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									      What Medicare Does Not Cover
Nearly as important as being able to tell prospects and clients what Medicare covers is the ability to tell
them—or forewarn them—of what Medicare will not cover. Health care costs that are not covered include,
but are not limited to

    acupuncture;
    ambulance services (except in emergencies or when the individual’s health would be in danger if
     other transportation was used);
    chiropractic services, except for some limitations;
    dental care and dentures (with only a few exceptions);
    cosmetic surgery;
    custodial care (help with bathing, dressing, using the bathroom, and eating) at home or in a nursing
    health care while traveling outside of the United States (except in limited cases);
    eye care—routine exams, eye refractions, and most eyeglasses;
    hearing aids, hearing exams, and hearing tests that haven’t been ordered by a doctor;
    long-term care, such as that delivered in most nursing homes (custodial care);
    orthopedic shoes (with only a few exceptions);
    outpatient prescription drugs (with only a few exceptions);
    routine foot care (with only a few exceptions);
    routine or yearly physical exams;
    screening tests (with some exceptions);
    shots (vaccinations—except those approved);
    some diabetic supplies (like syringes or insulin unless it is used with an insulin pump);
    first three pints of blood;
    additional charges for a private hospital room;
    private nursing care;
    skilled nursing care costs beyond 100 days a year;
    meals delivered to the home;
    medical charges billed by relatives;
    personal comfort items;
    intermediate care;
    custodial care; and
    services not considered reasonable or necessary by Medicare.

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