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									PressReleasePoint Integrates with Google Analytics for Free Press Release
Page View Statiscs

Better page view count for free press release submissions is made
possible through integration with google analytics API. This gives much
needed freature for users of this free pr site.

Chicago, IL, May 02, 2013 -- PressReleasePoint has completed direct
integration with Google Analytics API for reporting better page view
statistics. Now users submitting free press release will know the exact
count of page views for their press release. This is one more step in
providing value for pr professionals who want to make best use of free pr

PressReleasePoint recently released an updated list of free PR sites
which can be viewed here.

PressReleasePoint is built using PHP based content management system. It
makes heavy use of caching at various stages to improve performance.
Caching is essential for quickly serving pages to maintain great customer
experience. While caching can enahance the speed and performance, it
makes it very difficult to measure the page view statistics. Only third
party analytics service providers like Google Analytics can give reliable

Google analytics offers one of the worlds best free service for website
analytics. It can collect very detailed statistics about every user
visting a website. Google analytics API allows programmatic access of
data repository. PressReleasePoint has used PHP libraries to access page
view statistics for each and every free press release on
PressReleasePoint. PressReleasePoint hopes that this provides the much
needed page view statistics for the users of free pr site.

Updated list of free PR sites can be viewed here.

About PressReleasePoint
PressReleasePoint is a PR agency specializing in press release
distribution. We also offer limited free press release writing service
for non profits. A popular service from PressReleasePoint submits press
release to over 50 free press release websites. PressReleasePoint.Com is
an important free PR website which is entering its 6th year of operation
with page rank 4. It receives over 50 press release submissions every day
and attracts over 5000 visitors every day.

Contact :
Kamal Nath
4001-608, East Randolph Street
Chicago, IL, United States

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