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									                              Jeremy B. Francis, Ph.D.
                              216-H Law College Bldg.
                               East Lansing, MI 48824


Ph.D., Critical Studies in the Teaching of English, Michigan State University, East
Lansing, MI, 2007

       Dissertation Title: Uncovering the Mythology of Secondary English Language
       Arts: A Barthesian Approach to English Studies.

M.A. in Education, University of Denver, Denver, CO, 2003

       Areas of Specialization: Curriculum and Instruction, English Education, Literacy,
       Critical English Methods, Literature and Composition Instruction

B.A. in English, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO, 2001

       Areas of Specialization: Modern and Postmodern Literature, Creative Writing,
       Classical Literature and Drama, Critical Theory

Study Abroad, Beaver College, Athens, Greece, 1999

       Areas of Study: Demotic Greek, Modern Greek Literature, Ancient Drama,
       Eastern Orthodox Theology


Francis, J. (2009). Finding Your Voice While Learning to Dance. The Second Draft: The
Legal Writing Institute, 24(1).

Francis, A.P, Yu, P.W.D., Francis, J., & McCrory, R. (2009). Using semiotics to teach
rational numbers to prospective elementary teachers. Psychology of Mathematics

Francis, J. (2008-2009). Featured Column: Writing Matters. Res Ipsa Loquitur.
       -They Should Be Aware of Them (October, 2008)
       -Keep Your Sentences Short (November, 2008)
       -Common Confusables (February, 2009)

Francis, J. (2008). Aesthetic Confusion: The Legacy of New Criticism. Language Arts
Journal of Michigan, 24(1).

Francis, J. (2004). Of Gelatin and 5-Paragraph Essays. Michigan English Teacher, 54(5).
Francis, J., Morrell, E., et al. (under contract). Critical Approaches to the High School
Canon. Norwood, MA: Christopher-Gordon.


Francis, J. & O’Regan, D. Changing Approaches to Writing Skills Diagnostic Tests.
Paper presented at the 14th Annual Legal Writing Institute, Marco Island, FL 2010.

Francis, A.P., Yu, P.W.D, Francis, J.B, & McCrory, R. Examples of How Semiotics Can
be Used to Teach Fractions to Prospective Elementary School Teachers. Paper presented
at American Education Research Association Conference. Denver, CO 2010.

Francis, A.P, Yu, P.W.D., Francis, J., & McCrory, R. Using semiotics to teach rational
numbers to prospective elementary teachers. Paper presented at the Psychology of
Mathematics Education Conference, Atlanta, GA 2009.

Francis, J. Writing and the Law. Presentation at the annual meeting of NCTE, Nashville,
TN 2006.

Francis, J., Anthony, C. et al. Planning and Implementing Writing Sequences in the
Secondary English Classroom. Panel discussion with MSU students presented at the
Bright Ideas Conference, East Lansing, MI 2006.

Francis, J. and Fredrickson, J. Critical Approaches to Secondary Literacy: Balancing
Critical Approaches with Discourse of Standards. Paper presented at the annual meeting
of the American Educational Research Association, Montreal, Quebec 2005.

Burns, L. and Francis, J. Empowering Multiple Literacies through Critical Discourse
Analysis. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the National Council of Teachers of
English Assembly for Research, Columbus, OH 2005.

Francis, J. Understanding the High School Canon. Paper presented at the MSU
CSTE/CSLP Graduate Colloquium, East Lansing, MI 2005.

Francis, J. and Fredrickson, J. Teaching within Restrictive Frameworks. Paper presented
at the annual meeting of the National Council of Teachers of English, Indianapolis, IN

Francis, J., Fredrickson, J. & Petrone, R. Aiming the Canon: Developing Critical
Approaches to the High School Canon. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the
Michigan Council of Teachers of English, Lansing, MI 2004.

Francis, J. & Fredrickson, J. et al. Negotiating Standards in English Language Arts. Paper
Presented at the Bright Ideas Conference, East Lansing, MI 2004.


Deborah Hecht Memorial Writing Award from the Legal Writing Institute. The award
       honors a legal writing specialist who writes the best article or essay, based on
       effectiveness, clarity, and writing style, published in during the preceding two-
       year period, 2010.
Distinguished Faculty, Staff, or Student Nominee, MSU College of Law Student Bar
       Association Honors, 2010
Summer Acceleration Fellowship, Michigan State University Graduate School, 2004


Assistant Editor, Language Arts Journal of Michigan
Reviewer and Editorial Advisor, Res Ipsa Loquitur
Honors Thesis Advisor, Department of English, Gabriel Buzinski and Jessica Adams
Reviewer, American Education Research Association 2005 Conference
Academic Coach, Pi Kappa Phi fraternity, Michigan State University
Presenter, Collegiate Success Seminar, Michigan State University


Conducting Empirical Legal Scholarship Workshop, May, 2010
      Northwestern Law, Lee Epstein and Andrew Martin.

Promoting Resiliency Among At-Risk College Students, April 28, 2004
      University of Michigan, Sigrid J. Dixon, Ph.D.


Writing Specialist, 2006-present
      Michigan State University College of Law
      - Developed and facilitated first-year writing skills program
      - Designed and implemented four writing assessments
      - Analyzed, interpreted, and reported results from writing assessments
      - Worked closely with writing program directors and faculty
      - Provided large-group workshops, small-group workshops, and one-on-one
          student conferences
      - Coordinated with MSU Law Clinics to support clinicians and student workers
          in writing and editing
      - Worked with Foreign LLM program to teach fundamental writing skills.
          Helped direct 12 directed studies with Professor Mike Lawrence.

Instructor of English Education, 2003 – 2006
       Secondary Team, College of Education, Michigan State University
       - Taught TE 802/804, Intern year English methods course

       -   Emphasis in: composition pedagogy, literature instruction, facilitating
           discussions, language pedagogy, and classroom management techniques.
       -   Taught TE 501/502, Supervised field experience
       -   Met with intern teachers and mentors regularly
       -   Reported on intern progress, program assessment
       -   Provided feedback to interns and mentors

Instructor and Assistant Professor, Spring 2006 and Spring 2009
       English Department, Michigan State University
       - Course: ENG 308, Literature for Young Adults
       - Required course for secondary certification
       - Focus on theoretical and pedagogical approaches to teaching literature to

Secondary Teacher, Spring 2006
      Okemos High School, Okemos, MI
      - Long-term substitute position
      - Created specialized curriculum to address the needs for English Language
         Learners from many countries
      - Differentiated instruction for learning disabled and special education students
      - Coordinated with ESL/ELL staff to address student needs and parent concerns

Lead Academic Advisor, Summer 2004 – Winter 2005
      The SUPER Program, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI
      - Academic advisor to a caseload of incoming freshmen identified as
         “historically underrepresented” and “at risk.”
      - Created advising curriculum and supervised training of advisors
      - Taught three sections of PRO 101 to incoming MSU Freshmen
      - Designed and carried out internal and scholarly assessments of achievement
      - Integrated technology literacy curriculum
      - Coordinated curricular needs with MSU and Lansing Community College

Instructor and Assessment Researcher, 2003 – 2004
       MSU College of Law, East Lansing, MI
       - Special Assessment Project Researcher
          “First Year Writing Skill Acquisition in RWA I and WSW”
       - Course: Research Writing and Advocacy – Writing Skills Workshop
       - Designed and carried out internal, outcome-based assessment of student
          performance and learning

Secondary Teacher, 2002-2003
      Lakewood High School, Lakewood, CO
      - Instruction, curricular design, lesson planning, assessment
      - National Forensic League sponsor
      - International Baccalaureate Program teacher
      - Created digital classroom environment for students


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