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Wii shall overcome


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									Wii shall overcome When Sony's PlayStation first launched, I was 0.- __baffled_ by the array of buttons on its controller. I couldn't help but wonder if there was an untapped market of gamers out there who, like me, wanted simple, 1.- _______ gameplay. It seems Nintendo had the same idea: next Friday, it launches its new console in Britain. The Wii (pronounced "wee", and yes, all the bodily function gags have been made already) is 2.- ______ explicitly at this casual market. Far less powerful than Sony's PlayStation 3 (due in the UK in 2007) or Microsoft's Xbox 360, its unique selling point is the "Wiimote", a motion-sensitive controller that can be pointed at the screen like a gun, 3.- _______ from side to side like a steering wheel or even swooshed around like a sword. "What we looked at was: ‘How do we get people interested that don't normally play video games?'" says David Yarnton, head of Nintendo UK. "The most important thing we found was that people were 4.- ______ : there were too many buttons; it was too complicated. So we've made the controller so that people can just pick it up and start playing." As well as simplifying the controller, Nintendo is also changing its approach to games. Although it will still woo long-time fans with 5.- _______ franchises such as Mario and Zelda, it will also offer titles for the casual gamer – "a bite size 6.- ______ than a full meal", as Yarnton puts it. To this end, as well as a built-in "virtual console" that allows users to download classic games and surf the internet, the 7.- ______ will come with a free copy of Wii Sports, a golf, tennis, boxing, baseball and bowling simulator in which real-life strokes are mimicked on screen. 8.- ______ inspired this move into a new market is, it is also a necessary one – Nintendo lacks the financial muscle to produce consoles with the graphical power 9.- ______ to Microsoft and Sony. "There are only so many people in the world who want to play ‘traditional' games," notes industry expert Rob Fahey of gamesindustry.biz. "10.- ______ video games are going to become a universal form of entertainment, they need to find new and more diverse ways to entertain." Fahey is enthusiastic about the Wii, 11.- _______ he believes has been well executed despite its "cringeworthy" name. In Nintendo's support, he cites the success of its similarly experimental DS 12.- _______ console. When the dual-screen system was announced, it was generally agreed that Sony's 13.- ______ superior PSP would crush the under-powered Nintendo offering. But 14.- ______ making one of the DS's screens touch-sensitive and including a microphone, Nintendo created the possibility of entirely new types of gameplay, such as the 15.- ______ training of Nintendogs. Now the DS has lots of great games, and a 16.- ______ over Sony. Nintendo hopes that, with sufficient support from other software companies, the Wii can pull 17.- ______ the same trick. Certainly when I tried it out, the Wii was a completely new experience –18.- ______ a truck by tilting the controller felt as natural as breathing; noting that my rival kept his guard low in the boxing ring, I launched a knockout right hook that nearly shattered a window. 19.- ______ some of the games, such as the new Zelda, felt like traditional titles with the motion control bolted on. But others were like nothing I'd seen before: I adored Trauma Centre: Second Opinion, in which you play a hotshot doctor, slicing open your patients with a 20.- ______ of the wrist. The Wii looks to be a winner, or at least a survivor, in the bitter console turf war that kicks off this Christmas. And however successful it ultimately is, the one certainty is that no one will be able to accuse the console's users of lazing around on the sofa any more – my arms got more exercise in half an hour than in a week of sitting around at work. aimed disposed if puppy which available down inevitably rather baffled flick lead scared by graphically moreover steering classic handheld no-frills tilted device however off whatsoever

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