Chapter 9

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                  CHAPTER 9
  Decision Support Systems and
       Marketing Research

      Marketing Decision
       Support Systems

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        Marketing Decision
         Support Systems

LO1                          2
         The Role of
      Marketing Research

                  The process of
                  planning, collecting,
                  and analyzing data
                  relevant to a
                  marketing decision.

LO2                                       3
LO2        Marketing
        Research Studies
         Products            Uses

        Advertising       Awareness

          Prices          Familiarity

         Packages       New concepts

      Names and Logos   Traffic patterns

         Services           Wants

       Buying habits        Needs

          Colors            Politics       4
         The Role of
      Marketing Research
                 Gathering and presenting
  Descriptive     factual statements

  Diagnostic     Explaining data

  Predictive     “What if?”

LO2                                          5
      Management Uses of Marketing Research

                    Improve the quality of decision making
Beyond the Book

                    Trace problems
                    Focus on keeping existing customers
                    Understand the marketplace
                    Alert them to marketplace
                    Gauge the value of goods
                     and services, and the level
                     of customer satisfaction

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LO2                                                           6
      The Importance of
      Marketing Research

Why marketing research?    Improve quality of
                            decision making

                           Trace problems

                           Focus on keeping
                            existing customers

                           Understand changes
                            in marketplace

LO2                                              7
      Steps in a Marketing
       Research Project

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LO3                           8
        Sources of
      Secondary Data
       Internal Corporate Information

           Government Agencies

      Trade and Industry Associations

           Business Periodicals

                News Media

LO3                                     9
           Advantages of
          Secondary Data
       Saves time and money if on
       Aids in determining direction for
        primary data collection
       Pinpoints the kinds of people to
       Serves as a basis of
        comparison for other data

LO3                                         10
        Disadvantages of
         Secondary Data
       May not give adequate
        detailed information
       May not be on target with
        the research problem
       Quality and accuracy of
        data may pose a problem

LO3                                 11
             Primary Data
  Information collected for the first time.
      Used for solving the particular problem
      under investigation.

     Answers a specific research question
     Data are current
     Source of data is known
     Secrecy can be maintained

LO3                                             12
        Disadvantages of
          Primary Data
                            Disadvantages are usually
  Expensive
                            offset by the advantages
  “Piggybacking” may
   confuse respondents
                            of primary data.
  Quality declines if
   interviews are lengthy
  Reluctance to
   participate in lengthy

LO3                                                     13
         Survey Research

      Survey Research

                 The most popular technique for
                 gathering primary data in which
                 a researcher interacts with
                 people to obtain facts,
                 opinions, and attitudes.

LO3                                                14
            Forms of
        Survey Research

  In-Home Interviews           Mail Surveys

Mall Intercept Interviews   Executive Interviews

 Telephone Interviews          Focus Groups

LO3                                                15
   Questionnaire Design
                An interview question that encourages
                 an answer phrased in respondent’s
                             own words.

                   An interview question that asks
                 the respondent to make a selection
                   from a limited list of responses.

   Scaled-            A closed-ended question
  Response        designed to measure the intensity
   Question           of a respondent’s answer.

LO3                                                     16
Beyond the Book   Questionnaire Design
                  Closed-ended and scaled-response questions are easier to tabulate
                  than open-ended questions because response choices are fixed.
                  On the other hand,
                  unless the
                  researcher designs
                  the closed-ended
                  question very
                  carefully, an
                  important choice
                  may be omitted.

                  Avocado                               1   Olives (black/green)        6
                  Cheese (Monterey Jack/cheddar)        2   Onions (red/white)          7
                  Guacamole                             3   Peppers (red/green)         8
                  Lettuce                               4   Pimento                     9
                  Mexican hot sauce                     5   Sour cream                  0

LO3                                         NOTE: Supplemental content – not in book.       17
      Questionnaire Design
        Clear and concise

      No ambiguous language

        Only one question


      Reasonable terminology

LO3                            Online
  Observation Research


             A research method that relies on
             three types of observation:

              people watching people
              people watching an activity
              machines watching people

LO3                                             19
 Observational Situations

              People        People       Machines      Machines
Situation    watching      watching      watching      watching
              people      phenomena       people      phenomena

              Mystery                      Video     Traffic-counting
            shoppers in       at an      cameras        machine
Example          a        intersection   recording     monitoring
            supermarket     counting      behavior     traffic flow

LO3                                                                     20
      Collecting the Data
      Field Service Firms provide:
          Focus group facilities
          Mall intercept
          Test product storage
          Kitchen facilities
          Retail audits

LO3                                  21
      The Profound Impact of
          the Internet on
       Marketing Research

         Discuss the profound
         impact of the Internet
             on marketing

LO4                               22
  Impact of the Internet

  Allows better and faster decision making
  Improves ability to respond quickly to customer
   needs and market shifts
  Makes follow-up studies and tracking research
  Slashes labor- and time-intensive research
   activities and costs

LO4                                                  23
       Advantages of
      Internet Surveys
          Rapid development,
          Real-time reporting

            Reduced costs

         Personalized questions
               and data

         Improved respondent

           Contact with the
LO4                               24
      Uses of the Internet by
      Marketing Researchers

        Administer surveys

        Conduct focus groups

        Other types of marketing research


LO4                             Online
  Methods of Collecting
     Online Surveys
 • Web Survey Systems
 • Survey Design and Web Hosting Sites
 • Online Panel Providers

LO4                                      26
  Competitive Intelligence

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