; Lucina Maternity Announces 'Save a Mother�s Life'
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Lucina Maternity Announces 'Save a Mother�s Life'


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									Lucina Maternity Announces 'Save a Mother’s Life'

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Donate $10 - or give blood - give the gift of life to mother

A Public Awareness Campaign to Reduce Maternal Death and Near-Death in the U.S.A.

Online PR News – 02-May-2013 – Just in time for Mother’s Day, the board of Lucina Maternity announces its
first public awareness campaign “Save a Mother’s Life” focused on raising awareness about maternal deaths
and near-misses in the U.S.A.

“This Mother's Day, we are drawing attention to the fact that maternal deaths and near-miss incidents in this
country are higher than many people would like to believe” says Lucina Maternity Chairman and Founder, Dr.
James Byrne, OB/MFM. “Two women will die every day in our country due to pregnancy and childbirth
complications. Each day, 93 pregnant women will experience a near-miss; (an unplanned event that did not
result in maternal injury or death – but had the clear potential to do so); many of those cases are

The announcement was made today by Dr. Byrne; Executive Director, Ms. Deira Gerritsen; Director of
Collaborative Practice Development, Leslie Cragin, CNM, PhD, FACNM; and board member Swarup Reddi,

“Our first public awareness campaign, launched in time for Mother’s Day, is Save a Mother’s Life” said

According to new research from the pharmaceutical company Merck, only 11 percent of U.S. adults have
read, seen, or heard anything about the issue in the past year.

“The goal is simple – awareness saves lives. One third of all pregnancies experience unexpected
complications, so women and their partners need to know the facts” said Gerritsen. “The foundation is
committed to working with the women of the U.S.A. and medical care providers to scale up effective public
awareness efforts and to continue to build out practices that integrate physicians with midwives in a
collaborative model of care that has been proven to reduce intervention and provide safer outcomes.”

The foundation has identified two core strategic initiatives as part of its focused public awareness program:

o “Save a Mother’s Life” is a six month social media and print ad campaign, including:
 • Facebook page - featuring photos and stories of women who have survived and families who have lost
 • A Mother’s Day blog blitz – Lucina is partnering with grass-roots pregnancy and childbirth bloggers, as well
as established voices in the field, such as the Huffington Post, Every Mother Counts and KQED in San

o The Unexpected Project -- a documentary featuring stories of mothers who have suffered maternal death or
near misses. The documentary will ask doctors, researchers, and childbirth experts to help these women and
their families understand what happened. The Unexpected Project is the brainchild of Preeclampsia
Foundation co-founder, Anne Garrett Addison, and writer Jennifer Binkley Carney, both near-miss survivors.

 • Increase Blood donation by highlighting hemorrhage, a leading cause of maternal death and near-miss in
the U.S.

The Ask is simple and painless:
 1) Donate $10 in honor of a mother
 2) Donate blood (hemorrhage is a leading cause of maternal death – donating blood saves lives)
 3) Share your story on our Facebook page - personal stories, and photos of real families struggling to make
sense of these largely preventable tragedies.

“This is a unique and wide ranging coalition of partners all working together under a single nationwide
project,” said Gerritsen. ”We hope that by combining the abilities of these partners, we will significantly
enhance the effectiveness of maternal death and near-miss awareness efforts.”

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