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					Pre-Pharmacy Society Sixth General Body Meeting
                               December 8, 2008
   Welcome! Don’t forget to sign in!
   The Statins
   The Dangers of Heparin
   Next Semester’s Meetings
   UMB Open House: April 4, 2009
   Active Membership Certificates
   T-shirt Distribution
   Interview/Interview Essay Workshop
   End of Semester Evaluations
   Lower cholesterol levels
   Types: Lovastatin, Pravastatin (Pravachol),
    Simvastatin (Zocor), Atorvastatin (Lipitor),
    Rosuvastatin (Crestor)
   Also combination therapy drugs like Vytorin
    and Caduet
• Naturally-occurring anticoagulant produced by the basophils and mastocyte

• Prevents the formation of blood clots

• Does not breakdown blood clots

• Injected into catheters or IV lines
• 1.5 million patients are given the wrong dose of a medication per year in U.S

• 7,000 patients die each year due to medication overdose

• Heparin overdosing accounts for 30%

•17 cases of Heparin overdose in babies reported at Corpus Christi in TX (in 2


• In the last 1 ½ year, 180 cases of heparin overdose have been reported
•In premature babies, they receive Hep-Lock
     • lesser dosage of heparin that is routinely
     used to keep intravenous lines open

•Dennis Quaid’s newborn twins were given
heparin that was 1000 times more
concentrated than they were suppose to
    • Babies received 10,000 units/ml instead
    of 10 units/ml
Human Error!!
  Error made by:

  • Pharmacy Technician
  • Pharmacist
  • Nurses
  • Physicians
         Bar Coding

Different color caps and labels
   President
        Lena Zhou:
   Vice President of Internal Relations & Webmaster
        Kelly Li:
   Vice President of External Relations
        Jung Hee Nam:
   Vice President of Administrative Affairs
        Tina Nguyen:
   Secretary and Community Service Adviser
        Katie Brant:
   Treasurer
        Brandon Keith:
   Public Relations
        Salma Srour:
        Brittni Botchway-Bradley:
   Community Service
        Nicole Tromm:
        Olaide Aiyegbusi:
   February 10th
   February 24th
   March 10th
   March 31st
   April 14th
   April 28th
   All meetings will be on Tuesdays at 6pm
   All meetings will be in Stamp!
   Resumé Workshop
   Pharmacy Tech Information Session
   Guest Speaker: Rite Aid Pharmacists
   UMB Student Panel Q&A
   UMB Faculty Panel
   Saturday April 4th 9:00-12:00
   If spaces are limited, active members will
    have preference
   3 Meetings and 3 hours of community service
    per semester
       Please do not wait until the last minute to fulfill your
        community service hours!
       Attending more meetings and events are HIGHLY
   You may pick up your active membership
      Please pick up your T-shirt if you ordered one
      Not too late to order! 12 Smalls, 3 Mediums, 2 Larges
       Left! First Come First Serve! Only $10!

Designed by Tina Nguyen
   Make sure you are on the Pre-Pharmacy Society
       Email to be added
   Join Pre-Pharmacy Society’s Facebook group to
    receive updates about meetings/events
   Visit our website
     All past presentations have been posted and today’s
      presentation will be posted either tonight or tomorrow
     All newsletters will now be posted on our website too
   December 12, 2008 will be the last day to
    register for the January 24, 2009 PCAT
   Remember to register before 8:59 pm!
   Register early to get your preferred
    testing location!
 Please fill out an evaluation by
              going to:
Please let us know what meetings or
    service events you liked and if
  you have any suggestions for next
   How many people typically get interviews?
   What is the purpose of the interview?
   How should I dress for the interview?
   What is the interview agenda?
   How should I prepare for the interview?
   What are some typical questions I will be
   How do I impress my interviewer?
   Tips
   For UMB’s last entering class (Class of 2012):
       Of 1000 applicants:

        300 received interviews

        240 received acceptance letters

        160 are attending
   For the interviewer to:
       Get to know the applicant
       See if the applicant is suited for pharmacy
       See if the applicant is suited for their school
       See if the applicant is able to communicate well
   For the applicant to:
       Convince the interviewer that he/she should be
       Convince the interviewer that he/she has keen
        problem solving and critical thinking skills
Remember to wear a jacket!
Remember to iron your shirts!
Entire Interview: 3 hrs
   Faculty (1 on 1): 30 mins
   Student (2 on 1): 30 mins
   Group Discussion (4 on 6): 50 mins.
   Essay: 30 mins
   Student Panel (4 on 6): 30 mins. (ungraded)
   Faculty: 1:00-1:30
   Students: 1:30-2:00
   Group Discussion: 2:00-2:50
   Essay: 3:00-3:30
   Student Panel: 3:30-4:00
   Research the school beforehand!
   Keep up with current pharmaceutical issues.
   Have a set of questions for the faculty and
    student panel ready
       “Is it safe here?” (very popular with UMB)
       “Is it difficult to find housing?”
       “What is there to do on the weekends?”
   Wal-Mart $4 drugs/Target and Kmart matches
   OTC Plan B
   ReNu brand cause serious fungal infections
   Medicare Part D
   Pseduophedrine law
   Stem cell research debated in Congress
   Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) proposed a system of
    universal health insurance for Californians, it will
    become the 3rd state to do this.
   A requirement for girls younger than 13 years old
    to get a HPV vaccine (against cervical cancer)

Check out Washington Post, PharmacyWeek and
   Tell me about yourself
   Why do you want to become a Pharmacist?
   Who influenced you into Pharmacy?
   Why do you choose school?
   What is your backup plan if you don’t get into
   What is your backup plan if you don’t get into
    any Pharmacy Schools this year?
   Describe a time when you successfully
    resolved a conflict between yourself and
    someone else.
   The school work here is very stressful and very
    demanding. How will you manage the stress?
   Why aren't you applying to medical school?
   What would you do if you noticed someone
   How would you handle a group member who
    was not pulling their weight in the group?
   Describe some leadership positions you have
    had and what you learned from them.
   Is there anything else you would like us to
   Do you have any questions for us?
   What are your hobbies?
   How do you see the role of pharmacy
   What is Pharmaceutical care?
   What is the leading factor of ailments in
    today’s society?
   What is the role of the pharmacist?
   Brief handshake
   Introduce yourself
   Maintain eye contact
   Listen carefully
   Speak slowly
   Smile
   Be relaxed
   Prepare well for the questions
   Don’t be wishy-washy. Take a stand and stick
    with it!
   Try to say things that you have written in your
   Be passionate about your experiences
   Be/Look professional
   Look sharp (iron your shirt)
   Get a good night’s sleep!
   Have fun!
   Be yourself!
   Ask questions at the end
   If a patient wanted a drug that you were
    morally against, what would you do?
   What would you do if a pharmacist you work
    with was caught drinking?
   If a 16 yr old daughter of a friend comes in to
    get birth control, what would you do?
   Try and be the first one to answer at least once
    during the group interview.
   Don't repeat answers.
   Don't interrupt other people's answers!
   Don’t try to take over the interview!
   Answer the question!
   To be safe, take a middle seat
   Don’t be wishy washy!
   Talk to other students before your interview
       This allows you to feel comfortable talking to
   What is the purpose of the interview essay?
   What are some sample essay questions?
   How should I prepare for the interview essay?
   For the interviewer to:
     See if the applicant is able to communicate well
      through writing
     See if the applicant has keen problem solving and
      critical thinking skills
     See if the applicant is able to come up with a solution
      “on the spot”
   The Surgeon General has invited you to help plan a
    way to improve prescription and non-prescription use
    in senior citizens. What are the elements, goals, and
    objectives of your plan, and how will you implement
   What does "Make Haste Quickly" mean and how does
    it apply to you?
   How does technology affect humanity?
   Is there a difference between good and bad stress?
   People have differing ideas on what it means to have a
    fulfilling life, be it having power, knowledge, money,
    love, etc. Rank these abstract ideas from highest to
    lowest and compare and contrast your top choices with
    your bottom choice.
   Your friend comes into your home town, where
    would you take him or her and why?
   How would you define character? What are the
    3 most important character traits that a person
    should have?
   Why should all college students take
    humanities classes?
   How would you promote a
    better healthcare system in rural
    communities where access may
    be limited?
   Do you think Pharmacists
    should get paid for counseling
    their patients?
   Keep up with “hot” pharmaceutical topics
   Develop an opinion
   Practice writing essays
       Create an outline first
       Try to write max 1-2 page (for half hr essays)
       Try to write max 3-4 pages (for hour essays)
 Please fill out an evaluation by
              going to:

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