November 2009 - Bay Area Siberian Husky club by wangnianwu


									        VOLUME 29.11
                     SIBERIAN TALES
                              BAY AREA SIBERIAN HUSKY CLUB       NOVEMBER 2009
  BASH Officers 2009-10                                        Ways to Get Involved
  President                           In This Issue                 With BASH
  Anthony Taskey                                              Adopt a Husky    Fall Furry Flurry        2      Join a BASH email list
                                                              Buy a sweatshirt or T
  Vice President              November Meeting         3
                                                              Give a membership as a
  Greg Stevens                Bootie Brigade # 3       4     gift        Santa Paws               5      Help with an adoption fair
  Recording Secretary         NCSHC carting event      5      Donate to BASH
  Beth Chamberlain                                            Attend a bi-monthly
                              Vaccine Clinic           6                                          general meeting
                              Umunhum Camping          8      Foster a Husky
  Treasurer                   Christmas Party          9      Help transport a Husky
  Randee McQueen
                              Rescue                  11
  Activity Coordinator
  Marie Stevens
  om                                                         Calendar 2010
Upcoming Events
                                                             Pictures of our
Nov. 7,8            Last Umunhum Camping 2009                dogs having
Nov. 13             Bootie Brigade 3                         fun….
Nov. 14             Carting with NorCAL
Nov. 15             Vaccine/microchip Clinic
Nov 29              Los Altos Parade of lights               $12.00
Dec. 5,6            Santa Paws at Campbell Petsmart
Dec. 12, 13         Santa Paws at Milpitas Petsmart          come to the
Dec 12              Christmas Party                          meeting and see
Jan 30, 31          SnoBASH 2010                             them or contact
Feb . 20, 21        Chester dog Sled Race          
                                                             to buy one or two
                                                             or more

                FALL FURRY FLURRY
It was a great success for all the groups that participated. Over $7000 was brought in by all the groups.
There were 12 rescue groups represented. There were 5 dogs adopted as a result of being shown at the walk.
PAWS and BASH brought in about $4000.00 that they will split. We want to thank all the the people that
helped to put it on and make it such a success. It was also fun. We had 97 walkers ( a little down from last
year but the economy isn’t that good). People still had fun and we are planning next year. Sharkie was
there, we did bobbing for wieners and more
            November General Meeting

                  November 21, 2009

                             6 pm

            Michelle and David’s home
                    5136 Garden Way
                    Fremont, CA 94538
Three BASH members attending the Association of Professional
Dog Trainers Convention in Oakland. We attended the day with
                 classes on Anxiety and Fear.
We will have a discussion about what was talked about, options
                     they gave and more.

We will also talk about the Holiday of Lights, Christmas events,
                    SnoBASH and more…..

  We can also talk about events that some people would like to
organize or do with our dogs? Places for hikes? Camping? Other

           Call or e-mail to find out what to bring –
                  Appetizers, Salad, Dessert
                     Bootie Brigade Party 3
                           Friday November 13th

                  6:30 pm or whenever you can get there
                            906 Sweetbriar Dr
                              Campbell CA
                  (408) 371-1841 or

  BASH has made 1000 + dog booties for use by Iditarod Musher. We have
    been doing this for the past 7 years. We have a blast with 5-9 sewing
   machines going at one time. If you don’t sew there are still jobs to do-
    turning, cutting threads and quality checking of our sewing along with
combining booties in groups of 4 then packages of 25. If you want to learn to
use a sewing machine, we will be happy to teach you. This is for women, men
                       and the kids.

        what to bring- you and if you own one a
sewing machine (surger or regular ones) and time to have
                    SANTA PAWS pictures
               We need people to help as Santas and
                   Where: Petsmart Campbell Petsmart December 5,6 (confirmed)
                          Petsmart Milpitas December 12,13 and/or maybe 19, 20
                   Time: 11 to 4 pm (we try to do it in 2 shifts 11-1:30- 1:30 to 4)

Call or e-mail Randee with times and days you can help….

        Northern California Siberian Husky Club

I just wanted to let you know that we are having our annual club carting and
fun day in Calistoga.

Northern California Siberian Husky Club's Annual Cart/Fun Day
Saturday, 11/14/09, 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Judy Tamagni's house
Calistoga, CA

We'll have all the equipment to try carting and having your dog run in
harness. We also play doggie games and have a pot-luck lunch. It's a lot of

If you are interested in further information, please email me           Lori Chou
Semi-Annual Vaccination/Microchip/Prevention Products Clinic
                                                 To support

                                  Bay Area Siberian Husky Club

                                        For Dogs and Cats

                                    Sunday November 15, 2009

                                       10:30 am to 12:00 noon

                                        2633 S Bascom Ave
                                           Campbell CA
                                  (intersection of Bascom/Union
                                   Communication and Control)

                     For Dogs- DHLPP, Rabies, Lyme, Bordetella
                     For Cats- FVRCP, FeLV , Rabies
                                    All $10.00 each
                     Heartworm test - $25.00 (should be done yearly if you
                     don’t give prevention and bi-annually if you do)

                     24 Watch chip- $25.00 (free registration)

                     Advantage, Heartguard, Frontline and more available to purchase (call and ask- we will
                     try to get it). Our prices are comparable to internet prices. Hearguard for 50-100#’s 6
                     pack- $35 and a 12 pack $ 68.00. 10% off preorders of 4 packages or more.

RSVP - # of dogs, # of cats and what shots and supplies you plan on buying. If there is something you would
like and it isn’t on the list, please call and we will see if we can get it.
Randee McQueen – 408-377-2900 or e-mail at

              The next clinic will be in May 2010

                         All proceeds benefit BASH. We will also be holding
                         a clinic for PAWS for SJACS following BASH’s
                  Umunhum Run and Camping
                                                           November 7,8

                                      We have a MULE now for carting and bathroom runs.

                                  This is the last camping run of the year. It is usually cool and
                                  we meet an hour earlier because of the time change.
                                  At this one we also put all the “summer stuff” away in the
                                  container for the winter. It is set up so that we can run again
next sprint.

We meet around 4 pm on Saturday night and if the weather allows, we run the dogs between 7
and 9 pm. If it is warm we eat dinner first and then run them. They run from 1 mile to 7 miles,
again it is based on the weather… Dinner is a group effort.
Some people then camp in tents but most campout in their cars or beside them.

In the morning we rise with the sun and run the dogs again. We try different dogs in different
positions and come back to a GREAT group breakfast and off the hill by 11 am…. You still
have time to do things before the end of the weekend.

Most people go up for the whole event. SOMETIMES (not all the time) we have a couple that
only come up for the evening part. This can only happen if we have at least two cars going
down at the same time.

Time to meet- 4 pm at the lowest gate (there are three locked gates so we have
to stay together) (an hour earlier)

      RSVP Randee at (408) 371-1841 or bash@com- by the WEDNESDAY before the weekend to
find out what to bring and for how many.

      What you need to bring- your own drinks,
sleeping bag, food for your dog and food for the

Call for directions. It takes approximately 30 minutes from Highway 85/Almaden Expressway
to the first gate. People can also make arrangements to meet at Randee’s office and follow her

It is great fun and very relaxing. The views of Santa Cruz, Monterey Bay and Santa Clara
County are wonderful both as the sun rises and the sun sets. Come and join us.
           Annual BASH Holiday Party
    Come Join Us:
         ♦ To Eat a delicious catered dinner

         ♦ Participate in the silent auction & raffles (adult and kids)

         ♦ Santa pictures

         ♦ Be a part of the infamous gift exchage (up to three steals!)

When: Saturday December 12th, 2008
           5:00 pm doors open (time to chat and eat

           5:30 – meeting (be prompt)

           6:30-10:00 dinner and FUN

Where:     Harry’s Hofbrau
           390 Saratoga Ave
           San Jose 95129
Price:     $5 per person or Families - $20

What to bring: (Optional)
           One gift per family for “stealing” gift exchange.
           Value up to $20
           You are welcome to bring one per family member if you enjoy the
         BASH Holiday Party ticket reservation form:

         Name ____________________________________

         No. Adults__________________Kids under 12____________

Total payment $ ______________ (@ $5 per person or $20 family)

BASH, 2633 S Bascom Ave, Campbell CA 95008. Questions contact Randee
                                     Homemade Dog Treat Recipe
                                        Thanksgiving Treat

2 lbs. ground turkey
2 eggs
2 cups cooked rice
8 oz. peas
3 carrots, diced
1 apple, diced
2 cloves garlic, minced
Preheat oven to 375 degrees. In mixing bowl, combine all ingredients. Mix well by hand. On baking
sheet, form into the shape of a large dog bone. Bake at 375 degrees for 45 minutes. Let cool and

                                     Homemade Dog Treat Recipe
                                          Turkey Treats

2 cups cooked turkey -- cut up
2 cloves garlic
4 teaspoons grated cheese
1 tablespoon parsley -- freshly chopped
2 egg
2 cups whole wheat flour
2 tablespoons brewer's yeast
2 tablespoons vegetable oil
Combine turkey, garlic, cheese, parsley and mix well. Beat the eggs in a bowl and pour over turkey
mixture. Add the flour, yeast, and oil. Stir until thoroughly mixed and all ingredients are coated. Drop
into small lumps onto ungreased cookie sheet. Cook in a 350 degree oven for about 20 minutes, until
brown and firm. Store in refrigerator.

                                     Homemade Dog Treat Recipe
                                           Nutty Bones

1 3/4 cups flour
1/4 cup sesame seeds
1/2 cup brown sugar
12 tbs. butter
1/2 cup ground walnuts
1 egg yolk
1/2 cup vanilla extract
2 tbs. toasted wheat germ
Combine ingredients, knead until thoroughly blended. Roll out till 1/2" thick. Cut into shapes or just
squares. Bake at 375F on ungreased cookie sheet for 12-15minutes. Cool. Store in airtight container.
Keeps 2 weeks.
                                  Rescue November 2009
                                                       Serving the Bay Area & Northern California
Descriptions of the dogs listed in this newsletter, including evaluations of their temperaments, are furnished by
the people placing them. We are providing an exchange of information only and we do not attempt to verify the
information given
Kodiak is a young dog that has some trainiing but needs more. Knows sit and down. He
LOVES to play with a tug toy and loves to play tag with another dog. He rides ok in the car and
enjoyed the ride. He is learning quickly how to walk on a leash and after 5 days in the foster
home is settling in to the house. He is ok with kids but we would recommend older kids
because of his size and energy. Overall he is a sweet guy that derserves a family that will love
him and play with him. He will make a good companion for another dog but we don't know if he needs one.	
Jessica Politiz 510-793-8508 jessicapolitz@gmail.comCharlie is 7 yrs old, owner surrender due
to a divorce. He appears to be a siberian/malamute. They have had him since he was young. He's a
great dog, very easy, knows sit, lay down. NO CATS it did s ay, other humans, and kids is is fine
with...just no cats. He is GREAT on the leash, no problem with food. Very sweet boy,
housetrained, good in a car and fine with other dogs both large and small. He is a sweet wonderful
dog who deserves a home that would like a dog who loves to go for walks and or hang out with the
family at the house.

Jordon is a sweet true alaskan husky. Everyone who has met him and played with him says that
he is very sweet, but has high energy. He is only 37#'s. We think is mixed with a spitz type
breed...what ever he is cute. He wants to play with all. So far he has gotten along with every dog
we have introduced him to but seems to do better with girls than boys. You can handle him all
over (tail, legs, mouth) and he takes it. He can be possesive of toys, but a strong owner will do
fine with him. He is not noisy but really wants to please. We think he would be great for an active
family. He will be ok as an only dog. He is not a chewer so we believe he will be good in the
Roxie and her pup Shilo are yet two more victims of the economy. Their owner needs
to find a new home and it's not looking good that she can take these two with her. We
would love to keep these two toge ther, since Shilo has been with his mother all his
life and has come to depend on her. Both are housebroken and good in the house.
Contact Maureen Marcus 510-895-9104 or	
                                                Adopted - Layla, Conan
                                          Bay Area Siberian Husky Club
                                     Membership Renewal and Associate Application 2010-2011

Membership enclosed for: $30 Single                       $35 Family               $25 Associate

Date ____________________________________________
Name(s) ____________________________________________
Mailing address____________________________________________
City, State, Zip ____________________________________________
Area code and phone ____________________________________________
E-mail Address ____________________________________________
Amount Enclosed $
____ I would like the newsletter mailed to me.

Make checks payable to BASH. All memberships and subscriptions are valid through March 31,
2011. Send membership renewal form and check, or inquiries about becoming a voting member, to:

Marie Stevens, Bay Area Siberian Husky Club, 2633 S Bascom Ave, Campbell CA 95008

Bay Area Siberian Husky Club
2633 S. Bascom Avenue
Campbell, CA 95008

  Upcoming Adoption Fairs

  First Saturday
  PetsMart, 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.
  850 W. Hamilton, Campbell
  Coordinator: Randee McQueen

  Second Saturday
  PetsMart, 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.
  175 Ranch Road, Milpitas
  Coordinator: Bill Otto

  Not in December
  Third Saturday
  Pet Food Express 11 am to 2 pm
  15466 Los Gatos Blvd., Los Gatos
  Coordinator: Randee McQueen

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