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									     GLuTen is a protein composite found in foods pro-
     cessed from the common cereal grains: wheat, bar-               foods that do contain gluten
     ley, rye, and their derivatives. The good news is that
                                                                     Wheat                wheat, and hy-      Bromated Flour
     all fresh fruits, vegetables, beef, chicken, fish, lamb,                             drolyzed wheat
                                                                     emmer, einkorn,
     pork and dairy products are naturally gluten-free.              faro, graham,        protein             Durum Flour
                                                                     kamut, semolina,     Barley              Enriched Flour
     CeLiaC Disease & GLuTen-inTOLeranCe                             spelt, wheat
                                                                     starch, wheat        Rye                 Farina
     Celiac disease and gluten-intolerance are often con-            bran, wheat
                                                                                          Triticale           Graham Flour
     fused because they share similar symptoms and can               germ, cracked
     be treated in similar ways; however, they are quite
     different in the long term effects on the body.
     Celiac disease is an autoimmune condition in                    foods that may contain gluten
                                                                                                                                                    contact us
     which the body’s immune system starts attacking                 (unless otherwise stated)
     normal tissue, such as intestinal tissue, in response                                                                             Kamloops                      5 – 1350 Summit Drive
     to eating gluten. Because of this, people with                  Bouillon Cubes       Panko               Stuffings,                                             Kamloops, BC
                                                                                          Japanese bread      Dressing
     celiac disease are often unable to absorb all of the            Brown Rice           crumbs                                                                     250.314.9560
     nutrients in the food that they eat. This can lead to           Syrup                                    Thickeners
                                                                                          Pastas              roux
     conditions such as iron deficiency anemia, osteope-             Breading &                                                          Kelowna                     120 – 1876 Cooper Road
                                                                                          Processed           Communion
     nia, and osteoporosis.                                          Coating Mixes                                                                                   Kelowna, BC
                                                                                          Luncheon Meats      Wafers
     People who are gluten-intolerant or who have                    Candy                                                                                           250.762.8636
                                                                                          Sauces, Gravies     Herbal
     an allergy to wheat are usually not at risk for severe          Cold Cuts
                                                                                          Seasoned Corn       Supplements
     intestinal damage and therefore not at risk for the             Croutons             Chips                                             Langley                  120 – 19880 Langley Bypass
                                                                                                              Drugs & Over-
     same nutritional deficiencies. Allergic reactions after         Energy Bars          Self-Basting        the-Counter                                            Langley, BC
     eating wheat or gluten can occur in the skin, mouth,            Flour or Cereal      Poultry             Medications                                            778.278.1300
     lungs, and GI tract and can present as a rash,                  Products             Soy Sauce or        Nutritional
     wheezing, lip swelling, abdominal pain, or diar-                Imitation Bacon      Soy Sauce           Supplements                Penticton                   104 – 2210 Main Street
     rhea. The branch of the immune system activated                                      Solids              Vitamins                                               Penticton, BC
     in allergic reactions is different from the branch              Seafood              Soups & Soup        & Mineral                                              250.492.7763
     thought to be responsible for the autoimmune reac-                                   Bases               Supplements
     tion of celiac disease. Both conditions are severe
                                                                                                                                             Vernon                  104 – 3400 30th Avenue
     and require abstaining from all products containing
     wheat and gluten.                                                                                                                                               Vernon, BC
                                                                     foods without gluten                                                                            250.260.1117
     Why GO GLuTen Free?
                                                                     Amaranth             oca, beans, gar-    Millet
     It has been estimated that 75 – 80 percent of all peo-                                                                    West Kelowna                          104 – 3480 Carrington Road
                                                                                          fava, sorghum,
     ple could benefit from avoiding grains, even whole              Arrowroot            quinoa, millet,     Nuts                                                   West Kelowna, BC
     sprouted grains, whether you have celiac disease, a             Buckwheat            buckwheat,          Potatoes
     gluten intolerance or not.                                      Cassava              amaranth, teff,     Quinoa
     This is because, typically, grains rapidly convert to           Corn                 Montina®, flax,     Rice                            Online       
                                                                                          and nut flours
     sugar, which causes rises in insulin that exacerbate            Dairy                                    Seeds
     health problems such as:                                                             Legumes                                          Toll Free                 1.800.406.6646
                                                                     Flax                 lentils, beans,     Soy
     • Being overweight                                              Fruit                etc.                Sorghum
                                                                     Grains (limited)     Meat                Tapioca
     • High cholesterol                                                                   beef, chicken,
                                                                     rice, corn/maize,
     • High blood pressure                                           soy, potato, tapi-   fish, lamb, pork,
                                                                                                              Vegetables                                                                                           Gluten-Free
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     • Type 2 diabetes or high blood sugars                                                                                     e-newSletter           blog              twitter      facebook      youtube      shopping Guide

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                                 outside D                                                  outside C                                                                outside B                                       outside A
                                                                                brands you can trust

     find the right foods                                                       We make shopping for items that are made without gluten as easy for you as possible. you’ll find a great selection of products
                                                                                throughout the store that you can eat! use this handy guide when shopping at nature’s Fare Markets to find brands that
                                                                                manufacture some or all of their products to be “Certified Gluten-Free”.*
     Shopping for foodS that don’t contain
                                                                                DrinKs                            COnDiMenTs,                       Josef Cookies                      CereaLs                            MisCeLLaneOus
     gluten Shouldn’t be a challenge – So                                                                         DiPs & sauCes
                                                                                So Delicious                                                        J Crunches                         Bakery on Main                     Glutino
     we’ve made it eaSier for you! look                                                                           Bragg                             Kaia
                                                                                Blue Diamond                                                                                           Eco Planet Cereals                 Gobio
     for our green Shelf labelS to find                                                                           Curry Tree                        Kettle Chips                       Enjoy Life                         Inari Foods
                                                                                BaKeD GOODs                       Ginger People                     Larabar
     productS that have either been made                                                                                                                                               Glutino                            Kinnikinnick Foods
                                                                                El Peto Breads                    Gobio                             Late July                          GoGo                               Let’s Do Organic
     without gluten or are “certified gluten-
                                                                                Ener-G                            Maxwell                           Levant Chips                       Nature’s Path                      Nature’s Finest
     free” by the Gluten-Free CertiFiCation                                     Enjoy Life                        NoNuttin                          Lotus Rice’s                       Riega                              Nutiva
     orGanization – an independent Service                                      European Breads                   OrganicVille                      Mary’s Crackers, Cookies,          Simple Treasure
     that SuperviSeS gluten-free food                                           Food For Life                     San-J                             Sticks & Twigs
                                                                                Glutino                                                             Mediterranean Chips                PrePareD MeaLs                       Many of our Apple Bistro
     production according to a conSiStent,                                                                        Soyatoo
                                                                                                                                                                                       (dry, canned & frozen)               items are made without
                                                                                Josef Cookies                                                       Mexi-Snax
     defined, Science-baSed Standard that                                                                         snaCKs (crackers,                                                                                         gluten but are not produced
                                                                                Kinnikinnick Foods                                                  Neal Brothers                      Annie’s Homegrown
                                                                                                                  bars, nuts & chips)                                                                                       in a gluten-free facility.
     iS confirmed by field inSpection. and,                                     Mary’s Crackers, Cookies,                                           Nature’s Finest                    Amy’s Kitchen
                                                                                                                  Beanitos                                                                                                  A large selection of the
     we’re alwayS happy to help – our                                           Sticks & Twigs                                                      Nature’s Path                      Dr. Praeger’s
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            supplements we carry are
                                                                                Mi*Del                            Belsoy                                                               Enjoy Life
     friendly Staff are here to anSwer any                                                                                                          Nugo Bars                                                               offered in a gluten-free form;
                                                                                Pane Riso                         Bounce Balls                                                         Glutino
                                                                                                                                                    ROR                                                                     please ask our staff for more
     of your gluten-related queStionS.                                                                            Covered Bridge
                                                                                O’Doughs                                                            SeaSnax                            JYOTI                                information.
                                                                                Udi’s Bar                         Denman Island                                                        Kettle Cuisine Soups
                                                                                                                                                    Sharkies                                                                Product selections vary
                                                                                Wendels                           Endangered Species                                                   Kinnikinnick Foods                   between stores. This list
                                                                                                                                                    So Delicious
                                                                                                                  Chocolate Bars                                                                                            contains only a sample of the
                                                                                                                                                    SPRY Gum                           Miracle Noodles
                                                                                BaKinG Mixes                      Eco Planet Cereals                                                                                        products we carry for those
                                                                                                                                                    Tan Bar                            Udi’s Bar
                                                                                Cuisine Soleil                    Flamous Falafel Chips                                                                                     needing a gluten-free diet. If
                                                                                                                                                    Vega                                                                    you don’t see what you are
                                                                                Enjoy Life                        Ginger People                                                        DesserTs
                                                                                                                                                    Vermint                                                                 looking for, just ask! We’re
                                                                                Kinnikinnick Foods                Glutino                                                              Coconut Bliss
                                                                                                                                                    Yummy Earth                                                             always happy to place a
                                                                                Lets Do Organic                   Go Macro                                                             Kinnikinnick Foods                   special order for you.
                                              Our handy green shelf labels                                                                          Zot
                                             make it easy to find foods that    Namaste                           Gobio                                                                So Delicious
                                               are made without gluten.         Pamela’s                          Jennie’s Macaroons

                                                                               *The products listed here have been certified gluten-free by the manufacturer or by an independent third party – not by Nature’s Fare Markets. If you have celiac disease,
                          We LOVe Our earTh.
               Ethically printed using vegetable based inks                     are gluten-intolerant, or have a gluten allergy, always read the label to ensure the product does not contain trace amounts of gluten.
                 on 100% post-consumer recycled paper.

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                                   inside A                                                      inside B                                                        inside C                                                      inside D

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