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					Essay Contest Giveaway
Official Rules
(Entry constitutes a binding agreement to abide by these rules)

This contest is open only to boys and girls who will be entering the sixth, seventh, or eighth grades in public, private, or homeschool for the ’08-’09 academic year, and who reside in County Board District 1 of Rock Island County or who are under the care of those who do. All entrants must compose an essay of no more than 250 words, excluding title and any references, with the theme, “Where would I be without democracy?” The essay must not contain the entrant’s name. All entries will receive numbers and be judged anonymously. All entries must be sent by mail or delivered by hand, by July 3, 2008 to: Rich Morthland for County Board 14225 265th St. North Cordova, IL 61242 The campaign will award Two Nintendo Wii Fits® as grand prizes, one each to a boy and girl. These prizes will include a Wii Fit® board and game software, but do not include a Wii® console or any related equipment. Winners will be announced at richmorthland.com on July 8, 2008. The campaign reserves the right to give away additional prizes. The decisions of the judges will be final. Each completed entry form must contain the signature of a parent or legal guardian of the entrant. This signature does not constitute an endorsement of the campaign, but does authorize the campaign to use names and photographs of the winners for promotional purposes. The signature also constitutes an agreement to hold the campaign harmless in any event. For more information, call 309/654-2229 or visit richmorthland.com. The campaign offers thanks to all entrants in advance and wishes them the best of luck.

Official Entry:
(Please complete all blanks.) Last name: _________________________ First name: _____________________________ Address (number, street, apt): _________________________________________________ City: ________________________ Zip: _________________ Age: ______ Grade: _____ Phone: ___________________________ E-mail: __________________________________ Signature of parent or guardian: ________________________________________________ Please attach this form to the unsigned essay and send to the address above.

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