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									Monday Morning Movies & More
Clubhouse Nov. 9 PF 10-11am Berenstain Bears Nov. 16 PF 10-11am The Big Comfy Couch Nov. 23 PF 10-11am Olivia
Bring the little ones for a movie and a story. Nov. 2 PF 10-11am Mickey Mouse

For 4th-7th graders Book Discussion Nov. 19 PF 2-3pm Ruby Game Club Nov. 5 PF 2-3pm Nov. 12 PF 2-3pm

Game & Book Club for Homeschoolers

Teen Game Night
Nov. 6 PF 6:30-9pm. Your library has the Wii! Enjoy the addicting motion-sensing action of the hottest of the new generation game systems. Come to Calvert Library’s monthly Teen Night at the main library in Prince Frederick! In addition to the Wiis, there will be tons of board games and food for everyone. Free pizza!


Fan us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter (CalvLibraryKids, CalvLibraryTeen, CalvertLibrary), or check out our online book discussions at

The Library’s Gone 2.0 Social!
Nov. 19 PF 7-8:30pm Join us for a night of manga, pocky and more! Illustrator McNevin Hayes will teach us how to draw in the manga style! Register.

Tween Game Night

Manga/Anime Night

Nov. 13 PF 6:30-8:30pm. Your library has the Wii! Enjoy the addicting motion-sensing action of the hottest of the new generation game systems. Free pizza and drinks! Nov. 17 PF 7-8:30pm Discussion of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight saga in celebration of the Nov. 20 release of the movie New Moon, second book in the series. Register. Nov. 14 PF All Day Join us to take part in the largest game day across the country. We’ll have board games and the Nintendo Wii set up. The Wiis will be available from 9:30am12:30pm. Board games will be available all day. Come play!

Twilight Saga

Reading, discussion and projects for children in K-3rd grade. Nov. 2 PF 6:30-7:30pm Maryland Nov. 5 PF 2-3pm Maryland FRVW 7-8pm Color Cut-Ups Nov. 9 PF 6:30-7:30pm Balloons Nov. 10 SOCC 7-8pm Horses Nov. 12 PF 2-3pm Balloons Nov. 16 PF 6:30-7:30pm Robots Nov. 19 PF 2-3pm Robots TWIN 6:30-7:30pm Micawber Nov. 23 PF 6:30-7:30pm Camping

Kids Just Want to Have Fun

Saturday, Nov. 7 PF 10am-12pm For K-5th grade. Come celebrate American Native Cultures that make America the Beautiful – featuring the Cherokee and the newest states to join the U.S.A., Alaska and Hawaii. Register.

Multicultural Fair

“It Takes Two” Book Discussion
For 3rd-5th graders and an adult. Join us for discussion and interesting activities. Registration required at least 2 days prior to the program. Nov. 4 PF 7-8pm 39 Clues Nov. 5 SOCC 7-8pm 6th Grade

Calvert Library is a drop off site for “toys for tots” collection Oct. 19-Dec. 18. Toys need to be new and unwrapped for children up to 17 years of age. All Calvert Library locations are drop-off sites.

Toys for Tots Drop Off

TACOS - HEY TEENS! Wii Play: All Ages!
Nov. 24 PF 3:30-4:30pm Teen Advisory Council of Students meets with Calvert Library staff to help plan and market programming for teens, as well as suggest materials for selection that would interest teens. This volunteer work counts towards community service hours. If you are interested in making a difference for other teens, please contact Rachel Hummel at 410535-0291 or

Nickname Game
Nov. 12 TWIN 6:30-7:30pm BFG Nov. 19 FRVW 7-8pm Bud Not Buddy

Register for events online at

Come play our great Nintendo games. Wii Play as a Family Nov. 7 PF 3-4:30pm. Bring a parent or a grandparent for an afternoon of trying our Wii video games. Please register. Open Wii Play Nov. 18 PF 7-8:30pm


2 10:00am-Monday Morning Movies and More (PF) 6:30pm-Kids Just Want to Have Fun (PF) 7:00pm-Book Discussion (PF) Pompeii

3 10:30am-Free Job Counseling (PF) 7:00pm-Meet Author Mildred Muhammad (PF)


4 2:00pm-Yes You C Computer (SOCC 6:30pm-Cinema C Library (PF) Good 7:00pm-”It Takes T Discussion (PF)*


9 10:00am-Monday Morning Movies and More (PF) 6:30pm-Kids Just Want to Have Fun (PF) 7:00pm-Book Discussion (TWIN-NB Town Center Apts) Eat, Pray, Love

10 10:30am-Free Job Counseling (PF) 4:30pm-Patuxent Pearls (PF) 7:00pm-Veterans' Day Program (PF) 7:00pm-Kids Just Want to Have Fun (SOCC) 7:00pm-Writers by the Bay @ the Library (PF)

11 All Day-Library Clo 10:00am-On the G Memorial and lunc


16 10:00am-Monday Morning Movies and More (PF) 6:00pm-Calvert Eats Local (PF) Food, Inc. 6:30pm-Kids Just Want to Have Fun (PF)

17 10:30am-Free Job Counseling (PF) 2:30pm-Yes, You Can Use a Computer (PF) Library Resources* 7:00pm-Life Improvement Series: Cover Letters (PF)* 7:00pm-Twilight Saga (PF)*

18 10:00am-Morning Hawaii 2:00pm-Creative M Reinventing a Life 2:00pm-Book Gro Highway 2:00pm-Yes, You Computer (TWIN) 7:00pm-Open Wii *Deadline to regi White Christmas Theater

FRVW: Rt. 4 & Chaneyville Rd., Owings PF: 850 Costley Way, Prince Frederick
22 2:00pm-Authors by the Bay, featuring Libby Cataldi (ticketed event)

SOCC: 20 Appeal Way, Lusby TWIN: 3819 Harbor Rd., Chesapeake Beach

23 24 10:00am-Monday Morning Movies 3:30pm-TACOS meeting (PF) and More (PF) 6:30pm-Kids Just Want to Have Fun (PF)

25 Thanksgiving







7 10:00am-Brain Games (PF) 10:00am-Multicultural Fair (PF)* 3:00pm-Family Wii Play (PF)*

Can Use a ) EMAIL* Café at Calvert d Bye Lenin! Two” Book

5 6 2:00pm-Kids Just Want to Have Fun 6:30pm-Teen Game Night (PF) (PF) 2:00pm-Game Club for Homeschoolers (PF) 7:00pm-Voices of Experience for a Sustainable Calvert 7:00pm-Kids Just Want to Have Fun (FRVW) 7:00pm-”It Takes Two” Book Discussion (SOCC)*

12 13 osed-Veterans’ Day 2:00pm-Kids Just Want to Have Fun 6:30pm-Tween Game Night (PF) (PF) Go to FDR 2:00pm-Game Club for ch * Homeschoolers (PF) 6:30pm-”It Takes Two” Book Discussion (TWIN)*

14 10:00am-Brain Games (PF) 10:00am-Financing College Series: Cost of Attending Higher Education (PF) National Gaming Day! Come play!

19 20 Cinema (PF) Blue 2:00pm-Kids Just Want to Have Fun (PF) 2:00pm-Book Club for Memoir: Homeschoolers (PF) Ruby Holler e (PF) 2:00pm-Yes, You Can Use a up (FRVW) Blue Computer (FRVW) Library Resources* Can Use a 2:00pm-Book Group (SOCC) EMAIL* American Brutus Play (PF) 2:30pm-Mid-Day Matinee (PF) Blue ster for going to Hawaii at Toby’s Dinner 6:30pm-Kids Just Want to Have Fun (TWIN) 7:00pm-”It Takes Two” (FRVW)* 7:00pm-Manga/Anime Night (PF)* 26 All Day-Library Closed for Thanksgiving 27 All Day-Library Closed for Thanksgiving

21 10:00am-Brain Games (PF) 10:00am-Yes, You Can Use a Computer (PF) Library Resources*

y Closed for

28 10:00am-Brain Games (PF)

Storytime for newborns through 5 years old offered Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Call your branch or check for the schedule and to register. Too many sessions to list here!* Events with an * require registration or tickets.

Book Discussions
Nov. 2 PF 7-8:30pm Pompeii : A Novel by Robert Harris. Fastpaced story of intrigue that brings A.D. 79 Rome to life through living writing and convincing historical detail. Nov. 9 TWIN 7-8:30pm TWIN at North Beach Town Center Apartments (8933 Chesapeake Ave.) Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. Experience a year traveling alone in Italy, India, and Indonesia on a journey of selfdiscovery. Nov. 18 FRVW 2-3:30pm Blue Highways by William Least Heat-Moon. After losing his wife and his job on the same day, Heat-Moon embarks on a crosscountry journey in his van named Ghost Dancing. Nov. 19 SOCC 2-3:30pm American Brutus by Michael Kauffman. History/Biography. John Wilkes Booth and the Lincoln conspiracies.

Nov. 3 PF 7-8:30pm Mildred Muhammad. Author of Scared Silent will share her experience as a survivor of domestic violence. Former wife of DC sniper, John Muhammad, Mildred offers new insight on this national social ill.

Meet the Author

Nov. 18 PF 10am-12pm Nov. 19 PF 2:30-4:30pm Blue Hawaii. Do you love Elvis movies? Chad Gates has just gotten out of the Army, and is happy to be back in Hawaii with his surfboard, his beach buddies, and his girlfriend. Nov. 17 PF 7-8:30pm Cover Letters. Job Counselor Sandra Holler will tell you just why a cover letter is so important to your job application and will show you how to write the best one possible.

Morning Cinema & Mid-Day Matinee

Life Improvement Series

Nov. 4 PF 6:30-8:30pm Good Bye Lenin! In 1990, to protect his fragile mother from a fatal shock after a long coma, a young man must keep her from learning that her beloved nation of East Germany as she knew it has disappeared. Tuesdays, Nov. 3, 10, 17 PF 10:30-11:30am Sandra Holler will be available, free of charge, to help you with any number of job-related questions, including resume writing, job searching, interviewing tips, and more. Saturdays, Nov. 7, 14, 21, 28 PF 10-11:30am Join others wishing to challenge their brains to keep them sharp! We'll have Scrabble, Chess & Blokus boards, plus fellow aficionados gathered together. Bring a friend!

Cinema Café

Nov. 18 PF 2-4pm. Join author and editor Elisavietta Ritchie as she encourages the art of creative memoir writing. Bring 8-10 copies of the piece you would like to work on to share with the group.

Reinventing a Life: Workshop in Creative Memoir

Nov. 10 PF 7-8:30pm Looking for a writers’ group? Join this writers’ group in the large study room. All writers and would-be writers are welcome to come for critique and camaraderie.

Writers by the Bay @ the Library

Free Job Counseling

Nov. 14 10am-12pm PF This seminar will expose the true costs of attending an institution of higher education. Financial Aid Award letters will be dissected and discussed.

Financing College Series

Authors by the Bay, Featuring Libby Cataldi
Sunday, Nov. 22 2-3:30pm PF Author of Stay Close: A Mother’s Story of Her Son’s Addiction Sponsored by the Calvert Library Foundation. Tickets are $20 for adults and $10 for students.

Brain Games: Keep It Sharp!

Nov. 10 7-9pm PF Music from the Patuxent Pearls at 4:30pm. Special guests George W. Owings, III, Judge Thomas Rymer, Carolyn Graessle and others will share their experiences of “hearts far apart” during different war eras. Registration required at least 2 days prior to the program. Nov. 4 SOCC 2-3pm Nov. 18 TWIN 2-3pm Beginners can learn how to create and use an email account.

Veterans’ Day Program

Yes, You CAN Use a Computer

Nov. 11 10am-3:30pm “On the Go” bus trip to Washington, D.C., FDR Memorial and lunch at Phillip’s Flagship Restaurant. $40.00 includes all. Leaving from Community Resources Building, 30 Duke Street, Prince Frederick, MD. Non-refundable.

On the Go to FDR Memorial & Lunch

Nov. 5 PF 7-8:30pm In partnership with the Community Mediation Center, All Saints Episcopal Church and a number of strong community advocates, the Calvert Library is hosting a series of conversations to promote understanding among Calvert’s diverse population.

Voices of Experience for a Sustainable Calvert

Nov. 17 PF 2:30-3:30pm Nov. 19 FRVW 2-3pm Nov. 21 PF 10-11am Learn how to use COSMOS, databases and other on line resources the library offers.

Nov. 16 PF 6-8:30pm Join us to watch Food, Inc.: “You'll never look at dinner the same way.” This group meets monthly. Keep an eye out for our awesome local ingredient potlucks!

Calvert Eats Local

Calvert Library Contact Numbers
Prince Frederick 410-535-0291 or 301-855-1862 Fairview Branch 410-257-2101 Southern Branch 410-326-5289 Twin Beaches Branch 410-257-2411

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