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Joy Myers

ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA (9/25/12) While Arlington is one of the wealthiest counties in the country, it is also true that
1,600 struggling families rely on supplemental groceries each week from the Arlington Food Assistance Center (AFAC). The
economy is showing early signs of recovery, yet nearly 4,300 people -- unemployed, underemployed, elderly and children—
still turn to AFAC to make ends meet. In fact, AFAC responded to more than 80,000 client visits last year, distributing 1.9
million pounds of food to Arlingtonians who can’t afford to feed themselves and their families. Arlington County has a
hunger problem, and AFAC is getting creative when it comes to solving it.
A break from Arlington’s usual gala scene, AFAC's upcoming event, "Chiefs vs. Chefs," features three of Arlington's best
chefs going toe-to-toe with three of Arlington’s best firehouse cooks in a live, three-course throw-down. One hundred percent
of the proceeds benefit AFAC’s food distribution programs, which has seen a 17% increase in demand since July 2011.
"Our food budget took a real hit last year--we planned for a 6% increase and got 17%. This year we expect much of the same
and need to shore up our resources so we can assure that no one will be turned away hungry. Chiefs vs. Chefs is going to help
in a big way,” said Charlie Meng, AFAC Executive Director.
“Chiefs vs. Chefs” takes the stage October 17, 2012, from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., at the Key Bridge Marriott. AFAC is
providing the challenge food from their pantry—a selection of items regularly distributed to their clients—and have recruited
some major culinary talent to get saucy at the main event. Chef David Guas, owner of Courthouse’s Bayou Bakery was the
first to sign on, quickly followed by Chefs Todd Pozinsky from Shirlington’s Carlyle, and Chef Adam Barnett from
Clarendon’s Eventide.
Lieutenant Bosephus Bennett from Fire Station 6, Captain Claude Conde from Fire Station 10, Firefighter/EMT Brian
Dobson from Fire Station 8, Firefighter/EMT Anthony Westfall from Fire Station 4, Lieutenant Richard Slusher, III from Fire
Station 5, and Assistant Fire Chief Jeff Liebold are gearing-up to square off. Fire Chief James Schwartz says of his firehouse
teams, "You know, they're firefighters first and cooks second, but they can get serious in the kitchen too. We plan on
bringing our 'A-game' and leaving no prisoners, all in the name of fun and a great cause."
“Chiefs vs. Chefs” is open to the public with tickets and sponsorships still available online. For details or to purchase, visit
AFAC’s website,

  AFAC is an independent, community-based non-profit food pantry that provides dignified access to nutritious supplemental groceries to all our Arlington
          neighbors in need. AFAC serves approximately 1,600 client families weekly at twelve distribution sites throughout Arlington County.

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