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					Canadian Opera Company                                                                                                  Success Stories
Opera company uses Addressed Admail™ service to increase ticket sales.

                                                                                                            “ The Addressed Admail
                                                                                                              service helped us achieve
                                                                                                              our second highest volume
                                                                                                              of single tickets sold for any
                                                                                                              production in our 62-year
                                                                                                             Phil Stephens,
                                                                                                             Senior Manager, Sales and Customer Service,
                                                                                                             Canadian Opera Company

                                                               CLIENT: Canadian Opera
                  Background                                   SECTOR: Entertainment                         single-ticket offer was mailed to all
Based in Toronto, the Canadian Opera                           GOAL: Increase ticket sales                   non-responders from the first wave and
Company (COC) is the largest producer of                       among past ticket purchasers                  followed up with an additional email.
opera in Canada and one of the biggest
in North America. The COC has been                             SOLUTION: Addressed Admail
producing operas for more than 60 years                        service
and stages up to seven productions                                                                                       Results
a season.
                                                                                                             Single-ticket sales for Tosca were the
                                                                                                             second highest of any production in the
                                                                            Canada Post                      company’s 62-year history. While the
                   Marketing strategy                                       solution                         initial mailing produced a response rate
                   and challenge                                                                             of 2.85 per cent, the second wave
                                                               The company decided to test a multi-          converted an additional 1.9 per cent,
While the COC holds a strong market                            channel strategy using the Addressed          delivering an overall response rate for
position for opera in the Toronto area,                        Admail service to target its database of      the campaign of 4.64 per cent. Of the
it must still work hard to sell tickets to                     350,000 past patrons. The database was        three offers, single tickets for Tosca
individuals who have an increasing number                      divided into three groups based on the        accounted for 93 per cent of sales. A
of entertainment options available to                          recency of the individual’s last purchase.    segment of recent single-ticket buyers
them. In the past, the company has turned                      Each group received a different offer to      who had purchased more than one
to internet, digital, print, outdoor, radio                    the upcoming production of Tosca: the         opera in the past three years converted
and television advertising to market                           most recent ticket buyers received a          at an impressive rate of 29 per cent. The
individual tickets and subscriptions, for                      50 per cent discount on Tosca and two         COC earned $12 for every one dollar
each opera season. While the majority of                       other productions; the next most-recent       spent on the campaign. “Direct mail
subscribers return season after season, the                    group received a 33 per cent discount         seems to have a longer lasting effect
COC did not regularly use direct mail to                       on Tosca and two other productions;           than email,” says Phil Stephens, Senior
re-engage past patrons when promoting                          and the least recent purchasers were          Manager of Sales and Customer Service
individual productions. The COC wanted to                      offered single tickets. The direct            at the COC. “By using email as well as
turn occasional attendees into long-term                       mailings were supported by introductory       direct mail, we’re able to reinforce our
subscribers by targeting individuals who                       and reminder emails, and a three-week         message and connect with a wider
had been to at least one opera and                             telemarketing campaign. Two months            audience—and achieve an impressive
convince them to purchase again.                               after the initial mailing, the Tosca          return on our investment.”

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