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									Using Wii in PDHPE

The Wii seems to be taking the world by storm and is fast becoming integrated into popular culture. Kids are comparing their Wii tennis scores at lunchtime and the term Mii is part of the common language of young people. Rather than lament the introduction of yet another activity to increase the time our students spend being sedentary on small screen activities, PDHPE teachers could look at the Wii as an opportunity to enhance the engagement of students in our subject through the use of technology. The Wii is a gaming console produced by Nintendo, which uses wireless technology to enhance the user experience. The name Wii was conceptualised by Nintendo as it sounds like ‘we’ and they wanted to emphasise that the Wii console is for everyone. The double ‘ii’ in the name resembles two people standing side by side which represents players gathering together to be involved in Wii games (it can represent the Wii remote and the nunchuck too). Nintendo also states that ‘Wii can easily be remembered by people around the world, no matter what language they speak. No confusion. No need to abbreviate. Just Wii.’ There are two game packages for the Wii which can relate specifically to PDHPE – Wii Sports and Wii Fit. Both contain a variety of games and activities which can be adapted for use in PDHPE.

Wii Sports
• • • • • Tennis Bowling Baseball 10 Pin Bowling Boxing

Wii Fit
Four training modes: • Yoga – yoga poses that can tone muscles and improve posture such as tree pose, warrior, half moon & deep breathing. • Balance games – that can help develop a sense of balance such as soccer heading, ski slalom, ski jump and table tilt • Strength training – work outs to assist in building and toning muscles such as leg extensions, torso twists, push ups, lunges & planks • Aerobics – activities that can help tone the body making you huff and puff such as hula hoop, basic step and basic run. All modes include 3D demonstrations and provide feedback about performance. Players can also complete a body test including BMI/weight, balance, posture and body control. There is the ability to set goals and track progress.

All games can be played in single or multi player mode. In each game, players have a Skill Level which they can work to improve upon by beating their opponents. There is a Training Mode for each sport where skills can be practiced and medals won. There is also a Fitness Mode which tests and monitors a player’s skill level and gives them a Wii Fitness Age to monitor.

There are a number of educational opportunities to incorporate Wii games into PDHPE. Wii Fit and Wii Sports can be linked to a number of areas within all syllabuses in the PDHPE KLA. PDHPE K-6 Syllabus • Active Lifestyle • Dance • • Non-locomotor skills Locomotor skills Non-locomotor skills Locomotor skills Non-locomotor skills Elements of movement Components of an Active Lifestyle Ways to be active

Games & Sports


PDHPE Year 7-10 Syllabus • Movement Skill and Performance • types of movement skills aspects of movement skill development influences on skill development and performance applying mechanical principles to enhance performance lifelong physical activities health related components of fitness skill related components of fitness planning for regular physical activity

Lifelong Physical Activity

PDHPE Life Skills Year 7-10 • Movement Skill and Performance • participating in physical activities, team games and sports Participating in physical activities a balanced lifestyle participation in physical activities accessing physical activities in the community

Lifelong Physical Activity

Physical Activity and Sports Studies (CEC) Years 7-10 Syllabus • Physical Activity for Health • models of physical activity and fitness influences on physical activity choices developing physical fitness

Physical Fitness

• •

Australia’s Sporting Identity Future perspectives on sport in Australia perceptions of lifestyle, leisure and recreation patterns of participation lifelong leisure and recreation: looking to the future historical perspectives factors influencing physical activity choices the contribution of technology to participation and performance Lifestyle, leisure and recreation


Physical activity and sport for specific groups -


Technology, Participation and Performance -

Sport, Lifestyle and Recreation Stage 6 Syllabus • Games and Sports Application 1 & 11 • performance characteristics participant responsibilities in the chosen activity ways to participate types of activities (recreational, organised, competitive, non competitive)

Healthy Lifestyle

PDHPE Stage 6 Amended Syllabus • The Body in Motion (Prelim Core 2) What is the relationship between physical fitness, training and movement efficiency? • Health related components of fitness Skills related components of fitness motion balance and stability

How do biomechanical principles influence movement?

Fitness Choices (Prelim Option) What are the ways people choose to exercise for fitness? individual fitness activities settings for exercise advertising and promotion barriers to participation What influences people’s choice of fitness activities?


Factors Affecting Performance (HSC Core 2) How does training affect performance? types of training and training methods stages of skill acquisition the learning environment How does the acquisition of skill affect performance?

Food for Thought
What are other ways you could use the Wii technology? • • • • • • • Students with disabilities Injured students End of year lessons with limited student numbers Wet weather activity where only classroom facilities are available A station in a tabloid or circuit activity To learn about and/or participate in sports that students might not otherwise be exposed to for example boxing, slalom skiing, ski jumping Helping students develop timing and rhythm to assist in other activities for example dance

Your ideas……………..

What are some of the challenges you may encounter incorporating the use of Wii games in PDHPE?

How might you manage the use of Wii games in PDHPE e.g. Wii to student ratio, OH&S issues?

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