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					                                   Huawei Core
                                    FOR SALE
Part Number                       Description                           Manufacturer   Qty   Status
                            DDF Rack(2000*300*300)                        Huawei        1
                                      Base                                Huawei        1
                 B610-21 Rack,For SUN Mini-Computer(AC 220V)              Huawei        1
                            PARC Assembly Cabinet                         Huawei        1
                     NGSDH Delivery Accessories Per Rack                  Huawei        1
                                PARC Base Shelf                           Huawei        1
                    System Control and Communication Board                Huawei        1
                              X343 (RACK MODEL)                           Huawei        1
                   Novatel Cd rom user manual VS13 01017551               Huawei        1
                  Emergency Workstation. Soft X 3000, SF3CTS              Huawei        1
                                Smart Key Server                          Huawei        1
                      1-Port sync/async serial RT-SIC-1SA                 Huawei        1
                   2xSTM-1 Optical Interface Board(Ie-1,LC/PC)            Huawei        1
               2-port packet over Optical GE ethernet Interface REV:a     Huawei       1
                4-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switching Processing Board
                                                                          Huawei       1
              communication cable E228260 UL CM CAT 5E 4pair UTP
                                                                          Huawei       1
                             SUN Solaris 8, 02/04 Versi                   Huawei       1
                   Informix Dynamic Server(IDS) V9.40 FC7W4               Huawei       1
                   Optix I manager T2000 V 200R004C01GA E                 Huawei       1
                     Optix I manager T2000 VS 200R004C01E                 Huawei       1
              TrendMicro Client/Server Suite,Chinese/English,V3.0,10
                                                                          Huawei       1
                  Users,for Windows,32 bits/64 bits,Paper Excha

              KVM 3 in 1 Control Module,1U,15` TFT LCD,Black,With
                                                                          Huawei       1
               Power Cable,KVM Cable,Mounting Accessories,Engli
              UC-10KM Conversion Connector,ATEN,PS/2 to USB, No
                                                                          Huawei       1
                               Document, Black
                   KVM Switching Device,MasterConsole II 8-
              Channel/Rack/1U,English Documents,With Independent          Huawei       1
                                  Power Cab
                  KVM Switching Device Cable,CCPT20 For PC
                                                                          Huawei       1
                Server,2m,For MasterConsole II Switching Device
                   Desk Top Computer (OPTIPLEX GX520MT)                   Huawei       1
                             17" Computer Monitor                         Huawei       1
                    Desk Top Computer Optiplex GX520MT                    Huawei       1

Part Number                             Description                       Manufacturer   Qty   Status
                           Process Board GP 12 E1 TM VER                    Huawei        1
                                   Sun Ultra SPARC IV                       Huawei        1
                                 Sun V880/V890 Auxiliary                    Huawei        1
                 Patch cord FC/PC-SC/PC Single mode 3mm ? 20m               Huawei        1
                          Top Cover-44090175MX-Assembled                    Huawei        1
                                      Tellin top Cover                      Huawei        1
               DKBA4.127.0229MX,TELLIN SAU Top Cover,C&C08B
                                                                            Huawei       1
                                 Switch Assembled Rack
                               Installation Support bracket                 Huawei       1
                          cement floor installation component               Huawei       1
                                 Special Mechanical Part                    Huawei       1
              Installation Board,DKBA4.409.0219MX,Horizontal Wiring
                                                                            Huawei       1
                       Trough,C&C08B Assembled Rack Series
                               Power wire Channel bracket                   Huawei       1
                                  Dustproof set NE40-4                      Huawei       1
              Label - DB0733 - English label of loading cable - 2 row * 4
                                                                            Huawei       1
                Label - DB0734 - English label of terminal - 3 row *4
                                                                            Huawei       1
                 Label Set,Enbglish,For Intelligent Products Cabinet
                                                                            Huawei       1
                       Internal Cable Set,White,Huawei B Label
               Package of Documents-Huawei C5210 Server-(V1.00)             Huawei       1
                             Network Fitting Mercury 3600                   Huawei       1
                           DKBA8.817.1304,SCP Label,SCP                     Huawei       1
                           DKBA8.817.1307,SMP Label,SMP                     Huawei       1
                  DKBA8.044.3175,Fixing Angle for GPS Lightning
                                                                            Huawei       1
                             Installation quide rail 1620mm                 Huawei       1
                 3582,1*LTO2,20*200G Tape,1*Clean Tape,1 Year
                                                                            Huawei       1
                             Servcie,Eng.Doc,Config Sheet
                 Earthing wire L 45cm 227 iec 02 RV 4mm 450/750v            Huawei       1
                                4-Port CE1/PR1 interface                    Huawei       1
                              Quidway AR 28-10 router 11                    Huawei       1
               Quidway AR 28-31 Router Host, 3 MIM Modular Slots, 2
                                                                            Huawei       1
                        10/100BASE-TX Ports (RJ45), AC220V
                  Distribution Cabinet,PD48/1200BFH AC&DC
                                                                            Huawei       1
                              Integrated Assembly Cabinet
              Cable Distribution Rack,W24E2ZB,PS48350-1B/25 Cable
                                                                            Huawei       1
                                 Distribution Rack(1.8m)
                                 S2008 hi ethernet switch                   Huawei       1
                        16-port FE unmanaged switch (AC) (EX)               Huawei       1
                                           base -                           Huawei       1
                Components,SPD12Z,Power D-Level Lightning-Proof
                                                                            Huawei       1
                           Device,Bottom Lead-Out,SPD-D2
                C&C08,CB0Z1PACK,Exchange Delivery Components
                                                                            Huawei       1
                         (Components For Each Office Project
                                    RTN 620 Subrack                         Huawei       1
                 Monitoring Module,M14C3AZ,PSM-A,Power Supply
                                                                            Huawei       1
                          Monitoring Module(English Version)
                              PSM Subrack Power Module                      Huawei       1

Part Number                           Description                    Manufacturer   Qty   Status
                Manufactured Board,A2V4FZ-A2V4FA1,Transformer
                                                                       Huawei       1
                             Boards For AC Monitoring
                         Versatile Interface Extension Unit B          Huawei       1
                               The Clock Interface Unit                Huawei       1
                   High-Level System Board Back Interface Unit         Huawei       1
                                       Alarm Unit                      Huawei       1
                      Signaling High level link Processing Unit        Huawei       1
                        Signaling E1 Peripheral Interface Unit         Huawei       1
                TMG8010,TG32HRB0,High-Speed Routing Forward
                                                                       Huawei       1
                     Broadband Signaling Processing Interface          Huawei       1
               BSC6800,QW11W1AS0,RNC 1-Port 155M ATM Single
                                                                       Huawei       1
                                mode optical subboard
                UMG8900,UG01FOMU0,Fixed Network Operation &
                                                                       Huawei       1
                                  Maintenance Unit
                             Hot-Swap And Control Unit                 Huawei       1
                Media Gateway 32E1 Port TDM Interface Board(b)         Huawei       1
              UMG8900,UG01MTCB5,Media gateway TransCode Unit
                                                                       Huawei       1
                                 B5(2048 CH MPTY)
                 MRS6100, MS02MCCU0, Media Call Control Unit           Huawei       1
                BSC6800,QW11WOSEb0,RNC Single Mode Optical
                                                                       Huawei       1
                              Interface Board Of E1/T1
                  OptiX OSN 2500,SSQ2CXL114,STM-1 System
                                                                       Huawei       1
                     Control,Cross-connect,Optical Interface B
                 SGSN9810,KW35URCU0,PSM Rack Control Unit              Huawei       1
                SoftX3000,SF35BFII0,Back Insert FE Interface Unit      Huawei       1
               Media Gateway Voice Processing Unit D(1K TC,64ms
                                                                       Huawei       1
                            GPX 147-C & CA 1/2/3 Base                  Huawei       1
                      Shielding cross over mesh v2 - DL 4423           Huawei       1
                Huawei 8xE1 pre terminated shielded cable for Optix
                                                                       Huawei       1
                Huawei 8xE1 pre terminated shielded cable for Optix
                                                                       Huawei       1
                 iManager M2000 II,WM1SUN2,Sun Solaris Patch
                                                                       Huawei       1
                         4.0.3,Patch Program,For M2000 II
              3812E Single Terminal System Chinese-English Software
                                                                       Huawei       1
                  KVM 4 in 1 LCD Control Module,1U,17-Inch TFT
              LCD,8way KVM,With Mouse&Keyboard,110V/240V Self-
                                                                       Huawei       1
               adaptation,8 USB Straight signal cables,With mounting
                           Accessories,English doc,Black
                      Sun keyboard WS Fire V440 single 2*1.2           Huawei       1
                     Sun keyboard model 6 USB 5V0C-100MA               Huawei       1
              Disk Array,Exp400 DC,14pcs HD Capablilty,With 2 SCSI
                                                                       Huawei       1
                           Cable,With 2*2m Power Core,
              Connector Accessories,Protection Boot That Used With E
                                                                       Huawei       1
                 Type Shell Male D-SUB Connector,Matching With

Part Number                         Description                  Manufacturer   Qty   Status
                                  Power Lighting
              Protector,65KA(8/20us),1500V,220VAC/380VAC,Termina   Huawei       1
                                  l,Bolt Mounted
                               Fuse core NT3 500A                  Huawei       1
                               Fuse core NT2 400A                  Huawei       1
               Power Cable,450/750V,H07Z-K UL3386,6mm^2,Yellow
                                                                       Huawei   1
                      Green,Low Smoke Zero Halogen Cable
               Plain Washers Product Grade A,12,Zinc Electroplating,
                                                                       Huawei   1
                               iridescent yellow,GB97.1-8
                                   Blue insulation tape                Huawei   1
                   Heat-Shrink Tube/D8.0/Radial Shrinkage Ratio
                                                                       Huawei   1
                   Heat-shrink tube(D20.0),Radial shrinkage ratio
                                                                       Huawei   1
                    DKBA0.480.0497,Waterproof Adhesive Tape
                                                                       Huawei   1
                               Emerson NXA 80 manual A                 Huawei   1
                               Emerson NXA 80 manual B                 Huawei   1
                             N2000 DMS device imanager A               Huawei   1
                             N2000 DMS device imanager B               Huawei   1
                          N2000 DMS compound imanager A                Huawei   1
                        IPCLK1000 Electronic Documentation-
                                                                       Huawei   1
              OptiX OSN 3500 Intelligent Optical Transmission System
                                                                       Huawei   1
                             Compliance and Safety Manual
              Optical Transceiver,Enhanced SFP,850nm,2.125G Series
                                                                       Huawei   1
                 ADSL CPE(For Oversea),SmartAX MT800,Remote
                 Management Function,One Ethernet Port,220V AC         Huawei   1
               Input,Australia Mode Power Pin,English Documentation
                    Fiber Interface Clamp for SC,MTRJ,LC Type          Huawei   1
                                        Tong                           Huawei   1
                 Integrated Equipment Spare Parts,R1G225-AF33-
               12&R1G225AF11-52-48V(36V-57V)DC,FAN for HX04-
                                                                       Huawei   1
                       22DH/HX03T-22SH/HX02-22SH Heat
                     Exchanger,Specification DKBA0.480.2099
                               High-Level System Unit                  Huawei   1
                 Power Supply Lightning Arrester and Overvoltage
                                                                       Huawei   1
              Protector,Spark Gap,In 40kA,1.5kV,255Vac,Guide Insta
                   HH3C4.070.0017MX,Cement Floor Installation
                                                                       Huawei   1
                             Component,NGN Cabinet
                Fan 172x51mm,50C,DC with temperature dependant
                                                                       Huawei   1
                          speed control. 420-17248-01A
                       Fan Controller (Aiotec) 994-00000-95            Huawei   1
                      Dual band kathrein combiner 78210306.            Huawei   1
                              Accessory to 06040036                    Huawei   1

Part Number                           Description                     Manufacturer   Qty   Status
                 Inverter,48VDC,220VAC,6KVA,50Hz,Single Unit,AC
                                                                        Huawei       2
                     Bypass Input,Online,Panel Display In English
                            Combined Distribution Cabinet               Huawei       2
                PCA,Spare Consumable Parts For The Installation Of
                                                                        Huawei       2
                                    C&C08B Switch
                      3 DC Power Module Configuration Chassis           Huawei       2
                 Shielding Door for C&C08B Switch Assembly Rack         Huawei       2
                                GGSN9811 Film(Door)                     Huawei       2
                              HUAWEI PCU Film (Door)                    Huawei       2
                                                                        Huawei       2
                              Consignment Accessories
                                   USIIR-0030L - IH                     Huawei       2
                           2-Port sync/async serial Rt - 2SA            Huawei       2
                     Processing board RTE SA 03 V600 0407 25            Huawei       2
                               1-Port 10/100M ethernet                  Huawei       2
                             RNC main processing board                  Huawei       2
                      4xSTM-1 Optical Interface Board(S-1.1,LC)         Huawei       2
               STM-4 System Control, Cross-connect, Optical Interface
                                                                        Huawei       2
                                    Board (S-4.1,LC)
              4-port ATM/Packet over unchannlized Optical STM-1/OC-
                                                                        Huawei       2
                               3c Interface Board REV:a
                                    Sybase adaptive                     Huawei       2
                     Microsoft Windows 2000 Server,English Std,
                   1Svr+5CAL,32bit,WinSvr2003R2 Std OEM COA             Huawei       2
                                    Lic,Win2000 Svr
                     Microsoft SQL Server 2000,English,Standard
                Edition,10CAL,for Windows,32bit,SQL2005 Std OEM         Huawei       2
                                        COA Lic,
                         Workstation(Sun Blade 150,650Mhz)              Huawei       2
                             Precision 690, 2*Xeon Dual                 Huawei       2
                   HP MSA500G2,Support 14*SCSI Cable,2*Array
              Controller(256MCache),2*AC549W,110V/220V,Eng.doc,         Huawei       2
                                         No Host
              SCSI Card,Dual channel,PCI-X,English doc.,For DELL PE
                                                                        Huawei       2
                   Cable Connector,Dustproof Cover,Plastic Inject
                                                                        Huawei       2
                     Component,For 2W2/DB9/DB15 Receptacle
               Connector Accessories,Protection Boot That Used With
                                                                        Huawei       2
                           DIN7/16 Female Connector,1:1
              Connector Accessories,Protection Boot That Used With N
                                                                        Huawei       2
                                Female Connector,1:1
                                Side Door-44090080MX                    Huawei       2
                     DKBA4.120.0309MX,Door For B68-21 Rack              Huawei       2
                                 Ventilation Door (50%)                 Huawei       2
                  Supporting Stand/Bracket-Q/DKBA4.070.0236MX-
                                                                        Huawei       2
                          Cabinet Antishook&Reinforcing Kit
               Supporting Stand/Bracket-Q/DKBA4.070.0241MX-P550
                                                                        Huawei       2
                           Series Supporting Bracket III Kit
                                 P800 series mount set                  Huawei       2
                          88170882,TELLIN FEP Nameplate                 Huawei       2

Part Number                       Description                        Manufacturer   Qty   Status
                                                                       Huawei       2
               TELLIN-CMP(Resources Management Console) Label          Huawei       2
                 DKBA8.088.0511,Dustproof Mesh,Switch Product
                                                                       Huawei       2
                       C&C08B Switch Assembled Rack
                      Surplus Item - Detail to be confirmed            Huawei       2
              Function Module,W2442Z,M2442Z,PSM-A10,Monitoring
                                                                       Huawei       2
                     Module Of PS48100-2/25A Power System
              Cable Distribution Rack,W24A3ZB,PS48300-1B/30 Cable
                                                                       Huawei       2
                                Distribution Rack(2.0m)
                Cable twin blue/black 48v RTN 227 iec 02 RV 16mm
                                                                       Huawei       2
               AC/DC Converter,PDP11Z,220VAC Input,180VDC of 8
                                                                       Huawei       2
                          Outputs, Rectifier for PDP Monitor
              Eudemon 200,FW1M4E200D,Eudemon 200 Chassis(DC)
                                                                       Huawei       2
                             With 4FE,Overseas Version
               S3026C Ethernet Switch with 24 10/100BASE-TX ports
                                                                       Huawei       2
                            and 2 module slots (DC 48V)
                            Back Insert FE Interface Unit              Huawei       2
               UMG8900,UG01ME320,Media gateway 32E1 Port TDM
                                                                       Huawei       2
                                    Interface Board
                SGSN9810,KW34UBIU0,SGSN Back Interface Unit            Huawei       2
              UMG8900,UG01MTCB2,Media gateway TransCode Unit
                                                                       Huawei       2
                               B2(1024 CH TC with EC)
                                E1_Pool Interface Unit                 Huawei       2
                  2xSTM-1 Optical Interface Board(S-1.1,LC/PC)         Huawei       2
                            D. FM 9 Pin 300v power cable               Huawei       2
                              Oracle data base standard                Huawei       2
               LCD Control Terrace - slide away console ACS 1200DL     Huawei       2
              240,1*1.5GHz,2*512M,2*73G,DVDROM,Solaris 8,English       Huawei       2
                               Documents,DC Power(-
                 Coaxial Connector,N,50ohm,Straight/Male, for 1/2`
                                                                       Huawei       2
                             superflexible feeder cable
                  Patch Cord, FC/PC-SC/PC,Singlemode,3mm,1m            Huawei       2
                 Patch Cord,DLC/PC-DLC/PC,Multimode,2mm,10m            Huawei       2
                  Antenna Feeder Arrester,20KA,Residual Voltage
                                                                       Huawei       2
                      Heat-Shrink Tube,D14,Radial Shrinkage
                                                                       Huawei       2
               Heat Shrink Tube/D18/Radial Shrink Rate>50%/Black       Huawei       2
                                      Wrist Strap                      Huawei       2
               Optical Transceiver,SFP,1310nm,STM1,-19~-14dBm,-
                                                                       Huawei       2
                  Small metallic plate (set of 2) - 100mm x 70mm       Huawei       2
                         DKBA0.480.0082,Wire Fixing Base
              FW,2K,14(Length)*12.1(Width)*7.3(Height),NYLON66(UL      Huawei       2
                                    ),Natural Color

Part Number                        Description                         Manufacturer   Qty   Status

              227 IEC 02 (RV) green/yellow earth strap 10mm 450/750v     Huawei       2
                          Microwave Accessory,Waveguide
                                                                         Huawei       2
                    transducer,32&38G,WR28/K type,without doc
                          Microwave Accessory,Waveguide
                                                                         Huawei       2
                   transducer,38G,0.219"CIRC/WR28,without doc
                         M 9 Pin cable with crystal connector            Huawei       2
                          Extensible Processing Unit REV:a               Huawei       3
              Cable,30m,120ohm,16E1,0.4mm,D100M,120CC32P0.4P             Huawei       3
              OptiX OSN 1500 Intelligent Optical Transmission System
                                                                         Huawei       3
                            Compliance & Safety Manual
                              RNC line process board                     Huawei       3
                 Monitor And Alarm Cable,Monitor Cable,1.1m,MP8-
                                                                         Huawei       3
               Harness,HLR9820,Power Cable,Double Mini Computer
                                                                         Huawei       3
                                Power Cable Harness
                              Oracle 9i database 9.2.x                   Huawei       3
                KVM Device Cable,2L-5202P,1.8m,No Document,For
                                                                         Huawei       3
                                 ATEN KVM Switch
               PC Server, HP DL380G5,2*Xeon Woodcrest Dual core
                 1.6GHz or above,4G(4*1G),No HDD(2.5"SAS),No             Huawei       3
                           WS, Blade 150, 650MHz,512M.                   Huawei       3
                      Naked Crimping Connector,JG Type-95-12             Huawei       3
              Common Terminal,Single Cord End Terminal,Conductor
                                                                         Huawei       3
                Cross Section 1.0mm^2,5A,Tin Plating,Insertion De
              Naked Crimping Connector,2.5mm^2,27A,Tin Plating,Butt
                                                                         Huawei       3
                            Splice Connector,For OEM
                              Wireless Indoor Rack                       Huawei       3
                          19" Open Rack 2.2m General                     Huawei       3
                        Mount Angle for IBM X343 Server                  Huawei       3
                             19" Open Rack Mount Kit                     Huawei       3
                         DKBA8.807.0202,Outdoor label
                                                                         Huawei       3
                 Modem,56K/Data/Fax,External,Split Type(DB25 To
               DB25,DB9) Cable,English/Chinese Documents,220VAC          Huawei       3
                                       To 1
               Quidway AR 28-30 Router Host, 3 MIM Modular Slots, 1
                                                                         Huawei       3
                      10/100BASE-TX Port (RJ45), AC220V
                DC Power Distribution Frame ( 2 stripped of Switch
                                                                         Huawei       3
                                    21040681 )
                        Microsoft SQL server license 2000                Huawei       3
                      Compression Service Processing Card                Huawei       3
                             BSC6000 Lable(for Door)                     Huawei       4
              STM-4 System Control, Cross-Connect,Optical interface
                                                                         Huawei       4
                             RNC network switchboard                     Huawei       4

Part Number                          Description                    Manufacturer   Qty   Status
                    32 E1/T1 Interface Equipement for IP Transport    Huawei        4
                             PSM Rack Back Storage Unit               Huawei        4
                   Informix Client SDK 2.x,For Windows XP,English
                                                                      Huawei       4
                                   Version,Media Kit
                                Rogue wavw paper label                Huawei       4
                                  Desktop,P4 2.8G Or
               Above,512M,80G,FDD,DVD,Integrated NIC,Integrated       Huawei       4
                          Audio Card,Integrated Sound Box,
                                 Desktop,E2140 Or A
               bove,2G,80G,FDD,DVDRW,Integrated NIC,Integrated        Huawei       4
                           Audio Card,Intgernal Speaker,19
              SDRAM,1GB,184Pin,3.75ns,266MHz,2.5V,Registered,EC       Huawei       4
                          C,2Bank,PC2100,Height 30.48mm
                10&100M Adaptive Ethernet Card/RJ45/PCI Bus/With
                                                                      Huawei       4
                                      Drive Disk
                    Hard Disk,72.8G,Ultra 320 SCSI,15000rpm,Hot-
                                                                      Huawei       4
                       Swap,Internal,For HP Server and Storage
                 PC Server HardDisk,73GB,1000rpm,2.5",SAS,Hot-
                                                                      Huawei       4
                  Swap,For HP PC Server & DiskArray,375861-B21
                 PC Server HardDisk,146GB,1000rpm,2.5",SAS,Hot-
                                                                      Huawei       4
                  Swap,For HP PC Server & Disk Array,431958-B21
               Connector Accessories,Protection Boot That Used With
                                                                      Huawei       4
                             SMA Female Connector,1:1
               Connector Accessories,Protection Boot That Used With
                                                                         Huawei    4
                Female Type 68PIN SCSI Connector,Matching With
                                        Side Door                        Huawei    4
                                side support bending plate               Huawei    4
                         DKBA8.817.1306,SMAP Label,SMAP                  Huawei    4
                   DKBA8.080.0097,Dustproof Cover,DB50 Socket            Huawei    4
              S5624P-PWR Ethernet Switch with 24 10/100/1000 BASE-
                          T ports& 4 1000BASE-X ports(SFP                Huawei    4
                    Req)(Combo)with(AC110/220V,RPS DC-48V)
              BSC6800,QW11W4ASb0,RNC 4-Port 155M ATM Single
                                                                         Huawei    4
                      mode Optical Subboard(with LC Interface)
                    SoftX3000,SF35BSGI0,Broadband Signaling
                                                                         Huawei    4
                             Gateway,750GX,1GB Memory
                Cable connector - D model - 9PIN - female - welding
                                                                         Huawei    4
                              model used for cable connect
                            Network Interface Connector,8-
                                                                         Huawei    4
                 Bit/8PIN,Unshielded,Conversion Socket,NO keyed
               Single Coil Spring Lock Washers,Normal Type,12,Zinc
                                                                         Huawei    4
                                Electroplating, iridescent y
                         Full thread hexagon bolts C , M12 *35           Huawei    4
              Hexagon Nuts,Style 1,Product Grades A and B,M12,Zinc
                                                                         Huawei    4
                                 Electroplating, iridescent
              Optical transceiver, eSFP, 1310nm, 1.25Gb/s, -9~-3dBm, -
                                                                         Huawei    4
                            20dBm, LC, Single Mode, 10km
                                  Accessory to 06040036                  Huawei    4

Part Number                           Description                       Manufacturer   Qty   Status
                          PCU Operation&Maintenance Unit                  Huawei        5
                                NGN Cabinet Side Door                     Huawei        5
                  40700174MX,GPS Antenna Support,BITS Rack
                                                                          Huawei       5
                     Antenna,Lightning Arrester Installation Suite
                               Monitor and Alarm Cable                    Huawei       5
                       DF, GPX147-RPJD, 72-Fiber Splice Unit              Huawei       5
                                  Clock Interface Unit                    Huawei       5
                               Desktop E5300 or Above                     Huawei       5
                           Ground expansion bolts M10*55                  Huawei       5
                               Mini-Computer,SUN V890
              Dual,2*1.35GHz,8G(16*512M),6*146G,2*NIC,2*SCSI,2*S          Huawei       6
                                 Hot Swap Control Unit                    Huawei       6
              Connector Accessories,Protection Boot That Used With B
                                                                          Huawei       6
                    Type Shell 25PIN Female D-SUB Connector,
                  Patch Cord,FC/PC,LC/PC,Singlemode,2mm,5m                Huawei       6
                                       Front Door                         Huawei       6
                       Installation Support Component 450mm               Huawei       6
                   Wiring ladder Accessories And Consumable Kit           Huawei       6
                     Call Control And Signaling Processing Unit           Huawei       6
                       Coaxial Connector,BNC,75ohm,Straight
                Plug,Male,Matching SYFVZ-75-1-1,With Heat Shrink          Huawei       6
                                    Tube With Itself
                                  Universal Alarm Box                     Huawei       7
                  JTGO (Including JViews Suite) Runtime License           Huawei       7
                    Naked Crimping Terminal,OT,6mm^2,M6,Tin
                                                                          Huawei       7
                 Plating,Insulated Ring Terminal,12~10AWG,yellow
                               Upper bracket component                    Huawei       7
               Single Coil Spring Lock Washers,Normal Type,8,Zinc
                                                                          Huawei       7
                      Electroplating, iridescent yellow,GB93-87
               Cable connector - D model - 9PIN - black plastic shell /
                                                                          Huawei       7
                                   screw specification
                                 LANSwitch cable frame                    Huawei       7
                 APDB-9 AC Power Distribution Box,Multiple Mode
                                                                          Huawei       8
                    Input,Input 100A,Output 40A,9 Circuit Output
                 Media Gateway ATM AAL2/AAL5 SAR Processing
                                                                          Huawei       8
              Desktop,P4 2.8G Or Above,1G,80G,FDD,DVD,Integrated
                                                                         Huawei        8
                NIC,Integrated Audio Card,Integrated Sound Box,19
                                Arrester Mount Kit                       Huawei        8
               Engineering Label-DB0687- B Type Cabinet Side Door
                                                                         Huawei        8
                Chinese/English Label-2 Group 8 Pieces-4 Column 2
               Naked Crimping Connector,JG2,35mm^2,M8,210A,Tin
                                                                         Huawei        8
                                 Plating,For OEM
               Cross Recessed Pan Head Screw,Spring Lock Washer
                                                                         Huawei        8
                        and Plain Washer Assemblies,M6*
                           Microsoft Server license 2003                 Huawei        9

Part Number                          Description                            Manufacturer   Qty   Status

              Connector Accessories,Protection Boot That Used With
                                                                              Huawei       9
              Male Type D-SUB Connector,Matching With DB25/DB
                 DKBA8.021.0508,Guide Rail (L=1200),For B68-21
                                                                              Huawei       9
                           200mm roll wiring ladder                           Huawei       9
                  AC/DC module,H3413Z,220VAC Input, 48V/30A
                                                                              Huawei       9
                       Output,HD4830-3 Rectifier Module
                Application Data Management Software Package for
                                                                              Huawei       10
              OSTA & ATAE(1-11E), 1 Year Standard Product Services
                plastic part - protective cover - part of SC-type optical
                                                                              Huawei       10
                                   transceiver module
                 Hexagon Head bolts-Full Thread-Product Grade
                                                                              Huawei       10
              C,M8*30,Zinc Electroplating, iridescent yellow,GB5781-8
                                 desk top one crate                           Huawei       10
                Connector Accessories,Shielded Modular 8P8C Plug
                                                                              Huawei       10
                    Gray Protection Boot,14080097,1:1,For OEM
                                 120 ohm Accessories                          Huawei       11
                      TSU Self-Loop Connector, D14M, PARC                     Huawei       11
                                17" Computer Monitor                          Huawei       11
                            bending plate-slide component                     Huawei       11
                                   Call Control Unit                          Huawei       11
                                                                              Huawei       12
                    Naked Crimping Terminal,OT,6mm^2,M4,Tin
                                                                              Huawei       12
                 Plating,Insulated Ring Terminal,12~10AWG,yellow
               Naked Crimping Connector,JG50-10-1-D10,Tail Length
                                                                              Huawei       12
               X-Type Installation Supporting Bracket Package(Height
                                                                              Huawei       12
                        Adjustable according to that of Floor)
               Engineering Label-DB0686- B Type Cabinet Door Head
                                                                              Huawei       12
                Chinese/English Label-1 Group 12 Pieces-4 Column
                    Cross Recessed Pan Head Thread forming
                   Screws,M5*10,Zinc Electroplating, iridescent               Huawei       12
                   RF Coaxial Connector,DIN 7/16,50ohm,Right
                                                                              Huawei       13
                  Angle,Plug,Male,Matching 1/2" Superflex Cable
                       Common Terminal,Single Cord End
                                                                              Huawei       13
                 Terminal,4mm^2,20A,Insertion Depth 10mm,Grey
                                    IDC Tool                                  Huawei       14
                                Side Hang FMTs                                Huawei       14
                  Common Terminal,Conductor Cross Section
                                                                              Huawei       16
              25mm^2,Length 30mm,75A,Insertion Depth 16mm,Brown
               Plain Washers Product Grade A,8,Zinc Electroplating,
                                                                              Huawei       16
                          iridescent yellow,GB97.1-85

Part Number                        Description                        Manufacturer   Qty   Status

              Common Terminal,Single Cord End Terminal,Conductor
                                                                        Huawei       17
               Cross Section 0.25mm^2,Length 12mm,Insertion Dept
              Insulation Operation Handle,Need No Mounting,Apply to
                                                                        Huawei       17
                      Knife Contact Fuses,Cu Alloy,Plastic Shell
                                 AC arrestor alarm                      Huawei       17
                    Naked Crimping Connector,JG Type-150-12             Huawei       18
                    bare pressure-welding terminal-JG70-12-f12          Huawei       18
                Q/DKBA4.409.0485MX,Wiring Channel,For B610-21
                                                                        Huawei       18
              Desktop,E2140 Or Above,512M,80G,DVDRW,Integrated
                                                                        Huawei       19
                NIC,Integrated Audio Card,Internal Speaker,17-Inch
                         KT-P143205SL1 DC power cable                   Huawei       20
                 Patch Cord,FC/PC,LC/PC,Multimode,2mm,10m               Huawei       20
                                CO-POS-R-S1 Tray                        Huawei       20
              HDD,73GB,Ultra320,10000rpm,Hot Swap,Internal,For
                                                                        Huawei       20
                               IBM Server,90P1305
              DKBA0.480.0030,Shield Tube (Length Subject To Site
               Survey ),ID38mm/OD42mm,Snake-Type Galvanized             Huawei       21
                        N800 series support III component               Huawei       22
                         Wireless Packet Processing Unit                Huawei       23
                            E1 Transmission Module                      Huawei       23
                Fuse Complete-set,NT00,660.0V,160.0A,IEC269,-
                                                                        Huawei       24
                  Power Distribution Box-HONET-H37E0PDU-
                                                                        Huawei       24
                 ONUF01B/F01C Cabinet Power Distribution Box
              Naked Crimping Connector,JG2,50MM^2,M8,300A,Tin
                                                                        Huawei       24
                                 Plating,For OEM
              Connector Accessories,MoudlarPlug 8P8C gray plastic
                                                                        Huawei       25
              jacket,PANTONE445U,Accessory Quantity(1:1),For O
                 single cable 300/500v 3 x 1mm 227 IEC 43 (RVV)         Huawei       27
                                    SC-LC 10m                           Huawei       28
                  Patch Cord,FC/PC,LC/PC,Multimode,2mm,20m              Huawei       28
              Hexagon Nuts,Style 1,Product Grades A and B,M8,Zinc
                                                                        Huawei       28
                   Electroplating, iridescent yellow,GB6170-86

              Cross Recessed Pan Head Screw,Spring Lock Washer
                                                                        Huawei       28
              and Plain Washer Assemblies,M8*20,Zinc Electroplati
               Coaxial Connector Accessories,For 14040127,Device
                                                                        Huawei       30
                         Quantity: Accessory Quantity(1:1)
                   Insulating material,fire resistant PVC trough,
                                                                        Huawei       32
                           120 ohm DDF Unit With 16*E1                  Huawei       33
               Insulating Material,Fire-resistant PVC connector-Not
                                                                        Huawei       33
                       Fulfilled Environment Protection,39*18

Part Number                         Description                      Manufacturer   Qty   Status
                Insulating Material,Fire-Resistance PVC Elbow-Not
                                                                       Huawei       33
                      Fulfilled Environment Protection,39*18
                                   Cable tie label                     Huawei       33
                                 Fibre Optic Cable                     Huawei       35
              1*2 Optical Coupler,1310nm Wavelength,Coupling Ratio
                                                                       Huawei       36
              20:80,SC/PC-SC/PC-0.9mm-2.5m-0.2dB.-D3*55mm or
                    Naked Crimping Connector,OT Type,50-8              Huawei       36
                      Outdoor Power Supply Interface Box               Huawei       38
               Blank Label,DB0699,Huawei D Blank Cable Label,40
                                                                       Huawei       42
              Groups 40 Pcs,4 Columns*10 Rows,Height 17.8 Width 4
                  Naked Crimping Terminal,OT,35mm^2,M8,Tin
                                                                       Huawei       44
                         Plating,Naked Ring Terminal
                   Naked Crimping Connector,JG Type,300-16             Huawei       44
                         Wound Tube,Diameter 6mm                       Huawei       45
                 Common Terminal,Conductor Cross Section
                                                                       Huawei       48
              6mm^2,Length 20mm,30A,Insertion Depth 12mm,Black
              DBS Single Terminal System Chinese-English Software
                                                                       Huawei       50
                   Naked Crimping Connector,JG Type-120-12             Huawei       54
                   DF,8E1-MPX286-FL,8-port 120ohm DDF unit             Huawei       64
                Patch Cord,FC/PC,LC/PC,Single Mode,2mm,20m             Huawei       64
                      Patch Cord,FC/PC,Singlemode,3mm,3m               Huawei       72
                                     Outdoor Label                     Huawei       72
                     cable yongding CAT 5e SFTP 4pr 24AWG              Huawei       73
                   120ohm Outdoor Transmission Interface Box           Huawei       76
                  Coaxial Connector,BNC,75ohm,Straight/Plug,
                                                                       Huawei       80
                       Male,Matching SYV-75-2-2 Cable,<=10
                   Naked Crimping Terminal,OT,6mm^2,M8,Tin
                                                                       Huawei       86
                Plating,Insulated Ring Terminal,12~10AWG,yellow
                  Naked Crimping Terminal,OT,10mm^2,M8,Tin
                                                                       Huawei       86
                             Plating,Naked Ring Terminal
               Single cable 10m E228260 Ul CM Nexans Cat 5E 24
                                                                       Huawei       94
                                      AWG 60c
                               ETSI Rack Mounting Ear                  Huawei       102
                                      Site Labels                      Huawei       129
                   Outdoor Cable Ladder 2.5m (Width-400mm)             Huawei       141
                             ODU grounding kit FIL-01-16               Huawei       161
                Patch Cord,FC/PC,LC/PC,Single Mode,2mm,2.7m            Huawei       185
                                     Panel Screw                       Huawei       198
                  Trunk Cable,10m,120ohm,8E1,0.4mm,D44M-
                                                                       Huawei       202
                      Patch Cord,FC/PC,Singlemode,3mm,1m               Huawei       214
                              Double TIG ? inch clamps                 Huawei       355
                  Naked Crimping Terminal,OT,16mm^2,M8,Tin
                                                                       Huawei       374
                             Plating,Naked Ring Terminal
                            Double Cuts Grounding Plate                Huawei       435
                                  Label Type Harness                   Huawei       453

Part Number                         Description                    Manufacturer   Qty     Status
                         Floating Nut(M6),DKBA0.480.0113             Huawei       494
                           Fire Retarded PVC Bellow,D40              Huawei       584
              Cross Recess Head Self-Threading Screw (GB9074.19-
                                                                     Huawei       600
                         88) ST4.2*32,Pointed End,C Type
                Plastic Expansion Tube,For Wood Screw Fixed On
                                                                     Huawei       601
                  Naked Crimping Terminal,OT,25mm^2,M8,Tin
                                                                     Huawei       604
                            Plating,Naked Ring Terminal
                  Network Interface Connector,8Bit 8Pin,Crystal
                                                                     Huawei       636
                              Plug,Matching 25050014
                  Wire,450/750V,227 IEC 02(RV)16mm^2,yellow
                                                                     Huawei       867
               green,85A,With a package exempted from fumigating
                  Wire Clip,GT-150I,150*3.6mm,Strength 18.2kg        Huawei       17472
                                  Wire Clip 100mm                    Huawei       18550
                 Wire Clip,GT-300HD,295*7.6mm,Strength54.4kg         Huawei       34400
              DKBA0.480.0238,Cable Tie,GT-300HDUV,7.6X300,Anti-
                                                                     Huawei       51150
                 Ultraviolet And Anti-Freeze,Black,For BTS3001C


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