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					   Grade 2: Social Studies
       Traditions and Celebrations
Features of Communities Around the World
                        Plan of Action

1.   Explore the big ideas within each of the Knowledge curriculum
     expectations for both strands [12 minutes/strand]

        Conceptual Framework (3D’s):
                Define Ask: What does this word/phrase mean?
                Discuss Ask: What is the essence of this concept?
                 Demo     Ask: What resources could I use to model the concept?

1.   Review a sample lesson plan for this unit [6 minutes]
2.   Highlight resource handout [1 minute]
CE #1: Demonstrate an understanding that communities
may be made up of people from many cultures

 Define: a group of people who…
      live in a particular area
      have goal agreement
      Interact in different roles               Big Idea:
 Discuss:                                       Community
 1. What does a community look like?
 2. How can you build community?
       Photo journey
       Our Community Garden

                         Define: alike in character and quality
                         1. What would it be like if everyone in
      Big Idea:              our community was the same?
     Similar vs.         Demonstrate:
      Different                Friendship Fruit Salad
                               Elmer and Rose
                               My Friend Mei Jing
                               From Far Away [Empathy]
CE #2: Outline traditions of various cultures that are
passed on from earlier generations

Define: handing down of statements,
beliefs, legends, customs from
generation to generation                            Big Idea:
Discuss:                                            Tradition
1. Why are traditions “handed down”?
      Love You Forever

                       Define: beliefs and special ways of
                       living that a group of people have
                       (food, clothing, language, religion, art,
                       songs, stories and dances)
      Big Idea:        1. What is culture not?
       Culture         Demonstrate:
                              Culture Trunk
                              I Can Count to 10
CE #3: Identify ways in which heritage and traditions
are passed on

Define: practices that are handed
down from the past by tradition
Discuss:                                          Big Idea:
1. How could you transfer knowledge               Heritage
    from one generation to another?
       My Name is Sangoel
       Naming Ceremony

                        Define: an occasion for special
                        activities to mark an event
                        1. Do you focus on similarities or
     Big Idea:
                               Monthly Graphing Game
                               A Faith Like Mine
                               Potluck
CE #4: Identify the origin and features of various
     place where a person (or
     ancestors) came from
     Prominent attributes or traits               Big Idea:
Discuss:                                           Origin +
1. What are some traits of your family?            Features
      Cultural Origin Detective

                              People you go home to
                         1. What does the 21st century family
      Big Idea:          look like?
      Families           Demonstrate:
                               Family Vignettes
                               We Are Adopted
                              Class Family Tree
CE #1: Recognize that the world is made up of
countries, continents, and regions

Define: community of people under a              Big Idea:
single government                                Country

                     Define: a large landmass on earth
   Big Idea:         Discuss: What are the 7 continents?
   Continent         Demonstrate:
                           Continent Map
                           Alphabet Game

   Define: describe physical, cultural,
   social and economic characteristics for
   given portions of the earth’s surface           Big Idea:
   Demonstrate:                                     Region
         What is the difference between
        the 3?
CE #2: Demonstrate an understanding of the
relationship between location and climate

Define: where you are - it could refer to
school, home, another area of the world          Big Idea:
Demonstrate:                                     Location
      N/E/S/W Activity

                        Define: Weather (4 seasons)
                        1. What does the 21st century family
     Big Idea:          look like?
     Climate            Demonstrate:
                              4 Seasons Clothing Brainstorm
                              Thermometer
                              Activity Sheet

     Define: imaginary line on the                 Big Idea:
     earth's surface that divides the              Equator
     north and south poles
CE #4: Identify similarities and differences between
their community and a community in another part of
the world (and how they meet their needs CE #3)

          Trinidad                       Canada
           Trinidad                                 Canada

Food:                                   Food:
Creole is a food that is prepared      I eat all different kinds of food
with either hot pepper or something     including hamburgers, pasta,
spicy                                   cereal, sandwiches etc.
 East Indian food is steamed or        I drink milk, juice and water
fried                                   Popular dishes include
Popular dishes include Momos,          lasagna
(steamed meat) and Thukpa (clear        Shelter:
soup)                                   I live in a two-storey brick
Shelter:                                home with my two parents and
Brick buildings (range in price)       brother
They do not have glass in their        Clothing:
windows, but they do have bars on       I wear different clothing
them due to the amount of break ins     because we have 4 seasons
Clothing: made from very light          (shorts, t-shirts, sweaters, snow
material as this location has a very    pants)
warm climate                            Language:
Language: The people of Trinidad        I only speak English, but some
learn and speak Spanish in school;      of my friends can speak French
however, they also speak English        and German
Birthday Celebrations Around the
        A Sample Lesson Plan
Is this a community?
What about this?
And this?

            CE #1

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