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									List of Live Diverse partners contact details

Partner                  Partner short name Country            Name

Linköping University     LiU                    Sweden         Dr. Geoffrey Gooch

                                                               Ms. Yumiko Yasuda

National Institute of     NIAPP                 Vietnam        Mr. Nguyen Van Toan
Agricultural Planning and
                                                               Mr. Vu Cong Lan
                                                               Ms. Nguyen Thanh Xuan

                                                               Mr. Do Minh Phuong
                                                               Mr. Hoang Xuan Phuong

                                                               Mr. Ha Quy Quynh
                                                               Ms. Hoang Bao Cham
                                                               Ms. Vuong Thuc Tran

Society for Promoting   SOPPECOM                India          K. J. Joy
Participative Ecosystem

                                                               Suhas Paranjape
                                                               Raju Adagale
                                                               Ravi Pomane
                                                               Suchita Jain
                                                               Pratima Medhekar
                                                               Ashwin Madhale
                                                               Tanaji Nikam
                                                               Vinit Raskar

Council of Scientific and CSIR                  South Africa   Marius Claassen
Industrial Research
                                                               Karen Nortje

                                                               Nikki Funke
                                                               Maronel Steyn

La Fundación para el     FUNDAUNA               Costa Rica     Alexander Lòpez
Desarrollo Académico
de la Universidad
                                                               Aurora Hernàndez
                                                               Bepsy Cedeño
                                                               Nazareth Porras
                                                               Ernesto Villalobos
Vereniging voor          VU                  Netherlands    Dave Huitema
christelijk hoger
onderzoek en
                                                            Jetske Bouma

University of Dundee     UNIVDUN             UK             Dr. Alistair Rieu--Clarke
                                                            Dr. Andrew Allan

                                                            Dr. Mike Bonell

                                                            Ms. Armelle Guignier

EC Joint Research        EC-JRC              Italy          Giovanni Bidoglio
Centre, Ispra
                                                            Bruna Grizzetti

                                                            Konstantins Bogucarskis

                                                            Faycal Bouraoui

Note1: LD e-mail contact person means someone who should be listed on group e-mail which goes out to all partners each time.
Role in LiveDiverse project     Work % for LD   LD e-mail        e-mail
                                                contact person
Project Coordinator. WP1 and 100                Yes    
WP9 Leader
Researcher                   100                Yes    

WP5 leader                      50              Yes

Contact Person                  50              Yes    
GIS expert                      50              Yes
GIS expert                      30              Yes    
Agro-Economist                  30              Yes    

GIS expert                      30              Yes
Environmentalist                30                     
Secretary                       30              Yes    

WP7 leader. Senior Fellow.      >50%            Yes    ;

Senior Fellow                   >50%
Research Assistant              100
Research Assistant              100
Research Associate (GIS)        >60%
Senior Admin Officer            Proportionate
Admin Assistant                 Proportionate
Admin Assistant                 Proportionate

WP4 leader. Contract Manager,   40              Yes
Lead Researcher                                        
Project Manager, Lead           40              Yes
Researcher                      40                     
Researcher                      40

WP8 leader. Contact person for 50               Yes

Contact person for field work   50              Yes    
Researcher                      100             Yes    
Research assistant              100
                      WP6 leader                       50         Yes

                      Lead researcher                  50         Yes

                      WP3 leader, participation        20         Yes
                      Participation                    20         Yes

                      forest and spituality, support to 12        Yes
                      Researcher                        75        Yes

                      Head of the unit                 0          Yes
                      Data collection and              20         Yes
                      computation of vulnerability
                      database development of          30     
                      WP2 leader. Computation of       20         Yes
                      vulnerability and management            

isted on group e-mail which goes out to all partners each time.
Country Telephone       Fax                Skype name       Note
46      013-281000      013-149403         geoffrey.gooch

44     01382-384451 01382-388671           y.yasuda1        Based at Dundee, UK

84     4-38213317       4-38214163

84     4-38213317       4-38214163
84     4-38214740                          thanhxuanth

84     4-38214740                          mysticalorient
84     4-38214921

84     4-38214714
84     4-38213317


27                      12 841 2506/3954   mclaasse         Based in Pretoria
27                    12 841 2506/3955     karen.nortje13   Based in Pretoria
27        128,412,024 12 841 2506/3956     nikki.funke      Based in Pretoria
27                                         maronel.steyn    Based in Stellenbosch
          218,882,499                                       (Cape)
31   020 5989559   020 598 9553

31   020 5986659   020 598 9553   jetske bouma

44   01382-386471 01382-388671    alistairrc
44   01382 388894 01382-388671    andrew.allandund

44   01382-384451 01382-388671    armgui87

39   0332789776                   bouraoui_jrc

39   0332 786788

39   0332 785173
Case Study Committees

Country   Case study area     Name                        Organization

Vietnam   Ba Be               Mr. Nong The Dien           Ba Be National Park
          Na Hang             Mr. Ha Phuc Thiet           Na Hang Forest Protection

India     Warna River Basin   Prof. Madhav Gadgil
                              Dr. Bharat Patankar
                              Ms. Sanskriti Menon
                              Shri Madhav Gogte
                              Dr. Sanjeev Nalawade
South     Greater Kruger      Dr Harry Biggs (to be       SANPARKS
Africa                        confirmed)
          Greater Kruger      Ms. Carina van Rooyen (to   University of Johannesburg
                              be confirmed)
          Greater Kruger      To be confirmed
Position   e-mail                Country Code   Office telephone

       84            0281-3894027
Director 84            27-3864362
Mobile      Fax   Note

LiveDiverse Advisory Committee

Name                             Title   Institution
                                         UNEP Division of
                                         Environmental Law
Elizabeth Mrema                          and Conventions
                                         IUCN Environmental
                                         Law Programme.
                                         Environmental Law
Alejandro Iza                    Dr.     Centre
                            Area of relevance to
Position                    LiveDiverse            E-mail


Head Environmental Law
Programme – Bonn, Germany                
Code         Telephone        Mobile   Fax              Address                     Country

                                                        Godesbergerallee 108-112.
          49 (228) 269-2231            (228) 269-2250   Bonn 53175. Germany
Note   Web site

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