Rethink your Future In a Barrier free Franchise by realtuff29


									Rethink your Future
In a Barrier free Franchise
Barrier Free Franchise

    Get up and running fast …
 NO costly location acquisition delays
   Available Store-in-Store locations
   Mobile van concept immediately ready to roll
 NO long and confusing training processes
 Start selling - generate revenues fast
 NO high operating overheads
RWorld Goes Mobile

    Barrier FREE
     Vehicle is a Moving billboard, drop off, pick up
     and collect
     Work from home or location
Store in Store Concept

Great visibility in high traffic locations with reduced
square footage, set up costs and monthly overheads

             Ottawa                           Barrie
RWorld is Growing

Its BIG Business

 Cartridge sales for 2004 were $28.2B growing at
 $2B per year.

                       This growth trend will continue
                       to accelerate due to:
                           Overall growth in print
                          hardware market razor/blade
                           Increased Internet usage
                           Increased printer output
                           Increased market penetration of
                          Digital Cameras that drive print
Razor Razorblade Model

    Manufacturers like HP sell more printers
    increasing the demand for our cartridges
Industry Insight

 Industry leader conducts comprehensive survey
 that supports the growth of this quickly expanding
Satisfied Consumer
 Consumers will continue to buy aftermarket cartridges as long as
 quality is consistent
 RWorld has invested in the technology to guarantee BEST Quality
RWorld’s 3-P’s

 Protect the environment and help local charities
 through cartridge reclamation & recycling

 Provide the Home Office user and Consumer a
 quality alternative to the high cost cartridges

 Franchises Profit with industry leading profit
Protect E-Waste is a
Serious Global Problem
RWorld Franchises are part of the solution within the
communities they serve
            North America wide disposal of
             Over 600 mil printer cartridges
             130 million cell phones and batteries
             500 million computers
            Combined its nearly 70 billion tons of
            toxic waste in our landfills

                                   It is estimated that 30-50 million
                                   computers will be disposed of in
                                   Canada in 2005-2006
Providing High Quality
Products & Processes

                Vacuum fill devices for all sponge/foam inkjets
                 High volume print head clean and fill for HP
                bladder inkjets

                                     Leading edge specialty
                                     cleaning devices
                                     means Best Quality

     High quality, value priced,
        high margin compatible
     inkjets imported from Asia
Profit From High Margin

Industry leading profit margins
from closed loop business model
 Collect cartridge raw materials locally
 Quality remanufacture within the same
 Resell 100% guaranteed high quality value
priced product to hungry consumers
Strategic Supplier Partnerships

RWorld is aligned with industry leaders in all
product areas….Franchisees are ready to grow

                 Teckn-o-laser ISO
                  certified plants
                  supply all toner
                    No need to
                  toners in-house
     Strategic Partnerships

“Direct from the Plant to the Street”
Collections Fuel the Model

                              Separates RWorld
  Charities       Retail     from the others
 Constituents     Dealers    Controls growth
                              Secures future
         Collections         supply chain of
 Direct           Business   Reduces costs
Programs          Accounts   Increases profits
Collections Are Key

RWorld works closely with
local charities to collect
from the grassroots of the
Solid Franchise Business Model

             RWorld Franchise Inc.

              RWorld Master Franchisee
                Regional Micro Plant

                 RWorld Franchisee
             Store front & Mobile Units

            Retail Dealer Accounts & B2B

     B2B               SOHO                Consumer
Intelligent Business Model

Three years of industry research
Entrenched in fundamentals and Convenience
   Leading edge technology
   High quality Product
   Community based penetration/saturation
   Environmental darling
   Consumers Save Money$$
   Control raw materials-Collections
RWorld’s Solid Team

Best industry support team

 Franchise expertise with Kim Divell (formerly with
the CFA)
 Marketing experts from all support industries
 Industry support from world leaders
    Techn-o-laser (Canada’s toner manufacturing leader)
    Turbon (Global leader in toner and inkjet technology)
Low Cost Entry to Business

$40-60K puts you in business
   Location – Store front or Mobile unit
   All required training and ongoing support
   Opening product inventories
   Marketing materials and signage
   Collection programs and materials
   Everything you need to get up and running
Regional Master Franchises

$125-150K to set up a Micro Plant
   Leading edge equipment for all cartridges
   Location and leasehold improvements
   All required Master Franchise training and ongoing
   Opening product inventories
   Marketing materials and signage
   Collection programs and materials
   Everything you need to get up and running
Are you Ready?

 Contact RWorld for detailed information
 Start your business planning in this great
 emerging industry

     Doug Dombroski 1-800-307-3719
 REthINK the future
Become part of the BIG picture

    A Barrier free franchise

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