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Zero Text Neck Injuries


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									        Zero Text Neck Injuries
  There is no doubt that texting can be a pain in the neck. The
   need for chiropractic care has significantly increased with
 advances in mobile technology, and the reality that the public
 at large is constantly "connected." "For every inch of forward
  head posture, it can increase the weight of the head on the
                spine by an additional 10 pounds."
With today’s mobile devices – smart phones, laptops, and
tablet computers, physicians, physical therapists and
chiropractors are seeing a dramatic increase in musculoskeletal
disorders of the neck and upper back. The average human head
weighs 10-12 pounds when held upright in the neutral position.

The forces on the cervical spine increase significantly when
tilting the head forward. For example, holding a smart phone at
mid-torso height creates 20-30 pounds of force on the
supporting neck. Obviously, our mobile computing and
communication technology isn’t going away so how does one
avoid the detrimental effects of “text neck” disorder?
• Physical therapists advise taking frequent breaks (every 20
      minutes) while using mobile devices. These micro-breaks
      should involve rolling the shoulders, stretching the neck’s
      primary flexor muscles (sternocleidomastoids) by
      extending the head back, and taking a short, brisk walk to
      stimulate increased blood flow.
• For tablet and laptop use, add an external mouse,
      keyboard, and raise the device on a stand or stack of books.
• Communicate verbally using the phone for its intended
      purpose rather than trading messages by texting or email.

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