A Biotech Future

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					A Biotech Future
Outline / Draft Copy

My Name:

My Topic/ Title:

The following document must be stapled to the back of this sheet (check box):

       Outline / Draft Copy of your Document
       An outline of your final product.

If you are writing an…

Essay: An outline of the ideas, evidence, order of presentation, and final conclusion
Short Story/Drama: An outline of the characters, plot development and resolution.

Presentation: An outline of what you’ll present, the order, along with graphics, notes etc.

Ask Mr. B if you are not sure what you should hand in for your particular project.


/3     This form completed correctly (name, title, attachments)

/20    Your Outline makes it clear what you plan to do, and what information & ideas
       you have, and how they fit together to tell about a biotech future.

       Your outline is detailed or, better?, is a draft copy of your final project.