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									                                                     STATE OFCOLORADO
                                      FY 2006 Byrne Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Allocations

                                                                                                                  Joint Application Award
State                    Certified Disparate      Jurisdiction Name                       Individual Allocation                   Amount
Colorado                                          DENVER CITY AND COUNTY                             $358,380
Colorado                                          ADAMS COUNTY                                        $49,167
Colorado                                          COMMERCE CITY                                       $20,117
Colorado                                          NORTHGLENN CITY                                     $15,355
Colorado                                          THORNTON CITY                                       $48,576
Colorado                 ARAPAHOE                                                                                               $224,094
                                                  AURORA CITY                                       ($190,762)
                                                  ARAPAHOE COUNTY                                    ($33,332)
Colorado                                          ENGLEWOOD CITY                                      $11,258
Colorado                 BOULDER                                                                                                 $54,408
                                                  BOULDER CITY                                       ($24,214)
                                                  LAFAYETTE CITY                                     ($19,231)
                                                  BOULDER COUNTY                                     ($10,963)
Colorado                                          DOUGLAS COUNTY                                      $16,574
Colorado                 EL PASO                                                                                                $226,714
                                                  COLORADO SPRINGS CITY                             ($201,208)

                                                  EL PASO COUNTY                                     ($25,506)

Colorado                                          ARVADA CITY                                         $20,043
Colorado                                          WHEAT RIDGE CITY                                    $17,164
Colorado                 JEFFERSON                                                                                               $76,592
                                                  LAKEWOOD CITY                                      ($52,858)

                                                  JEFFERSON COUNTY                                   ($23,734)

Colorado                 LARIMER                                                                                                 $56,808
                                                  FORT COLLINS CITY                                  ($44,996)
                                                  LARIMER COUNTY                                     ($11,812)
Colorado                 MESA                                                                                                   $20,597
                                                  GRAND JUNCTION CITY                                ($20,597)
                                                  MESA COUNTY                                                 *
Colorado                 PUEBLO                                                                                                  $86,743
                                                  PUEBLO CITY                                        ($86,743)
                                                  PUEBLO COUNTY                                               *
Colorado                 WELD                                                                                                    $48,909
                                                  GREELEY CITY                                       ($32,963)
                                                  WELD COUNTY                                        ($15,946)
                                                  COLORADO DEPARTMENT OF
                                                  PUBLIC SAFETY - DIVISION OF
Colorado                                          CRIMINAL JUSTICE                                 $2,725,489

                                                  TOTAL                                            $4,076,988

*While ineligible for direct JAG funding in FY 2006, for JAG purposes this county remains a partner with the city/cities
receiving JAG funds, and must be a signatory on the MOU required of disparate jurisdictions. For details, see:

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