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									       Florida                                  Problem Solving and

                                                    Response to Instruction/Intervention
                                 Information for Parents – 2009

     Ensuring a Strong Start, Promoting a Bright Future
        WHAT IS RESPONSE TO INTERVENTION?                                              RtI Includes:
Parents want to see their child excel, and it can be very frustrating if a             1. High quality, research-based
child falls behind in reading, math, writing, or other subjects, or if the child          instructional and behavior
                                                                                          supports in general education
has difficulty getting along with others or making appropriate choices.
                                                                                       2. School-wide screening to
Response to Intervention (RtI) is a process that provides intervention and                determine which students need
educational support to all students at increasing levels of intensity based               closer monitoring or additional
on their individual needs. The goal is to prevent problems and intervene                  interventions
early so that students can be successful.                                              3. Multiple tiers of increasingly
Visit http://www.florida-rti.org/ for more information.                                    intense, research-based
                                                                                          interventions matched to the
What can I expect with RtI?                                                               needs of student(s)
• You will be informed and involved in planning and providing interventions for
                                                                                       4. Use of collaborative problem
  your child.                                                                             solving to develop, implement,
• You will see levels of support (academic and behavioral) that increase or
                                                                                          and monitor interventions
  decrease in intensity depending on your child’s needs.
• You will receive frequent progress monitoring about how your child responds          5. Continuous monitoring of student
                                                                                          progress to determine if
  to the intervention provided.
                                                                                          instruction/interventions are
                                                                                          effective in meeting the needs of
                 WHAT DOES RTI LOOK LIKE?                                                 student(s)

                                                                                       6. Follow-up to ensure that the
The RtI process has three tiers that build upon one other. Each tier provides more        instruction/interventions were
intensive levels of support:                                                              implemented as planned

                                                                                       7. Active parent involvement
•    Tier I includes high quality instruction. The school provides all students with      throughout the process of
     access to high quality curriculum, instruction, and behavior supports in the         pursuing solutions that lead to
     general education classroom.                                                         increased success
•    Tier II includes additional targeted, supplemental instruction/interventions.
     The school provides interventions to small groups of students who need more       8. Evaluation timeline requirements
                                                                                          are followed unless both the
     support than they are receiving through Tier I.
                                                                                          parents and the school team
•    Tier III includes intensive interventions. The school develops and implements        agree to a time extension to
     interventions to meet the individual needs of students.                              learn more about what works for
                                                                                          the student
    Your child’s progress is monitored and results are used to make decisions about
                                                                                            Adapted from the National Joint
                         additional instruction and intervention.                          Committee on Learning Disabilities
      Florida                                       Problem Solving and

                                                         Response to Instruction/Intervention
                                  Information for Parents – 2009

HOW CAN I BE INVOLVED IN RTI?                                                    WHAT DO I DO IF I BELIEVE
Parents play a critical role in supporting what their                            MY CHILD IS STRUGGLING?
children are learning in school. The more parents are
involved in student learning, the higher the student                             • Talk with your child’s teacher.
achievement. Ask questions to learn more about this
                                                                                 • Review and assist with homework assignments.
                                                                                 • Ask for regular progress monitoring reports.
•   Is my child successful? If not, what additional
    instruction/interventions will my child receive?                             • Celebrate your child’s successes.
•   What types of programs are used in my child’s                                • Learn more about the curriculum, assessments,
    classroom (e.g., instructional programs, intervention                          and interventions being used in your child’s school.
                                                                                 • Participate in conferences and other meetings
•   How will additional assistance be provided? By whom?                           about your child.
    How often? For how long?
                                                                                 • Make a list of specific questions to ask during
•   How will I know if my child is making progress? How                            conferences (e.g., What is working? or What
    will I know if my child is making sufficient progress?                          additional supports may be needed?).
•   What will the school do if my child is not improving?

•   What can I do to help my child?
                                                                                  For further information contact your School Principal
Ask your child’s teacher for more information about how                                    or your District School Board Office.
you can be involved in the RtI process.                                                  Contact information can be accessed at:


                                                       Florida Department of Education
                                                       Dr. Eric J. Smith, Commissioner

    This brochure is provided by the Florida Department of Education in collaboration with Bureau of Family and Community Outreach, Bureau of
             Exceptional Education and Student Services, Pasco County School District, and Florida’s Positive Behavior Support Project.

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