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									                                       Mississippi State University                                                                       Starkville, MS
                                     Product Used        MyMathLab
                                     Course Name         College Algebra
                                     Credit Hours        Three

                                          KEY                        MyMathLab’s automatic grading means instructors can assign more homework. MSU
                                                                     students get more practice earn higher gradesand acquire the study skills and confidence
                                          TAKE-AWAY                  they need to perform better in subsequent math courses.

                                     Textbook in Use
                                     College Algebra, 5e, Robert F. Blitzer

                                     Course Implementation
                                     Course Design                                                       30 percent        Final exam
                                     Students spend two hours each week in a lecture-format                                The final exam is proctored and taken
                                     class and at least two additional hours each week in a math                           in the math lab using MyMathLab.
                                     lab. Tutors are available in the computer lab to help with          8 percent         Other
                                     homework and quiz/test preparation.                                                   Non-MyMathLab work
                                     MyMathLab was implemented in fall 2004 in all sections
                                     for homework and quizzes. In fall 2005, its use was broad-          Use of MyMathLab
                                     ened to include tests and the final exam.                           MyMathLab is used for creating and completing home-
                                                                                                         work assignments, quizzes, proctored tests, and the
                                     Assessments                                                         final exam. Homework questions are both drawn from
                                     10 percent           Homework (required)                            MyMathLab’s bank of problems—which directly correlate
                                                          Students may complete MyMathLab                to the textbook—and created with MyMathLab’s custom
                                                          homework from any location. They               exercise builder. The majority of quiz and test questions
                                                          are offered unlimited attempts over the        are custom-built.
                                                          span of one week to complete it and are        Students are encouraged to use the Gradebook to review
                                                          encouraged to use available study aids.        their homework assignments before taking quizzes and
                                     12 percent           Quizzes                                        tests and to use the Study Plan after taking them.
                                                          Students take 12–16 proctored quizzes          The coordinator course function ensures consistent
                                                          each semester (about one each week)            grading and delivery of course objectives across up to
                                                          in the math lab using MyMathLab.               14 sections a semester.
FOUR YEAR • 10,000–20,000 STUDENTS

                                     40 percent           Tests                                          Use of MyMathLab contributes 92 percent to each
                                                          Students take four proctored tests each        student’s final course grade.
                                                          semester in the math lab using MyMathLab.

                                     Results and Data
                                     Figures 1–3 indicate that Mississippi State University              Kimberly Walters, math instructor, reports that students
                                     College Algebra students have been significantly more               who earn a C or better in College Algebra are more
                                     successful since full MyMathLab adoption in fall 2005:              successful in subsequent courses. Based on a longitudinal
                                     the average success rate has increased by 14 percentage             study and using a four-point scale, College Algebra
                                     points; the average exam score has increased by 12 points;          students who used MyMathLab earned average grade
                                     and the average withdrawal rate has decreased by half.              points of 2.49 in trigonometry, 2.34 in business calculus,
                                                                                                         and 2.51 in elementary statistics.

                                     38   W W W. M Y M AT H L A B . C O M
                                                                                                                                MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIVERSITY

   MyMathLab enables me to easily identify students who need help, as well as those who are doing well.
   This is so important when my sections have over 150 students in them.
                                                                                                                          —Kimberly Walters, Instructor
                                                                                                                           Mississippi State University

       80                                                       80                                                 10

       70                                                       70
       60                                                       60

       50                                                       50
       40                                                       40

       30                                                       30                                                  4

       20                                                       20
       10                                                       10

        0                                                        0                                                  0

Figure 1. Comparison of Average Success                     Figure 2. Comparison of Average Final             Figure 3. Comparison of Average
Rates before and after MyMathLab Adoption                   Exam Scores before and after MyMathLab            Withdrawal Rates before and after
(n=7,272) “Success” is an overall course grade of           Adoption (n=7,272) “Before” figures are from      MyMathLab Adoption (n=7,918) “Before”
A, B, or C. “Before” figures are from fall 2002 to spring   fall 2002–spring 2004; “After” figures are from   figures are from fall 2002–spring 2004; “After”
2004; “After” figures are from fall 2005 to fall 2009.      spring 2006–fall 2009.                            figures are from fall 2005–fall 2009.

The Student Experience
MyMathLab’s automatic grading enables Mississippi State                               Fall 2008 and fall 2009 student survey responses indicate
University (MSU) to increase homework requirements                                    that Walters’ students make the connection between use
without taxing instructor time and resources. Walters                                 of MyMathLab and increased success.
reports that assigning homework in MyMathLab has                                         •     “MyMathLab helped me stay interested in algebra
resulted in the following student benefits:                                                    and not dread homework as much.”
   •        Students discover early on whether they need help                            •     “The interactivity helped a lot. It was like having
            rather than just before or during test time.                                       the teacher there with me.”
   •        Students who want or need additional practice                                •     “MyMathLab is awesome. The program was the
            can repeat problems over and over again.                                           most help to me when I had trouble understand-

                                                                                                                                                                     FOUR YEAR • 10,000–20,000 STUDENTS
   •        Students can access assistance—in the moment                                       ing the material. I used the Study Plan to study
            they need it and in the context of learning.                                       for tests, and I could work problems as much as
   •        Nontraditional students can work—and receive                                       I wanted.”
            help—when and where their schedule allows it.

Walters has seen firsthand the positive impact MyMathLab                              Walters’ future plans include exploring the correlation
has on her students. “My students are more successful,” she                           between time spent using the program and final grades. If
says. “They have more confidence in their math abilities                              the correlation is positive, she may use the data to justify
because they are able to practice more than they ever could                           an increase in required time on task.
in the past.”
                                                                                                                        Submitted by Kimberly Walters, Instructor
                                                                                                                                      Mississippi State University

                                                                                                                          W W W. M Y M AT H L A B . C O M       39

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