County Administration Building
                              102 East Front Street
                            Lillington, North Carolina

                                       Regular Meeting
                                April 20, 2009      7:00 p.m.

                                    - Order of Business –

1. Call to order – Chairman Timothy B. McNeill

2. Pledge of Allegiance and Invocation – Commissioner Jim Burgin

3. Consider additions and deletions to the published agenda

4. Consent Agenda
      A. Minutes
      B. Budget amendments
      C. Tax refunds and releases
      D. Resolutions to add roads to state system and remove a road
      E. Request from Emergency Services to accept grant for training exercise
      F. Engineering services for road extension at governmental complex
      G. Request for authorization to purchase lawnmower for landfill sites
      H. Request from E911 to apply for two grants offered by NC 911 Board
      I. Sheriff’s Department child support grant contract for FY 2009-2010
      J. Identity Theft Prevention Program Policy (Red Flag Rules)
      K. Planning services agreement for Town of Angier

All consent agenda items have been reviewed by the county manager and are recommended for
approval by the Board.

5. Old Business

6. New Business

7. Period of up to 30 minutes for informal comments allowing 3 minutes for each presentation

8. Appointments

9. Resolution and Letters of Conditions for South Central Waste Water Projects Phase 1D,
   Parts A and B – Julia Johnson, Area Loan Specialist, USDA Rural Development

10. Presentation from Regional Land Use Advisory Commission – Jim Dougherty,
    Executive Director, Ft. Bragg/Pope AFB area
11. Presentation regarding upcoming 2010 Census – Terry Henderson, U.S. Census Bureau

12. Public hearings and consideration of zoning change requests – Samantha Ficzko
      a) S.T. Wooten & Butch Lawter, from RA-20R to Industrial District, SR 1105
           McKoy Town Rd., 217.57 acres, Johnsonville Township
      b) Florence Wellons & Enoch Engineers, PA, from Commercial to RA-20M,
           SR 1121 Ray Rd., 43.0 acres, Anderson Creek Township

13. Update on community meeting regarding proposed zoning of Stewart’s Creek Township –
    Samantha Ficzko, Planner

14. Presentation of final design of Brightwater Business Park – Lee Anne Nance, Economic
    Development Director
       a) Proposal from First Choice Community Health Center
       b) Consider transfer of property to Harnett Forward Together Committee (HFTC) to
          facilitate land transactions

15. Sheriff’s Department request for authorization to apply for several grants from the U.S.
    Department of Justice – Sheriff Larry Rollins

16. Change order for Bordeaux Construction Company associated with new Detention Center
    construction project – Wm. A. (Tony) Wilder, Assistant County Manager

17. County Manager’s report – Scott Sauer, County Manager

18. Closed session

19. Adjournment

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