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									Mack Leasing
System.              ®

Contract Maintenance

Predictable and flexible.
The Contract Maintenance (CM) program now provides truck
owners with predictable maintenance costs for operating their
trucks — predictability many assume they could have only by
leasing through a full-service leasing company.
Flexibility is an attractive feature of CM, providing owners with just
the service they need and allowing dealers to structure a plan that
meets the needs of each customer and each application. For
example, in severe service applications, a CM agreement can be
tailored specifically to parts of the truck where maintenance costs
can be controlled, such as preventive maintenance (PM), but not
include less predictable parts such as axles. On highway use, where
operating costs can be forecast more easily, a CM agreement
may include all maintenance services necessary to operate the truck.

Projections show that 35% to 40% of the nation’s medium- and
heavy-duty trucks are leased today, a number that is expected to
top 50% in the next decade. This trend is evidenced by the increase
in number of leasing companies and the decrease in traditional
truck dealerships over the past 10 years. And fewer than 5% of
customers who go into a full-service lease or a CM program ever
go back to ownership or maintaining their own vehicles. A CM
program from the Mack Leasing System® offers owners one of the
benefits of leasing — predictable maintenance costs — but allows
them to keep the benefits of ownership. This also enables dealers
to continue to support the needs of those who wish to own their
trucks, forming an ongoing partnership of value to both owners
and dealers.

Just what you want, nothing you don’t.
The key for dealers is to offer the quality service that customers
need and want — such as the CM program. Dealers can provide
the same benefits available from full-service leasing companies
   1. Budgeting and forecasting because maintenance expenses are
   paid in equal monthly installments rather than accruing in
   peaks and valleys with mechanical failures that could have
   been avoided by preventive maintenance.
   2. Regulariy scheduled preventive maintenance, reducing the
      risk of breakdowns.
   3. Customers reduce or eliminate the overhead costs of
      operating their own shops.
   4. More effective maintenance lowers running costs, making
      equipment more dependable.
   5. Increased flexibility and productivity by performing service
      during off-schedule times.
   6. Mack Central® emergency road service available 24 hours
      a day.
   7. Improved driver morale and company image with clean,
      well-maintained trucks.
   8. Service available nationwide.

The CM program is designed to serve customers who want to
own their trucks but also want the benefits of full-service leasing.
Some companies may desire ownership, or they may be locked
into a tax-oriented lease and wish to benefit from a controlled
maintenance program. CM compares item for item, benefit for
benefit with full-service leasing and still allows customers to own
their trucks.

Keeping you in control.
The intent of the CM program is to provide customers with a
valuable service and help control maintenance costs. This
ensures customer satisfaction with Mack® products and, at the
same time, provide additional services when needed.
Customer Benefits:
   1. Predictable operating costs.
   2. Eliminate high-cost repairs.
   3. Eliminate warranty hassles.
   4. Reduce or eliminate maintenance-related downtime.
   5. Reduce or eliminate overhead from
       – shop personnel
       – stock parts
       – benefits, wages and overtime
       – OSHA and EPA compliance
       – preventive maintenance tracking and scheduling
   6. Eliminate concerns over DOT compliance.
   7. Reduce the expense of truck cleaning by including in
      preventive maintenance.

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