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Jeff Savage is the prolific writer of more than
100 non-fiction books for children. His award-
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 winning titles include current biographies of                       decompressor
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athletes and entertainers as well as historical
  accounts of the development of the Wild
West. More than 60 of Jeff's books have been
adopted by the National Accelerated Reader
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• I grew up in the sleepy Bay Area suburb of Fremont,
  California, and spent my childhood summers at my
  family cabin among the tall pines of the Sierra
  Nevada Mountains. Wherever I went, you can be
  sure it was with my football or basketball.
• As you can see in this picture, I was a ferocious
  athlete. I even played football and basketball and golf
  in high school. But, alas, the professional scouts, in a
  shocking oversight, failed to call.
Education was important in my life!
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• My parents worked in the public school system – my
  father as a high school business teacher and my
  mother as a high school secretary – and together
  they stressed to me the importance of studying and
  getting good grades.
• My hard work paid off when I was awarded an
  academic scholarship to UCLA. I later attended UC
  San Diego where I graduated with a degree in
  journalism and communications.
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• Before my career as a writer, I worked an assortment
  of jobs, such as baby furniture stock boy, fry cook,
  car wash attendant, waiter, residential appraiser,
  stadium announcer, and disc jockey.
• My first career job was as a sportswriter. I wrote
  articles for nearly a decade for the San Diego Union-
  Tribune. It was exciting to attend the games and go
  on the field and in the locker room to meet the stars.
  I've seen the action up close ever since. The greatest
  basketball players, football players, and boxers have
  all dripped sweat on me.
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                                   My Family
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• I met my wife, Nancy, in 1993, in a crazy way. We
  were married two years later at the famous Hotel Del
  Coronado. Mrs. Savage is a teacher (4th grade, 5th
  grade, 6th grade, kindergarten, 2nd grade, special
  ed, substitute K-8, whew) and I get lots of ideas from
• Our first son, Taylor, was born in 1997. Our second
  son, Bailey, was born in 1999. My favorite hobby is
  playing with my family. Other things I do for fun are
  stare at trees, play sports with the neighborhood kids,
  practice karate, and fly airplanes.
   Favorite Questions from Students
What is your favorite book that you've written?
• All of my books are my favorite, but my true favorite is the one
  that is selling the most copies and being read most often! That
  has been, at various times, Sports Great Jim Abbott, Emmitt
  Smith: Star Athlete, Tiger Woods: King of the Course, Julie
  Foudy: Soccer Superstar, LeBron James: Amazing Athlete, and
  many more.

Do you choose who you write about?
• Yes. When I started, publishers often told me what books they
  were looking for. Now that I have been in the business for awhile
  and visit 100 schools each year, I have a good idea about what
  you want to read. Together editors and I come up with ideas.
  I've even created my own series!
                 More Questions
Where do you work?
• I work in my home office. It's downstairs at the end of the hall.
  For inspiration, I look out the window beyond our swimming
  pool and sport court to a sweeping vista in the Sierra foothills.

How long does it take you to write a book?
• I write carefully at the rate of about 200 words an hour. So if a
  book is 10,000 words long, it will take me about 50 hours to
  write it. But the entire process takes much longer. Remember,
  I need to gather information by doing research and interviews,
  then I need to form an outline. And after I write, I need to edit
  my manuscript before sending it to the publisher. And then I
  need to rewrite! So making an entire book might takes
  hundreds of hours.
                  More Questions
Do you get autographs?
• I have interviewed thousands of athletes and celebrities and I don't
  have many autographs. Can you believe that? The reason is
  because I never ask. It is not forbidden, but there is an "unofficial"
  code among writers that we not request autographs. It would not
  be "professional." But I know that if I ever asked, athletes would
  be happy to give me as many signed bats and balls as I want.

Who is your favorite athlete?
• My favorite athletes are not necessarily the greatest players. They
  are the athletes who worked the hardest to get where they are, the
  underdogs. Julie Foudy isn't the greatest women's soccer player,
  but she is a team player and a real leader. Mike Piazza taught
  himself how to hit a baseball as a boy by building a batting cage in
  his basement and swinging every day until his hands bled. Terrell
  Davis and Albert Pujols overcame tremendous childhood
  hardships to become great. They are some of my favorites.
           Book Orders Coming Soon
Hardcover - $14                      Softcover - $6                        (prices include tax)

HARDCOVER (only)                                 BOTH (hardcover and softcover)
                                                 James Stewart [supercross racing]
Tony Hawk: Skateboarding Legend                  Annika Sorenstam [golf]                Albert Pujols [baseball]
Vert Skating: Mastering the Ramp                 Ichiro Suzuki [baseball]               Maria Sharapova [tennis]
Street Skating: Grinds and Grabs                 Barry Bonds [baseball]                 David Beckham [soccer]
The X Games: Skateboarding’s Greatest Event      Jeff Gordon [auto racing]              Sidney Crosby [hockey]
Oscar De La Hoya – The Golden Boy [boxing]       Carly Patterson [gymnastics]           Tiger Woods [golf]
Muhammad Ali – The Greatest [boxing]             Yao Ming [basketball]                  Roger Federer [tennis]
Motocross Cycles                                 Peyton Manning [football]              Eli Manning [football]
Stunt Planes Ryan Howard [baseball]              Dave Mirra [stunt bikes]
Mountain Bikes                                   Tom Brady [football]                   Dallas Friday [wakeboarding]
Demolition Derby Cars                            LeBron James [basketball]              Dwyane Wade [basketball]
Hydroplane Boats                                 Dale Earnhardt, Jr. [auto racing]
ATVs                                             Freddy Adu [soccer]
Rally Cars                                       David Ortiz [baseball]
Racing Cars                                      Travis Pastrana [supercross racing]
The World’s Fastest Stock Cars                   Danica Patrick [auto racing]
The World’s Fastest Pro Stock Trucks             Steve Nash [basketball]

Julie Krone – Unstoppable Jockey

Julie Foudy – Soccer Superstar

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