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                                    Program Education Committee
                                         Committee Meeting Minutes
                                        Held at KCCC Conference Room
                                                 June 3, 2010

Present:        Stephanie Dutton         Karen Highfill           Tracy Bird       Karen Pickett
                Karen Eldridge           Lawrence Sperry          Sue Meyers       Jessica Palmer

Stephanie Dutton opened the meeting at 11:30 a.m. on June 3, 2010. The purpose of this meeting was to
finalize arrangements for the Dr. Jessee reception and meeting and discussion programs for the coming year.

Stephanie reviewed in great detail the travel arrangements and anticipated costs, the timeline for all the
events, the reception agenda and catering arrangements, and luncheon reception and presentation with the
committee (as reflected on the meeting agenda). She noted the branding iron gift had been received and a
plaque was being made for the cedar box. Costs were reviewed in detail for each event. Stephanie noted the
Payor of the Month was moved to the end of the meeting and that announcements and reports would be kept
to a minimum.

The existing Program Committee description was reviewed and changes made. After considerable discussion
and suggestions, below is the final new version which reads:
2010/2011 Program Committee
This committee establishes topics for monthly luncheon meetings based on responses from the annual
membership survey, obtains quality speakers, and sends confirmation letters to speaker prior to the date, sends
follow up thank you letter to the speaker and coordinates with the Central Office for publicity in the newsletter.
This committee also coordinates small group practicums and “extended workshops”. This committee
coordinates plans and implements networking, social and educational events with other committees throughout
the year. The committee also recruits sponsors for events as needed. The committee ensures that all events
are advertised in the newsletter, email bulletins, on the list serve and/or website.

Audio Conference/Webinar Coordinator
(Part of the Program Education Committee – Program Committee Second Chair)
Works under the Program Education Committee Chair. Watches for appropriate audio conferences that would
provide educational value to the membership, procures the event and an appropriate location with the
necessary equipment, works with the Central Office to disseminate via newsletter, email, list serve and/or
website, coordinates each event, and provides a signed attendance record to the Central office following each
audio conference. Serves as a member of the Program Committee.

Stephanie noted that Karen Highfill had accepted the nomination to the Board position as Program Chair and
Mindy Swayne accepted the appointment to second chair of the Program Committee, requested by this year’s
Nominating Committee. The slate will be presented as a courtesy to the Board in June and presented to
membership in July. She noted the 50% policy for committee makeup. The second chair responsibility for
audio conference oversight was discussed as a sub-committee under Program Committee. After discussion, it
was decided a subcommittee approach would separate out the responsibilities more evenly and open up
additional availability to managers and business partners to participate on this subcommittee.

       1   GKCMMA Program Committee Minutes , June 3, 2010
Stephanie noted that it is a good idea for the committee to keep abreast of the various educational programs
planned by other committees to not overlap or interfere with each other but coordinate it together with other
chairs. There was brief discussion about the July 15 Manager Breakfast to recruit committee members. It was
noted that the networking events fall under the oversight of the Program Committee in the job descriptions
for the organization. Some possible manager members for the committee were discussed.

Stephanie led a discussion for possible speakers for 2011. Tracy noted that the ICD-10 Practicum and meeting
presentation might be better received later in the year so it was moved to September 2011 from January, with
the Annual Membership Meeting. This will be changed on the website calendar. Other names included
Emerson Hartzler, Sarah Holt on many topics, Robert Thompson, a legislative update, MO/KS state
commissioners or possibly the HC liaisons (What is really going on in HC Reform), Jeff Lanza, Jamie Verkamp of
Emerge on “Why satisfied patients cost a practice money; Tom Sullivan, and perhaps a humorist for one

There being no further business to discuss, Stephanie closed the meeting at 1:30 p.m. Everyone thanked her
for providing the luncheon for members.

Minutes prepared by Jessica Palmer and
Respectfully submitted by
Stephanie Dutton, Program Chair

    JANUARY: CONFIRMED. Rosemarie Nelson on HER Selection/Planning/Implementation is set for
       January 20 in practicum format. This practicum is part 3 of a HITECH series of event.
    FEBRUARY: CONFIRMED. Bob Bondurant, “Dealing with Difficulty Physicians”.
    MARCH: CONFIRMED. Annual Education Conference
    APRIL: CONFIRMED. Carol Cast, KS Dept of Labor. Guidelines and workers compensation benefits
       and process. No drinking or fighting at work.
    MAY: CONFIRMED. Polsinelli Shughart, Randy Schultz. Meaningful Use
    JUNE: CONFIRMED. William Jessee, MGMA president June 16, with reception June 15.
    JULY: CONFIRMED. Sarah Rock, On-boarding.
    AUGUST: CONFIRMED. (Annual Business Meeting). Stacey Harper, Fraud and Abuse.
    SEPTEMBER: CONFIRMED. (Annual Membership Meeting). Karen Highfill to talk to Sr. Paula Rose
       Jauernig from Leavenworth, KS, to speak on Laughter for about 45 minutes.
    OCTOBER: CONFIRMED. Payor Relations Practicum is confirmed with Website Committee, and extra
       rooms confirmed with pipe and drape with Ritz Charles. They will follow similar format as 2009 with
    NOVEMBER: CONFIRMED. Stephanie relayed her conversation with Sheila Richmeier. She will
       confirm and narrow down a topic from the long list provided. Tracy noted the medical home care
       issue for other specialties than primary care, gatekeeper concept/care coordination standardization of
       care. The committee agreed this would be a good topic. Stephanie will push in that direction.
    DECEMBER: CONFIRMED. Annual Charity Event with a 45-minute round table discussion on ACMPE
       focused scenarios for problem solving situations that are based on the MGMA domains that the
       conference is not using in March 2010. Program Committee to develop.

       2   GKCMMA Program Committee Minutes , June 3, 2010

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