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									HTML Basics
HTML (hypertext markup language) is the official language of the web. An HTML document consists of
only text - the main text of the document and special instructions, called tags. Most tags have beginning
and ending tags with each tag surrounded by angle brackets < >. A closing tag would look like: </>. The
extension for HTML documents created in Windows 95 is htm(l).

HTML Editors
An HTML editor provides a visual way of creating web pages. MS Word 97 and Netscape Composer,
uses WYSIWYG-what you see is what you get. Well almost. Some elements are changed or removed
upon conversion to an HTML document. Some popular HTML editors include Hot Dog, Netscape
Composer, and Front Page.

Advantages- automatically enters tags for you, little knowledge of HTML is needed
Disadvantages-may change upon conversion to HTML, offers you less control of your web page (see

          Netscape Composer

List of HTML editors-

Text Editor
A text editor is a program used to create and edit documents that contain only text. Examples are
Notepad and Word Pad in the Microsoft Suite. You enter the information first, then add HTML tags to
define how you want it to appear on the Web. A web browser is used to view the completed work.

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HTML Source
When browsing though the Web, you may find a page you really like. You can use Netscape (or other
Web browser) to view the HTML tags the author used to create the page. This is a good way to find
improvements to your web page.

When using Netscape Navigator, choose View Page Source. The HTML source code allows you to
view the HTML code of any page on the web.

Remember, when you are saving the HTML code from a remote location, your browser will not retrieve
the inline saved images (graphics). To save an inline image, right click the image and choose the Save As

To View the HTML Source (Using Netscape Navigator)
    1.   Find a web page you like
    2.   Go the View menu Page source
    3.   Highlight appropriate tags
    4.   Control C (copy)
    5.   Find appropriate place to place the HTML tag
    6.   Control V to Paste into your web page.

*You probably will be pasting the HTML code in Page Composer, Word, or Notepad.

Common Basic Tags
Beginning Tag            Ending Tag       Function
<HTML>                   </HTML>          Starts/Ends Document
<HEAD>                   </HEAD>          Indicates start/end of title bar
<TITLE>                  </TITLE>         Provides start/end of title of Web page
<Body>                   </Body>          Contains contents of the document
<P>                      </P>             Starts/Ends a new paragraph
<BR>                     No ending tag    Line break

Text Style Tags
Beginning Tag            Ending Tag             Function
<B>                      </B>                   Bolds text
<I>                      </I>                   Italicizes text
<U>                      </U>                   Underlines text
<TT>                     </TT>                  Monospace text (use instead of
<H n>                                           Header size (n=1-6) 6 is the smallest
<CENTER>                 </CENTER>              Centers specified text
<PRE>                    </PRE>                 Preformatted Text
<BASEFONT=n>                                    Specifies a default font size
<EM>                     </EM>                  Logical emphasis
<CITE>                   </CITE>                Bibliographic Citation
<BLOCKQUOTE>             </BLOCKQUOTE           All uppercase formatting
<FONT                    </FONT>                Specifies font attributes

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Text Styles (con't
<FONT                    </FONT>                Specifies font attributes
  SIZE=n                                        Size of text ranges from 1-7, 7 is the
   FACE="a, b"                                  Typeface "Arial or Times", etc.
   COLOR="Red"                                  Color of text or RGB color value

For example: <FONT SIZE="3" FACE="Arial, Courier" COLOR="Blue">This text</FONT>

For a complete listing of RGB colors see

Lists Tags
Beginning Tag             Ending Tag       Function
<DD>                                       Definition description
<DL>                      </DL)            Lists a definition
<DT>                      </DT>            Lists the term
<LI>                                       List Item
<OL>                      </OL>            Ordered list (numbered)
   TYPE=type                               Numbered lists such as, A, a, I, i, 1
   START=x                                 Starting number of ordered list
<UL>                      </UL>            Unordered (bulleted list)
   TYPE=shape                              Shape of bullet, circle, square, disc.
<!--                      -->              Personal comments
<IMG SRC>="url">          No ending tag    Inserts a graphic from a remote web

Special Character
Character                 HTML Code        Meaning
<                         &lt;             Less than
>                         &gt;             Greater than
a                         &aacute;         Acute accent
a                         &agrave;         Grave accent
n                         &ntilde;         Lowercase n with a tilde
a                         &auml;           Lowercase a with umlaut

One additional special character is the nonbreaking space. This is nbsp; and allows you to force multiple
spaces between items. Use notepad to enter the following example.

Ex. One way to understand a nonbreakingspace is to use a sentence. If you wanted to add a space
between "nonbreaking" and "space" above you would write the HTML code as follows:

One way to understand a nonbreakingnbsp;space …………The nbsp; will automatically add one space.

Georgia Perimeter College/OIT                   3                                        09/23/08
Links/Pointer Tags
<A>                             </A>                Anchor tag
HREF="url"                                          Pointer to a hyperlink reference
<IMG SRC>="url">                No ending tag       Inserts a graphic from a remote web server
<IMG                            No ending tag       Image Tag
 SRC="url"                                          Source to the graphic
ALT=text                                            Alternative text display
         ALIGN=alignment                            Alignment surrounding the image, ex. top, middle,
                                                    bottom, left, right
HEIGHT=x                                            Height in pixels (of graphic)
WIDTH=x                                             Width in pixels (of graphic)
VSPACE=x                                            Additional vertical space around graphic

A mailto link allows visitors of your web site to send you questions or comments. Usually a mailto link
is placed on your home page.

Ex. w/ text hyperlink
<FONT SIZE=2>Please send comments or suggestions to A

Ex. w/graphic hyperlink
<FONT SIZE=2>Please send comments or suggestions to A HREF=
SRC= "image.gif" BORDER=0 HEIGHT=28 WIDTH =67> </A>

Miscellaneous Tags
<ADDRESS>                           </ADDRESS>          Define's a footer (use <HR> first
<HR>                                No ending tag       Horizontal Rule
<BODY BGCOLOR="color">              No ending tag       Defines Body color such as "Red, blue, etc"
                   "RGB">                               *
<STRIKE>                            </STRIKE>
<SUP>                               </SUP>
ALIGN=LEFT                                              Alignment may be left, center, right, etc.
<BLINKING>                          </BLINKING>         For blinking text

*For listing a of RGB colors see:

For a complete HTML overview, visit the training web page at: Select the HTML hyperlink.

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