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Premier Heartworks - Dayton - McGohan Brabender


									                                                                                                              As of October 1, 2008

Wellness: Health Risk Assessment and Biometric Screening
    Vendor Questionnaire
     Wellness issues important to you – brought to you by McGohan Brabender.
Company Information
Company Name                                         Premier HeartWorks - Miami Valley Hospital
Contact Name(s)                                      Brenda Bodenmiller or Vicky Rasor
Direct Phone number(s)                               438-5483
Email Address(es)                          ,
Web Address                                

What year did your business begin administering
Health Risk Assessments & Biometric Screenings? 1996

Geographic Region Served by States and               Montgomery, Greene, Darke, Clark, Clinton, Warren, Miami, Shelby
Counties (unless you are a national organization)    Counties, OH
Explain your HIPAA compliance                        All HIPAA healthcare compliance followed
Is there a maximum participation size you are
willing to quote? If so, what size?                  no
Is there a minimum participation size you are        yes, if onsite there is a minimum of 25 - no minimum if they come to our
willing to quote? If so, what size?                  facility
How is the HRA administered (on-line, paper or
both)?                                               Paper
What languages are the HRA available in?             English
Do you provide fasting blood draws or finger
sticks?                                              Blood Draws
How are the biometric appointments scheduled?        We normally schedule via phone but can be flexible to accommodate
Example: paper, telephone, email or on-line          client needs
Are you able to provide follow up screenings for
any employees that did not comply with the fasting
guidelines?                                          Yes, they can take a lab form to CompuNet labs
What are the follow-up procedures for critical lab   We follow our critical result policy which is based upon the urgency of
results?                                             the result

Do you have the technology to interface results
with health insurance carriers? If yes, which ones? No
Communication & Reporting
What follow-up does the employee receive?
(consultation, paper report, health coaching,        All results reviewed by Board certified Cardiologist. Client follow-up is
individual/group meetings, online resource)          then with RN and dietitian with written and oral communication
Do you include a physician copy?                     Yes, unless participant requests that we do not
What spoken languages can the follow-up be
delivered in?                                        English
What interpretation/analysis will the employer
aggregate report include? Predictive Modeling        Group report with breakdown of number of employees that fall within a
tools? ROI projection or analysis?                   given range and how to interpret that information.
What are your pre-HRA communication materials
used to promote the testing? Example: posters,       We can assist the company in promoting in the way that best fits their
payroll stuffers, etc.                               environment

 3931 South Dixie Drive / Dayton, Ohio 45439
                                                                                                              As of October 1, 2008

Health Fair Support
Beyond an HRA and biometric screening, what
educational pieces can you bring on-site to make      Nutritional information with a dietitian, and exercise information from an
this event become a health fair?                      exercise specialist
                                                      None if presented the day of the fair. Additional if they would be
What are the costs of those educational pieces?       interested in "lunch and learns"
Are there price breaks based on quantity? If so, at
what quantity of tests are there breaks?              no
Final all inclusive price per person?
To include:
  1. Health Risk Assessment
  2. Biometric screening:
               Fasting Cholesterol screening with
              Lipid Panel (HDL, LDL, total
              Cholesterol, total Cholesterol/HDL
              Ration, VLDL, and Triglycerides)
               Blood Sugar (Glucose)
               Blood Pressure                        99.00 per person, includes a full lab draw for all the items listed plus
               Height, Weight and BMI                CRP(C-reactive protein), EKG and ABI test
Availability and cost of the following additional
  PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen)
  Coloscreen (take home kits?)
  Thyroid Screening (for females)
  Others (please list)                                PSA 30.00, Thyroid 30.00
What are the staff travel costs, if any?              No
Last But Not Least
What other things would you like to tell us about     Premier HeartWorks provides a comprehensive cardiac risk
your services?                                        assessment which can be completed at our facility or yours.

 3931 South Dixie Drive / Dayton, Ohio 45439

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