Affidavit of Heirship

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									This Affidavit of Heirship is used to establish the heirs of a deceased person. It is often
utilized to determine ownership of property in cases where the deceased person did not
leave a will. The affidavit describes the decedent's family history and states who the
heirs are pursuant to the probate code. The affidavit must be recorded in the county
where the property is located. This document is useful for potential heirs to property
when the property owner does not have a will in place.
                  AFFADAVIT OF HEIRSHIP

State of ____________

County of _____________

   I, _____________, being first duly sworn, on oath do hereby say: That I was well

acquainted with _____________ [heir] in my lifetime; that _____________ [decedent]

(“Decedent”) died in the City of _____________, State of _____________ on

_____________[date]; That Decedent was married but once and then to _____________

[spouse of Decedent]; That _____________ [number] children were born of the

marriage: _____________ a [son, daughter] who died in the lifetime of Decedent

unmarried and without issue; _____________ a son; and _____________ a daughter,

now the wife of _____________. That at the time of [his, her] death Decedent left [him,

her] surviving his [her] [widow, widower], _____________ [his, her] son

_____________ and [his, her] daughter _____________ [his, her] only heirs-at-law and

next of kin.


Date: ____________________

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