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					                  Fact Box
Andrew Richard      Size 2 in shoes    Blue eyes

 30 May 1994          R.D.2 Mosgiel     Age 8
                       Puddle Alley

  Blonde hair           53 cm
                   (oops 53 inches I
                       It has a long
   It’s an olive       drive to the         It’s a 2 storeyed
 green house with          house.                 house.
    a red roof.

                                            …is in Wingatui,
                                            Dunedin, Otago
It sits on 21 acres.
                   It has 4 bedrooms, a
                 lounge, a living room, a
                craft room, a dressing up     It has lots of
                  room, 3 bathrooms, 2          windows.
                school rooms, a laundry,
                       and a kitchen.
 To find our house           …      drive from Dunedin and follow the
 southern Motorway to Invercargill. Take the turn off to Mosgiel. Turn
 right into Gladstone Rd. Follow the road and it becomes Puddle Alley.
Our house is Rapid no. 73. We boundary the back end of the race course.
Our driveway is on the left. Our letter box is on the right with Brinsley-
                               Pirie on it.
 The people in my family are Grandma
and Grandad, Dee and Poppa, Mummy
 and Daddy, my brother John, and me!
 I also have 6 first cousins, and 4 Aunts
   and 3 Uncles. I have a very special
      Great, Great Aunty Bess too!
   We all live in NZ. Some live in
  Wellington, some in Hawarden, and
some in Arrowtown. My Grandparents
        live down here near us.
The things my family do together are:
• going to church
• eating meals (I love Friday meals because we get fish
‘n’ chips)
• caring for our animals
• watching videos                          It’s special being
• talking with one another                  together because
                                          we’re a family and
• reading together
                                         love each other very
• holidaying together                    much. Even my dog
• spending time with friends             is part of my family!
Resourceful, loyal, and joyful
Brother of John
Lover of books, travel, and animals
Who feels cheerful, creative, and imaginative
Who needs good books, family, quiet times to create, and friends
Who gives love to my family, fun to my friends, and food to my hens
Who fears being on my own, snakes, and dinosaurs
Who loves acting and dancing
Resident of Puddle Alley Farm, Mosgiel

My goals are for 2003:
• To make more friends. I’ve joined The Fun Factory and
will meet new people there
• To be an even better friend. I will listen to them more
• To pass my Speech and Drama exam. I’ll work hard in
• Learn lots and lots when I’m overseas. I’ll go to lots of
places and ask lots of questions
• To type faster. I will practice lots!
I am:
• imaginative
• good at netball
• clever at Age of Empires          I got to be good at
                                   these things because
• great at Drama
                                      I do them a lot.
• a good friend
• awesome at reading,
• and good at taking care of my animals
Fabulous Food!                     Fearsome Food!
My favourite foods are carrots,    My fearsome foods are
corn, peas, chicken, chocolate,    oranges, cooked carrots,
steak, and chocolate ice cream     lemons, and fish. My
because my tastebuds say “good     tastebuds say “bad food!”.
food!”. I eat peas and corn for    I never have to eat these
breakfast and sometimes for        foods.
morning tea and lunch. I eat
chicken every week and steak
once in a while. I eat ice cream
and chocolate whenever I can.
                    My Hobbies
The club I belong to is called “The Spitting Cobras.” My club name is
the “Silver Cobra.” We make up plays and poems and have lots of fun.
There are 5 members so far.
I love to spend time with my dog, Caesar,
my horses, Squiggles and Tuppence, and
my hens and their chicks.
I like collecting native bird toys, rocks and
feathers. I have feathers from John’s
budgies all the way up to huge ostrich
John is the leader of The Spitting Cobras. He likes spending time with
his friends, he likes to cook, he collects coins, and he’s breeding
Dad loves cooking, reading, and he’s started vegetable gardening.
Mum enjoys arts and crafts, horse riding, and chatting with friends.
                       My Sports
I play netball in the winter. I’ve
made a lot of friends. I’m the only   I’d like to try playing
boy in the team. The girls are        cricket next year.
really fun. My favourite position
is goal attack. I’m fast, sneaky,
and I can shoot goals really well.

  I’ve played Tee-Ball for 2
  years. This is my third
  year. I like it when the ball
  is whizzing towards me. I
  prefer netball.
Some of my favourite books are from the Deltora series by Emily Rodda.
They’ve got monsters in them which I like. I like it that the characters are
     out to destroy evil and it will bring life back into the kingdom.
  I like reading fantasy stories the most because none of that stuff could
really happen. It’s scary but it’s safe. They usually have lots of magic in
               them. I like magic because it changes things.
  If I wrote a book I’d have so many ideas. Here’s one of them. It’d be
about a time machine that takes you to the Jurassic Period. The characters
would have to go all through it doing the tasks they have to do before the
      time machine disappears. There’d be heaps of worlds like in the
     Crestomanci series and each book would be a different adventure.
Dear Person in the Future,
I am ANDREW and I am 8. I love my animals. I
have chickens, a dog, 2 ponies, and an axolotl who
I think (hope) is morphing into a salamander. My
favourite games to play are about Empires and
Kings. I am home-schooled.
In my time now America may soon go to war with
Iraq. Osama bin Laden hasn’t been caught yet.
New Zealand is still at peace. In 10 weeks I am
going to Europe. I hope everything will be safe
and we can go.
I hope that you are happy and have a good life like
mine. Au revoir, Andrew.
Andrew loved well and
enjoyed life. He was a
loyal friend and
appreciated creativity!

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