Suspension Expulsion Form Letter Template

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Mr. and Mrs. ________________

Dear Mr. and Mrs. ___________________:

This is to advise you that pursuant to the provisions of the School Act of Alberta and policy
established by the Board for Palliser Regional Division, your __________(son, daughter, ward),
______________, age _____ years, a student in Grade _____ at ___________________________
School was placed under suspension effective                                             from
____________________________________ (indicate name of class or school) for the following

                          (here describe in detail the offence(s) for
                             which the student was suspended)

(Use the appropriate statement below)

1.________________________will be reinstated by _______________ (date). Should you wish to
    discuss this matter, please arrange for an appointment with my office at your earliest
    possible convenience.

2.________________________ will be reinstated by _________________ (date) or such earlier date
    as may be mutually agreed upon when one or both of you visit my office.

3.________________________'s suspension is indefinite, an recommendation is being made to the
    Board for expulsion. This request will be heard and ruled on by the Board's Appeal
    Committee. You shall be advised by the Superintendent as to the date, time and place of
    the hearing to which you and your child will be requested to attend. You have the right to
    be represented by council or an advocate.

Yours truly,

School Principal