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					          Youth Basketball League - Grades 3-4 League Rules
  1. 9-Foot Baskets and 28.5 sized Basketballs are used and located at the schools.

  2. Half Court, Man-to-Man Defense Only. No zone defense is allowed.

  3. Play defense with your feet- No reaching in. Can only take ball away in the lane.

  4. Game consists of two 18-minute halves with a 3-minute halftime. Running
     Clock. Stop the clock the last minute of the game only and during time-outs. No
     intentional stalling is allowed.

  5. No Double Teaming unless in the lane. Refs are to call this.

  6. Everyone plays the same amount of time. No 3-point goals are counted.

  7. Shake hands after the game.

  8. Jump ball starts the game, alternate possession after.

  9. Use time-outs as needed that last 30 seconds. Max of 3 per game.

  10. Free-throw line is 12 feet. Shoot 1 free throw on all shooting fouls worth 2 points. Ball is
     checked up top on all other fouls instead of baseline. Players can foul out at 5 fouls.

  11. Score will be kept. If a game becomes lopsided (more than 20-point lead), the scorekeeper will
      stop keeping score but will continue to keep score on their own paper in case game becomes
      less than 20 points again. In the case of a tie, overtime will be two minutes. One more timeout
      is given for each team. 2nd OT is sudden death.

         Youth Basketball League - Grades 1- 2 League Rules
  1. Kids will play 3 on 3, half court only. After a point is scored – the ball will be brought up to the
     half court line.

  2. Coaches will be on the floor instructing and teaching during the games. Coaches can bring
     whistles to call out of bounds, fouls, and violations. Everyone must be taught to freeze or stop
     on the first whistle.

  3. 8-Foot Baskets and 28.5 sized Basketballs are used and located at the school.

  4. Half Court, Man-to-Man defense only. Start the game by standing across from each other to
     match up defensively before play starts and after subs come in.

  5. To start the game, one team takes the ball out of bounds at half court. The other team receives
     the ball at half time. Alternating possession on jump balls.

  6. Play defense with your feet - No reaching in. Players at this age can’t take the ball away from
     the person dribbling. They can only block the shot or steal the pass. If the player does take it
     away, blow the whistle and give the ball back to offense. If team has trouble scoring, defensive
     coaches can move their players back inside the lane only.

  7. Games- Warm-up is 15 minutes. Two 15-minute halves with a 2-minute half-time. Sub every 5
     minutes. Running Clock whole game. Time kept by program director. Score will not be kept.

  8. No Double Teaming. Teach help defense but must go back as soon as ball is stopped. If there
     is a double-team, then blow the whistle and instruct them.

  9. Everyone should play the same amount of time.

  10. Shake hands after the game. Line the kids up and give high-fives saying “good game”.

  11. No time-outs will be allowed at this age unless needed due to a limited roster.

  12. No free throws are shot during the game. Ball is taken out of bounds on the side or checked up
      top instead of the baseline. If a player continues to foul, the coach should take them out.


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