August ?? - 5:30 - 7:30.......in our new Resource room.
               Limited Space Available — www.dunngardens.org for details

 Sunday Afternoon, October 9
 Free — Festive — Fun for All

Sunday, December 18th

Come warm yourself by the fire and marvel at the magic of the new solstice!


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