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City of St. Louis_ Office of the Mayor Files of Raymond R. Tucker


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									City of St. Louis, Office of the Mayor
Files of Raymond R. Tucker, 1953-1965

Biographical note: Raymond Roche Tucker
Raymond R. Tucker was born in St. Louis on December 4, 1906. He was raised and resided
for most of his life in the Carondelet area of south St. Louis, within a half mile of where he was
born. His family has been in that part of the city for over a century.

Tucker received his education in the public grammar schools, St. Louis University High School,
and St. Louis University. After earning his A.B. degree in 1917, he received the B.S. degree
from the department of mechanical engineering at Washington University in 1920. In addition,
he took graduate courses at Columbia University, New York. He is a member of Sigma Xi, a
national honorary engineering fraternity; Tau Beta Pi, undergraduate engineering fraternity;
Kappa Alpha; the American Society of Mechanical Engineers; a member of the University Club
of St. Louis; and other clubs and honorary orders. Working at a branch library near his home,
he partially earned his way through St. Louis University. He was the youngest of three boys in a
family of modest circumstances. His attempts to enlist in both the Army and Navy during World
War I were thwarted for he was not accepted due to a physical disability.

In choosing the field of mechanical engineering and later a career centered on smoke abatement,
Tucker followed in the footsteps of his father, to whom he was very close. The elder tucker
was an engineer and in 1904 had participated in an unsuccessful program for the elimination of
smoke in St. Louis.

In 1928 Raymond Tucker married Edythe F. Lieber, also a St. Louis resident. The Tucker's
have a daughter and son, both of whom have studied at Washington University.

From 1927 through 1934 Tucker was a member of the faculty of Washington University, as an
associate professor of mechanical engineering. During this period he also maintained a chemical
laboratory serving local foundries. This laboratory was sold in the early 1930's.

In 1934 Democratic Mayor Bernard F. Dickmann of St. Louis asked Tucker to become his
secretary. As such he represented the mayor on various committees, among them the
committee on the Soldiers Memorial, a committee of businessmen to make a survey of civic
groups and the United Relief Committee. Tucker was chairman of the Mayor's Budget
Committee. During this period he was especially active in promoting the adoption of an anti-
smoke ordinance, and when it was passed in 1937 became the city's first Smoke
Commissioner. In 1940 Tucker was instrumental in the passage of an amended smoke
ordinance which all but eliminated the smoke nuisance in St. Louis. During this latter period he
also served as Director of Public Safety of St. Louis and as a member of the Board of Public
Service. He resigned with the change in administration in 1941, but was called back by the

new mayor, William Becker, a Republican, for a short period to deal with temporary increase in
smoke in the city.

In September 1942 he returned to Washington University as head of the Department of
Mechanical Engineering. During his period as Smoke Commissioner of St. Louis he had
established a national reputation as a leader in the anti-pollution field and in power plant design,
travelling widely in the United States as a lecturer and consultant. He received inquiries from all
over the world about his successful anti-smoke program in St. Louis.

During World War II, while at Washington University, Tucker served as a civilian coordinator in
the training of soldiers on the campus. In addition he was Assistant to the Regional Adviser of
Engineering-Science-Management, a war training department covering several states; a member
of the State Training Council of the War Manpower Commission; and a member of the Aviation
Committee on Post-War Developments of the St. Louis Chamber of Commerce. He was also
a member of the Model Smoke Law committee of the American Society of Mechanical

In the administration of Mayor Joseph M. Darst of St. Louis (1949-1953) Tucker served on
the Mayor's Air Pollution Committee, was chairman of the 1949 Charter Board of Freeholders
and Director of Civil Defense. Among his publications in the field of air pollution are:

“Smoke in Saint Louis - Past, Present and Future,” ASME Journal, 1938.
“The Smoke Problem,” University of Illinois Bulletin #7, October 10, 1939.
“Anti-Smoke Program in St. Louis” Proceedings: Illinois Mining Institute
“A Smoke Program that Works", Heating, Piping and Air Conditioning - (5 articles -
September 1945 to February 1946)
and others

In 1953 Professor Tuckers was elected Mayor of St. Louis, having defeated Mark D. Eagleton
for the Democratic nomination in the primary election. He was subsequently elected twice. IN
1965 he was defeated in the Democratic primary in his bid for a fourth term. Since that time he
has been professor of urban affairs at Washington University.

During his three terms as Mayor of St. Louis Raymond Tucker established a reputation for
meting the major problems of the city head-on. In his first term the earnings tax and several
bond issues were passed, stabilizing the city's finances and getting a number of public
improvements underway. In 1954 he supported the adoption of a Metropolitan Sewer District.
Among other reforms in which he was instrumental were a revision of the city Charter to raise
the city salary limit and a revised building code for St. Louis. During his period in office Tucker
provided leadership in the initiation or progress of various urban renewal programs. Throughout
his tenure in office Tucker relied on the support and abilities of prominent businessmen and
other civic leaders through citizens' committees and organizations like Civic Progress,
Incorporated for the success of many progressive measures.

Organization and arrangement
The Mayoralty Collection is arranged in fourteen series representing substantially the form in
which the files were accessioned into the archives.

SERIES 1: General office files from Mayor Tucker's first administration, 1953-1957 (33 cu.
ft.). The files contain voluminous correspondence and a variety of other material concerning the
activities of the Mayor, city governmental departments and their relations with the Mayor's
office, various public issues and a number of other topics. The records were kept in a general
alphabetical order by topic and department. Thus, the individual folders are not necessarily in
alphabetical order. For instance, Box 22 falls alphabetically under "P"; however, the records of
the Department of Public Safety and the Board of Public Service in that box contain folders
                                 Excise Commissioner
                                 Fire Department
                                 Requests for Promotions
                                 Minimum Housing Standards
                                 Smoke Division
                                 Weights and Measures
                                 Board of Engineers
                                 Bridges, etc.

SERIES 2: General office files from the second administration 1957-1961 (33 cu ft.)

SERIES 3: General office files from the third administration, 1961-1965 (47 cu. ft.).

SERIES 4: Files from the administration of Mayor Darst, 1949-1952, mainly concerned with
the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial. Other files from the Darst administration have been
incorporated in the first administration office files, Boxes 23 and 24 (1 cu. ft.).

SERIES 5: Files relating to Civic Progress, Incorporated, from its inception in 1953 through
1965 (1 cu. ft.).

SERIES 6: Materials concerning campaigns of various kinds, i.e. mayoral elections, bond
issues, charter revision. The files include correspondence , committee rosters, clippings,
advertising etc. (6 cu. ft.).

SERIES 7: Files of official and unofficial correspondence and records of the progress of
Aldermanic bills, filed chronologically. (4 cu. ft.).

SERIES 8: Speeches of Mayor Tucker filed chronologically (4 cu. ft.).

SERIES 9: The financial accounts of the Mayor's office and related correspondence, 1954-
1960 (1 cu. ft.).

SERIES 10: Mayor Tucker's appointment books for his three terms in office.

SERIES 11: Files of invitations received by and proclamations issued by the Mayor on various
occasions, arranged chronologically, 1957-1962 (2 cu. ft.).

SERIES 12: Scrapbooks regarding a number of prominent issues concerning the Tucker
administration. Some are on microfilms.

SERIES 13: Copies of the City Journal, arranged chronologically, 1955-65 (2 cu. ft.).

SERIES 14: Miscellaneous periodicals, memorial volumes, reports (1 cu. ft.).

ADD ACQUISITIONS: Material accessioned after the guide was written (5 cu. ft.).

City of St. Louis, Office of the Mayor
Files of Raymond R. Tucker
Series 1: First Administration
Box 1

A - A.M.A.

Academy of Science
Minutes of Board of Directors meetings; financial reports.

Advertising Club of St. Louis
General correspondence with the Mayor's office.

Adult Education Council of Greater St. Louis
Includes pamphlet, "What Every St. Louisan Should Know About His Local Government."

Advertisements, Requests for
Requests for Tucker to purchase advertising space in various newspapers and journals in the St.
Louis area.

Advertisements Re St. Louis
Correspondence relating to various commercial advertisements by St. Louis firms.

Air Lines - Misc.
Miscellaneous material regarding Air Line service in St. Louis.

Albanese, Charles E. (Personal)
General correspondence as Acting Mayor in 1953 and 1954.

Almanac, Information Please
Information about St. Louis sent to the Almanac

American Cancer Society
Letters regarding fund campaigns

American Federation of Labor
Correspondence regarding the American-Korean Foundation campaign to help reconstruct

American Heritage Foundation
Material pertaining to the Radio-Free Europe "Crusade for Freedom".

American Legion

Correspondence regarding the 1955 convention in St. Louis.

American Legion 1953 and 1954 Conventions
General correspondence and printed material

American Municipal Association
General correspondence regarding meetings, policy statements, activities of the Association

American Municipal Association Convention, St. Louis, MO, Nov. 1956
General material relating to the convention.

1956 American Municipal Association Convention (General Planning - Bob Smith)
Plans and preparation for the 1956 meeting in ST. Louis.

1956 American Municipal Association Convention (Missouri Municipal League)
More plans for the convention.

1956 American Municipal Association Convention (Special Events)
Entertainment plans, etc.

1956 American Municipal Association Convention (Hotel)

AMA Convention Bus Tours, November 1956

Raymond R. Tucker Papers
First Administration Office Files
Series One - Box 2

AMA - Ci

AMA (American Municipal News)
Copies of the publication; copy of AMA pamphlet, "Model Constitutional Provisions for
Municipal Home Rule."

AMA - Actions Conference, held in St. Louis, May 28-29, 1956
Preparations for a workshop on municipal problems in community development to be held in St.
Louis for mayors in the states of Iowa, Illinois and Missouri.

American Red Cross
Includes 1955-56 Annual Report of the St. Louis Chapter of the American Red Cross.

Annual Report

Request for a St. Louis Annual Report from various organizations. Consolidated Annual
Reports of the city had not, however, been done for several years.

Sent to the Mayor.

Anonymous and crank letters

Am - Aqu (3 folders)

Armed Forces Center - St. Louis
Material relating to the observance of Armed Forces Day.

Correspondence between the Mayor and the Armory Board and Reserve Officials.

Art Museum
General correspondence on matters pertaining to the Art Museum.

Autographs and autographed photographs (requests)

Ar - Az (3 folders)


Awards (Sundry)
From various organizations to the City, Mayor Tucker, or to individuals or organizations
connected with St. Louis. Material relating to St. Louis' All American Cities Award in 1956.

Offices of Assistance to Serve on Commissions and Committees
Offers submitted to the Mayor

Boards and Commissions Appointed by Officials other than the Mayor

Adjustment, Board of (Appointments and Resignations)

Air Pollution (Committee)

Airport Commission, City
Appointments and resignations.

Appeal Board (Division of Smoke, Department of Public Safety)

Armory Board - Appointments

Athletic Commission, City

Appointments to the position by Mayor Tuckers

Auditor of Board of Education Books
Appointments to the position by Mayor Tucker

Auditor of City Books
Appointments to the position by Mayor Tucker.

Board of Review for Juvenile Leaders

Charity Solicitations Commission

Children's Guardians, Board of

1955 Citizens' Bond Issue Supervisory Committee

Citizens' Supervisory Bond Issue Committee

City Counselor
Appointments to the position by Mayor Tucker

Civil Defense Advisory Committee

Clerk of City Courts
Appointments to the position by Mayor Tucker

City Plan Commission

City Court Judges

Appointments by Tucker

Raymond R. Tucker Papers
First Administration Office Files
Series One Box 3

Co - Z
A - Bri

Council on Human Relations

Education, Board of
Resignations and appointments. See Kiel and Commission for Mrs. Harrington's Letter of
Acceptance to Board of Education, 7/10/55.

Electrical Engineers, Committee of (Recommended by Director of Public Utilities - appointed
by Board of Public Service)

Equalization, Board of
Appointments and resignations.

Examiners of Fumigation, Board of

Examiners of Sign Erectors

Fair Employment Practices Commission

Fireman's Retirement System, Board of Trustees

Freeholders, Board of (Metropolitan Sewer Authority)

Housing Authority, St. Louis - Commissioner
Appointments to the position by Mayor Tucker.

Kiel Auditorium Commission

Kiel Auditorium, Manager

Land Clearance for Redevelopment Authority

Marshall, City
Appointments to the position by Mayor Tucker.

Mayor's Office
Information on employees.

Merchants' and Manufacturers' Board of Tax Equalization
Appointments to the board of recommendations presented by the board.

Metropolitan St. Louis Youth Commission

Mullanphy Board

Municipal Art Commission

Off-Street Parking Commission

Parole Officer

Police Recruitment and Pension Friend, Board of Trustees

Public Library Board of Directors

Public Library Board of Directors

Public Safety, Director of
Appointments to the position by Mayor Tucker.

Public Service, President of

Appointments to the position by Mayor Tucker.

Public Utilities, Director of
Appointments to the position by Mayor Tucker

Public Welfare, Director of
Appointments to the position by Mayor Tucker.

Appointments to the position by Mayor Tucker.

Sewer District, Metropolitan St. Louis

Soldiers' Memorial Bldg. Commission

Streets and Sewers, Director of
Appointments to the position by Mayor Tucker.

Surveyors, City
Appointments to the position by Mayor Tucker.

Supply Commissioner
Appointments and resignations.

Traffic Appeals, Board of

United Nations Week
Appointment of Kenneth Teasdale as General Chairman of the Greater St. Louis Citizens
Committee for United Nations Week, 1955.

Zoological board of Control
Elections to the board.

Baa - Ban (3 folders).

Bar Association of St. Louis
Correspondence with the Mayor.

Baseball Clubs (Sundry)

Bar - Baz (3 folders).

Bea - Bem (2 folders).

Bi-State Agency
(files have been transferred to Second Administration Files).

Bi- (2 folders).

Blood Donors

Blue Cross Group Hospital Service, Inc.
Plan for City employees.


Board of Alderman
Mayor's communications to the Board; work done by the Board; issues before the Board; etc.

Board of Review for Juvenile Readers
Work of Board for censorship and obscenity.

Boards and Commissions, Various Matters
Various appointments

Boys' Club, Boys' Town, and Boys' State
Correspondence with the Mayor.

(3 folders). Clippings relating to the urban renewal project in Boston.

Bra - Bri

Raymond R. Tucker Papers
First Administrative Office Files
Series One Box 4

Bra - Char

Bra - Bri (2 folders).

Bro - Bry (2 folders).

Budget - Mayor's Office
Financial statements, reports, estimates of expenses, budget figures, etc.

Budget - 1954-1955 (25% Reduction)
Includes budget requests, figures, and correspondence relating to the preparation of the budget.

Budget Bureau
Financial statements showing receipts, departmental expenditures, total governmental
expenditures, etc.

Bro - Bu

Bu - By (2 folders).

Bond Issue - Miscellaneous
Information and correspondence relating to the projects to be undertaken with the proceeds
from the 1955 Bond Issue funds: Includes Minutes of the Meetings of the Citizens' Bond Issue
Supervisory Committee.

Individual Architect
Engineer Questionnaires for Bond Issue Projects: St. Louis Chapter A.I.A., July 1955 - lists of
recommended architects for Bond Issue projects.

Bond Issue - Status of Work Reports, 10-1-55 to 4-16-57
Weekly progress reports on bond issue projects, costs incurred, etc.

Suggestions by Mayor Tucker to the Board of Alderman, etc. for a new City Charter; includes
proposed changes, etc.

Charter Election Campaign Advertising - Billboards, Radio & TV

Charter Election Campaign - Budget

Charter Election Campaign Literature
Promotional campaign to gain public support for a new charter.

Charter Election Campaign - Committees, Subcommittees and Staff Assignments

Charter Election Campaign - Requests for Contributions

Charter Election Campaign - Endorsements, correspondence

Charter Election Campaign
Letters of thanks sent out by Tucker and replies received.

Charter Election Campaign - Movie
Correspondence regarding a promotional movie made for the charter campaign.

Charter Election Campaign - Misc.
Includes mostly analyses of why the charter campaign failed.

Charter Election Campaign - Offers of Assistance

Raymond R. Tucker Papers
First Administrative Office Files
Series One Box 5

"Charter Election Campaign" B - E

Board of Freeholders
Minutes of Meetings; the Journal; resolutions, proposals, and reports of the Board.

Charter Board of Freeholders
Correspondence and memoranda of the Mayor and of Board members with individuals, civic
groups, corporations and governmental agencies regarding the new charter; news releases,
speeches, and statements, including the Mayor's statement to the Board of Freeholders, July 27,
1956; various printed matter, including the "Proposed Charter of the City of St. Louis"; lists of
individuals and groups related to the new charter, the Board of Freeholders and the Citizen's
Charter Committee.

City-Council District Plan Election, November 3, 1959
Addresses, press releases, statements, and correspondence both in support of, but mainly in
opposition to the Metropolitan District Plan; memoranda of the Public Administration Service
Field Staff on municipal consolidation; printed campaign material for and against the District

Charter Freeholder Election - Radio and TV Spot Announcements
(Bob Smith) - April and May, 1956.

Relinquished Time Spots (Charter Freeholder Election)
Bob Smith - TV announcements.

Radio Appeal
Bob Smith - Charter Freeholder Election.

Charter Executive Committee
Bob Smith. Records of the Executive Committee of the Citizen's Charter Committee, including
correspondence regarding the Charter Freeholder Election and biographical information about
the candidates.

Charter Election Campaign
Press Releases and speeches of the Mayor and others, July and August, 1957.

St. Louis Board of Freeholders
Information kit; copy for office of Mayor R.R. Tucker.

City Charter *New - June 1954-March 1956
A miscellaneous file including correspondence relating to revision of the city charter, news
releases, printed matter, concerning municipal government, an analysis of the new charter from
the point of view of party politics, legal opinions, and the Resolution of the Board of Alderman
regarding revision of the City Charter, May 27, 1955.

Raymond R. Tucker Papers
First Administrative Office Files
Series One Box 6

"Charter Election Campaign" F - "Chr" D

Bob Smith - Finance Committee - Charter Election Campaign
Fund raising mailings and other correspondence of the Finance Committee of the Citizens'
Charter Committee, mainly of Chairman Kenton R. Cravens, March and April, 1956.

Bob Smith - Charter Campaign
Includes a roster of the Citizens' Charter Committee, correspondence and press releases
concerning the election of Charter Freeholders, and several lists of candidates with biographical
and other annotated information.

Citizens' Charter Committee, St. Louis - Dec. 1955 - June 1956
In the main correspondence relating to the Charter Freeholder election; also contains drafts of
speeches, campaign advertising copy, statements by the Mayor and others for the press and
several television scripts relating to the campaign; also a typescript, "St. Louis Board of
Freeholders, 1949-1950 Inventory of Files", lists of suggested members for the Citizens'
Charter Committee, its executive committee and of Charter Freeholder candidates and
biographical information about Tom K. Smith, Chairman of the Citizens' Charter Committee.

Charter - New - Offers of Assistance - Dec. 1955 - April 1956
Correspondence with well-wishers and volunteers for the charter campaign and lists of
volunteers distributing initiative petitions.

Campaigns - Miscellaneous
Correspondence and printed matter relating to many fund-raising, safety, and other civic
campaigns, national and local.

Campbell House
Reply to an inquiry.

Ca - Cap (2 folders)

Car Allowances
Correspondence with several agencies of the city government regarding allowances for the use
of private automobiles by city employees.

Census - Reports, etc.
Includes correspondence relating to the 1954 U.S. Census of Manufacturers.

Car - Caz

Car - Caz
(3 folders). Including an article in Harper's Magazine, March 1956, St. Louis Wakes Itself Up".

Chairman, Sponsors, etc.
Correspondence of the Mayor re his chairmanship, sponsorship of membership in sundry
organizations and campaigns, national and local.

Chamber of Commerce
Contains a general correspondence of the Chamber of Commerce relating to the services and
activities of the Chamber, especially in the promotion of St. Louis, various printed promotional
matter and reports of related promotional agencies; the reports of several departments of the
Chamber of Commerce, several addresses by Aloys P. Kaufmann, president of Chamber, and
a survey of St. Louis business, "Summary Development Projects in the St. Louis Area, 1954-

Chamber of Commerce Report and Recommendations, St. Louis Regional Committee on
Traffic and Parking - L.J. Sverdup, chairman.

Chamber of Commerce, Junior
Correspondence regarding several promotional activities.

Children's Guardians, Board of

Correspondence regarding the problems and procedures of the Board and its related child-care
institutions; a brief correspondence about proposed federal legislation in the field of child
welfare; annual and other reports.

1956 Plaza Christmas Display Publicity
Newspaper articles, pictures, poem.

Raymond R. Tucker Papers
First Administrative Office Files
Series One Box 7

"Chr" (D, m) - "Ci" (Ph)

Christmas Display Material
Photographs, sketches, designs.

Plaza Christmas Display, 1956
Correspondence with contributors and financial accounts relating to the display.

Plaza Christmas Display, 1955
(Unlabeled folder).

Christmas 1953-1956
Mainly requests to keep Christ in Christmas.

Christmas Card Lane
Correspondence concerning the St. Louis Christmas Display.

Christmas 1949-1952
Pictures and correspondence re the Christmas displays of St. Louis and other cities.

Christmas Carol Singers
Caroling in City Hall.

(3 folders). Miscellaneous correspondence; including an interview with Mayor Tucker in Cherry
Diamond magazine, a publication of the Missouri Athletic Club.

C.I.O. Industrial Union Council (Congress of Industrial Organization) Empty.

Circuit Attorney

Correspondence between the offices of the Mayor and the Circuit Attorney regarding salaries
and other matters and the "Report of the Office of Circuit Attorney for the City of St. Louis",

Circuit Court for Criminal Causes
Correspondence concerning salary increases.

Circuit Courts
Correspondence concerning salary and other changes in several judicial offices.

Citizens' Finance Committee
Requests for copies of the Committee's report.

Citizens' Metropolitan Transit Committee of St. Louis and St. Louis County. The file is
concerned mainly with arrangements for a traffic survey to be made of the metropolitan area;
includes correspondence, specifications and a comparison of proposals for conducting the

Citizens' Supervisory Bond Issue Committee
A comparison of bonded indebtedness payment requirements; minutes of the meetings of the
Supervisory Committee of the Citizens' Committee for Post War Improvements and
Employment in St. Louis; correspondence of the Citizens' Supervisory Bond Issue Committee;
draft ordinances concerning bond issues, and several reports on the status of bond funds.

City-County Consolidation
Correspondence regarding city-county consolidation and funds for a study of the problem, a
pamphlet issued by the Citizens' Committee for City-County Co-ordination, and an address by
Dr. Paul G. Steinbicker, "The City-County Problem in St. Louis".

City-County Consolidation *Metropolitan St. Louis Survey (Ford Grant)
Correspondence regarding the initiation of the Survey.

City Courts - Misc.
Correspondence concerning certain unusual cases in the Courts, the Traffic School, and a
proposed third City Court; statistics of the City Courts; several reports regarding the City
Courts and the traffic problem.

City Employees Union * A.F. of L.
Correspondence with Stan Zagol, Executive Business Representative, Missouri State Council
No. 27, A.F.S.C. and M.E.

City Photographer
Requests for photographs.

*See also Box 24 for Darst Administration files on Citizens' Supervisory Bond Issue Committee

Raymond R. Tucker Papers
First Administrative Office Files
Series One Box 8

"Ci" (Pl) - "Comm"

City Plan Commission
Correspondence concerning neighborhood problems, zoning, and urban renewal; minutes of the
meeting of the Streets and Traffic Committee, May 6, 1955; a map of neighborhoods eligible
for rehabilitation; several pamphlets including "A Study for a Comprehensive Plan for
Redevelopment of the Central City Area" by Russell, Mullgardt, Schwarz, Van Hoefen, and
"Rebuilding Industry -Commerce in St. Louis" by the City Plan Commission.

City Plan Commission
Minutes of meetings, committee reports, December 17, 1953.

City Register

City Treasurer's Office - Daily Reports

City Treasurer's Office - March 1, 1954-
Employees' salaries.

Parking Meters
Financial statements of Parking Meter Department and correspondence regarding the servicing
and placing of meters.

Civil Defense, Sept. 1, 1955 to-
Correspondence with General F.P. Hardaway, Director of Civil Defense, and others regarding
the general business of civil defense in St. Louis; the Progress Reports of the Office of Civil
Defense; and various printed matter relating to civil defense.

Civil Defense 1954-1955
Contains the same type of material as the previous folder, including "Rail Transportation Civil
Defense Operational Guide" and "A Preliminary Study of Pre-Attack Evacuation".

Civil Defense April 1953 to Jan. 31, 1954 incl.

Contains the same type of material as the two preceding folders, including a proposed civil
defense ordinance, May 14, 1953, and "The St. Louis Civil Defense Plan Supplement, the Plan
for Natural Emergencies (Tentative)".

Civil Defense Test with Public Participation, Jan. 16, 1954, St. Louis, Mo.
Bound report of the Office of Civil Defense, including a table of contents.

Clean-Up, Paint-Up, etc.
Correspondence regarding the annual Clean-Up, Paint-Up, Fix-Up campaigns.

Cl - Cl (3 folders).

Collector of Revenue
Correspondence concerning the city earning tax and other activities of the Collector.

Columbia Bottoms
Correspondence concerning the building of a railroad, and the promotion of industrial
development in the area.

Community Chest
Correspondence regarding fund-raising and the merger of the Community Chest into the United
Fund; includes attacks on the Community Chest by the National Citizens' Protective

Raymond R. Tucker Papers
First Administrative Office Files
Series One Box 9

"Comp" - "Cong"

Complimentary Letters - various

Bonds - misc.
Inquiries from city bond buyers; reports on the status of authorized city bonds; and a notice of
bond sale, September, 1953.

Budget Material - misc.
Reports of the Comptroller and the Budget Director to the Board of Alderman and the Board
of Estimates and Apportionment; budget summaries; a statements of expenditures 1939-1948,
Comptroller's office; budget requests by the departments of the city government; appropriations
ordinances; a report, "An Improved Budget System for the City of St. Louis" prepared by the
Governmental Research Institute, June 1956.

City-Owned Property
Maintenance, sale, etc., Sept. 1, 1955. Correspondence regarding the disposition of various
parcels of city-owned property.

City-Owned Property
Maintenance, sale, etc. August 31, 1955. The same type of material as above, including
correspondence regarding the method of selling city-owned land, Sept. 1954, and
correspondence concerning insanitary conditions on city property, Dec. 1953.

Comptroller's Office
General correspondence of the Comptroller concerning the revenues and expenditures of the
City of St. Louis; biographical information about Comptroller John Poelker 2-2-57 and 1-5-57;
several financial reports including the "Comptroller's Annual Report" for 1955-1956.

City-Owned Property - survey
Correspondence regarding the disposal of various city-owned properties.

Estimate and Apportionment, Board of
City budget statements, bond payments requirements, 1954-1973; misc. correspondence with
governmental departments and agencies, including some concerning the sale of city bonds.

Coa - Com (2 folders).

Board of Estimate and Apportionment Agenda - April 1953-April 1957
Congratulations - weddings, birthdays, 8-1-56 to
Congratulations to citizens on their 50th or 60th wedding anniversary.

Congratulations - misc. April 1, 1956 to-
To many citizens for various achievements.

Condolence - December 1, 1956 to-
To citizens.

Raymond R. Tucker Papers
First Administrative Office Files
Series One Box 10

"Cong" (C) - "Fla"

Condolence - April-November 1956
To citizens.

Congratulations -weddings, birthdays -April 1953-July 1956

Congratulations to citizens on their 50th or 60th anniversary.

Congressmen, St. Louis (various matters)
Including correspondence regarding defense contractors in the St. Louis area.

Contracts, Leases and Agreements - Misc.

Correspondence concerning a number of conventions held in St. Louis and the convention
business in St. Louis.

Correspondence regarding the proposed pathology laboratory for the Coroner's office.

Council on Human Relations
Correspondence regarding activities of the Council, including Missouri Conference on Aging,
March 1957; the annual Human Rights Institute, anti-discrimination legislation and appointments
to the Council; general correspondence including that concerned with racial discrimination in St.
Louis and segregation and integration in the public schools; misc. material on human relations
including a typescript, "Problems for Consideration", in housing and employment for the Mayor,
prepared by a citizens' committee; and various printed matter including annual reports of the
Council on Human Relations.

Council on Human Relations
Minutes of meetings, March 10, 1953-April 11, 1957.

Court of Criminal Correction
Correspondence regarding a raise in salary for the Clerk and the annual report of the Court for

Cou - Coz (3 folders).

Correspondence of the St. Louis Crime Commission and citizens concerned about crime;
several addresses, among them two by James W. Connor, Operating Director of the Crime

Cr - Cy (4 folders - two empty).

Daylight Saving Time
Correspondence, mainly from citizens in opposition to Daylight Saving Time.

Da- (3 folders)

Defense Orientation Conference Assn. - Washington, D.C.

De- (3 folders).

Di- (3 folders).

Donations - Requests for

Downtown St. Louis
Correspondence and advertising about downtown office space; several reports on downtown
areas by the National Retail Dry Goods Association, including "How to Rebuild Cities

Do- (3 folders).

Draft Board
A letter explaining how appointments are made.

Drives for Funds, Misc.

Dr - Dy (3 folders).

Education, Board of
Correspondence with the Board of Education and others over several topics, including the
school tax campaign; a report, "Revenue and Expenditure Trends", January 1956, by the
auditor of the Board of Education; and studies of the Kearney Report on the St. Louis schools
by the auditor and the Commissioner of School Buildings.

Education, Board of (requests for pen-pals).

Election Commission, Board of
Correspondence and reports on a number of topics including appointments to the Board and
salaries of Election Judges and Clerks.

Ea - El (3 folders).

Endorsements, Requests for - misc.

Engineering Societies Center (Proposed New Center to be located in St. Louis)

Two contested wills.

Em - Ez (3 folders)

Fair Employment Practices commission
Correspondence and legislation concerning the establishment of the Commission.

F.B.I. - Federal Bureau of Investigation

Fa - Fe (3 folders)

Fish Propagation Committee
Minutes of meeting

Correspondence and pictures re the official flag of the city of St. Louis

Raymond R. Tucker Papers
First Administration Office Files
Series One Box 11

"Flo" - "Good"

Flood Control
Correspondence with federal officials, the St. Louis Flood Control Association and others re:
federal sharing of flood control costs, testimony before House and Senate subcommittees, the
need for flood protection in St. Louis; statement on the problem of floods by Mayor Tucker,
7/20/55 and other press releases and printed material.

Fi - Fl (3 folders)

Foreign Consuls
Miscellaneous correspondence with or about consular representatives in St. Louis.

Foreign - Hungarian Situation
Correspondence with the American Hungarian Welfare Committee among others re: settlement
and aid to Hungarian refugees in St. Louis.

Foreign - Visit of President Castillo Armas of Guatemala to St. Louis - November 8 and 9,
Correspondence, schedules, invitations, lists, etc. re: arrangements for the visit; translation of an
address by President Armas.

Foreign - to 8/31/55

A miscellaneous file of correspondence and other material from outside of the United States.

Foreign - September 1, 1955 to
Same as folder above, including extensive correspondence with Chi Whan Choi, chief of
National Police, Republic of Korea.

Foreign Trade Zone
Correspondence with federal officials and others re: the creation, through federal legislation of
an International Trade Commission to promote trade fairs, etc.: a report, "Foreign Trade and St.
Louis", May 1955

Fo - (3 folders - 1 empty)

Freeholders, Board of - Metropolitan Sewer District
Correspondence, television scripts, press releases, records of public hearings of the Board of
Freeholders, maps, reports, drafts of the proposed Sewer District Plan, all relating to the
successful campaign to create the Metropolitan Sewer District at a special election, 2/9/54.

Freeholders, Board of - Metropolitan Transit Authority
Material relating to the effort to create a metropolitan Transit Commission at a special election,
1/25/55 and the Mayor's opposition, which is summarized in his press release, 12/5/54; includes
correspondence re: the proposed plan and the activities of the Board of Freeholders,
"Preliminary Memo on the Constitutionality of the Proposed Plan...", 3/8/54, various drafts of
the proposed plan and related memoranda.

Funds Committee, St. Louis
Correspondence with several St. Louis banks re: the deposit of city funds.

Fr - Fy (3 folders)

Get Well Letters
By the Mayor; replies

Ga - Ge (3 folders)

Gifts to the City
Correspondence re: several bequests and other gifts to the city; reports from city departments
regarding the possible uses of private donations to the city.

Globe-Democrat (South St. Louis Section)
Correspondence re: releases for publication in the Globe-Democrat's South St. Louis Section.

Gi - Gl (3 folders)

Including typescript, "Centropolis", by McCune Gill.

Gold Star Mothers and Wives
Correspondence re: observation of "Gold Star Mothers Day".

Goodwill Industries
Miscellaneous correspondence.

Raymond R. Tucker Papers
First Administration Office Files
Series One Box 12

"Goo" - "Hoy"

Governmental Research Institute
A brief history of the Institute in pamphlet form, "Independent Research Applied to Your
Government"; several issues of an Institute printing, "Dollars and Sense in Government"; and
copies of several studies undertaken for the Mayor's Office.

Governor Blair - State of Missouri
Miscellaneous correspondence.

Go- (3 folders)

Gunn, Donald.
Miscellaneous correspondence, memoranda and press releases of Gunn as President fo the
Board of Aldermen.

Grand Jury, Misc.
Correspondence and the Grand Jury Reports, April 1, 1953 to February 1957.

Gridiron Dinner
Scripts and Programs.

Greetings from Mayor
To individuals and groups on a variety of occasions.

Griffenhagen Report
Summary Report of the Mayor's Advisory Committee on City Survey and Audit - entitled "The
Government of the City of St. Louis".

Gr - Gy

(3 folders). Correspondence from Charles Guggenheim regarding the motion picture, "The Big
Issue"; a campaign press release of Donald Gunn, February 5, 1955/


Haa - Hal (3 folders)

Ham - Har (3 folders - one restricted)

Has - Hek (3 folders - one empty)

Hel - Hey (3 folders)

Highway Commission (state)

Highways - Miscellaneous
Correspondence, memoranda and agreements mainly regarding right-of-way acquisition for
freeways in the city, 1956-57.

Highways - Miscellaneous
Much the same as the above folder, concerns location and financing of St. Louis freeways;
includes the mimeographed "Review of Expressway Progress in St. Louis City and County since
1934", and a report, "Daniel Boone Expressway", 1954-55.

Highways - Miscellaneous
Much the same as the above two folders, concerns the earlier stages of freeway location;
includes maps and a mimeographed report, "Relationship of the St. Louis Urban Expressway
Plan to the Official Major Street Plan," 1953-54.

Report on Route for Daniel Boone Expressway

Hi- (3 folders - one empty)

Hoa - Hol (3 folders)

Home Shows - Miscellaneous
Correspondence re exhibits.

Hospitals, Various


Miscellaneous correspondence.

House of Detention (Children's building)
correspondence regarding pay increases for employees.

Hom - Hoy (3 folders).

Raymond R. Tucker Papers
First Administration Office Files
Series One Box 13

"Housing (A - LC, Red)

Reports of Manager's Meetings
Minutes of the meetings of the housing managers of the St. Louis Housing Authority, September
10, 1956 - May 15, 1957.

Citizen's Council on Housing and Community Planning (Grace Hill House)
Fact sheet of the Benton Street Rehabilitation Project

Housing - Racial Integration in Public Housing Units in St. Louis

Housing Authority - Notices and Minutes of Meetings

Housing Authority (Requests for jobs)

Housing - Miscellaneous - Reports, etc.
Correspondence and various printed material on housing; several reports including "Housing
Statement for Mayors", "A Summary: American Housing Needs, 1955-1970", by the National
Housing Conference, March 11, 1954, and a typescript, "A Proposal Concerning Re-
Organization for an Expanded Housing Program", a confidential suggestion to the Mayor.

Housing Shortage - Complaints, etc.
Correspondence concerning eligibility for admittance to public housing.

Housing Authority (901 Washington) April 1953 - October 1955
Maps of public housing projects; correspondence regarding the many concerns of the Housing
Authority from house legislation, to racial segregation and integration, to site approval, to
rubbish collection; other material, including "A Report on Future Public Housing Sites" (bound),
and the Housing Authority By-Laws.

Land Clearance and Housing Authorities Sept. 1, 1956--

Minutes of meetings, memos and correspondence of the Advisory Committee of the Mill Creek
Valley Project; correspondence relating to many aspects of Land Clearance Authority activity,
including the St. Louis "Workable Program" for the elimination of slums, jurisdictional lines of
the City Plan Commission and the land Clearance Authority and Missouri Welfare grants;
Housing Authority Annual Reports, 1954, 1955, 1956, and a report of the Authorities, "St.
Louis Housing for the Elderly", February 1957.

Land Clearance and Housing Authorities - June 1955 -- August 1956
Contains much the same type of material as the previous folder, including copies of the
"Workable Program" for the elimination of slums and minutes of a meeting between
representatives of URA, FHA, OA and the Land Clearance Authority. Includes 2 page memo,
Duffee to Farris, concerning the involvement of women since Tucker took office.

Land Clearance for Redevelopment Authority- 4/1/55-9/55
Correspondence relating to a federal Demonstration Grant under the Housing Law of 1954, the
citizen's committee to study housing needs and other matters; statistical estimates of costs for
slum clearance in various areas of St. Louis.

Land Clearance for Redevelopment Authority - August 1952-March 1955
General Correspondence relating to the earlier stages of slum clearance and urban
redevelopment, including financing and site location; biographical material on C.L. Farris,
Executive Director of the Land Clearance for Redevelopment Authority, December 1953;
bound reports, "Urban Redevelopment Project 'E'", "Proposed Redevelopment Plan: City of St.
Louis", "Proposal for Plaza Redevelopment Project: St. Louis, Missouri."

Note: See also Boxes 23 and 24 for Darst Administration files on public housing and urban

Raymond R. Tucker Papers
First Administrative Office Files
Series One Box 14

"Housing" (LC, Rel) - Kiel (G)

Third Street Relocation
List of tenants.

Land Clearance for Redevelopment Authority (Minutes of Meetings)
January 19, 1954-March 16, 1956

Urban Redevelopment Bureau - C of C
Digest of remarks by Leigh A. Doxsee, Director, Urban Redevelopment Bureau, Chamber of
Commerce, on April 28, 1954.

Urban Redevelopment Corp.
Correspondence, mainly between R.E. Gardner, Jr. and C.L. Farris, re initiating the Plaza
project; a bound report, "Proposed Redevelopment Plan--City of St. Louis."

Urban Redevelopment - St. Louis University Project
Correspondence, including an attack on the project by the Protestants and Other Americans
United for Separation of Church and State.

Humane Society

Hu - Hy (3 folders - one empty).

Illinois Terminal Railroad
Correspondence relating to the termination of commuter service to Edwardsville and purchase
of the McKinley Bridge.

Insurance - Re City Coverage
Correspondence and memoranda.

(3 folders). Including an invitation to join the International Union of Local Authorities and the
Inter-American Municipal Organization.

Jefferson Jackson Day Dinner

Jefferson Memorial
An invitation to a photographic exhibit.

Ja - Je (3 folders).

Jet Air Age Conference
Agenda, etc.

Jefferson National Expansion Memorial Association
A Chronological History and Background of JENM; several statements including those by
Stuart Symington, April 12, 1957, and Raymond Tucker, May 18, 1953; correspondence
relating to many aspects of the creation of the Memorial, especially federal appropriations; a
bound "Interim Report - Jefferson National Expansion Memorial Park", Alfred Benesch and
Associates; the reports, communications, by-laws, etc., of the JNEM Association; a copy of the
Cooperative Agreement with the National Park Service; photographs.

Job Applications
Mainly referrals to the Department of Personnel.

Juvenile Delinquency
Correspondence with organizations and citizens concerned about juvenile delinquency,
especially about the Mayor's proposed Citizens Commission on juvenile delinquency; several
statements on the problem, including the Mayor's remarks 7-6-56; reports, including "Youth
Activities in the City of St. Louis", Edwin B. Meissner, June 4, 1954 and the Grand Jury report
on juvenile delinquency, 1952; various printed matter relating to juvenile problems.

Jo - Ju (3 folders).

Ke - (3 folders).

Keys to the City
Correspondence re the manufacture and bestowal of official keys to the city.

Kiel Auditorium
Correspondence concerning maintenance, furnishings, rental, labor, concessions, and other
aspects at the operation of the auditorium.

*Note: See also Boxes 23 and 24 for Darst administration files                  on public
housing and urban development.

Raymond R. Tucker Papers
First Administrative Office Files
Series One Box 15

"Kiel" (M) - "May" (Cam)

Kiel Auditorium - (Notices and Minutes of Meetings)
Kiel Auditorium Commission - April 14, 1953-April 4, 1957.

Ki - Kl (3 folders).

Ku - Ky
(3 folders). Includes correspondence with E.C. Koerper concerning the Civic Affairs
Committee, Regional Administrative Conference.

Labor Organizations - Various Matters
Correspondence concerning miscellaneous labor matters including jurisdictional disputes and a
letter to William Webb, Executive Secretary of A.F. of L. Central Trades and Labor Unions,
regarding certain city government labor practices, 2-24-54; various printed matter.

Laclede Gas Company
Correspondence regarding the waiting list of customers.

Law Department - City Counselor
Correspondence with S. H. Liberman and J.V. Frank, City Counselors, and other Law
Department associates, on a number of legal questions involving the city streets, utilities and
other matters; includes the statement of Liberman at the Natural Gas hearings, 1954-1955.

Law Department - Condemnation Division
Report on condemnations, February 9, 1954.

La- (3 folders).

League of Women Voters
Correspondence relating to League activities; several speeches before the League including,
James E. Crowe, "The Case for Patronage", and John Burchard, "The Spirit of St. Louis".

Legislation - National - Sept. 1, 1955
Mainly correspondence concerning federal aid and federal appropriation bills related to the city
of St. Louis.

Legislation - National - to August 31, 1955
Much the same as the above folder, correspondence with U.S. Congressmen and Senators,
especially concerning development of Lambert Field.

Legislation (State)
Summaries of legislative proposals supported or opposed by the city; correspondence, press
releases and statements regarding state legislation relating to the city of St. Louis, especially
concerning off-street parking; correspondence re proposed Missouri constitutional amendment;
report of the Citizen's Legislative Study Committee, 3-28-55.

Status of Pending State Legislation
Reports from the City Counselor.

Proposed New Legislation (State) to be Presented to Mo. Legislature by City
Correspondence, mainly with governmental agencies of the city about proposed legislation.

Replies to Letters Sent to Out-State Senators and Rep. Inviting them to Visit Mayor's Office
When in St. Louis

Legislature - State (Various Matters)

Letters from the People to Editor

Letters of Appreciation
To and from the Mayor.

Lea - Lev (3 folders).

Lew - Ll (3 folders - one empty).

License Collector
Miscellaneous correspondence.

Lo - (3 folders).

Lu - Ly (3 folders).

Magistrate Courts
Correspondence re salary increase.

Maa - Mau (3 folders).

March of Dimes
Correspondence concerning fund raising and other activities.

Mayor - Second Term Campaign
"Platform of Mayor Raymond R. Tucker 1957"; letters of congratulation and offers of
assistance on the occasion of Tucker's decision to seek re-election and on his nomination.

Raymond R. Tucker Papers
First Administration Office Files
Series One Box 16

"May" (Chr) - "Met" (C)

Mayor - Christmas 1953-1956
Exchanges of greetings.

Germany Trip
Correspondence, schedules, photographs relating to the American Municipal Association
Mayors' trip to Germany, August-September 1955, and Tucker's Papal audience.

List of Daily Callers in Mayor's Outer Office

Mayors - Out of Town
Information on salaries and financial assistance to mayors collected from several cities; misc.

Mayor re trips
Correspondence regarding arrangements and acquaintances on trips made by the Mayor,
1953-1955, to Germany, Washington-- for the flood control hearings, July 1955, Dallas,
Florida, Cleveland, Cuba, Texas, and so forth.

Mayor's Office
Correspondence relating to office maintenance; report of Harry Sloberman, Director, Mayor's
Office for Information and Complaints, October 30, 1952.

Panama Trip
Correspondence, photographs, mementos related to the trip to the Inter-American Municipal
Organization Congress, August 1956, sponsored by the American Municipal Association.

Mayor - Personal - Jan. 6, 1955 to-
Misc. correspondence, greetings, congratulations, etc.; memorandum to the Mayor from Bob
Smith on local affairs, August and Sept. 1955.

Mayor - Personal
Much the same as the above folder; includes Tucker's rejection of a request to run for
Governor, May 9, 1954; biographical sketch of Tucker, May 1953; letters of congratulations
on his election as Mayor, April 1953; several magazines with mention of Tucker.

Parties Given by the Mayor
Guest lists, invitations, replies, menus, etc.

Memos to Mayor
Mainly from Bob Smith, Tucker's secretary, regarding current city business and politics
confronting the Mayor.

Mar - Maz (3 folders).

McA - McF (3 folders).

McG - McW (3 folders).

Invitations to the Mayor to join various organizations.

Mea - Men (3 folders).

Meet Your Mayor - KWK-TV TV Series
Correspondence, scripts, program notes.

Merchandise Mart - Proposed

Metropolitan Church Federation of St. Louis
Correspondence re senate subcommittee hearings on United Nations Charter Review.

Raymond R. Tucker Papers
First Administrative Office Files
Series One Box 17

"Mer" (St. L.) - "Missi"

Metropolitan St. Louis Youth Commission
Correspondence and membership lists concerning the Citizens' Committee on Juvenile Court
Study; correspondence and memoranda on subjects having to do with youth, including a
supervised drag strip; biographical information on K.R. Foresman, Executive Director of the
Commission; ordinance, minutes of meetings and appointments re the Youth Commission;
correspondence related to the creation of the Commission.

Metropolitan St. Louis Youth Comm. - Reports from Social Planning Council
"Report of the Sub-Committee on Statistics of the Juvenile Delinquency Review Committee,
Social Planning Council", 2-14-55; "Report on the Availability of Casework Services...", 2-15-
55; "Report of Sub-Committee on Group Work and Recreation Services, Juvenile Delinquency
Review Committee, Social Planning Council", 2-16-55; "Report of the Juvenile Delinquency
Review Committee and Appendix", 3-8-55.

Metropolitan St. Louis Youth Comm. - Minutes of Meetings
September 15, 1955 - March 28, 1957.

Sewer District - Metropolitan St. Louis
Correspondence with Wm. C.E. Becker and others, and a statement by Becker concerning
sewer connection charges; correspondence on miscellaneous matter relating to the Sewer

Sewer District - Metropolitan St. Louis
Correspondence, agreements, memoranda on several topics, including contracts with other
municipalities and the River Des Peres project; notes on a public hearing, 5-10-54; report of
H.F. Thomson, Executive Director, 3-29-54; bound reports, "Proposed Budget", 1955-1956,
"Report on Sewer Maintenance", 1955, "Report on Sewer Service Charges", 1955, "Proposed

Plan of the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District" prepared by the Board of Freeholders;
report, "Connection Charges", by Wm. C.E. Becker.

Mer - Mey
(3 folders).

Photographs - Mid America Jubilee

Mississippi River Fuel Corp.
Decision of Federal Power Commission on litigation with Laclede Gas Co., 6-3-53.

Mid-America Jubilee
Clippings, pamphlets, news releases concerning the Jubilee, "An Annual Regional Exposition"
held on the St. Louis Waterfront, September 1956, "conceived by the Chamber of Commerce";
budget reports, solicitor's reports, 1-27-56; mimeographed "Objectives and Concept of the
Mid-America Jubilee"; Roster and minutes of City-County Cavalcade, Inc., sponsors of the
Jubilee; bound report, "Mid-America Jubilee: A Major Exposition for St. Louis";
correspondence relating to aspects of planning, arrangements, schedules, publicity, exhibits, the
initiation and demise of the Jubilee.

Mid-America Jubilee - City Display Photographs

See also in Add Acquisitions Box 1:

Milles Fountain
Correspondence re dedication of underwater lights at Milles Fountain.

Raymond R. Tucker Papers
First Administrative Office Files
Series One Box 18

"Misso" - "Off-Street" (Sept. 1956-57)

Missouri Botanical Garden
Correspondence and briefs relating disposition of a parcel of land belonging to the Garden.

Missouri Historical Society
Mainly answers to historical and antiquarian inquiries.

Missouri Municipal League
Miscellaneous correspondence; newsletters of the League; addresses by R.P. Weatherford, Jr.
and Ben West, 9-12-56.

Missouri, State of - Misc. Matters
Includes an address by Isaac Gurman, "Some of Missouri's Needs for a Good Corrections
Program" and "Exhibit of Missouri" filed before Civil Aeronautics Board, September 1953.

(3 folders).

Moa - Moo
(3 folders - one empty).


Mor - Moy

Motion Picture (Proposed City of St. Louis)
Correspondence concerning the moving pictures, "The Big Issue", "The Big City" and the
proposed film, "The City Decides"; bound report by Wilding Picture Productions, Inc.

Mor - Moy
(2 folders). Correspondence concerning the General Motors "Mortorama" 1957; with Carl C.
Mose concerning bas-relief of Mayor Darst.

Mullanphy Board
Correspondence regarding Mullanphy Fund activities; biographical information on proposed
members of the advisory board, 4-25-57; typescript, "Observations on Mullanphy Travelers
Aid," D.J. Nack, July 1956; bound, "Report and Recommendations on the Study of the
Mullanphy Travelers Aid", by Mrs. Virginia J. Kitzmiller.

Municipal Art Commission
Correspondence regarding the activities of the Commission.

Municipal Credit Union (City Employees Union)
Correspondence regarding the continuance of the Credit Union; list of Board of Directors;
printed matter on credit unions.

Municipal Reference Library
Miscellaneous correspondence.

Municipal Theatre Association
Mainly notices of Directors meetings; also, by-laws amendments, lists of Directors and
Members and the Employers' Trust Plan for Municipal Opera Association.

(THE) Museum of Transport, Inc.

Correspondence re acquisitions.

Mu - My
(3 folders). Including correspondence and other material on the Continuing Committee on
Muslim-Christian Cooperation.

National Housing Conference, Inc., Washington D.C.
Minutes of Board meetings; Newsletters.

National Manpower Conference
Collection of pamphlets and reports on "Manpower".

National Safety Council
Correspondence concerning various safedriving programs.

Na - Ne
Including photographs of Tucker with Paul J. Neff, President, Missouri Pacific Railroad.

Correspondence concerning certain cartoons, editorials or letters to the editor; an article for the
Post-Dispatch by Tucker, 5-27-56.

Complaints, etc.

Noise (Anti) Campaign
Correspondence; "Progress Report to Mayor Raymond Tucker on the Trucking Industry's
Anti-Noise Campaign".

Notice to Heads of Departments (Individual letters)

Notice to Heads of Departments
Form letters to all Heads of Departments.

Na - Ne
(2 folders). Including correspondence re National Recreation Congress meeting in St. Louis.

Ni - Ny
(3 folders).

"Parking Survey and Program," by Ramp Buildings Corporation
Bound reports; also, "Supplemental Report and Recommendations"

Off-Street Parking Commission, 10-1-56 to
Correspondence concerning condemnation for off-street parking in the Cherokee shopping

Raymond R. Tucker Papers
First Administrative Office Files
Series One Box 19

"Off-Street" (Sept. 1953-56) - "Per"

Off-Street Parking Commission, to Sept. 1956
Correspondence, briefs, reports regarding off-street parking garages, including opposition to the
plans of the Commission; correspondence, concerning testimony before the Board of Aldermen
and the Mayor's statement, 6-27-56; bound, "Financial Report", 2-17-56; minutes of
Commission meetings; correspondence on other matters including use of parking meter funds
and off-street parking in the Wellston shopping district.

Committee to Assist Off-Street Parking Program
Correspondence concerning off-street parking; Committee rosters.

Offers of Assistance (Misc.)

Off-Shore Oil - Mayor's Committee
Statement opposing the "tidelands giveaway bill", by Senators Wayne Morse and Paul Douglas.

(3 folders).

Parole, Board of
Lists of applicants for parole; correspondence re individual cases and operation of the
Department; "Follow-Up Study of the St. Louis Circuit Court Probation Department" July
1956; reports of parole officers; report on inspection of institutions, 1-25-54.

Payroll Deductions
Correspondence regarding enrollment of city employees in Blue Cross.

(3 folders).

Civil Service Commission
Correspondence concerning salaries, job classifications, labor relations, Commission
procedures and other topics; correspondence concerning a Governmental Research Institute

study of personnel administration; a statement by the Civil Service Commission on the revised
pay plan, 6-7-55.

Compensation Plans - Plan Submitted May 23, 1956
Correspondence re the 5% pay increase for city employees.

Compensation Plans #1
Compensation (salaries, etc. for city employees) plans and revisions; 5-23-56, 6-1-55, 4-6-55,
4-14-54, 4-1-54, 11-18-53; correspondence re these plans; statement of Mayor Tucker, 10-
11-53, re adjustment of city employees' salaries; statement of the Civil Service Commission, 5-

Compensation Plans #2
Correspondence and memoranda regarding revised compensation plans, especially re salary
increases and the 40 hour work week; Department of Personnel Regulations; job classification
changes, 7-3-55; compensation plan, 6-16-55.

Personnel - Retirement Program for Civil Service Employees
Correspondence re an old age pension; drafts of an enabling act.

Personnel Dept. - Examinations, etc. Ratings
Personnel records of the Mayor's Office; semi-monthly service ratings; bound "Service Rating
Manual", July 1951.

Leave of Absence - Various
Records of absences, Mayor's Office.

**This folder contains individual case records - some restriction on their use perhaps would

**This folder contains service ratings - restrictions perhaps should be placed upon their use as
some of the people mentioned are still in office or politics.

Raymond R. Tucker Papers
First Administration Office Files
Series One Box 20

"Pet" - "Pol"


Pe - Ph

(3 folders).

Pictures - Miscellaneous
Correspondence about various pictures; no pictures enclosed.

Pigeons - Suggestions for Removal

Correspondence of Howard C. Ohlendorf re: securing a planetarium for St. Louis; envelope
containing printed matter and photographs.

Poppy Day

Pi - Pos
(3 folders).

Police Commissioners, Board of
Correspondence on various topics, including: review of the Police Department Record System
by the F.B.I., charges against the police such as in the Isadore Londe case and other individual
cases, the Nicholson-Kohn job evaluation study; Weekly Board Papers and other reports re:
the operation of the Police department; crime statistics; report of the Board to the Governor,
1/29/53/ to 2/2/57; report on changes in the police retirement system, 12/14/56; several scripts
of the television show, "Community Album"; mimeographed, "Traffic Division Survey"; bound
"Summation of Information or Accusations Made Against Certain Officers..."; bound "Report
on One-Man Patrol Car Operation..."; statements of I.A. Long, President of the Board,
1/16/56 and on the increases of police salaries, 3/16/55.

Personnel, Director of
Correspondence on a number of topics including job classifications, individual problems in
employee relations, salary increases and so forth; various department memoranda and

Police Bard Inquiry of Case-Fixing Ring - 1956 - Newspaper Clippings

Police Commissioners, Board of (Notice of Meetings)
April 20, 1953 to April 13, 1957.

Nicholson-Kohn and Associates, Inc. (bound volume)
"Job Evaluation Study of Certain Civilian Jobs", September 17, 1956, for the St. Louis Police

Police Department - 9/1/55 to

Mainly correspondence concerning police records of individuals; complaints of violations by the
police and other complaints; correspondence re: police pensions and salary increases; Mayor's
Notes, Legislative Committee, Police Departments Investigation, 11/1/55; "A Report on
Establishment of an Intelligence'...", November 1955; bound "Manual: Department of Police".

Police Department to 8/1/55
Much the same as the above folder: complaints, Police Department records, etc.; includes an
envelope marked "Police Department - Re: Salary Increase".

Police Department - Jobs, Promotions, etc.

*Police Department- folders contain individual case records - some restrictions should be
placed upon their use.

Raymond R. Tucker Papers
First Administration Office Files
Series One Box 21

"Pol" - "Public Saf" (B)

Maps of City - Board of Election Commissioners

Political - 1957 Elections
Miscellaneous correspondence, campaign literature, news releases, newspaper clippings.

Political - 1956 Elections
Much the same as above.

Political - 1955 Elections
Much the same as above.

Political - 1954 Election
Much the same as above.

Political - (Miscellaneous - local)
Correspondence; clippings on Tucker's election, 1953.

Political - (Democratic National Comm.)
"Study of Marginal Districts: 1952, 1954 and 1956", 3/1/57; correspondence regarding
speaking engagements, campaign funds, etc.; news releases.

Political - National (Miscellaneous matters)
Correspondence; clippings.

Republican Clubs - Miscellaneous Matters

Voting Machines
Correspondence re: acquisition of voting machines by the city; "Voting Machines", Board of
Election Commissioners, December, 1953.

Political-Endorsements for Mayor-City Central Committee

Loose Leaf Notebook
Advertising for Shoup Voting Machine.

Portrait of Mayor Darst
Correspondence ; invitation lists; contributors.

President's Highway Program
Correspondence concerning the Federal highway program; memorandum of the City Plan
Commission analyzing the program, 3/18/55; various literature and reports.

Press - National
articles in the national press about Tucker or St. Louis; typescript, "The New Spirit of St.
Louis", 5/22/56, concerning Civic Progress.

Press Releases - April 1953 to

Prosecuting Attorney

Public Administrator

Public Library
Correspondence regarding the establishment of library branches and other topics.

Public Relations (misc.) Matters
Includes plan for public relations program, "The Portrait of a City".

Pot - Py
(3 folders)

Public Safety, Director of
Correspondence regarding the responsibilities of the Director of Public Safety, building
inspections and other matters.

Board of Adjustment

Minutes of Meetings; memoranda; correspondence with neighborhood associations about local

Building Commissioner - 1/1/56 to
Correspondence regarding building violations, zoning violations, etc.; progress report,
Department of Public Safety, 4/53 - 1/57.

Building commissioner to 12/31/55
Much the same as above.

Raymond R. Tucker Papers
First Administration Office Files
Series One Box 22

"Public Saf" (c) - "Public Ser" (I)

Complaints - Public Safety - Misc.

Excise Commissioner
Correspondence and memoranda re; enforcement of the liquor laws.

Fire Department (Misc.)
Correspondence on a number of topics including recruitment, budget, equipment, the Salvage
corps, disposal of an old fire station; progress report, April 1953 to January 1957; address of
Joseph P. Sestric, Director of Public Safety, to Fire Fighters, 2/5/57.

Fire and Police Telegraph
Correspondence re: fire alarms and fire alarm building in Forest Park; bound, "Preliminary
Survey and Proposal for Fire and Police Reporting in St. Louis, Missouri", Southwester Bell,
February 1954; bound, "Fire Department Personnel Appeal from Allocation", n.d.

Requests for Promotions - Fire Department

Firemen's Retirement System of St. Louis
Includes bound booklet of that title and outline of proposed changes.

Minimum Housing Standards - 11/1/56 to
Copy of an article on housing standards from "The American City", April 1955, by Monroe F.
Brewer, Chief Engineer, Housing Rehabilitation Coordinating Committee - Division of Building
and Inspection; correspondence with neighborhood groups and others.

Minimum Housing Standards - 9/1/55 to 10/31/56

Minutes of meetings of the Rehabilitation Coordinating Committee; report, "The St. Louis
Neighborhood Rehabilitation Program:, West End Community Conference - correspondence,
minutes, reports; memoranda of the Rehabilitative Coordinating committee on a number of
subjects; pamphlets of the American Council to Improve Our Neighborhoods, ACTION.

Minimum Housing Standards to 8/31/55
Minutes of meetings of the Rehabilitation Coordinating Committee; speech before Home
Builders Association, Albert H. Baum, Building Commissioner, 5/1/55; "Digest of Reports on
Rehabilitation Program in St. Louis, " by Monroe F. Brewer, reprinted from "St. Louis Realtor",
August 1954.

Minimum Housing Standards
Reports on neighborhood rehabilitation planning - Neighborhood Planning Sub-Committee -
south side neighborhoods.

Smoke Division
Complaints, correspondence, memoranda regarding air pollution; progress report of the
division, 4/53 - 1/57.

Weights and Measures
Correspondence, progress report 4/53- 1/57

Board of Engineers (appointed by Board of Public Service)

Bridges - St. Clair, Cahokia, Etc.
Correspondence, memoranda, agreements, maps, clipping re: proposed Mississippi River

Board of Public Service - Docks
Correspondence; comparative rentals; specifications of city barge terminals; photographs.

Grade Crossings and Grade Separations (Board of Public Service)
Correspondence re: elimination of grade crossings on the south side; correspondence re:
commemorative plaque on Missouri Pacific Right of Way at Poplar Street - the first railroad
constructed west of the Mississippi River.

**Inland Port (Development of St. Louis)
Correspondence concerning barge traffic and the development of St. Louis as an inland port;
photographs of the Mayor.

**See also Add Acquisition Box 1:

Promotion of St. Louis as an Inland World Port

Report by Frank J. McDevitt, President of the Board of Public Service, 7/15/52 clipping.

St. Louis: Development as a World Port
Report by Frank J. McDevitt, 11/12/51.

Raymond R. Tucker Papers
First Administration Office Files
Series One Box 23

"Public Ser" (P) - Old Files (H,a)

Public Service, Board of (Pres.)
Reports on several projects, n.d.; correspondence of Frank J. McDevitt, President, on a
number of issues under the jurisdiction of the Board; "Report on Status of City Institutions with
Reference to the Fire Safety Code", n.d.; typescript, "Transportation", by Frank J. McDevitt,
4/24/53; "Report on the Status of Public Works Program...", April 1953; the same report for
April 1955.

Public Service, Board of (Secretary)
Correspondence and reports

Sewer Connections
Correspondence with neighboring communities; memorandum re: sewer connection charges to
St. Louis County communities, McDevitt to Mayor, 6/30/53.

Sewage Disposal
Correspondence re: treatment of sewage.

Board of Public Service - Sidewalk and Street Construction

Stream Pollution

Director of Public Utilities
Correspondence regarding maintenance of city services, equipment for the Police Department,
personnel etc.

Airports, Airlines (Miscellaneous) (1953-57)
Correspondence concerning disposition of Ross Airport, airline routes and schedules, etc.

Complaints - Public Utilities Department

Lighting Division
Memoranda and correspondence re: lighting contracts and maintenance; complaints about city
lighting; map of St. Louis.

MacArthur Bridge
Correspondence and memoranda regarding the approaches and maintenance of MacArthur
Bridge; bound report, "Suggested Fire Protection for MacArthur Bridge".

Earnings Tax 7/19/49 to 6/9/52
Correspondence of the Darst Administration for and against the Earnings Tax.

Earnings Tax June 1952 - February 1953
Same as previous folder

Housing Authority - 901 Washington Ave 7/6/49 to 95/51
Darst Administration files: correspondence, printed matter, agreements, etc. re: public housing
and the Housing Authority; several reports including, "A Program for the Design of Low Rent
Housing...", Oct 1950.

Housing - File #2 - January 1951 to February 1953
Darst administration files: miscellaneous correspondence with several individuals and groups,
including the National Association of Housing Officials; various publications, clippings,
statements and other printed material; minutes of meetings of the Housing Project Advisory
Committee; memorandum on Available Housing in the St. Louis Area, 2/6/51.

Housing - Urban Redevelopment - File #2
Includes correspondence of M. Leo Bohanon, Executive Director, Urban League, to Aloys P.
Kaufmann, Urban Redevelopment Corporation, 3/10/53 re: effect of land clearance on the
Negro community.

Housing Authority #3 - 901 Washington Ave - May 1952 to April 1953
Darst administration files: map of a public housing project; correspondence on a number of
topics, including racial discrimination in Housing Authority employment, heating for housing
projects and applications for residence in the Cochran Apartment.

*St. Louis Housing Authority - File #2 - Oct.3, 1951 to May 1952
Darst administration files: similar to the file above including correspondence regarding
applications, racial discrimination; maps and correspondence re: location of housing projects,
bids and specifications.

*See also Boxes 13 and 154 for Tucker administration files on public housing and urban

See also add acquisitions box 1:

Markets - Public
Miscellaneous correspondence; Union Market cost analysis, 3/1/54

Water Commissioner
Correspondence re operation of the Water Department, answers to complaints, etc.

*Cochran- Site plan by Jamieson, Spearl, Architects

Raymond R. Tucker Papers
First Administration Office Files
Series One Box 24

Old Files (H,u) - Old Files (M)

Housing - Urban Redevelopment - 6/13/49 to 5/29/52
Darst administration files: correspondences on a number of urban renewal topics, including the
Plaza area and blighted areas near downtown St. Louis; membership lists of the Land Clearance
for Redevelopment Authority, Urban Redevelopment Corporation and Housing Authority;
several statements and addresses by Mayor Darst and others on housing and urban renewal; a
report, "St. Louis Urban Redevelopment Project #1", City Plan Commission, May 1951;
pertinent clippings and map; lists of subscribers to the Urban Redevelopment Corporation and
other information on the origins of the Corporation including correspondence and invitation lists;
various federal government releases.

Housing - May 5, 1949 to November 1950
Darst administration files: miscellaneous correspondence reflecting problems and prospects of
the early years of public housing in St. Louis; "public Relations Projects for Dedication of MO-
3", Fleishman, Hilliard, and Associates, 10/6/50; clippings, photographs, maps; report in
typescript on St. Louis redevelopment by the Housing and Home Finance Agency, 7/27/50;
federal government releases and printings.

Slum Clearance and Housing - April 1949 - May 8, 1951
Darst administration files: much the same type of material as in the above folders; including
correspondence, minutes and attendance lists of meetings; typescript "Family Income Survey of
'IBEC' (International Basic Economy Corporation) Area", 6/6/50; statement by Paul J.
Kavenye, Counsel for the St. Louis Housing Authority, 12/9/49; memorandum, William J.
Murray to Mayor Darst; 8/27/49, on a separate slum clearance authority and federal provisions
regarding racial segregation in public housing.

Land Clearance Commission - March 1951 to April 1953
Correspondence, press releases, maps.

Urban Redevelopment Corporation - December 1949 to December 1951
Correspondence, memoranda, press releases concerning the early days of Urban
Redevelopment Corporation; membership lists, subscriber lists; an enabling act for an urban
redevelopment corporation; report of C.W. Gaylord, 12/1/50; clippings, photographs of Plaza
area redevelopment plans.

Urban Redevelopment: St. Louis Real Estate Board - S. Broadway Merchants and
Manufacturers Association - 1951
Correspondence re: improved housing

Urban Redevelopment 2nd Site - Project "C" - 20th Street, Jefferson, Franklin and Cass
Avenue - 1952
Early plans for the Pruitt housing area; bound "Redevelopment Plan for St. Louis Project Area
'C'", Murphy and Mackey, Architects - "St. Louis Urban Redevelopment Project 'C'", City
Plan Commission, June 1951; related correspondence.

*Urban Redevelopment (Rockefeller) - March 1950 - October 1950
Correspondence, especially with William Zeckendorf of Webb and Knapp, housing developers,
on the redevelopment of the area directly west of downtown; photographs of development
plans and of mass produced housing techniques; housing and population statistics.

**Citizens Bond Issue Supervisory Committee - April 1949-June 1952
Correspondence and minutes of the meetings of the Supervisory Committee of the Citizen's
Committee for Post War Improvements and Employment in St. Louis; information on authorized
but unissued bonds, 2/10/51; information re: the proposed hospital survey study, 4/18/51;
typescript, "Suggested Revision - Public Works Program", October 1950; "Post War Bond
Issue", June 15, 1944, fund allocation.

File #2 - Citizen's Bond Issue Supervisory Committee - June 1952 to April 1953
Much the same as the above folder including report on "the Status of Public Works Programs of
the City of St. Louis as of April 1, 1952".

Flood - July 1951 - February 1953 (temporary)
Correspondence mainly concerned with the flood control in St. Louis; also correspondence re:
Netherlands flood relief.

St. Louis Flood Control Association
Much the same as the above folder, including a talk by Morton Meyer, president of the St.
Louis Flood Control Association, 9/19/52.

Mass Transportation - July 1950 - January 1953

Correspondence regarding traffic and mass transportation problems in St. Louis; statement by
Mayor Darst, 6/10/52 on the failure of local transportation; list of members of the Mayor's
Committee on Mass Transportation - Appointed 7/7/50.

*See also Boxes 13 and 14 for Tucker administration files on public housing and urban

**See also Box 7 for Tucker administration file on Citizen's Supervisory Bond Issue

Raymond R. Tucker Papers
First Administration Office Files
Series One Box 25

"Public Ut" (A) - (L)

"Lambert-St. Louis Municipal Airport: New Terminal Building and Area
Bound report of the first six months of operation, Landrum and Brown.

Airport Commission
Minutes and agenda of Commission meetings; correspondence and reports on a number of
subjects related to St. Louis airports.

Lambert-St. Louis Municipal Airport - 10/1/56 to
Correspondence and reports, mainly of Conway B. Briscoe, Director of Public Utilities, on a
number of subjects, including the dedication of the new terminal building.

Lambert-St. Louis Municipal Airport - 9/1/55 to 9/30/56
Correspondence, reports, leases and excerpts from publications almost wholly devoted to the
new terminal building; three bound reports, "Profit and Loss Statement...Airport Terminal
Project: Report of Concessionaires' Rentals", "Lambert...Report on Examination".

"Lambert-St. Louis Municipal Airport Economic Studies: Terminal Building and Area Design",
Hellmuth, Yamasaki and Leinweber, Architects with Landrum and Brown, Airport
Consultants"-bound report.

"Facts. Statistics and Background on St. Louis' New Terminal Building at Lambert-St. Louis
Municipal Airport"

Clippings: Lambert Field
Terminal building.

Lambert Field-Aircraft Fueling System
Correspondence, reports, maps, blue prints, serial photograph of Lambert field.

Lambert-St. Louis Municipal Airport to 8/31/55
Correspondence and reports re: construction and concessions for the new terminal; including
"Study and Report, Selection of Concessionaire, Food and Liquor Service, Lambert-St. Louis
Municipal Airport", Frank T. Hilliker and Associates; "Qualified Proposals" (concessions),
1/8/54; press release 8/1052/, re: preliminary plans for the terminal building.

New Military Airport
Bound report: "Meeting in Re: Report of Airport Use Panel regarding..."; other reports and
correspondence regarding military facilities and a new military airport.

Lambert-St. Louis Municipal Airport
Bound report on airport insurance submitted by Buschman, Jennings, Trout, Inc.

Raymond R. Tucker Papers
First Administration Office Files
Series One Box 26

"Public Ut" (N) - "Public Wel" (C)

Dedication of New Terminal Building - March 9, 10, 11, 1956
Correspondence, news releases, photographs, diagrams re: the dedication at Lambert-St. Louis
Municipal Airport and congratulations thereon; a typescript, "Function and Design - the New
Terminal", George F. Hellmuth 2/9/56; copies of "Facts, Statistics..." (see previous folder).

"A Survey and Plan for Dedicating the New Air Terminal At Lambert-St. Louis Municipal
Airport" (2 copies)
Bound report prepared by Fleishman-Hilliard, Inc., Public Relations.

"Lambert-St. Louis Municipal Airport Economic Studies..." (see previous folder).

McDonnell Aircraft Corporation
Correspondence, statements, maps, regarding engineering aspects of Lambert-St. Louis Airport
of pertinence to the McDonnell Corporation.

Parks Airport
Correspondence and reports concerning the appraisal and future development of Parks Airport
as a secondary municipal airfield.

Charity Solicitations Commission
Correspondence re: solicitation permits.

Citizen's Committee on Aging
Correspondence, memoranda, press releases, programs.

Committee to Investigate Operations at City Hospital and Homer G. Phillips
Correspondence and press releases regarding the "Bradley Report", 1957; rosters of the
committee; comparative statistics of the city institutions "Report of Committee to Investigate
Certain Areas of Operation of Homer G. Phillips Hospital", 11/10/53.

Documentary Record of complaints re City Hospital patient care shortages...from Ted Schafers
Bound report of Cyril Costello, Chief of Staff.

*Report of Committee on Analysis of City Hospital No. 1, Including Malcolm Bliss Hospital
and Homer Phillips Hospital (City Hospital No. 2) December 26, 1956.
Clipped report marked, "Pages Deleted by Substitutes", Frank R. Bradley, M.D., Committee
Chairman (see "City Hospital and City Infirmary").

Complaints - Miscellaneous - Public Welfare

City Jail
Correspondence regarding improvements and operation fo the Jail; reports and correspondence
re: individual cases of inmates; Grand Jury Report, February term, 1955.

Public Welfare - Director of
Correspondence, mainly of Mrs. Edw. G. Brungard and J. Glennon McKenna, Directors, with
a number of groups, agencies and individuals on a variety of subjects.

*City Hospital and City Infirmary
Interim reports authorized by the Board of Alderman, 11/3/56 and 2/15/57; correspondence
and reports re: maintenance, programs, problems of the hospitals and individual cases of
patients; bound, "Report of Committee on Analysis of City Hospital, Malcolm Bliss Hospital,
Homer G. Phillips Hospital", Frank R. Bradley, MD, Chairman, 12/26/56 (2 copies) (see entry
above): appropriations and other fiscal reports; inventories; bound report, "City of St. Louis:
Comments on Accounting Systems", Fox and Placht, CPA's.

City of St. Louis: Survey of Hospitals, September 23, 1955
Bound report by Ernst and Ernst, accountants etc.

*See also the folder "Comments on 'Report of Committee on Analysis of City Hospital No.
1...", in Box 28.

Raymond R. Tucker Papers
First Administration Office Files

Series One Box 27

"Public Wel (F) - (H,d)

"1953 Report to Mayor Tucker re: Fluoridation of Water Supply", bound; other reports, new
releases, clippings; in the main the folder contains a correspondence of inquiry and opinion
which constitutes a documentation of the fluoridation controversy of the period.

Fluoridation - Bulletins, Booklets, Circulars, etc.
A large body of material: expert opinion, objections, statements and resolutions for and against

Forestry 9/1/55 to
Correspondence constituting a record of complaints, mainly regarding maintenance of parks and
thoroughfare trees.

Forestry Division to 8/31/55
Much the same as the folder above

Health Commissioner 9/1/55
Correspondence and memoranda re; Health Division activities, complaints and individual case
histories, Health Division policies; reports and statements on several topics: including statement
of J. Earl Smith, M.D., Health Commissioner, on the Rat Control Ordinance, 2/27/57;
summaries of court sanitation and rat control activities 1952-56, nd; memoranda on differences
between Police Court Judges and Prosecutors and the Director of Public Welfare and Health
Division, 3/5/55; "Report of Milk Sanitation Status", 1/3/56; report on outside toilets, nd; bound
"Public Health in St. Louis", 1955.

Health Commissioner to 8/31/55
Much the same as the above folder, correspondence on subjects such as rat control, "Skid
row", unsanitary conditions, etc.; "A Report of the Mosquito Problem...", 1952.

Raymond R. Tucker
First Administration Office Files
Series One Box 28

"Public Wel" (H,i) - "Q/R"

1956 Press - Radio - T.V. - Golf Tournament
Correspondence re: arrangements, press releases

"Public Health in St. Louis"

Bound report, 1953

*Comments on "Report of Committee on Analysis of City Hospital
Memorandum to Mayor Tucker on the "Bradley Report", from R. Elliott Scearce, Director of

Comptroller's Reports
December 14, 1956 - March 18, 1957

St. Louis City Hospital X-Ray Department Budget - 1957-1958
bound report

Health Commissioner - Dog Pound
Correspondence, mainly regarding complaints, but including policy, recommendations etc.;
typescript, "Report of Operations of City Dog Pound", 8/19/53-2/27/54; folder, "Investigation
of Dog Pound by Thomas F. McGuire, Assistant City Counselor, August, 1955"; Progress
Report and Recommendations for Operation of the Municipal Dog Pound...", 8/17/53 (2

Homer G. Phillips Hospital - City Hospital #2
Correspondence concerning administrative aspects of the hospital, problems, and certain
individual cases; reports, including "Major Accomplishments at Homer G. Phillips Hospital", nd;
Report of Study of Obstetrical Division..."; Monthly Report, March 1953.

Committee to make survey and recommendations re: conditions existing at Homer G. Phillips

Hospital Commissioner
Miscellaneous correspondence and reports

Jefferson Barracks - City Hospital
Reports re: land and buildings at Jefferson Barracks.

Koch Hospital
Correspondence regarding administration and complaints; reports, "List of Accomplishments:,
1/11/57 and "Koch Hospital Welfare Association", 3/31/53.

Legal Aid Bureau
Miscellaneous correspondence

Malcolm Bliss Hospital

Correspondence and reports including, "Proposal for the Establishment of a Service at the
Malcolm Bliss Psychiatric Hospital for the Emergency Care, Diagnosis and Short Term
Treatment of Patients Suffering from Acute and/or Chronic Alcoholism"

Mark C. Steinberg Memorial (Outdoor Skating Rink and Recreational Bldg.)
correspondence, reports, drawings re: construction and operation of the Memorial.

Municipal Parking Lot - Jefferson Memorial Area
Miscellaneous correspondence

Forest park
Correspondence on a number of administrative matters.

Mayor's Advisory Committee on Forest Park Public Golf Courses
Correspondence and committee membership lists.

Parks and Recreation
Correspondence regarding administration, maintenance, etc.; report, "Division of Parks and
Recreation", 1/14/57; "Petition to Have Palmer B. Baumes Dismissed from Office in the
Municipal Service of St. Louis"; bound, "Resume - Learn-to-Swim Program", 1955.

Public Welfare - Hampton-Fyler Park
Correspondence concerning the acquisition and development of the park; photograph.

Principia College - Public Welfare
Correspondence re: purchase of College property by the City.

Public Welfare - Proposed Institute for Research
Drafts of agreements for an Institute of Medical Education and Research and related

Psychiatric Wards - Municipal Hospitals
Replies to letters

Public Defender Bureau
A letter of compliment

Swimming Pools (municipal)

Vital Statistics Bureau

Weed-Cutting Program
answers to complaints, etc.

Correspondence re: administration and individual cases; "list of changes and improvements",
1/10/57; "Information and Statistics on St. Louis City Workhouse", 10/28/55; memorandum,
"Report of Study of Workhouse", Elliott Scearce, Director of Personnel, 12/2/53; bound,
"Report: St. Louis City Workhouse", Isaac Gurman, St. Louis Bureau for Men, 12/14/54 (2
copies); "Detail Audit and Survey City Workhouse, Department of Public Welfare", Gurman,
10/24/54 (3 copies).

Replies to inquiries

Pamphlet on immunization.

Q-Ra (3 folders, one empty)

*See also related folders in Box 26

**See also in add acquisitions Box 1:

Advisory Committee of New Workhouse: Information and Statistics
Bound reports and correspondence

Raymond R. Tucker Papers
First Administration Office Files
Series One Box 29

"Rad" - "Re"

Radio-Television Broadcasting Stations
Correspondence; television scripts pertaining to urban affairs.

Recorder of Deeds
Correspondence re: the Recorder's salary etc.

References (Letters and requests for)
Letters of reference by Mayor Tucker

Relief Assistance

Mainly personal appeals for help written to the Mayor and forwarded by his office to the proper
agency; correspondence of Governor Donnelly regarding unemployment in Missouri, 9/1/54 (2

Rent Control
Mainly correspondence with individual tenants on two subjects: first, the anxiety of tenants
about the termination of federal rent control, July 31, 1953, and second, complaints about
exorbitant rents, many of which were referred by the Mayor's office to the Mayor's Fair Rent
Committee; correspondence of several public official regarding the possibility of St. Louis being
classified as a critical defense housing area for the purpose of rent control.

Rent Control (St. Louis Fair Rent Committee)
Correspondence re: the formation and disbanding of the Committee and its activities; complaints
of the Committee; Committee membership lists.

Reports - Miscellaneous
Annual reports of large corporations, other large cities, St. Louis, 1947-48, 1949-53.

Reports - Miscellaneous
Much the same as the folder above, including, "The Outlook for the General Economy in the
Metropolitan Area", Delos C. Johns, President, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, 4/22/54,
and a number of other reports of local interest.

Reports - Various City - April 1953 to
Mainly correspondence acknowledging the submission of department reports; "Parole Officer's
Annual Report for 1954"; "Board of Equalization Report", May-June 1953.

Requests for Appointment with Mayor

Resolutions of various groups.

Revenue - City - Methods of Raising Revenue for City
Correspondence with the Public Revenue Education Council.

Re (3 folders)

Raymond R. Tucker papers
First Administration Office Files
Series 1 Box 30

"Ri" - "Soc"

Riverfront Memorial - History, Memorandum of Understanding, etc.
Memorandum of Understanding refers to relocation of the riverfront railroad tracks;

Rh - Ri (3 folders - one empty)

Roa - Ror (3 folders)

Ros - Ry (3 folders)

Mayor - St. Louis Award
Mainly congratulations on the occasion of Mayor Tucker's receiving the St. Louis Award and
his replies.

St. Louis Award - Outstanding Citizen
Correspondence regarding Tucker's donation of the St. Louis Award stipend to St. Louis and
Washington Universities; the Mayor's remarks on receiving the Award; correspondence re:
candidates for the St. Louis Award.

St. Louis Convention and Publicity Bureau
Correspondence and reports regarding the bureau; invitations sent over the signature of Mayor

St. Louis Council on World Affairs
Correspondence regarding the activities of the Council, an organization associated with the
Foreign Policy Association; financial reports and minutes of Council meetings; lists of corporate
contributions; printed matter on foreign affairs.

St. Louis Medical Society

St. Louis Public Service Company
"Proposed Plan of the Metropolitan St. Louis Transit District", submitted at a special election,
1/25/55; records of litigation between the Company and the City; press releases of the
Company and the Mayor re: transit service and the relations between the Company and the
City; correspondence regarding the tax relationship of the Company to the City; cost statistics:
streetcars vs. buses, in a memorandum, 2/10/56; reports on fare changes, 11/25/55, and labor
mediation, July 1955; correspondence on several topics, mainly the "Park-Ride" service; "Park-
Ride in St. Louis", O.W. Rexford, 1955; bound, "Entry of St. Louis Public Service Company in
competition sponsored by the Urban Land Institute"; "A Plan for the Improvement of Traffic
and Mass Transportation in St. Louis", St. Louis Public Service Company, September 1955;
photographs; maps.

St. Louis Public Service Co. - Various Complaints

St. Louis Sports Committee
Correspondence re: the Mayor's Committee and the Committee of the Chamber of Commerce,
sports as a means of revitalizing the city of St. Louis.

St. Louis State Hospital

St. Louis Symphony Society
Correspondence, mainly regarding fund-raising; minutes of Directors Meetings, St. Louis
Symphony Society; press releases; Symphony costs, 1953-54.

St. Louis University
Correspondence, especially regarding the St. Louis University Conference on Liberal Education
and the Business World.

St. Louis University/ Memorial Library
Correspondence, committee membership list, printed material regarding the Plus XIII Memorial
Library Project.

Salomon, Sidney, Jr.

Salvation Army

Sa - Sce (3 folders)

Scha - Schn (3 folders)

Correspondence re: Citizenship Training Center-Columbia College of New York; Missouri
College Joint Fund Committee, Inc.; Catholic Preparatory School for Boys, Inc.

Science Center (empty)


Scouts (Boy and Girl)
Correspondence, minutes of Board meetings, printed material.

Scho - Scu (3 folders)

Senators (United States) Various Matters
Correspondence; addresses by Senator Stuart Symington, "The Jefferson Memorial-Keystone
to Progress", 4/12/57.

Se - She (3 folders)

Shi - Si (3 folders)

Sk - Sm (3 folders)

Social Planning Council
"Report of Free and Part Pay Care Given by St. Louis Hospitals", 6/15/56; "A Report of the
Status of the Public Assistance Study Research Bureau", 12/1/55; public assistance statistics;
"Report of the Information Service Study Committee", 3/31/55; "Emergency Care for Children
in the City of St. Louis", 3/15/54; "A Study of Public Assistance in Missouri and St. Louis,
1954-55", August 1956; miscellaneous correspondence.

Social Security - Municipal Employees
Memoranda, etc.

Raymond R. Tucker Papers
First Administration Office Files
Series One Box 31

"Sol" - "Str" (T)

Soldiers' Memorial
Miscellaneous correspondence and minutes of the meetings of Soldiers' Memorial Commission.

Speakers' Bureau

Southwestern Bell Telephone Company
Correspondence and reports re: rate increases, crime near Bell Telephone facilities, a motion
picture on St. Louis an other matters.

Su - Sq (3 folders)

Statements Prepared by the Mayor (For Various Schools, etc.)
A collection of Tucker's addresses and statements on Urban problems, policy, prospects for the
future; ceremonial and other occasional statements; statements prepared for particular groups;
"The Engineer in Public Life", by Raymond R. Tucker, American Engineer, November 1953.

Sta - Ste (3 folders)

Correspondence, press releases, legal opinions concerning strikes by the following groups: city
rubbish collectors, employees of Laclede Gas Co., employees of Anheuser-Busch Co., City
Water Division employees, Public Service Co. employees, the Electrician's Union against the
City and the Teamster's Union against the Ready-Mix Dealers' Association; information on
strikes elsewhere in the United States; correspondence on several matters arbitrated by the
Mayor's Office.

Sti - Sty (3 folders)

Director of Streets and Sewers
Correspondence re: rubbish collection, street maintenance, permits and related topics.

Mayor's Committee for Study of Stop Signs
Correspondence and minutes of meetings.

Boat Launching Ramp on Mississippi River

Bridges (Maintenance, etc.)
Correspondence regarding maintenance of highway bridges, overpasses, and viaducts.

Bus Routes and Stops
Correspondence regarding proposed changes in bus routes and complaints about bus service.

"Clean-Up Campaign"
Correspondence concerning Clean-Up Committee activities, plans for the Campaign;
Committee membership lists.

Express Highway
Correspondence re: the Red Feather Expressway.

Cut-Off and Grade Separations
Correspondence re: extension of several city streets.

Streets and Sewers - Complaints - Miscellaneous
Complaints and replies.

Garbage and Rubbish Collection
Correspondence, mainly regarding complaints and investigation of complaints; correspondence
and memoranda re: operation of the department.

House Numbering Section

Street Department-Cleaning, Repairing, etc. - Streets and Alleys
Mainly complaints and replies to complaints.

Incinerator - South Side
Correspondence; address, "The Importance of Mass Transportation to the Downtown Business
Section of a City", John C. Baine, President, Public Service Company, 2/15/54.

Parking - Off-Street and Miscellaneous
Complaints, inquiries, statements, etc. re: parking facilities and regulations in many city

Sewer System
Complaints, inquiries, replies, etc.; "A Breakdown of the Present Sewer Division Organization
(178) Employees", 7/8/53; procedures and agreements re: suburban sewer connections.

Sidewalks Division
Complaints, inquiries, and replies.

Street Sign Section

Street Vacation
Correspondence regarding elimination of portions of certain streets and alleys.

Street Widening
Correspondence, maps, photographs re: a number of street widening projects.

Taxicabs - Miscellaneous Matters Re:

Traffic Survey (New)
Correspondence; resolution re: commission of survey.

Traffic Appeal Board
Correspondence re: several appeals for changes in certain traffic regulations, etc.; lists of Board

Traffic Study (Possible Consultants)

See also add acquisitions Box 1:
Speeches - Miscellaneous
Includes talk by U.S. Senator Stuart Symington.

Raymond R. Tucker
First Administration Office Files
Series One Box 32

"Str" (T,m) - "U.S." (C)

Traffic - Miscellaneous
Mainly correspondence regarding traffic on ceratin streets, policies, complaints, etc.; reports
and traffic statistics including, "Report of Traffic Committee, Board of Alderman", 12/15/55.

Traffic - Miscellaneous
Much the same as the above folder, including transcripts of the Aldermanic Traffic Committee,
December 1955.

Traffic - Miscellaneous
Much the same as the above folders.

Truck Traffic
Much the same as the above folder re: truck traffic.

Workhouse Quarry

Subscriptions - Various

Supply Commissioner
Correspondence mainly regarding internal matters of the department;
"City of St. Louis: Comments on Accounting Systems", Fox and Placht, C.P.A.'s, 1/17/55.

Kohn, Harry - Administrative Assistant to the Mayor
Correspondence re: recommendations for administrative changes in the Supply Department.

Supply Division (Committee to Make Survey and Recommendations as to Operation of)
Inquiries regarding a new position to be filled and other changes in the department; bound
reports, "Report of Examinations, Supply Commissioner's Department, City of St. Louis",
3/15/56; "Survey, Supply Commissioner's Department, City of St. Louis", 5/18/55, and other

Surveys - (Various)
Dun and Bradstreet, Inc., "Municipal Credit Survey: St. Louis, Missouri", 1/5/55;
correspondence regarding other surveys.

Swimming Pools - Various (not owned by City)

Su - Sy (3 folders)

Taxes (Miscellaneous)
Mainly inquiries and replies.

Terminal Railroad Association

Ta - Thi (3 folders)

To Whom It May Concern
Letters of introduction "to whom it may concern" by the Mayor, written for friends who were

Tours of City Buildings (Requests)

Tower Grove Park
Correspondence re: administration and finances of the Park; "Annual Report", 1955;
correspondence and a legal opinion by the City Counselor's Office re: the authority of the Board
of Commissioners.

Tho - To (3 folders)

Transit Ownership Com. (Mayor's)
Correspondence regarding the majority report of the Committee.

Truman, Harry S. - Library

Tuberculosis and Health Society of St. Louis

Tr - Ty (3 folders)

Union Electric Company
Correspondence and printed material.

United Fund
Correspondence regarding United Fund activities; membership lists; United Fund Council,
Executive Committees and other committees; printed reports and newsletters; requests
accounts; bound, "True Stories", 1955, from United Fund files; minutes of committee meetings.

U.S.O. - (United Service Organization)
Correspondence; minutes of Board of Directors meetings; "Statistics of USO Operation and

United States Army
Miscellaneous correspondence and printed matter.

Urban League of St. Louis, Inc.
Correspondence re: the Negro population of St. Louis, racial discrimination, etc.; "1953 Annual

U.S. Conference of Mayors
Mainly newsletters, announcements and correspondence concerning the meetings and activities
of the conference.

Raymond R. Tucker Papers
First Administration Office Files
Series One Box 33

"U.S. (G) - "Z"

U.S. Government (Miscellaneous Agencies)
Correspondence with a number of elected and non-elected federal officials on subjects from
internal security to atomic energy installations.

U.S. Government (Old Post Office Building)
Correspondence regarding the title to the Old Post Office property and new uses for the
property and the adjoining railroad tunnel; "Let's Put the Tunnel to Work", Charles S. Peters,
n.d.; architect's drawing of downtown redevelopment plans.

U.S. Government (Proposed New Federal Building)
Correspondence and notation "All Correspondence Re: New Federal Building in New File", i.e.
Second Administration Files.

U.S. Government (Proposed New Post Office Building)
Letter re: land acquisition.

United States Marine Corps

United States Navy
Correspondence regarding local naval installations and Naval Reserve Officers' Training Corps;
printed material.

U.S. Savings Bonds (Gov't.)
Correspondence and statistics concerning promotion of the Payroll Savings Plan in City

U.S. Government (Proposed Air Academy)
Correspondence re: transfer of the Air Academy to the St. Louis Metropolitan Area.

U (3 folders - one empty)


Veterans' Hospital - Vandeventer Pl.
Correspondence; hospital newsletter with a letter from Mayor Tucker.

V.F.W. - Veterans of Foreign Wars
Correspondence re: several memorials for veterans.

Visit St. Louis Campaign
Letter regarding the planned promotion.

Visitors - (Out-of-Town)
Letters of appreciation; correspondence re: arrangements for visitors.

V (3 folders)
Including correspondence re: the Valley Farm Dairy nuisance investigation.

Waa - Wap (3 folders)

Washington University
Miscellaneous correspondence; article on Mayor Tucker published in the Washington
University Alumni News Magazine, February 1957.

Washington University - 2nd Century Convocation
Programs; correspondence concerning arrangements; lists of sponsors; address by Chancellor
Shepley, 11-2-54, "Our University".

War - Weh (3 folders)

Welcome Wagon, Inc.
Correspondence, including interesting facts about St. Louis.

Wei - Wez (3 folders)

Wh (3 folders)

Wia - Wil (3 folders)

Win - Wiz (3 folders - two empty)

Worldmissionaires Program, Daily
Description of the program.

Wo - Wy (3 folders)

Correspondence re: fund campaign, activities.

Youth Activities
Correspondence re: the removal of the YMHA and YWHA from St. Louis to St. Louis

Correspondence re: opinions of several officials on proposed changes in the zoning law;
individual and neighborhood zoning problem.

Zoological Board of Control
Correspondence regarding donations to the St. Louis Zoo; financial statements; minutes of the
meetings of the Board of Control.

Zoological Gardens
Inquiries, complaints, etc. re: the Zoo.

X - Z (3 folders)


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