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Success Story of the Summer - BID2WIN Software Inc


									                                                                                                                                                                  Volume 12, Fall 2003

Conference 2003                                Success Story of the Summer
                                                                   The 2003 BID2WIN User Conference
“We’d like to thank the BID2WIN
staff and organization for a very                         More than 200 BID2WIN users and their guests gathered in Portsmouth, New
informative, educational, and totally                     Hampshire, on Saturday, July 26, to take part in the 2003 BID2WIN User Conference.
enjoyable user conference. It was a                       Most were from within the Continental United States, but representatives were on
pleasure to meet and mingle with                          hand from Canada, Hawaii, and as far away as Honduras.
everyone in Portsmouth. It really
makes us feel comfortable about                           Complete with a keynote address from Microsoft Corp.’s own .NET technical
our BID2WIN selection. We'll be at                        evangelist, Joe Stagner, this year’s conference was a well-balanced combination of
the next user conference wherever                         classroom-style training sessions; presentations and demonstrations; and activities
it may be...Thanks.”                                      and entertainment. Much to our delight, generous attendee feedback confirmed that
                                                          each of these elements contributed equally to the overall success of the three-and-a-
Thomas H. Stapleton, vice                                 half-day event. As an added bonus, uninterrupted sunshine provided a picture-perfect
president, and Gary A. Black,                             backdrop for all the outdoor events.
senior estimator
Miller Bros. Excavating, Inc.,                            Turn the pages of this newsletter to take a closer look at the people, experiences,
Tipp City, Ohio                                           and events that shaped the 2003 BID2WIN User Conference. And be sure to visit
                                                 to view user conference photos and follow-up
                                                          stories. While you’re there, go to the feedback section and tell us about your own
“I just wanted to let you know how                        experience at the conference. We're looking forward to hearing from you.
much we enjoyed our time at the
2003 User Conference. It was well
put together and organized. I think
everyone who attended brought           Customer Feedback Highlights This Year's Conference
back with them some new
information or even a new contact       Conference attendees and BID2WIN staff agree: the                          echoed Dave’s conviction. “User input has been the
from another company. The social        theme of this year’s conference was communication.                         cornerstone of BID2WIN 's success since its inception,”
events that we attended gave us a       Enthusiastic exchanging of ideas—among all                                 Greg wrote, “and I am pleased to see that continue as
taste of the New England area and       conference-goers—emanated throughout the                                   they move into the future.”
were very much enjoyed.                 conference from start to finish.

John Brunner, project manager,          “We couldn’t be more pleased with the amount of
Peter Baker & Son Co.,                  customer participation we experienced at this year’s
Lake Bluff, Illinois                    conference,” said Dave Todaro, vice president of
                                        BID2WIN. “A large part of BID2WIN’s success has been
                                        due to the honest feedback we receive from our
                                        customers.”                                                                According to BID2WIN’s president, Paul J. McKeon, one
                                                                                                                   of the goals for the conference was “To create an
                                        It’s rewarding to know that BID2WIN customers also                         environment that encouraged plenty of opportunity for
  What's Inside                         believe in the value of open dialog with regard to                         people to share their ideas with us and voice their
                                        software development. Several post-conference emails,                      opinions. Judging from the pages and pages of notes
                                        like this one from longtime BID2WIN user Gregory J.                        we’ve been compiling,” he says smiling, “I think we
2 Where We’re At
                                        Bowles, construction manager at P.J. Keating, have                         achieved that.”
2 People Behind the Product

2 Microsoft Keynote Address                                                                                                                                                           PRSRT STD
                                                                                                                                                                                     US POSTAGE
                                          User Conference Web Site Updated                       S O F T W A R E           I N C O R P O R A T E D                                       PAID
4 News from Development                                                                                                                                                             Portsmouth, NH
                                          Visit the BID2WIN User Conference Web site,            T H E   A R T   O F   B I D D I N G   I N T E L L I G E N C E™

5 Look Who’s Using BID2WIN                complete with pictures and quotes from those                                     BID2WIN Software, Inc.
                                                                                                                               650 Islington Street
                                          who attended.                                                                     Portsmouth, NH 03801
6 From the Trainers
6 Support Central
                                                                                                     “It was enormously gratifying for me to see how enthusiastic
                                                                                                      our customers were at this summer’s user conference, and
                                                                                                    how willing they were to share their ideas with us. But equally
                                                                                                     rewarding has been the outpouring of emails and letters I’ve
                                                                                                     received since then—the positive feedback and excitement
                                                                                                                     have been overwhelming.”

                                                                                                                 Paul J. McKeon, Jr., President

  Behind the Product
                                      Where We're At
                                      An Outstanding User Conference, Thanks to Our Customers
                                      How could I begin this column in any other way but by                      Be assured that your excitement and eager anticipation
                                      saying how much we enjoyed hosting all of our                              for the new BID2WIN release is matched only by our
                                      customers and guests who were able to join us in July                      own steadfast goal to provide you with a next
                                      for the 2003 BID2WIN User Conference. With over 200                        generation of product that exceeds all expectations.
                                      people in attendance; a keynote speaker from                               Even as I write to you today, our development team is
                                      Microsoft; product training and discussion sessions;                       working hard and making great strides on Epiphany
                                      and the best weather of the summer, I think it's safe to                   Beta 2. Dave Todaro, vice president and head of product
                                      say that this conference was the most successful we've                     development, will keep you updated on their progress.
                                      had to date. Such an achievement could not have been
                                      possible, however, without your enthusiastic                               Once again, we were honored to host so many of you in
                                      participation. On behalf of our entire company, I'd like                   our beautiful hometown of Portsmouth, New
Trent Tobler                          to express my heartfelt appreciation and thanks to all                     Hampshire. Be sure to visit our Web site at
Senior Software Engineer              of you who attended.                                              where you'll find a
                                                                                                                 video clip of the Microsoft .NET keynote address
Trent is a very busy man these
                                      Your response to Epiphany—the forthcoming Microsoft                        delivered by Joe Stagner of Microsoft Corporation;
days, keenly focused on his part in
                                      .NET/SQL version of BID2WIN—was nothing short of                           photos of training sessions, activities, and events; and
developing the upcoming
                                      astounding. The entire BID2WIN development team                            quotes from attendees.
Microsoft .NET/SQL Server version
                                      and I are particularly grateful for the invaluable
                                      feedback that so many of you provided throughout the                       We look forward to keeping you updated on all
                                      conference—and continue to provide to us. We have                          BID2WIN happenings over the next few months. If I can
Trent joined BID2WIN’s
                                      been inundated with letters and email, and we look                         assist you in the meantime, I hope you'll contact me
development team just over a year
                                      forward to receiving more. (Of course, you don't have to                   directly at (800) 336-3808 ext. 101 or
ago. "One of the things I like most
                                      be a conference attendee to give us your feedback. We            
about my job here is that I get to
                                      want to hear the views of all of our customers on any
work with people who are
                                      BID2WIN topic.)                                                            I wish you all the best for the remainder of the year.
extremely good at what they do,"
he says. "I enjoy being surrounded
by such talent."
                                      Microsoft Keynote Address at BID2WIN User Conference
Born in northern Utah, Trent began
programming on an Apple II
                                      BID2WIN and .NET Team-up to Deliver Value
computer at the early age of 12. A
                                      "So it is with great pleasure that I'd like to introduce                   As a Microsoft .NET technical evangelist, one facet of
few years later, while in high
                                      Joe Stagner from Microsoft Corporation. Joe is a                           Joe's job is to educate customers on the virtues of .NET
school, he came in second place in
                                      technical evangelist for the company and we are                            and its importance, not only as revolutionary
mathematics at Utah’s
                                      pleased that he came here today to talk to us a little bit                 technology, but also as it applies to real-life business
Decathlon—an interschool
                                      about: What is .NET? Why is .NET important to you?"                        solutions like BID2WIN. In the past two years, Joe has
programming competition. He later
                                                                                                                 worked with about 600 companies in the northeast, and
graduated form Weber State
                                                                                                                 BID2WIN is one he has taken a special interest in.
University where he majored in
computer science and                                                                                             The theme of bringing value to BID2WIN customers
mathematics. "Understanding                                                                                      through the use of Microsoft .NET technology ran
computers came easily to me                                                                                      strongly throughout the speaker's keynote address.
because I saw it as a natural
extension of mathematics,"                                                                                       Joe went on to discuss how today's Microsoft
explains Trent.                                                                                                  technology is focused on helping businesses to
                                                                                                                 maximize their return on investment, and also outlined,
When he’s not working on                                                                                         in broad strokes, some of Microsoft's strategic plans
computers, Trent enjoys playing                                                                                  spanning the next decade.
the violin and the piano, contra
dancing, and listening to music.      Joe Stagner, from Microsoft Corporation, speaks at the 2003                "The days of building technology 'for technology's sake'
                                      BID2WIN User Conference, on stage at The Music Hall.
Trent and his wife just welcomed                                                                                 are behind us," Joe explained. "The new focus is on
their first child, a baby boy, in     With these words, Paul McKeon, president of                                value to the customer. And that is what .NET is all
August. They make their home in       BID2WIN, welcomed Joe Stagner up on stage to                               about."
Hampton, New Hampshire.               address an audience of approximately 200 construction
                                      industry professionals. For roughly an hour, Joe spoke                     To read more details on Joe Stagner's keynote speech
                                      about Microsoft .NET technology and its close                              at the BID2WIN User Conference, visit
                                      connection to the next generation of BID2WIN.                    

Picture Perfect New England Summer Weather Set the Stage
The 2003 BID2WIN User Conference 2003—A Retrospect
Saturday Night - President’s Reception                             Monday - Educational Sessions – Day II
The conference began with cocktails and hors d'oeuvres at          After fueling up on coffee and a delicious buffet breakfast, it
the lovely 100 Club in the heart of downtown Portsmouth.           was back-to-class for day two of the educational sessions.
The club’s wraparound
balcony offered a                                                  Monday - Afternoon Activities
treetop view of the town                                           Following the last training session, attendees scattered in
while        BID2WIN’s                                             all directions. Most joined their colleagues for one of the
president, Paul McKeon,                                            many planned excursions: a golf tournament at the
and the entire staff                                               magnificent Wentworth By The Sea Country Club; deep sea
greeted old friends and                                            fishing aboard either the Lady Patricia or the Starfish; a
made new ones.                                                     historical trolley tour around Portsmouth; or a tour of the
                                                                   Smuttynose and Redhook breweries.
Sunday Morning - The Music Hall
To bring to light the significance of .NET technology,
Microsoft Technical Evangelist Joe Stagner gave his
keynote address "Why .NET Matters to You" at the historic
Portsmouth Music Hall.

                                   Joe’s .NET presentation
                                   was       the  perfect
                                   complement to Paul’s
                                   humorous retrospective
                                   on BID2WIN’s humble
                                   beginnings and how the
                                   company grew to what
                                   it is today.

BID2WIN's vice president Dave Todaro later joined Paul
onstage for the final 30 minutes of the two-hour event to
give a slideshow overview on the progress of the upcoming          Others chose to take advantage of the idyllic weather by
Microsoft . NET/SQL version of BID2WIN.                            visiting the many charming boutiques that populate Market
                                                                   Square in downtown Portsmouth.
Sunday - Educational
Sessions – Day I                                                   Monday Evening -
After returning to the                                             Sunset Cruise
Sheraton—their home                                                It was "all aboard" the
for the next two                                                   Thomas Laighton for a
days—The Music Hall's                                              BBQ cruise around
audience separated into                                            Portsmouth Harbor. As
groups and spent the                                               the sun set beautifully
                                                                   over the city, everyone
rest of the day participating in one of three educational
tracks: Track 1 – For the Beginner, Track 2 – Advanced             enjoyed the live blues of T.J. Wheeler and the Smokers,
Topics, Track 3 – Epiphany: The Next Generation of                 and the authentic BBQ provided by the famed local
BID2WIN and Bidding Intelligence™.                                 restaurant Muddy River Smokehouse.

                                   Sunday Evening -                                                    Tuesday Morning -
                                   Lobsterbake                                                         General Session and
                                   The tranquility of the                                              Wrap-up
                                   Atlantic Ocean made an                                              Conference attendees
                                   ideal backdrop for the                                              assembled for a wrap-
                                   BID2WIN lobsterbake at                                              up session in the
                                   Odiorne State Park. And                                             Sheraton     ballroom
                                   yes, the rumors are                                                 where Dave Todoro
true: Foster's Downeast Clambake—the caterer for this              delivered a final presentation on Epiphany, and Paul
event—is the same company that provides the "downeast              McKeon, in his closing remarks, expressed his gratitude to
lobsterbake" experience to the First Family at their home in       everyone for coming to Portsmouth and for the generous
Kennebunk, Maine, and at the White House.                          input that they gave throughout the conference.

  "The development team gained unique and valuable insight
    at this year's user conference. By talking directly with
  estimators, managers, and IT professionals who work with
  BID2WIN every day, we gathered information that will help
        us continue to improve the design of Epiphany."

                David M. Todaro, Vice President

News from Development                                                                                                                    BID2WIN Release
                                                                                                                                         2003.2—Now Ready
Busy Preparing for Epiphany Beta 2                                                                                                       To Download
The entire development team had a great time meeting with our clients during the user conference. We especially enjoyed                  The BID2WIN development team is
                                                                                                                                         always striving to make BID2WIN
talking with so many people about our progress on the Epiphany project—the next generation of BID2WIN, which is built                    more valuable to you. Our team
on Microsoft .NET and SQL Server—as well as discussing our ideas for upcoming features.                                                  has listened to your ideas and your
                                                                                                                                         suggestions, and made the
                                                              Track 3, which was dedicated to Epiphany, was especially successful.       following updates and
                                                              We demonstrated the completed portions of Epiphany and discussed           enhancements to the new 2003.2
                                                              upcoming features. By employing a focus group format, we were able
                                                              to have a two-way conversation with the estimators, managers, and IT       •   Performance enhancements for
                                                              specialists in the room. This resulted in about ten pages of suggestions   •   Global Edits—on unusually large
                                                              for improvements and enhancements.                                         •   bids, you'll experience an overall
                                                                                                                                         •   time reduction of up to 80% when
                                                                                                                                         •   applying Global Edits to the
                                                              If you attended the conference and participated in our feature survey,
                                                                                                                                         •   estimate.
                                                              thank you for your input! We are now busy processing the results and
                                                              deciding which suggestions we can incorporate into the first               • Overhead percent column added
                                                              completed version of Epiphany. Our goal remains to get the product         • to the Item Listing and Bid closing
Dave Todaro leads one of the sessions on Epiphany—the         completed as quickly as possible, but we also want to make sure we         • tabs.
next generation of BID2WIN, built on Microsoft .NET and SQL   incorporate as many of the most popular suggestions as we can.
Server.                                                                                                                                  • Profit percent column added to
                                                                                                                                         • the Item Listing and Bid closing
We are now busy preparing Epiphany Beta 2, our second test release. This release will incorporate core estimating                        • tabs.
functionality and will give our testing group an opportunity to give us feedback. This will help us make sure the product
                                                                                                                                         • Crystal Reports feature set
remains as fast and stable as possible as we continue to add more features.
                                                                                                                                         • upgraded to enable export to PDF,
                                                                                                                                         • RTF, and HTML formats.
If you have any questions or comments about the beta testing process, feel free to contact us directly at                                                                                                                        • Import/export compatibility with
                                                                                                                                         • Washington State DOT's EBS
                                                                                                                                         • system, Ebids version 4.2, added.

                                                                                                                                         If you're already a BID2WIN user,
Every Day, Schlouch Sees the Value of Using BID2WIN                                                                                      just log on to the BID2WIN Support
                                                                                                                                         Web site at
Schlouch Inc. puts a high degree of importance on its customer relations and customer
                                                                                                                                         select Downloads, then Program
communications; they know that it is largely the people behind the service that                                                          Updates.
determine the success of the company. So it's no surprise that the people at BID2WIN
played a direct role in Schlouch's decision to change its estimating software over to                                                    And if you aren't already a
BID2WIN. "I was impressed by the eagerness that I saw in the people at BID2WIN.                                                          BID2WIN user, what better time to
                                                                                                                                         become one? To request a free
They are very committed to what they do," explains Barry Schlouch, president of the
                                                                                                                                         demo CD go to
20 year old company. "I've always been enthused with their breadth of talent and
passion for excellence."
                                                                                                                                         Learning BID2WIN
Before switching to BID2WIN, Schlouch used a DOS-based system that was difficult                                                         Helps Students Get
to navigate, not user-friendly, and had very limited potential. Consequently, Schlouch                                                   Real-World
quickly outgrew its capabilities and decided to move on. Barry went to CONEXPO in                                                        Experience
Las Vegas where he saw BID2WIN's president, Paul McKeon, speak at an estimating
workshop. Barry liked what he heard, visited the BID2WIN booth, evaluated BID2WIN,                                                       The faculty at the University of New
Hard Dollar, and HCSS, and went with BID2WIN as a result of a unanimous team Barry Schlouch, president of Schlouch, Inc.,                Mexico's Continuing Education
decision.                                                                              knows that it's the people that determine         Department knows how challenging
                                                                                                  the success of the company.            it can be for new graduates to find
                                                                                                                                         jobs without some real world
What Barry likes best about BID2WIN is its strong reporting capabilities. "I don't estimate on a daily basis; my main focus              experience. That's why they've
here is to strategize and brainstorm. The information that facilitates this for me comes from the reports that are generated             added a course called Construction
                                                                                                                                         Estimating with BID2WIN to their
from BID2WIN. I'm able to get the information that I need, the way that I need it." says Barry. "BID2WIN gives us victories              Construction Technology
every day; it helps us organize our bids and allows us to be as competitive as possible. That's how we win bids." Barry also             Management Certificate Program.
appreciates the way that he is able to format their customer presentations, and personalize their bids by embedding the        
Schlouch company logo.
                                                                                                                                         To learn more about the BID2WIN
                                                                                                                                         EDUCATE2WIN program, contact
Blandon, Pennsylvania-based Schlouch Inc. serves southeastern Pennsylvania in all areas of site design, earthwork,             , or call
pipework, paving, and concrete. With a staff of 400, including eight estimators, they are a company with $50 million-plus                (603) 427-0440 ext. 106.
annual revenue and enjoy repeat business from most major local and regional owners, developers, and contractors, as well
as from many national firms handling construction management in the area.

Look Who's Using BID2WIN
Here is a sampling of leading construction companies that use BID2WIN to streamline their estimating and bidding process.

    Name and Location of Company                                         Type of Work                                                                 Programs Considered

          Ajax Paving Industries—Madison Heights, MI                     Asphalt Paving, Asphalt Materials, Concrete Paving        $25                HCSS, Hard Dollar

             Aspen Earthmoving LLC—Carbondale, CO                        Excavation                                                                   Hard Dollar

                   Bragg Excavation, Inc.—Berthoud, CO                   Water Line Installations, Sanitary Sewers, Storm Sewers, Concrete            Hard Dollar

         California Engineering Co.—San Francisco, CA                    Heavy Highway                                                                HCSS

            Don Kelly Construction, Inc.—Sahuarita, AZ                   Street and Highway, Paving, Bridges, Tunnels, Elevated Highways              Sharpe

                   Eco-Tech Contractors, Inc.—Grimes, IA                 Grading, Utilities, Heavy Highway, Structures, Flatwork                      HCSS, Hard Dollar

                                Grace Pacific—Honolulu, HI               Highway and Street Construction, Surfacing and Paving                        HCSS, Hard Dollar

                             Hulcher Services—Denton, TX                 Demolition, Railroad, Environmental                                          Hard Dollar

    Kyle Conti Construction, Inc.—South Plainfield, NJ                   Road                                            N/A
                                                                        N/A and Bridge, Excavating and Grading, Environmental                         HCSS

                    Nippon Hodo Co., Ltd.—Tokyo, Japan                   Street and Highway, Water and Sewer Line, Earthwork                          N/A

              Schmidt Earth Builders, Inc.—Windsor, CO                   Water and Sewer Line, Earthwork, Grading and Excavation, Utilities           HCSS, Hard Dollar

         Stansell Electric Company, Inc.—Nashville, TN                   Highway and Site Electrical                                                  N/A

            Structural & Steel Products—Fort Worth, TX                   Materials Provider                                                           Referred Directly to BID2WIN

         Underground Utilities, Inc.—Spring Valley, CA                   Water, Sewer, Utility Lines                                                  HCSS

                United Signs & Signals, Inc.—Tavares, FL                 Street and Highway, Concrete, Specialty Contractor                           N/A

                    WG Yates Construction—Jackson, MS                    Heavy Commercial, Environmental, Marine, Utilities                           Hard Dollar

    We Want To Hear From You! — fax this card back to (603) 430-7503

    BID2WIN Customer Feedback                                                                          Not Yet a BID2WIN Customer?
    Please tell us where you want to have the 2004 BID2WIN User                                        Learn more about BID2WIN. Fax this card back to (603) 430-7503 or
    Conference and what time of year is best for you. Would you like to                                email
    come back to Portsmouth, NH? We're considering the grand
                                                                                                          Please contact me to schedule an online demonstration of BID2WIN.
    Wentworth by the Sea Hotel and Spa. Visit
                                                                                                          Please send me a FREE BID2WIN demonstration CD.
    Your opinion matters, so let us know what you think. Fax this card back
    to (603) 430-7503 or email                                                  Name/Title: _____________________________________________

                                                                                                       Company: ________________________________________________
    Name/Title: ________________________________________________                                       Address: _________________________________________________
    Company: __________________________________________________                                        City: _______________________ State: _______ Zip: ____________
    Email: ______________________________________________________                                      Tel: ________________________ Fax: __________________________
    Where would you like to have                   What time of the year would you like                Email: _______________________ Web: _________________________
    next year's conference?                        to have next year's conference?
    (please submit your top 3 choices)             (please check one)                                  Type of Work: _________________ Number of Estimators: _____________
    1: ___________________                             Winter                                          We’re looking to implement new estimating software in (please circle one):
                                                       Spring                                          30 days       60 days       90 days       Future
    2: ___________________
    3: ___________________                             Fall                                            I currently use:     Spreadsheet       In-House System         Manual System
                                                                                                       N2K-0903             Other (please specify): ____________________

From the Trainers
To Achieve Proficiency, Learn From the Experts
To experience the full value of a new tool, you need to learn how to                  and Informix. "Attending a training class can drastically shorten your
use it the right way, right from the beginning. That's why customized                 learning curve, which can enable you to uncover features of the
on-site classes are part of every BID2WIN package that new customers                  software that could take many months to learn on your own."
receive. BID2WIN training sessions vary greatly from one company to
another, and each one is custom tailored to suit the client's needs.                  Matthew Boles, a Certified Technical Trainer (CTT+), agrees. "Studies
Training is typically two days: the first day is usually geared towards               show that while reading, hearing, and seeing material, you can expect
"setting up" the database; the second day focuses on the estimating                   to retain at most 50% of new content. If you can experience the
process—it is here that the hands-on training is extremely beneficial.                material, either through answering or asking questions, or performing a
                                                                                      task with the new learning, retention rates can shoot up to 90%."
Why not just read the user manual                                                     Matthew has more than 20 years teaching experience and has held the
and learn on your own? We talked                                                      title of Certified Instructor for Novell, Microsoft, and Macromedia.
to some seasoned technical
trainers to see what their thoughts                                                   Jeff Pankratz, BID2WIN’s training manager, says that this is the same
were on the subject.                                                                  philosophy he subscribes to. “Training is clearly beneficial for new
                                                                                      customers, but it can also add value for existing BID2WIN users. About
"There's no better way to get up-                                                     15% of the training we do is for longtime BID2WIN clients who need to
and-running with a new software                                                       get newly hired estimators up-to-speed with the product, but
program quickly," says Sue Hove, a    BID2WIN training manager, Jeff Pankratz,        experienced estimators are also typically present during the training
technical trainer who has been        assists Denis Erazo, from Honduras,             event," explains Jeff. "It always amazes me how much even the most
teaching software for more than 15    toward the close of the 2003 User               experienced BID2WIN users learn during training—they're also the
                                      Conference. Jeff was happy for the
years for companies such as           opportunity, "It was great to have the          ones who ask the toughest and most thought provoking questions.”
Macromedia, Powersoft/Sybase,

Support Central
Export BID2WIN Report Information to PDF, Excel, HTML, and Other Formats
BID2WIN Releases 2003.1 and higher utilize updated functionality in
the Crystal Reports viewer application that allows report information to
be exported to numerous formats. These formats include Adobe
Acrobat PDF, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Rich Text, and HTML.

This powerful new feature gives BID2WIN users the ability to export
proposals and other reports to the popular PDF format, enabling them
to email PDF attachments to customers, subcontractors, and vendors.
The PDF format features precise report reproduction in a read-only
format that allows the recipient to view the information, but not modify
it. Formats such as Microsoft Excel, Word, and HTML, enable you to
take data contained in a BID2WIN report and perform custom                            The Export dialog gives you the ability to select the desired export
modifications within an Office program, or post a report to a Web site                format as well as the destination for the data. Data can be sent directly
to share.                                                                             to an application, to a disk file, or to a mail application. Once you've
                                                                                      selected an export format and destination, click the OK button. A Save
The export feature can be accessed from the toolbar of the report                     dialog will appear and prompt you for a destination directory and a file
preview window. Simply select the report that you'd like to export                    name for the exported report data. Click the Save button to complete
from BID2WIN's report list, then click on the Export button on the                    the export.
toolbar while viewing the report preview.


                                 Contact Us
                                 650 Islington Street                   Phone: 800.336.3808       Sales: 800.336.3808            Support: 888.390.8822
                                 Portsmouth, NH 03801                   Fax: 603.430.7503    


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