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Does License Activator support multi-user license ?
The Multi-User License allows an organisation to install the software for concurrent usage by a specified number of individuals. Yes, License Activator supports multi-user license key. While you are generating or loading product keys in the web site, the number of computers that may have license will be asked to you. Use parameter one (default value) if you want your software to work only in one computer. Use 5 for example, if you want your programs to work in 5 computers.

Does License Activator support trial version ?
LicenseActivator supports trial days based trial version. It has a different approach from similiar licensing products, by using online trial activation process. We do not have offline trial version due to security consideration.

What do you mean by online-trial activation?
ProtectLicense thinks that all offline trial versions can easily be cracked with changing clock of computer or by using uninstall and install methods. We believe that we have no right to block user’s ability to change the clock of the computer or registry to protect our license. By considering this fact, we developed online trial activation. It is almost like normal activation but it does not require a product key. We bind the computer and trial product in the sense that server keeps the starting date of the trial activation and identification code of the computer hardware. When trial version expires, user will not be able use the product in trial version, even he/she formats the computer.

How can my clients activate my software from a computer which has no connection to the internet?
Manual activation of the product in an unconnected computer is possible. Basicly by going to a computer which has a connection to net, by connecting to the product manual activation page in www.protectlicense.com and by entering the necessary information namely -product key and hardware identification code- all users are able to learn the activation codes that are required for manual activation. We do not have a call center for phone activation.

I have my own product keys from my previous license system, may I use them with License Activator?
Yes, you can. There are two ways of creating product keys in www.protectlicense.com and during the process of product keys creation you can choose the method which fits best to your needs. The first way is generating product keys by SecureKeyGen. In this way it is possible to verify

product keys offline with the verification library. The second way is loading product keys from the text file in which each line should have only one product key with return character. So you may load any text as your own product keys.

I want to buy License Activator, how could I find where to buy in the website?
You can buy credits to your product from product list in web site menu after you login. Payment will be done through paypal and requested credits are going to be loaded in one day. Other alternative is you may contact to sales by sending e-mail, get our bank account for money transfer.

What is the use of product versioning in License Activator?
After defining your product in the site, you need to create a version for your product. The aim for versioning is to distinguish product keys according to version. It is very useful with using payload in SecureKeyGen. Use different version with different payload. For example Gold Version ----- Create product keys with payload “0” under Gold Version Silver Version ----- Create product keys with payload “1” under Silver Version Another advantage of versioning is to differentiate user license numbers and to make easy for listing product keys. Version single license User --- Create product keys with user license “1” under single user license version Version 5- license User -- product keys with user license “5” under 5 users license versions So the aim of versioning just a matter of taste for your listing.

What is the usage of activation rights number and reset period when creating License Activator product in the site?
It is possible to define the number of activation rights in a given period to a user license. Default values are; Activation rights :2 Reset Period : 180 It means that every user who buys a license, has one activation right for the next 180 days after his/her first activation. Activation rights are decremented when an activation occurs with a different hardware identification code from last activation.

Is there an upper limit for the number activations of a software in a computer?
End-user can activate the software as many times as he/she wishes in the same computer. Activation number upper limit depends on the publisher’s software licensing settings on a different computer.

What is the meaning of deactivation?
Some publishers also request, BSA suggests, Deactivation, that is to move license from one computer to another computer. Knowing the posibility to move license to another computer make end-users feel comfortable.

Does License Activator support multi-language?
No, our products, namely -web site, technical documents, library return messages - are all in English. We are plannig to serve in other languages, but nothing has started yet. However you may translate returning messages in the library according to return codes. All return codes and messages are available in our technical documents.

What does License Activator collect from end-user computers as activation server?
License Activator collects hardware identification codes (8 char length of hash code calculated from harware components of the computer) and ip address which is used in fraud detection system for trial and error attack to our server. So as a result we can say that protectlicense ensures “respect of privacy” statement of BSA. (BSA statement: http://www.bsa.org/resources/upload/Best-Practices-for-ProductActivation.pdf) Further, the hardware hash used during activation is a combination of hash values of various computer components and cannot be used to determine the make or model of the computer, nor can it be backward-calculated to determine the raw PC information.

Is it possible to use our own activation server instead of protect license server?
Yes it is possible, but only in unlimited package. License Activator Server requires mysql, php5.0 or higher with gmp library.

Does License Activator support MAC ?
No, it only supports windows 98 or higher editions.

Does License Activator support Windows CE?
No, it does not.

Which computer languages can I intergrate protectlicense client library?
- All .Net languages ( C#,VB.Net,J#.......) (C# sample available)

- Delphi - VC++ - VB6 - Java - Borland builder - For others contact us

(sample program available) (sample program available)

Do you supply integration service if I want to integrate my project with License Activator?
The site contains very good sample integration program codes which are developed in different software languages. We are trying to be as open as possible for developers who are responsible for integration. Nevertheless you may wish to hire us to integrate LicenseActivator with your projects. Our hourly rate is $50 and total time for integration can change according to complexity of your request. C# or C++ demo liked programs take 8 hours to develop.

Do I still need an exe encryption software after protecting my software with LicenseActivator?
LicenseActivator binds a product key with computer hardware components hashing and allows the software application to work only in the computers which have proper license. Unfortunately crackers work hard to crack your exe file, change assembly codes of the software programs to skip all software activation control. Therefore the answer is yes, you may need an exe protector or an exe encryptor tool to block your application against crackers. It actualy depends on how much your product is popular and how much crackers have interest in your software.

What would happen if ProtectLicense decides to quit job?
First, we do not have plan to quit from this business , however if something happens we will open all sources (from server and client library side) to our customers and give them 6 months to get ready for their activation servers.

Is ProtectLicense looking for international distributors/partners?
Yes, please contact us if you are interested in actively marketing Protectlicense solutions.

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