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International Business College Cultivates Big Ideas


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									      International Business College Cultivates Big Ideas

When an institution takes on an international business college approach, the ideas fostered
are that of a global entrepreneurial nature. That’s exactly the case at the International
Business College of Centennial College, which offers 30 different programs that range in
length from one semester to three years.

While programs at this International Business College differ in focus, all students are
encouraged to design and pursue their individual career paths. Additionally, all of the
offerings ensure that students are ready for the field directly upon graduation thanks to a
balance of college academic study that is relevant and offers cutting edge skills with
optional co-op, internship terms and work placement programs. In order to achieve a level
of respect in the industry, this International Business College also maintains close ties with
the community, business organizations and alumni. This allows students of the school to
network not only with organizations but also with the institution’s award-winning faculty,
administrators and support staff who are ready to answer questions and share personal

This International Business College further fosters its global approach via an International
Business Exchange. This is opportunities that sees students study at one of Centennial’s
partner colleges or universities around the world and receive full credit at Centennial for all
successfully completed courses. To partake in this exchange, students pay the usual
Canadian college tuition fees they’re accustomed to, rather than international tuition that’s
usually much higher. Students also pay for their own airfare, books, accommodation and
food, although qualifying students are eligible for Ontario Student Assistance (OSAP)
funding. Centennial offers two $500 scholarships annually to encourage studying abroad.

But just what programs does this International Business College offer? First there are
programs such as Business Administration, Court Support Services, Human Resources,
Marketing, Business Operations and more that may not have a specific international
approach but still foster global ideas. Then there are specific International Business College
offerings that benefit students who want to work in a global business environment. Among
these programs are: Global Business Management (graduates can confidently pursue entry
level management/professional roles with international organizations, non-governmental
organizations (NGOs) and domestic businesses operating on a global scale); International
Business (grads become Customs Compliance Analysts, Import/Export Documentation
Specialist, Global Logistics Assistant and Inside Sales Representatives); or International
Business Management (graduates are prepared to work as: Foreign Investment and Risk
Analysts, Foreign Trade Consultants, Commercial Bank Officers, International Marketing
Representatives and International Development Assistants).

Lastly, various universities through articulation agreements recognize many of
this International Business College programs. And many programs allow students to
earn credits toward certifications, such as Certified General Accountants (CGA).

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