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									                                                                    Concurrent Enrollment
                                                                    Authorization Request
The Laurel Springs            Parent or Guardian, School Representative
Concurrent Enrollment
                              Complete student information (sign and date), bring to your primary school
Authorization Form is a
binding contract between      representative (sign and date) and return to Laurel Springs School.
the primary school and
Laurel Springs School
                                                                                                   , a student of
to ensure credits will be
accepted by the primary
                                                                                       High School, is requesting
school. This form must be
completed before enrolling
in the requested course(s).
                              concurrent enrollment in Laurel Springs School for the year of                        .
Either the principal or
guidance counselor can
authorize this approval       As a concurrent enrollee, the above student will take the following course(s)
for a student to enroll in    through Laurel Springs School:
academic courses with
Laurel Springs School.        Course One:
                              Semester(s):    One           Two                    Online            Text

Laurel Springs
School                        Course Two:
Laurel Springs School         Semester(s):    One           Two                    Online            Text
302 W. El Paseo Rd.
Ojai, CA 93023

800.377.5890                  Course Three:
805.646.0186 fax              Semester(s):    One           Two                    Online            Text

School Code: 052256           The “Primary High School” will assume responsibility for ensuring students have
                              met prerequisites, maintaining student records, and updating transcripts to reflect
                              courses completed through Laurel Springs School. To facilitate record-keeping
                              upon completion of course(s), the registrar of Laurel Springs School will forward
Credentials                   an official transcript of all courses completed through our program.
 • Accredited by Western
   Association of Schools
   and Colleges (WASC)        Laurel Springs School Representative                          Date
 • Courses meet
   University of California
   (UC) a-g requirements      Signature of Primary School Representative                    Date
 • Learning Style Model
 • National Honor Society
 • Courses approved by        Print Name of Primary School Representative                   Date
   the National Collegiate
   Athletic Association
                                          Please see page 2 for post secondary educational concerns.

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                                                                                     Concurrent Enrollment
                                                                                     Authorization Request

  Students concurrently enrolled with Laurel Springs can take UC approved courses.This is important for
  California resident students interested in applying as freshmen to the University of California or California State
  University System. Please review the information below about procedures for all online courses.

  UC Approval for Online Courses
  The UC faculty is in the process of establishing a policy to determine the acceptability of courses offered by
  online providers to meet the a-g requirements. Currently Laurel Springs offers courses that fall under two UC

      1. Laurel Springs is a UC Approved Online Course Provider. A list of approved courses can be found on
         the UC Doorways school list under Laurel Springs Online. The approval process is ongoing and not all
         submitted courses have yet been reviewed and approved.
      2. Laurel Springs’ courses not yet listed on the UC Doorways school list under Laurel Springs Online can
         be approved by the principal of Laurel Springs School as being comparable to classroom based courses.
         Principals of other schools may accept the decision of Laurel Springs about the comparability of courses
         or perform their own comparison.

  Courses deemed comparable by Laurel Springs are designated as such in our school catalog.

  Once the UC faculty has a chance to approve sufficient online course work, only approved courses appearing
  on the UC Doorways lists will be accepted. In the meantime, UC will recognize the completion of college
  preparatory online courses using the same practice it applies to other courses taken away from the high school
  site (e.g., language schools, summer extension or enrichment programs, study aboard programs, etc.).

  Important Notice – Online Laboratory Science and Visual and Performing Arts:

      • UC will not accept any online courses in the area of visual and performing arts (VPA).
      • A-g credit for online laboratory science courses is granted only if the student passes the SAT subject test
        with a 540 or better (or) takes an AP Lab Science Exam and passes with a score of 3, 4 or 5.

  In summary, if a student is planning to take any online courses, the principal by signing below, certifies that this
  online course is comparable to the college prep course offered at his or her school. This certification can reflect
  an agreement with the comparability established by the principal of Laurel Springs School or an independent

  Signature of Parent                                                                                      Date

  Signature of Primary School Representative                                                               Date

About Laurel Springs
Laurel Springs School is an accredited, private online school providing a personalized academic program for grades K-12, combining
all the benefits of a traditional private school with the flexibility of self-paced distance learning. Laurel Springs is the school of choice for
the college-prep student who wishes to grow and excel academically and personally. With college prep academics including Advanced
Placement (AP), Honors, and gifted and talented programs.

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