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 How likely to
                                                          met /
recommend a
similar event? Why?

              easy, good reminders, the team who
     10       presented did a good job                     Yes

              Recording was great. Others can
              participate from anywhere, in
              encourages alumni to stay involved
     10       in what's going on at Cornell.               Yes

              I thought it was very good but a bit
              short on details, which may have
     8        been a function of the time available.       Yes
    Conceptually live stream is a very
    good tool for communicating with
    Cornellians. The content of this
    particular session was only of
7   medium interest to me.                  No

    The communication was a good idea
    but the content downgrades the
5   rating                                  No

    A panel discussion makes a familiar
8   format to transmit information.         Yes

    I think it is great to be able to
    participate in presentations via the
8   web.                                    No
    I was cut off from the chat a couple
    times. The video tended to work
    well, but having to refresh my screen
    to get the chat interface back meant
    that I missed some of the talk.

7                                           Yes
     Could not submit a question, either
     orally or in writing. Speakers did not
     adequately address the issue of
     alcohol abuse among Cornell
2    students.                                No
     Presentation was clumsy and
     unsure. Slides were neither
     particularly informative nor well
     coordinated with the verbal
     presentation. The undergraduate
     was obviously reading word-for-word
     and tended to garble her words. I
     was not particularly impressed that
     the proposed solutions were
3    meaningful.                              No
     It was informative, but I was unable
     to move (erase) a rectangle on the
     screen, nor was I able to write in a
     question. Thus, all I could do was
     listen. Further, after the powerpoint,
     the screen was static and the people
     didn't move. Still, it was better than
7    not.                                     No
     Very easy to access - simple
     interface - good features especially
     with split screen of powerpoint and
9    live shot.                               Yes
     get live data, compliments other
     sources, get to learn from unusual
9    questions.                               Yes

     Ease of participation and ability to
     particpate even though not in Ithaca
10   or on location                           Yes

     Ease of participation and ability to
     particpate even though not in Ithaca
10   or on location                           Yes
     It would have been a 10, but I was
     unable to generate any input from my
     computer and browser, so I felt
     cheated! I was using a Macintosh
     and my AOL browser. If this means
     that the virtual event is equipment-
     limited, you should make that clear!

8                                            No

     If someone asked me, I'd give a
     hearty endorsement to the webinar
     format, and to say how well this one
     was done. However, unless
     someone asked me to promote a
     webinar, it's not likely that I would
     bring up the topic in advance of one
     that I had signed up for. I have not
     been wildly enthusiastic about trying
     this format generally, and have
     avoided them. This topic-- and the
     participants-- attracted me. And I'm
     so glad to have tried the format in
     this instance. Well done. Congrats
8    to all                                  Yes
     webinars are a convenient, efficient,
     and effective way to get in depth
     knowledge and hears differing views
     on an issue.

10                                           No
     Great way to disseminate
     information. Questions and
     comments were responded to.

10                                           Yes
     The talks were good, but the slides
     had too much on them and were hard
     to read.

6                                            Yes

     It was a good way to get information
     out to the greek community without
     having to be in Ithaca. Allowing Q&A
8    was also beneficial.                    Yes

     Good insight into an important
     initiative and always helpful to have
     interaction with those who have been
     doing the work. Good perspective for
9    those of us located far from Ithaca.    No
7                                           No

     simple, easy, informative, topic of
10   great interest                         Yes

     Informational webinars are a great
     way to overcome a geographic
     barrier and get more people involved
10   in important and timely issues.        Yes
10   could not receive it                   No

9    Good start.                            Yes
     This topic is of great concern to
     Cornell Greek Alumni. I've heard
     from many alumni who received
     notice but were unaware of the
     upcoming changes proposed by
     Cornell. It's great to be able to "be in
     the loop" and this is a good way to
10   accomplish this.                           Yes

     The potential is always there for
     success, and it depends on the
     relevance of the subject matter and
7    how well the speakers are prepared.        No
     I liked the livestreamed tool. I
     appreciated the presenters doing it. I
     just found the presentation was too
     slow-paced. But I still appreciated it
7    being offered.                             Yes
     I would recommend virtual events,
     but not wholeheartedly because 1.
     not everyone is interested, and 2. I
     would not want to discount in-person
7    interactions/meetings.                     Yes

     It is an excellent and easy way to
     become knowledgeable about the
10   latest developments at Cornell.            Yes

     It is an excellent and easy way to
     become knowledgeable about the
10   latest developments at Cornell.            Yes
     Easy to use, clear picture, good
9    audio.                                     Yes
10   Learned a lot in an efficient manner.    Yes

9    Informative and easy to connect to.      Yes

     a good start to get the topic out into
     this kind of a format but agenda was
 7   kept to that of the presenters           No
10                                            Yes
     The information was well organized
     and delivered, the tchnology to gain
     access and participate worked well
     and was easy to use, the moderator
     did an excellent job with the
     intereactive question and answer
     session, the presenters were well
     spoken, well informed, comfortable
     and capable of instilling confidence
     in us, the audience, as to the future
     of the Greek Community at Cornell.

10                                           Yes
     The presentation was easy to access
     online, and the presenters got
     straight to the point. The
     presentation was a direct and no-
10   frills session.                         Yes
     quite useful but only to a limited
7    group                                     No

     I've participated in a few of these and
     find them informative and
     transparent. Love the live chat/ability
     to submit questions, and love
     knowing that you take them all- I'm
     impressed with the transparency and
     grateful for the outreach and
10   honesty.                                  Yes
     I find it difficult to listen to a
     presentation when the text on the
     charts is not carefully followed. That
     does not mean the charts were bad
     or the discussion was bad but rather
     they departed from one another.

3                                              Yes
     This approach works will to
     disceminate information to large
     groups, but is not very condusive to
     open dialogue between participants.

8                                                Yes

     I find it difficult to listen to a
     presentation when the text on the
     charts is not carefully followed. That
     does not mean the charts were bad
     or the discussion was bad but rather
3    they departed from one another.             Yes
     Informative webcast, could have
     been a little more concise, had some
9    redundancy                                  Yes
8                                                Yes

     delivery was horrible - livestream,
     facebook - why not a phone in
     option? and the Q&A portal was
3    antiquated.                                 No

     1 Cornell is too far from civilization to
     depend on in person participation for
     everything and needs greater
     participation to build community 2)
     the chat participation was thought
10   provoking too                               Yes
8    No                                        No

     It was interesting and effective but a
8    little too long.                          Yes

     Asynchronous, regular youtube
     video would be better as I can't really
2    interact anyway.                          No
     The particular content was of high
     interest to me (always a definer for
     participation), and the quality of the
     preparation and conduct of this
10   webinar was excellent.                    Yes
     It is very important to stay in touch
10   on areas of concern.                    Yes

     Great way to learn what is going on.
     Easy to access. Pulls together
10   people from all over the country.       Yes

     I thought it was a great way to keep
     informed on changes that are
10   important to me as an alum.             Yes

     Informative at the convenience of my
10   office                                  Yes
     I thought session was well prepared.
     Stayed on schedule. Communicated
8    the appropriate depth of info.           Yes

     Content and format were very
     appropriate to the topic and status of
     the recommendations. Audio and
     presentation might be upgraded
8    somewhat.                                Yes

     It was too brief and ample time to
     absorb and question the 20+ slides
7    wasn't there.                            Yes

     I thought it was a decent
     presentation but would prefer
     presenters not read from the slides -
7    it was a lttle too formal for me.        Yes

     Technically, it made me feel like I
     was "right there"...much better than a
     phone conference call...also I had a
     chance to see the presenters, which
10   reinforced my attention.                 Yes
     Informative and important
     discussion. Thoughtful and well-
     researched presentation. Thank you
10   for doing this.                            Yes
     well done and esp liked travis'
     answer about cutting out the high
     risk stuff. a very reasonable goal as
     is cutting down on time commitment -
     not a 10 b/c really need to address
     super excessive heavy drinking but
     know we need more time to address
9    that.                                      Yes

     Very user friendly and easy to
10   participate.                               Yes

     I think it is important for alumni to be
     invol,ved in more than supporting the
8    university with money,                     Yes
     Best way to get the word out quickly
     to a large number. Dialogue is also
     important -- too much monologue in
8    the past.                              No

10   Informative, efficient                 Yes

     The power point slides presented the
     material in such small type I'll
5    probably have a headache all day.      No

     Fabulous method for engaging
10   interested alumni.                     Yes
     Livestream would not connect using
0    the iphone app

     this worked well, system for
     addressing questions was prompt,
     enables many alumnae from all over
     the world to participate and to stay
     abreast of issues and developments
     on topics they care passionately
10   about.                                 Yes
     Good opportunity for engagement
     and understanding of the issues and
8    challenges.                            Yes

     The audio and video quality were
     poor. The presenters weren't at all
3    enagaging.                             No
     very effective method for providing
9    information for a wide base              Yes

9    Issue was timely                         Yes
7                                             Yes

10                                            Yes
     I thought it was very informative to
     hear about the proposed changes to
10   the Greek system.                        Yes

     This was interactive and informative
10   in the short time of an hour.            Yes

     Informative, gives those participating
8    the opportunity to be heard.             Yes

     Good way to be part of the
     community from a remote location.
     A few hiccups in the signal and had
     to restart a couple of times
9    otherwise, it was worthwhile.            Yes

     Appreciate the ability to ask
10   questions and participate                Yes
 7                                            No

     excellent streaming and ability to ask
9    questions                                Yes
                                      Questions/comments that weren't addressed
                                                 during the webinar?

Recording was available quickly and   IMHO - Hazing occurs for 2 reasons: - that is
good quality                          what I went through so that is all I know - lack
                                      of maturity on the part of the actives (current
                                      brothers/sisters) I'd be interested in hearing
                                      more about your plans for this Education
                                      period, joining the Cornell Greek community.
                                      It could just become another hurdle that
                                      prospective members must go through.
                                      Depending on how it's delivered, the
                                      information may just go in one ear and out the
                                      other. Then again, I don't think educating the
                                      prospective members (pledges) will make a
                                      large difference, I think you need to focus on
                                      the currently active members. The advisors
                                      is a good resource, but they will only be
                                      effective if the actives want to change. The
                                      question at hand here is how do you get the
                                      actives to want to change? Convince them
                                      "You can make a change", "this is how to be a
                                      leader" and then monitor to prevent the
                                      organization from slipping back into the
                                      behaviors. I don't intend to be critical, keep
                                      up the good work.

See below.                            1. It wasn't clear how the familiarization
                                      process would work and what the content
                                      would be. 2. After the familiarization period
                                      would the rushing/bid process work as it now
                                      does or would it be different and if so how? 3.
                                      What would comprise the cost of the resident
                                      advisors and what is the estimated amount of
                                      that cost? 4. My chapter house (no longer
                                      being used as such) would have required
                                      structural modification in order to provide a
                                      separate apartment for the advisor. Who would
                                      bear that cost? If the chapter would, what if
                                      they could not afford it?
I was hoping for conclusions, but it was
mostly a status of a work-in-process,
which is okay. Take the time to get it

Seems like a very bureaucratic
overreaction to an incident or a few

The panel seemed more competent than
I had anticipated.

Did not think it was effective to have the
presenters read their comments.

Good information sharing. I get the
feeling that more is needed to flesh out
the details of the proposed changes. I'm
not convinced that a complete overhaul
of "pledging" is the answer. I think the
focus should be on hazing and alcohol
education and enforcement of the
rules/laws already in place.
                                          I already sent it in.

                                          Note: I terminated 5 or 10 minutes after the
                                          formal presentation, so cannot talk about what
                                          was or wasn't answered.

I was not able to participate. Maybe that I do not understand what the "Greek
was because I was streaming rather than Community" means that would precede
on Facebook, which I'm not.               chapter rushing. What would this entail, for
                                          how long, and for what purpose?

Excellent interface and very easy to

done very well...

I thought the presentation was well
thought out and showed very clear steps
and considerations for the Cornell
Community to discuss
I thought the presentation was well
thought out and showed very clear steps
and considerations for the Cornell
Community to discuss
Unable to communicate from this end        1. Are copies of the draft report available to
                                           us? 2. I would have liked more facts about the
                                           existing situation at Cornell to justify your
                                           recommendations. Otherwise, it seems to be a
                                           solution in search of a problem, or support for
                                           a Skorton boogeyman.

This was a well planned, well delivered    I wrote directly to Jennifer Cunningham at
hour. I had not expected it to be nearly   1:05p!
as good as it was but only b/c of my

1. "Chat" tab did not appear work         see my 1:000 pm email to
(Google Chrome Browser). I am not on
Facebook and did not want to register for
the other tab not knowing about that
company better. 2. A a former
teleconferencing company founder and
ceo, this conference (and many other CU
webinars) are still run with below-par
                                         Comment: I support the idea of students
                                         committing to the Greek Community as a
                                         whole prior to joining a chapter. I think that
                                         programs during this period should have a
                                         strong social compoenent to attract a oarger
                                         number of students. My understanding is that if
                                         a student wants to have a social life at Cornell,
                                         that it is through the Greek System. I don't
                                         want all the social functions to just go
                                         underground. Also, my son was hazed as part
                                         of his intiation and I am so glad to see this
                                         being addressed in a way that looks at cultural
                                         change. I support this plan and am willing to
                                         participate as a volunteer to help with

                                         How do we get informed about the panelists'
                                         answers to all the questions?

Met my expectations which are high for
any Cornell initiative!
I expected a more balanced approach to I sent an Email asking why 'pledge' and
the question of hazing                 'pledging' were considreed 'derogatory' terms

Bob has worked very hard on this, and   "Pre-selling" Greeks is a great idea!...combine
we're all grateful.                     alcohol EDU2 Resident adviser needs a
                                        softer start...recommend Cornell-sanctioned
                                        existing Chapter Adviser program as a
                                        smoother transition. Inviting a non-member
                                        into the Frat can have issues. Greater Alumni
                                        involvement always sounds great...reality is
                                        they are scarce when it comes time to help.
                                            I would just like more clarification on the "live
                                            in" advisers. I know our chapters have a
                                            difficult time as it is getting involved alumni.
                                            Many are able to get house directors or house
                                            parents that live-in (mostly not chapter alumni)
                                            - but they are strictly advisers in terms of
                                            property management - are you proposing that
                                            they take on more of an advisory role? OR that
                                            instead of property managers, we hire advisers
                                            that can act in a property management role as
                                            well. Thinking that qualifications for each role
                                            are very different, our chapters will have to re-
                                            evaluate how to choose house
                                            directors/parents/advisers. As a former
                                            chapter Adviser (as well as a former House
                                            corp. president, former regional officer, etc. etc
                                            :) - I'm wondering how this will work with our
                                            national organization's current "chain of
                                            command" - so to speak.

I attend a lot of presentations and in
general don't like it when presenters
merely flash through slides and read to
me what is on the slide.

I now feel up to date on this important
issue. Technologically, it took me a long
time to connect (problem could have
been the number of participants, or on
my side).
I now feel up to date on this important
issue. Technologically, it took me a long
time to connect (problem could have
been the number of participants, or on
my side).
            How much input will alumni honestly have in
            the final plan? It is one thing to share the
            process and solicit input, but another to truly
            share the decision making process. As a
            fraternity brother who had a wonderful
            experience while at Cornell, I am very
            concerned that the entire system is being
            gutted due to a few bad actors. We tend to
            over react to unfortunate but isolated incidents.
            Nobody on the panel sufficiently answered my
            question regarding the relative numbers of
            deaths on Cornell campus due to fraternity
            initiation and hazing, compared to deaths from
            other causes. I am also very concerned that
            there could be a real economic negative
            impact caused by increased overhead carried
            by each fraternity house, as well as decreased
            participation due to negative perceptions
            caused by the university meddling in the
            recruitment process.

see above   has Cornell ever seriously considered lowering
            the drinking age on a conditional basis, ie
            have all students get certified very year in
            alcohol consumption management? Treat
            people like responsible adults not kids at
            boarding school and behaviour patterns may
            get more in line with what's desired/expected
Surpassed my expectations from a            In some fraternities, it is the alums that initiate
technology standpoint. Also surpassed       and perpetuate aggressive hazing activities of
(or supported) my expectations of quality   new members. Many come to campus of
that I have come to expect and              planned weekends with the intent to join with
appreciate from Cornell University -        their alum brother at the house, have a party
where the highest standards of              and then brutalize the pledges during their visit
excellence are matched with the highest     back to campus. I know that my son dreaded
commitment of compassion and geniune        the alum weekend events as they were the
concern for the well being of the Cornell   most brutal hazing experiences at his
community and individuals who comprise      fraternity. This is probably because the alums
its student body.                           have no personal connection to the pledges,
                                            they are trying to assert authority, they are
                                            drinking, and feel compelled to continue the
                                            tradition of hazing that they perceive as a rite
                                            of passage that they endured as pledges. In
                                            fact, they tend to escalate the level of hazing
                                            beyond what the actives perform.        My
                                            Question is how is the University going to
                                            select, train, monitor and hold accountable the
                                            alumnae who are involved in bringing about
                                            positive change within their chapter and
                                            ensure that they aren't infact posing as
                                            supporters of your programs while secretly
                                            upholding the old distructive traditions of the
                                            fraternity pledging process?
about what i expected, surpass is the key I guess the world is coming to Task Forces,
word                                      Focus Groups, Advisory Groups, Councils,
                                          Panels, can't you SIMPLIFY the whole thing.
                                          How do you define "problem chapters" ???
                                          Advisors are NOT necessary for high
                                          performing chapters ??? Don't punish the
                                          whole system for the idiocy of a few.
                                          Absolutely right to involve the alumni.

Very, very minor thing.....I didn't love
seeing just the ppt- felt impersonal. The
side by side was better. Also, I
understand why they read (lots of
material, and they're volunteers!) but
some eye contact would be nice. Last
thing- table tents- lots of folks joined in a
minute or two ( or more) late (thrilled you
started on time, though) and name and
role on a table tent for each speaker
would be helpful.
While the impact of alcohol and its           Will the recommended solutions presented
relationship to the problem was pushed here eliminate the type of problem(s) that
aside there were significant ideas            prompted this task force to be formed?
presented on how to call attention to the
risks of hazing and hopefully eliminate it.
                                         Good luck, as this will be a very difficult culture
                                         to change. You essentially need to start from
                                         scratch each year with a new set of
                                         organization leaders and members, and be
                                         diligent all year long, not just during the new
                                         member education period. Increased alumni
                                         involvement and presence could made a big
                                         difference, but how do you incentivise alumni
                                         to do this work and potentially take on the
                                         personal liability that may be involved.

While the impact of alcohol and its         Will the recommended solutions presented
relationship to the problem was pushed here eliminate the type of problem(s) that
aside there were significant ideas          prompted this task force to be formed?
presented on how to call attention to the
risks of hazing and hopefully eliminate it.

i would have expected a more
professional delivery.

                                         Unable to participate. Let me know when the
                                         recording becomes available.
                                        Changing the name from "Pledging" to
                                        "Member intake period" or whatever trivializes
                                        your proposal and detracts from effective
                                        communications. It would be better to admit
                                        that President Skorton mispoke when he made
                                        the comment to end pledging.

                                        I've not in a long time heard such a large
                                        amount of bureaucratic gobbledygook.       Let
                                        the nanny aspects of our lives expand, as we
                                        as individuals cannot be trusted. Rather than
                                        enlighten and teach our children to make
                                        correct decisions, we write them off and
                                        enfeeble them. Give me a break.

A difficult topic which was very well
addressed by the R.A.R.E. Committee
and the staff.
This time Cornell is seeking input before We are required by our national organization
it makes changes. Smart move, but listen to have a candidate education period of no
this time.                                longer than 8 weeks, which effectively
                                          becomes 7 because of spring break. I hope
                                          that the fact that spring breaks falls in the
                                          middle of all of this will be taken into
                                          consideration. Additional question, and I think
                                          it was discussed briefly, 3 Active Alumni
                                          Advisors. I have ten on my Alumni Board, but
                                          as was pointed out, Cornell Alumni don't stay
                                          in Ithaca. What do mean by "active". Third
                                          question - For years we have tried to get an
                                          academic advisor from the faculty. They
                                          remain unwilling to be "bothered". I think a
                                          very important aspect of any program is to get
                                          them more involved so that those
                                          organizations that need academic guidance
                                          can have a resource available to them. Lastly,
                                          live in advisors will not work. Bad enough most
                                          students consider RA's to be "spies". You will
                                          make the mistake of driving inappropriate
                                          behavior underground. The last thing you want
                                          to do is add to the "mystique", when behavioral
                                          change is the goal.

I was impressed by the moderator's        Part of the culture of pledging/hazing is to
selection of questions from those posed   promote group bonding. In addition to clearly
by the audience. I thought the panel      delineating adverse "hazing" activities, has the
answered thoughtfully and as completely   panel considered offering alternative positive
as they could.                            "team-building" pledging activities that
                                          individual fraternities/sororities could be
                                          offered through the Cornell Outdoors program
                                          or other organizations ie. rapelling, rock
                                          climbing, wilderness survival weekend/ Frat -
                                          Soror Survivor, rapids rafting ???? It would
                                          have to be "thrilling" enough to engage
                                          students in a non-alcohol environment. This
                                          may have been addressed in the beginning of
                                          the presentation, I missed a bit due to a work
                                             What number of 24 R.A.R.E. committee
                                             members are alumni? Specifically, of
                                             fraternities at CU? If, appropriate, I'd like to
                                             know their names and CU fraternity.

pleased to know that the                     development of criteria and measurement of
recommendations are not just addressing      an organizations relative "health" or "at risk"
greek organizations but other campus         status will be interesting to follow. can't
groups. the notion of an ongoing             imagine it will not have a subjective
education focus is interesting and           component. education and training of
could/should be of benefit to greek and      undergraduate organization leaders/officers
campus organization members and the          should be part of this process for it to be
organizations themselves.                    effective.

About what I expected                        I was not able to login, not sure why. One
                                             question: A term of 4 years was mentioned in
                                             conection with live-in advisors. Did that
                                             require the same person for 4 years, or was
                                             that for the chapter? In our experience, we
                                             have had live-in Residential Scholars, but
                                             specifically do NOT expect them to be
                                             RA/police persons. Need to know more about
                                             what is expected of the Advisor person/role.

It met my expectations. As with all task
forces such as this that come about from
a tragic event, we will have to wait and
see if sustainable changes can be made.

The presentation slides were a little out-   Will ALL students who sign up for the "Cornell
of-focus, but still readable; audio was      Greek Community" program be invited to visit
perfect.                                     at least one fraternity/sorority? Can
                                             Sophomores or new transfer-in students also
                                             participate? If a chapter is identified as "at
                                             risk", won't that stigma hurt its chances to
                                             recruit serious, quality new members, and,
                                             thereby, improve itself?
More strategic and better researched
than I expected. I am a Cornell Greek
alumni and strategy and culture
management consultant (formerly with
Accenture, KPMG, now my own firm) and
I think you hit all the core areas to identify
the problem, and develop implementation
strategies, including this outreach effort.
Well done!

                                                 Not enough time allocated to the alcohol
                                                 problem which usually is involved in hazing.
                                                 My house has lost recognition and plans to
                                                 come back as a "new" house under probation.
                                                 What do we tell our new members about
                                                 alcohol consumption? Will the rules for us be
                                                 the same as those applied to other houses
                                                 who are then in "good standing?" In the past,
                                                 Cornell has essentially tolerated beer
                                                 consumption but not wine and liquor. There
                                                 may not be any answers to the underage
                                                 alcohol consumption problem.

I would like a specific list of what is see above.
conbsidered hazing. For instance, is
shining a senior's shoes considered
hazing? It seems to me that the real
problem here is the alcohol so there
should be much more emplhasis on that.
In substance yes. Would like to have had      This is a critically important undertaking for the
the presenters not read their script (this    future of campus life -- but it will have to be
created the wrong impression of "This is      aggressively and positively sold if it is to
the Day Hall / Party line) look directly at   achieve early success.
the camera, and give more facts that
motivate the need for these reforms
these reforms: 1) you misbehave, your
insurance rates go up, 2) fraternity GPAs
of individual members have been
dropping after they pledge, and never
fully recover (but sorority members aren't
afflicted with this problem), 3) the excess
drinking is a public health problem and
bad for your health, 4) why join a Greek if
you're merely linking up with a bunch of
drunken bad boys? (30% membership is
down significantly from the 56% "in my

                                              The group MUST focus more attention on
                                              alcohol abuse, the root cause of most of the
                                              bad experiences in the fraternities. I say this
                                              as a casual drinker and an SAE.
who can say?

Meet, not surpass. Recommendations
are still very general.

It was a waste of time. Half hour of fluff    Why don't they mind their own business and
that could have been accomplished in a        let the fraternities and sororities handle their
few minutes by two very boring                own affairs? Or at least pretend to care and
presenters.                                   not just be on the committee to build your
We should have more of these

Open discussion                            None

                                           Hi Travis, I am in the process of creating an
                                           official alumni association for Alpha Epsilon
                                           Pi's Cornell Chapter. I have wanted to have
                                           representation on the Alumni IFC but it seems
                                           that is reserved to the Housing Corporation,
                                           which has now been centralized as owned by
                                           a subsidiary of our International Fraternity.
                                           Would it be possible for the Alumni IFC to
                                           recognize the Alumni Association of Alpha
                                           Epsilon Pi's Cornell chapter as the local
                                           representatives of the fraternity, and thus be
                                           seated on the AIFC? Thanks in advance,
                                           David Chipurnoi '00

Only criticism was vagueness re what
penalties would be imposed for what
levels of hazing.

I thought Skorton would also participate
        Name    Net ID    E-mail                       Responses (DRAFT)

                                     Thank you.
Peter Baer     phb8
                                     Critical is fine, especially if it helps us to improve our
                                     recommendations and results. In the One Cornell
                                     Greek Community (OCGC) concept, we welcome
                                     prospective new members with educational, team
                                     building, service and social programs based on the
                                     shared values of being Greek. We will share more
                                     details about the program over the next couple of
                                     months. Our objectives are to create one community, to
                                     involve all active and prospective members, to
                                     demonstrate what is attractive and desirable about
                                     being Greek, and to educate all participants on what is
                                     acceptable and unacceptable behavior within our
                                     community. The OCGC concept is only one part of the
                                     proposed solution. We are recommending changes and
                                     new programs for the university, nationals, alumni,
                                     chapters and members to effect cultural change.

                                     1. Agreed. We had too little time to present details on
                                     each recommendation. We also need to develop,
                                     expand, refine and evaluate each concept over the next
                                     few months. 2. Each chapter will continue to welcome
                                     new members consistent with its own national
                                     guidelines. They will be challenged to reduce their
                                     process in length to make time for the OCGC process.
                                     3. We are undertaking a cost study regarding live-in
                                     advisors. Most live-in advisors are part-time, with
                                     academic and/or full time jobs. In part compensation is
                                     paid in room and board, but a salary is also required. 4.
                                     It is likely the cost of live-in advisors, including any
                                     structural modifications, will be the responsibility of the
                                     fraternity/sorority. Unfortunately, there are unfunded
                                     mandates that occur in many facets of society. RARE
                                     considered this financial burden seriously before
                                     including it in our recommendations.
                                       Agreed. Given the range and depth of the
                                       recommendations, and the need to engage the key
                                       stakeholders in the community, it can only be described
                                       as a work in progress. A significant amount of work has
                                       been done and still needs to be done. RARE was
                                       established as two year project, and from this milestone
                                       that is appropriate.
                                       We disagree. First, a death is certainly not an
                                       "incident". It is a tragedy. It is unacceptable to a
                                       community based on lifetime bonds of friendship.
                                       Beyond the loss of a member of the community, there
                                       are on average twenty hazing incidents reported each
                                       year. Research tells us that more than 90% of hazing
                                       incidents are not reported. Unfortunately this is not a
                                       problem characterized by a "few incidents". The task
                                       force, largely comprised of students and alumni, have
                                       devoted a great deal of time to this work not as a
                                       reaction, but because what can be seen in real time is
                                       worth changing before others are hurt or our fraternities
                            dwoehr@ and sororities, which we care so much about, are no
                            rochester. longer viable.
David Woehr       
                                       Thank you.
John D. Braun       1588894
                                       Given the amount of information we wanted to
                            joangrant communicate, we thought it best to prepare notes for
                            @optonlin our presentation. Our apologies it came across as too
Joan Grant              scripted or less effective than hoped.
                                       Agreed, more detail is needed. See previous
                                       comments. Today we have NYS law,CUPD and IPD,
                                       the Cornell Campus Code of Conduct, the Recognition
                                       Policy, each Council's rules and judicial review process,
                                       the Review Board, OFSIL, and national guidelines. In
                                       the past three years, three chapters have been asked to
                                       leave due to hazing. Despite these rules, laws, tough
                                       enforcement and educational programs, hazing
                                       continues at Cornell. RARE's focus, as a result, is
                                       encouraging culture change by raising the bar and
                                       defining minimum standards for all stakeholders in the
                                       community. Rather than a complete overhaul, each
                                       chapter will continue to welcome new members through
                                       a conditional membership process. RARE's
                                       recommendations are designed to retain the best parts
                                       of the process and make the process more transparent
                            john_gor through a written membership intake plan approval
                            maniii@y process.
John Gorman III   jsg2
                                      Hazing and high risk drinking/alcohol abuse are a
                                      dangerous, and at times tragic, combination. While
                                      RARE examined alchohol abuse, our primary focus was
                                      on hazing. The lessons and recommendations from the
                                      Dartmouth Collaborative on high risk drinking will need
                                      to be dovetailed with RARE's recommendations.
                                      However not all hazing involves alcohol. It also wasn't
                                      appropriate to wait for the Dartmouth Collaborative to
                                      complete its work before tackling the immediate risks
                                      related to hazing. Keep in mind that the use of alcohol
                                      in hazing activities is a secondary condition. We are
                                      trying to address the primary and underlying causes.

                                      We hope you can focus on the content rather than the

Ed Thorsland      et247   m
                                      Please see earlier responses.

James A. Brandt 
                                      Thank you.

                                      Thank you.

                                      Thank you.

                                      Appears to be a duplicate response.
                                         Presentation slides, and the livestreaming event in its
                                         entirety, are available. While we presented
                                         observations on Cornell's history and recent hazing
                                         statistics, we were limited in the time available. RARE
                                         spent significant time reviewing hazing activities, hazing
                                         news outside Cornell, surveys and research, best
                                         practice from other organizations and universities,
                                         expert books, articles and opinions, and alternative
                                         prevention approaches. Our findings make it clear that
                                         there is a very real, persistent hazing problem at Cornell
                                PQuintus that cannot be minimized or ignored..
Peter Eschweiler '55  
                                         Will respond separately.

Elisabeth K Boas, 71  
                                            Will respond separately.

robert blinken jr      rjb279   om
                                   We agree completely. The OCGC program will need to
                                   include an exciting social component, to demonstrate it
                                   is a valuable part of Greek life. We hope to attract even
                                   more potential members. And for those who particpate
                                   but choose not to continue, the OCGC program will
                                   leave them with a favorable impression of the Greek
                                   community. We're sorry to hear your son was hazed as
                                   part of his initiation. And we agree that the culture must
                                   change from within - through education, leadership,
                                   peer programs and elevated and minimum standards
                                   for ongoing membership.

                                  Our apologies for the busy slides. There is no question
                                  we shared more information rather than less. Hopefully
                                  by providing the presentation slides separately there
                                  will be time for those interested to review them in detail.
                        Nancy.Da We will look for ways to share FAQs and answers now
                        vidian@rc and as RARE continues.
                                  Thank you.

                                   Thank you.

Doug Perry      Dsp53   com
                                     RARE examined pledging in some detail, to define and
                                     differentiate the positive aspects of pledging from the
                                     negative experiences of hazing. In this review, we also
                                     examined the words "pledge" and "pledging". What we
                                     learned is that the terms "pledge" and "pledging" need
                                     to be viewed not from the perspective of those who
                                     enjoyed the experience, but from the perspective of
                                     those who were damaged by it. Further, there is a
                                     substantial number of undergraduates (90% when the
                                     arrive at Cornell) who are not willing to consider joining
                                     a fraternity or sorority, in part because of their negative
                                     perceptions of pledging, hazing and high risk drinking.
                                     Lastly, we need to consider President Skorton's view
                                     (shared by a number of administrators) that despite the
                                     many promises made by Greeks to retain the positive
                                     aspects of pledging and to eliminate hazing, it never
                                     happens. So for many individuals and groups, "pledge"
                                     and "pledging" are synonymous with an unequal power
                                     dynamic that is often abusive and at times dangerous.
                                     In this respect, the terms are considered derogatory.
                            whbrownl Unfortunately this is the view held by many Cornellians,
                            ee@aol.c not a small minority. RARE knows the culture won't
Bill Brownlee               om       change because we change the names. However, there

Robert W Ball       rwb53
                                         Noted and thank you.

Lindsay L Forness   Llf26   com

                                     Education and alternatives to high risk drinking will be
                                     part of the OCGC program. Cornell is already requiring
                                     live-in advisors for new/returning fraternities. We are
                                     expanding live-in advisors only to "at risk" chapters.
                                     Sororities, and some fraternities, have live-in advisors
                                     today. While there can be issues regarding ritual,
                                     liability, expense, selection, training, and performance
                                     reviews, these chapters serve as helpful examples of
                                     how it can work. Alumni involvement has been scarce
                                     for some chapters. RARE believes alumni involvement
                            dhibbert is a critical component for self-governance of
                            @fasterm successful, healthy chapters.
Dave Hibbert      
                                             We will need to develop a job description for live-in
                                             advisors. Fortunately, there are a number of examples
                                             upon which we can draw. It is our belief that the live-in
                                             advisor role needs to extend beyond property
                                             management while still limiting liability exposure for
                                             individuals. This is best handled by having active
                                             alumni and national advisors working in partnership
                                             with live-in advisors. While live-in advisors who are
                                             alumni with Greek experience is preferred, it is not
                                             essential. The best person for the job, regardless of
                                             Cornell or Greek affiliation, should always be selected.
                                             Again, please note RARE is only recommending live-in
                                             advisors be added in cases of "at risk" chapters.

Maureen Laffey Bills    1041710
                                             See previous responses.

Mike Zak               mjz35    .com
                                          It is difficult to strike the right balance in terms of pace
                                          and information. Hopefully keeping it to one hour was
                                laurenmur helpful.
Lauren Murphy         
                                          RARE plans to move next to focus groups of key
                                          stakeholders. We will use a variety of communication
                                          approaches over the next few months, to encourage a
                                my96@co vigorous discussion on this important initiatibve.
Melissa Yee            my96
                                          Apologies for any technical difficulties you or others
                                          may have experienced.

                                             Possibly a duplicate response.

                                             Thank you.
                           Alumni members of RARE have worked as part of the
                           task force througout this academic year. We will
                           encourage more alumni involvement through focus
                           groups, for example chapter alumni advisors and
                           alumni asssociation leadership. We are already
                           refining our recommendations based on feedback from
                           the Fraternity and Sorority Advisory Council, which
                           includes a number of Greek alumni. While we know of
                           only one death recently, it is impossible to say if other
                           deaths over time were caused by hazing but went
                           unreported. At least one death has occured each year
                           on universtity campuses since the '70's. Given there is
                           an average of 20 hazing incidents reported each year,
                           and that research suggests more than 90% of hazing
                           incidents goes unrreported, this is not an isolated set of
                           incidents. No one is gutting the entire system. In
                           RARE's view, Greeks should improve our own
                           recruitment processes. As only two of the twenty four
                           members of RARE were from from Cornell's
                           administration, the university wasn't "meddling" in our
                           process. The university will certainly "meddle" if the
                 steviecj@ Greek community doesn't address its own challenges.
Steven Johnson

                           Cornell was asked to join other university presidents in
                           a dispassionate discussion about the legal drinking age
                           (Amethyst Initiative) and chose not to do so. We'd refer
                           you to President Skorton's responses on raising the
                           drinking age in a Cornell Daily Sun article from 2010:
                  )RARE had to accept
                           that the legal drinking age is not likely to change for the
                 fourthlsg foreseeable future, and to develop its recommendations
Louis Gimbel     m
Agree completely. Alumni need to be educated on
acceptable and unacceptable behaviors, as well as the
risks and liability that can arise from their involvement
in any hazing or underage drinking activity. RARE
didn't address alumni training or monitoring of alumni
directly. RARE does recommend a number of
improvements that may help shape alumni involvement:
a minimum of three alumni advisors, an approved
written member intake plan, participation by national
and/or alumni reps during initiation, more alumni
association involvement, a Risk Management
Committee made up of alumni and active members, an
expanded national and state legal definition of hazing,
and undergraduate programs designed to "break the
cycle" through peer and leader intervention. Still your
question is an excellent one and RARE will spend more
time on it in the fall.

Thank you.
                                   We are a diverse community made up of nationals,
                                   councils, chapters, undergraduates, alumni, faculty,
                                   administration and others. It is not a simple process to
                                   engage a community in an important initiative. How
                                   would you SIMPLIFY the whole thing, without dictating
                                   changes that would not be embraced by the members
                                   of the community? While simple is always better, the
                                   problem of hazing has resisted many more
                                   straightforward attempts for generations.. A definition
                                   of "at risk" chapters will need to be developed. We can
                                   draw upon many sources, for example judicial and
                                   academic records, recruitment numbers, financial
                                   standing, residence standards, alumni and national
                                   advisors and administrators. Judgment has to be part
                                   of the process, because even the best chapters can
                                   practice serious hazing. We want to identify chapters
                                   that are truly "at risk" before they are subject to a review
                                   board, which often leads to long suspensions or loss of
                                   recognition. Unfortunately the idiocy of a few, if left
                          eddieksf unchecked, will mean the end of the entire system. The
                          @gmail.c entire system must embrace the need for change.
edward lortz      ekl34   om
                                   We'd prefer the side by side approach, but during our
                                   preparation, we realized the slides were too busy to be
                                   seen in the side by side format. We will work on
                                   improving (simplifying) our slides, using more eye
                                   contact and the side by side format for the next
                                   livestreaming update. Table tents are also a great idea.
                                   Thank you.

Christine Kurtz   cad7
                                    See previous responses on slides and on the
                                    combination of high risk drinking and hazing. RARE
                                    believes cultural change is essential to minimizing
                                    hazing, and that the collective result of our
                                    recommendations can lead to this result. We know
                                    there are no guarantees. If we are unsucccessful, more
                                    aggresive solutions (that RARE believes can be
                                    counterproductive) may be attempted next. Our
                          info@hals collective challenge is to end hazing from within the
                 system before more drastic changes are imposed by
Hal Sieling       HDS3    m         those outside the system.
                                      Agree with observations. The "revolving door" of
                                      participants in the Greek system creates challenges,
                                      but also opportunities, in effecting cultural change.
                                      Alumni can offer consistency and are, for many
                                      reasons, critical in RARE's view to a healthy Greek
                                      system. Nationals recommend a number of structural
                                      and risk management approaches to enable alumni to
                                      be active partners and advisors while minimizing
                                      liability. RARE supports these efforts.
Robert Verna       1502772
                                      Possibly a duplicate response.

Hal Sieling       HDS3    m
                          jaterlizzi Noted. Thank you for your comment.
Janice Terlizzi           om

                                      RARE is a task force made up of volunteeers spending
                                      many hours to address a difficult challenge. We ask
                                      that you focus on the content rather than the delivery,
                                      as that is what is most important.

                          cprohask Recording now available.
Carl Prohaska             m
                                   RARE accepts that active alumni involvement will often
                                   come from a virtual channel. In fact as a group, RARE
                                   relied upon a virtual collaboration platform that allowed
                                   participants to engage in many ways on a virtual basis.

Tim O'Connor      tvo2
                                      See earlier response on eliminating "pledging" as a
                                      term. While Presdient Skorton can speak (more
                                      eloquently) for himself, the RARE task force has worked
                                      to respond to his challenge "to end pledging as we
                                      know it." This gives ua a unique perspective on his
                                      choice of words. While many believe President Skorton
                                      misspoke or failed to understand the difference between
                                      pledging and hazing, we believe (after months of work)
                                      that his words were chosen deliberately, provoking a
                                      much needed debate about the member intake process
                                      and especially pledging. This phrase provoked the
                                      Greek community, eliciting a strong response.
                                      President Skorton's choice of words proved powerful in
                                      engaging the Greek community. We'd also refer you to
                                      President Skorton's personal response to your letter.
Bill Fogle '70 
                                      Noted and thank you.
Burt Scherk    
                                    RARE's recommendations focus on changing the
                                    culture of the Greek community, at every level. No one
                                    is writing off or enfeebling our children. The young
                                    adults who are members of RARE are actually quite
                                    strong in character considering their willingnes to act as
                         philturano leaders among their peers through a tulmultuous topic.
Phil Turano      pdt4    om
                                    Thank you.

Tony Cashen      abc93
                                     We will listen. And RARE appreciates Cornell's support
                                     for a process that requires a lengthy input process to be
                                     effective. We are mindful of spring break, although if
                                     chapter intake processes are reduced in length they
                                     may be completed prior to spring break. Ten alumni
                                     advisors is clearly an example of "best practice". Active
                                     means engaged and in regular communication with
                                     undergraduate leaders and members. It does not mean
                                     advisors must be based in Ithaca, which would be an
                                     unrealistic objective even for the three advisors RARE
                                     recommends as a minimum requirement. RARE didn't
                                     recommend a faculty advisor - our focus was more on
                                     active alumni advisors and a live-in advisor for "at risk"
                                     chapters. "At risk" chapters are most likely already
                                     engaging in underground and other risky activities.
                                     RARE believes live-in advisors are one part of a
                                     number of responses needed tp turn around "at risk"

Dennis Paese              om
                                     Thank you.

                                     RARE would like to thank Cornell Communications for
                                     hosting our livestreaming event. They did an excellent
                                     job working with a couple of new presenters. Thank
                                     you for asking. The OCGC program, as well as
                                     resources and programs being recommended at the
                                     chapter level, are focused on alternative group bonding
                                     activities. Cornell Outdoor Education's Greek
                                     leadership program, on an expanded basis, will be an
                                     important part of our detailed recommendations.

Lynne Haberstock   LTH7
                          jbrouillett Glad you found it informative.
John Brouillette          om
                                        The Cornell AIFC, APAC and AMGLC alumni
                                        presidents are members of RARE. Three additional
                                        Cornell alumni, two Cornell administrators who are also
                                        Greeks, two national Greek representatives, and a
                                        faculty member were also part of RARE. The majority of
                                        RARE was made up of undergraduates, including
                                        members and leaders from the IFC, PHC and MGLC.
                                        Fraternities represented by RARE members were
                                        Sigma Chi, Phi Kappa Tau, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Alpha Phi
                                        Omega, Lamda Theta Phi, Phi Gamma Delta, Pi Kappa
                                        Alpha, Lambda Upsilon Lambda, Tau Kappa Epsilon,
                                        Psi Upsilon,and Lambda Chi Alpha. Please contact Bob
                                        Forness at if you'd like to learn
                           murr024      more about RARE's membership.
Tony Murray      
                                        It will be interesting and must contain a subjective
                                        component. We agree education and training of
                                        undergraduate organization leaders/officers needs to be
                                        part of the process. In addition, programs focused on
                                        peer interaction and intervention will also be part of the
                           jlabarthe    detailed recommendations.
Jules Labarthe     1443234 .com
                                        The same person is not required for four years. It is just
                                        a requirement to have a live-in advisor for four years for
                                        a new, returning or "at risk "chapter. See previous
                                        response on need for job description and striking the
                                        right balance for role.

Brad Olson        cbo3
                                        Agreed on time will tell if sustainable change can be
                                        made. See previous responses on slides and
                                        presentation. Thank you for participating.

                                      Will review slide in terms of focus next time - thank you
                                      for pointing this out. Good question on visiting a
                                      fraternity/sorority. Need to consider how to add to the
                                      program without starting chapter specific rush. Can see
                                      the value, as the sororities are able to do so today.
                                      Yes, an "at risk" chapter may find it more difficult to
                                      attract members. We will need to consider how to
                           dick.veith minimize the stigma while still addressing the very real
                           @verizon. concerns that led to the "at risk" designation.
Richard L.Veith   rlv32    net
                                 Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate your
                                 comments, especially given your expertise with cultural

Nona Ullman          .com
                                 Until we address high risk drinking, any solution
                                 regarding hazing will be incomplete. We agree.
                                 RARE's view is we need to start the process and
                                 improve our recommendations as results from the
                                 Dartmouth Collaborative emerge.

                                 See previous response. While we understand the rules
                                 related to underage drinking are the same for new and
                                 existing chapters, this question may be better directed
                                 to OFSIL. Underage drinking remains a difficult
                                 challenge for all involved in the system.

Ron Demer     rd43
                               See previous responses on alchohol. Not all hazing
                               involves alcohol, so while it is critically important to
                               address high risk drinking it is not the entire answer.
                               There are many definitions and examples of hazing.
                     , and
                      list breaks down examples in terms of
                     lcminbigb subtle, harassment and violent hazing. The judiicial
                     ear@aol. process today defines hazing in categories and applies
Leland Mote          com       judicial actions accordingly.
                                    RARE's script and recommendations are solely RARE's
                                    product. In fact by RARE conducting a public
                                    announcement of recommendations before receiving a
                                    "Day Hall" approval, RARE demonstrated its
                                    independence. The failure to make sufficient eye
                                    contact was solely the fault of the presenters.
                                    Unfortunately the facts that motivated these reforms
                                    would take much more than one hour to present. When
                                    sharing these recommended reforms in the future, we
                                    will try to do a better job at describing our rationale.
                                    Thanks for participating.

Logan M. Cheek 
                         Gary.stev Thank you.
Gary Stevens             .com
                                    Preparing them also produced a headache or two.
                                    Hopefully you were able to download the presentation
                         paulmiller slides and expand them for viewing. We will improve
                         @embarq our slides (by simplifying them) in the future.
Paul Miller    
                                    Agree. See previous responses on alchohol.
Harold Kunz      hgk26

                                    Thank you for participating.

Traci Nagle      tcn6
                                    Recommendations were presented at a high level due
                                    to limited time. Thank you for participating.
                                          Thank you. We hope to do this again in the fall.

                             wil0474@ Thank you.
Robert J. Williams 

Lloyd Slaughter      lss72   com
                             Dbg721@ Thank you.
Diane Berney Gluck           m
                                        Recommend you contact Jonathan Feldman, President
                                        of the AIFC, or Tony Cashen, to make your request.
                                        RARE recommends that active alumni involvement
                                        include participation in alumni associations.

David Chipurnoi      dic4
                                          Improvements in the judicial process and the penalties
                                          related to hazing covers a level of detail beyond our
                                          available time. RARE viewed much of the current
                                          judicial process as being effective in responding to
                                          hazing incidents. However, our focus was on changing
                                          the culture that encourages hazing prevention before it
                                          reaches an incident level.

                                          Apologies for any technical difficulties and thanks for

                                          Thank you. RARE shared its recommendations before
                                          consulting with President Skorton. We plan to engage
                                          the community and refine the recommendations before
                                          seeking President Skorton's agreement.

                             adriano.s Thank you for participating.
Adriano Sabatelli            m
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       7            10                  33                  39%
      10                                                   NPS:     40%
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       8                                               Passives:    34%
       8                                              Detractors:   13%

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