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									District Advisory Committee (DAC) Meeting 6:30 pm – 8:00 p.m. Serna Center Community Room

MINUTES October 20, 2009

Call to Order
Wanda Yanez, DAC Chairperson, called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm. She welcomed and thanked School Site Council (SSC) representatives for coming, and introduced the Executive Board. Pledge of Allegiance was led by a member from Fern Bacon Agenda was reviewed by Joe Sison. Motion was made by Alex Visaya, seconded by Mr. Jenkins, and carried by majority vote to approve the agenda.

Roll Call
Attendees were determined from the sign-in sheets. The following schools/departments were represented: Albert Einstein AM Winn Elementary AW McCloskey Bowling Green Charter California Middle Camellia Basic Capital City Caroline Wenzel Cesar Chavez CK McClatchy Clayton B. Wire Collis P. Huntington DAC Chair David Lubin- DAC Secretary District Superintendent: District: Parent Engagement Services District: State and Federal District: Assoicate Superintendent Earl Warren Edward Kemble Elder Creek Engineering & Sciences Ethel Phillips Fern Bacon Basic Middle Freeport Fruitridge Genevieve Didion Golden Empire Hiram Johnson Hollywood Park Hubert Bancroft Amy Monte, Michelle Collins, Phil Pluckebaum, Jill Tabachine Cynthia Shafer, Anthony Carter, Jill Tabachnick Susan Lytle Gilmore Serina Drake, Rachel Lane Beth Herse Kathy Kingley, Emiliano Hernandez, Kathy Kingsbury Alex Visaya Tom Hope, Judy Montgomery Glades Gonzalez, Antonio Medrano, E.H. Ruiz Jim Haas Susan Gibson Jacqualynn Bonini Wanda Yañez Sara Myers Bisler Jonathan Raymond Manuel Guillot, Crystal Vang, Chiem Seng Yaangh Corrie Buckmaster, Wanda Shironaka, Norm Tanaka Mary Hardin Young Pablo Abreu Laura Villegas, LaShunda Britt, Kionne Cochran Glenda Srand, Marvin ?, Rex Reed, Renee Lu Jenifer Mojonnier Gricelda Jaime Paul DeLong, Lynn Bradley Darryl Jenkins, Amy Whitten Ed Hart, Yee Yang Maria Sullivan Jon Renfrow, Irene Eister Susan Aten, LaTisha Lawson Hamed Razawi Enrique Flores

DAC Minutes October 20, 2009

HW Harkness Isador Cohen John Cabrillo John Morse Waldorf John Sloat John Still Elementary Kit Carson Middle Leonardo da Vinci Luther Burbank Maple Mark Hopkins Mark Twain- DAC Past Chair Matsuyama Merchants of Hope New Technology High Oakridge OW Erlewine Pacific Parent Teacher Home Visit Proj Parkway Peter Burnett Phoebe Hearst-DAC Vice-Chair Pony Express Rosa Parks Sam Brannan Sequoia Success Academy Susan B. Anthony Sutterville Theodore Judah Theodore Judah Washington Washington Art & Science Will C. Wood William Land Woodbine Community Members

Norma Rodriguez, Eric Chapman Christina Cavri Jacqueline Antolin Peter Quady, William Alston Renee Mendiola, Robert Sullivan Herbert Walls Andrea Ruedas Diane Sowle Daniel Muth, Ted Appel Monica Gavia Reyes Laura Reed, Gabriel Ortiz Darlene Anderson Diana Worman Maxine Pepper Paula Hanzel Mary Escadero Cathy Singer, Terry Smith Roman Sanchez, Kathy Kingsbury Carrie Rose Leo Bennett-Cauchon Virginia Rios Nunez Joe Sison Emily Bacchini, Amelia Williams Laura Shirley, Yvette Sanchez Nancy Garcia, Carol Avilas Billy Aydlett, David Chance Dennis Lomack, Darryl Jenkins, Toni Colley Perry Candas Colen, Leng Vue Lori Aoun, David Ross Pat Cosentino, Ken Scarberry, Chuck Czajkowski Louis Yanez, Robin Riley Donna Dowson, Cyndi Salazar, Dee Davies William Alston Lorrinda Johnson, Maria McVay Beverly Taylor Carol Kremer Karen Swett, Rodrigo Reyes, Maxine Pepper

Schools Absent
The following schools were unrepresented: AB Health Professions, Abraham Lincoln, American Legion, Bret Harte, Caleb Greenwood, Crocker/Riverside, Ethel I. Baker, Fr. Keith B. Kenny, George Washington Carver, James W. Marshall, Jedediah Smith, John Bidwell, John F. Kennedy, John Still Middle, Joseph Bonnheim, Marian Anderson, Martin Luther King, Jr., Nicholas, Rosemont, Sutter, Tahoe, the MET, and West Campus.

Motion was made Alex Visaya, seconded by Jenifer Mojonnier, and carried by majority vote to approve the minutes from the last meeting with one change.

DAC Minutes October 20, 2009

Old Business
Bylaws: Nancy Garcia and Karen Swett reported that the bylaws are being reviewed and amended using the best practices approach. The revision process is following Roberts Rules of Order. Each article will be reviewed individually, but the entire set of bylaws will be approved at once. Article I was presented: ARTICLE I – NAME Announces the full legal name of the organization. The name of this committee shall be District Advisory Council, hereinafter referred to as DAC. A recommendation was made to print and distribute the current bylaws at the next meeting. Wanda Yanez announced that they are available on the website. A member asked whether the minutes had been reviewed by the school district’s legal department as decided at the June meeting. Nancy Garcia confirmed that they had been. Motion was made by Nancy Garcia and carried by the body to approve Article I.

New Business
Superintendent Jonathon Raymond: Joe Sison introduced the new superintendent, Jonathon Raymond. Mr. Raymond commented on the “amazing turnout” at the meeting. He thanked Joe for his remarks, but said that what he is most proud of is being a husband and the parent of three children. He continued that the best part of his day is visiting schools, and as he does he views them from a parent’s perspective, “Would I want my children at this school or my wife interacting with the principal?” As the Chief Accountability Officer in Charlotte, NC, Mr. Raymond focused on catching people doing good things. He finds benefit in looking for best practices and sharing them. As a public school system, Mr. Raymond continued, we don’t control who comes to our schools, but do control attitude, preparation, and the quality of principals and teachers. The passion in our community is unparalleled he remarked, by we have challenges as well. Closing the achievement gap is key. We must display leadership and accountability, own up our mistakes, be transparent, and use language people understand. Engaging parents and communities in the solution, providing training, developing school improvement plans are first steps. Mr. Raymond explained that he will identify 3 to 5 goals that will roll down to every school site. His philosophy is that “all of our children can learn to the highest levels. Every single one of them.” If you don’t believe in this statement, he said, “That’s okay. But it’s not okay to be a principal in the Sacramento City Unified School District.” He closed with the statement that we have amazing kids in our schools and there is nothing they can’t do! SSC & DAC Overview: Sara Myers Bisler reviewed the tool she participated in creating which outlines the key tasks and responsibilities of School Site Councils and the DAC. DAC Goals for 2009/2010: Wanda Yanez reviewed the goals which are available for review on the website.


ConApp Part I and II: Wanda Shironaka made a brief presentation on the purpose of ConApp – to secure state and federal funds for our schools. Geni Boyer: Wanda Yanez introduced Geni Boyer from the Parent Information Resource Center. Ms. Boyer commented that with our new superintendent in place these are “exciting times” for our district. She went on to address Title I compliance by explaining that parents, staff, students and community members participate in developing, implementing and evaluating core and categorical programs. She continued by discussing the importance of creating meaningful involvement, and stated that “We must all work together to close the achievement gap.” She explained that Title I funds are intended to support children who are

DAC Minutes October 20, 2009

underprivileged. How we use those funds to develop meaningful programs is key. Parents can provide amazing support, “So how can we engage parents throughout the district to give support to students?” she asked. “How can parents be meaningfully involved in developing programs?” Development of the LEA plan, school site council, and DAC can provide meaningful involvement. Plan activities, plan action. What program supports the students? What data are you looking for? Which students are not achieving? Why are they not making it? What are the barriers? What are the different interventions? Decisions should be data driven. The program should be evaluated. What is the program? It is not about staffing. Title I is to enrich and support, not replace what the school wants to have. Title I is about program, not people. Focus on what the kids needs. She encouraged that planned action by principals is critical. We need data and to look at programs that support students, then identify barriers to success. We must plan, implement, and evaluate. Title I programs are intended to enrich and support the core program, not replace it. “What is the program?” she asked. “What interventions do we have for students who need support?” She continued by stating that unless we work as a team we will not be able to improve student achievement. We need to know who the kids are, what their needs are: academic, social, and emotional. We must form partnerships with community organizations in order to succeed. Meeting extension: Darlene Anderson made a motion to extend the meeting to 8:10. The motion was seconded and carried by majority vote.

Public Comment
Anthony Crocker from AM Wynn commented on the importance of the continued involvement of parents in DAC. A letter from the SSC at Theodore Judah was distributed.

     Town Hall meeting for Program Improvement schools will be held October 22, 2009. Creating Welcoming Schools for Student Success is October 21, 2009. Leadership Academy begins November 2, 2009. Check out the SacDAC website at Next meeting will be November 10, 2009 from 6:30 to 8:00.

At 8:10 a motion was made by Alex Visaya, seconded by Jenifer Mojonnier and carried by majority vote to adjourn the meeting.

DAC Minutes October 20, 2009

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