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Trident and our nuclear future by realtuff29


									Trident and our nuclear future
Martin Deane, in Scunthorpe, 8.5.07

On Tuesday I went to Easington near Spurn Point, north of the River. Wind turbines
apparently kill birds, occasionally, and the BBC wanted some comment. Easington is my
nearest wind farm and being my fist visit I was able to kill two birds - with one blade, so
to speak. I was happy to defend the turbines from the ludicrous charge as an American
study in May showed that it takes 30 turbines to kill a bird a year on average. True, the
odd bird is unable to dodge the odd blade but it does not dent the national cat kill of birds
– which is some 75 million!

The Green Party wants no nuclear power stations built and wants Britain itself to be a
self-sustaining country which - regarding energy - means we produce our own from
renewable sources. This is radically different from what we are about to pay in cash,
taxes and CO2 if we build a bunch of nuclear power stations - which the recent energy
White Paper does not even hint at - but which Gordon Brown will probably order!

The two issues are related in important ways. One, nuclear power is undoubtedly
favoured by the powers that be. They will build nuclear because it is high tech, because
it feeds directly into the nuclear weapons industry and because they can get the
taxpayers to foot large chunks of the bill subsidising big business even more. They will
build nuclear despite wind power being considerably cheaper on building, production and
lifetime costs. They will, of course, forget to factor in decommissioning costs. That is
clearly the taxpayer’s duty – the duty to subsidise big business and the weapons industry.
WE pay the clear up costs. And we remember too that Depleted Uranium has become the
weapon of choice in recent western led wars.

Take it as read that I agree with everything Sarah Cartin of CND has said. Green Party
politicians have shared stages with CND and STW on numerous occasions with no
disagreement between us on these important issues.

On the occasion of the Trident vote in March, Blair claimed Trident was a reduction in
the UK’s independent arsenal, something parroted by my own Labour MP. But that is
simply not worthy of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty that Britain signed in 1970. In
the NPT we committed our country to reduce and eliminate nuclear weapons. 37 years on
we are building new ones. It is a new arms race.

Gordon Brown, after his coronation in Manchester on the 24th June - to which we will be
sending a delegation of protesters - will pursue nuclear weaponry, including battlefield
nukes currently under design at Aldermaston – in contravention of the NPT treaty - and
he will “secure Britain’s energy future” using nuclear power plants. The building at
Aldermaston is probably the largest building project going on in EUROPE at this time.

All this has problems - from a sane point of view! We have great difficulty coping with
present nuclear waste yet someone thinks we can use up the remaining discoverable
uranium and efficiently deal with the radioactive contaminant waste that results – as ever
to be paid for by grateful taxpayers.

The second relationship is the pursuit of energy. Oil is king, people forget. Government
reminds them in subtle ways, hiking oil prices and fuel taxes, or invading the next oil rich
country to liberate it – the OIL that is. The Iraqi Oil Law may be about to give over large
reserves of Iraqi oil to private companies. One of its authors is now a critic of the law. Let
us be clear this is not primarily an Iraqi government plan. It is a Bush plan (and Blair’s by
being accomplice). Whatever happens to the oil won’t happen without US approval.

On the bright side, America is in serious trouble in Iraq! There is a large variety of
dissent across America – higher than during the Vietnam War. A number of senators and
congresspeople are breaking ranks. The American economy, the greatest the world has
ever seen, continues to teeter on the brink. The free money that being the oil standard has
given the dollar, is being challenged as other nations explore holding their oil in euro
accounts instead.

A certain amount of this will matter to the Bushmen who infest the White House,
however their ideology is primarily one of untrammeled military might on a global scale.
Their aim, from 2000, was to fight multiple wars in multiple theatres, especially the
Middle East. But they are having huge problems with Iraq – not because Iraqis are dying,
that was always incidental - “collateral damage”, “We don’t do body counts” as Col.
Franks said. But they do count some bodies: they know exactly how many GI’s have
died, how many have gone AWOL, how many have become incapacitated by strange
diseases since their multiple anthrax shots on pain of court martial. And they count how
many soldiers are leaving and how fewer are joining up.

The neocons were NEVER going to remotely consider surrendering any nuclear capacity.
Quite the opposite. Their avowed aim in 2000, in their key document “Rebuilding
America’s Defenses”, was complete dominance of land, sea, air – and space – and
cyberspace. Complete dominance meaning global hegemony.

Missile Defence will effectively allow them to dominate space. The theory that they can
shoot down any ICBM launched against them is only a small step to where they can
launch their own ICBM’s into space to co-ordinates that happen to be back down here -
anywhere on the planet. So the Space Arms Race is on – you may have noticed China
joining in recently with their own tests and Putin last month saying Russia will take
appropriate steps to protect itself from this, the first time that American nuclear missiles
are to be sited on the continent.

“Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.” For the American elite this is dogma.
Moreover, if you have to steal an election to become President then that’s what you do,
whether it was fixing Florida in 2000, or computer manipulations in 2004, or the present
plan of recently sacking key attorneys for 2008, as Greg Palast (BBC) tells us.
On the horizon is the end of oil. The oil companies are keen to deny this. They would
wouldn’t they?! But no new refinery capacity has been built for years because the
petrologists are saying we are coming to the end. However we cut it, this will mean the
collapse of global agriculture and transportation and trade, and so will mean more wars
and clampdowns on civil liberties as we are seeing going on now particularly in America
and Britain.

Climate change too is looking disastrous, though I’m less convinced now that its cause is
human CO2. But, since our governments ARE convinced you would think they would
actually halt road building OR airport expansions OR the incredibly CO2 costs of new
nuclear power plants. NONE OF IT! Rather their plans will lay green taxes on us all -
maybe to the extent of putting microchips into rubbish bins and recycling boxes, with ID
cards for all, and ID chips implanted in our children (think: no more lost Madeleines)
and, of course, ID chips for our cars for a “road pricing” scheme. Only incidentally will it
be that they will be able to tell where every car is every second.

When the chips are down, this will give central government incredible knowledge and
much greater potential controls over the whole population. These measures are precisely
what Big Brother would have dreamt of to ensure their full control during times of crisis,
whether real or imagined.

And so the ordinary people will continue to pay while big business can carry on pillaging.
But, maybe, this time the “collateral damage” will be the planet.

The insanity we are surrounded by at this time is astonishing. The forecasts for the
century, based on the importance and irreplaceability of oil, foresee a drop in global
population numbered in billions. Judging by our leaders, humanity has learned nothing
and could not care less. The noble words we hear on the media are just that, masking a
cold steel reality that very probably sees disaster ahead, and is plundering oil from Iraq,
while using its comparative advantage fro lucrative oil deals with other countries, and, at
the same time, is trying to lock down its population so we continue to kill and die and not
care too much.

The question is will we let them?

Energy White Paper

      Government aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20% of 1990 levels by 2010
      Nuclear generates 20% of the UK's electricity
      All but one of UK's nuclear power stations are set to close by 2023 and no more are planned

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