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									Find Quality Sales Leads – NOW!
Bill Stanton                 Rod Butters
National Director of Sales   VP Marketing
Liberty Mutual Insurance

  Introduction to
    – Rod Butters, VP Marketing,

  Leveraging quality sales leads at Liberty Mutual
    – Bill Stanton, National Director of Sales, Liberty Mutual Insurance

  Demonstration: Salesgenie on
    – Brook Hoy, Director of Products,
 Online solution for sales effectiveness management to
  enterprise account executives, independent sales
  agents, and small business owners
                           An infoGROUP company (NASDAQ: IUSA)

   – Headquarters: San Carlos, CA
   – Subscribers: 27,000
   – Major Verticals: Insurance, Telecom, Staffing, Technology,
     Financial Services
   – Management team:, Oracle, SAP, and ADP
The Sales Effectiveness Pipeline

      Quality     Prospect      Sales
    Sales Leads   Matching   Productivity
Quality Sales Leads
Quality Sales Leads

                         70% of data is updated annually
                           –   Greater than 95% of calls connect and mailers get

                         In-depth data on businesses and consumers
                           –   Reach decision makers in branch offices
                           –   Identify multiple targets in a neighborhood

                         Modeling of buyer profiles and behavior
                           –   Business operational spending and credit score
                           –   Consumer household income and lifestyles

                         Results:
                           –   Reduce calling by 40 - 60%
                           –   Improve delivery rate by greater than 50%
                           –   Execute a range of sales strategies
                           –   Less time prospecting, more time selling
Prospect Matching

 Leads don’t match
 what Sales needs to
Prospect Matching

    Type of
Prospect Matching

    Type of

   Number of
Prospect Matching

    Type of

   Number of

Prospect Matching

 Match Criteria                   Examples                           Features
                                  Identify businesses by             SIC Codes
                                  industry, # of employees, and      Number of Employees
                                  amount spent on your product       Business Operational Profiles
 Match on key information
                                  Identify consumers by # of         Demographics
                                  residents, have pets, and earn     Lifestyle Data
                                  less than $250,000                 Financial Profiles

                                  Identify customers just like
 Match best existing customers    those you recently closed
                                                                     Customer Analyzer

                                  Find businesses matching a
 Identify new opportunities       profile that just opened offices   New lead alerts
                                  in your area

                                  Find additional information on
 Validate inbound sales leads     a new internet lead
                                                                     Quick look-up and find

                  Work on your most valuable prospects first.
                                     … and only your most valuable prospects!
Sales Productivity

              Easy Download          Mobile Web
               Sales Leads            Access

                              Business and Consumer
Salesgenie Results

                    Greater than 95% of calls connect
                          – Less time wasted getting through
      Quality             – Faster path to the right decision makers!
    Sales Leads

                    Less time prospecting, more time closing
                          – Prospecting time cut by up to 65%*
     Matching             – Sales cycle reduced by 20%**

                    Low to no training
       Sales              – Focus on best practices and greatest
                            leverage of Salesgenie

                   * Results from an internal study by a wireless service provider.
                   ** Average of results from a survey of independent sales representatives.
Sales Efficiency Survey Results*

  30% of respondents had a recent success story

  80% believed Salesgenie would help them reach or exceed quota

  90% said they were able to manage their territory and daily
   activities more efficiently

  100% of respondents were able to identify new prospects with

            * Results from a recent survey of 150+ Account Managers in 43 Sales Offices of a
              Leading Staffing (PEO) Company
 Private provider of personal automobile and homeowner’s, workers
  compensation, general liability, commercial auto, business
  property, group disability, and life and insurance products and
   – Headquartered in Boston, Liberty Mutual Group employs
     approximately 41,000 people in more than 900 offices throughout the
   – $94.6 billion in consolidated assets and $25.9 billion in annual
     consolidated revenue.
   – Fortune 100 ranking.
   – Awarded J.D. Power and Associates Call Center Certification.
   – Products available in all 50 states.
Liberty Mutual Experience

    5th Largest Property & Casualty Insurer in the U.S.
      – Based on 2007 direct written premium

    9th Largest writer of personal lines insurance in the U.S.

    80% of new personal insurance from over 10,000 affinity programs
      – Employee Voluntary Benefit Programs
      – Alumni & Professional Association Programs

    Most sponsored Auto & Home Voluntary Benefit program
      – Over 5,000 participating companies

    Affinity Programs: over 3 million policies and $3.5 billion in premium
Liberty Mutual Personal Markets Unit

    Liberty Mutual’s Personal Markets provides:
      – Auto
      – Home
      – Life
      – Personal Liability

    Operates 400 offices throughout the U.S.
      – 1300 Licensed Sales representatives
      – 1900 Licensed Service Representitives both local and call centers
      – 1000 active P&C Prudential agents
      – P&C licensed Mutual of Omaha Agents

    Includes Internet Channel sales
The Business Challenges

  Managing territory conflict
  Turnover of new account representatives
  Supporting market penetration strategies
  Tracking sales success
  Minimize administrative and training costs

Salesgenie at Liberty Mutual

  Evaluation process
    – November 2007:
       • Pilot of Salesgenie for 30 users
       • Prospecting both B-to-C and B-to-B Business

    – January 2008:
       • Activity for prospecting on a monthly basis was 100%
       • Prospecting activity up 10% for B-to-B
       • Prospecting activity up 5% for B-to-C
Targeted Business Challenges

  Manage territory conflict
    – Salesgenie provides verified metrics on prospects
        • Number of employees of 0 to 500
        • Verified location of offices
    – Eliminates 100% of divisional conflict

  Turnover of new account representatives
    – Salesgenie has decreased ramp time of new representatives

    – Results to date: 15% reduction in new account rep turnover
Support for Market Strategies

                  Lifestyle modeling targets key
                   opportunities directly
                    – Liberty Mutual strategies target specific
                    – Salesgenie provides key information to
                      match prospects with programs

                  Local strategies demonstrate
                    – Target neighborhood of recent win
Tracking Sales Success

  Salesgenie on
    – Delivers sales leads directly into Salesforce CRM

    – Provides a once and done transaction of both prospecting and

    – Allows the user to easily target their customer profile

    – Avoids trampling in other segments and sales staff.
Additional Benefits

  Support for the end-to-end sales process
    – Salesgenie provides detailed information on businesses and
      consumers through profiles
    – Eliminates much of the back and forth collection of information
      for underwriting process

  Indentifying prospective alliance partners
    – Teaming with auto dealers, mortgage brokers, and realtors in
      affinity marketing programs
    – Program has already identified new partners and delivered
      incremental results
Liberty Mutual

  Salesgenie training and assistance
    – 72 webinars to date for local sales and service offices
    – 8 area management meetings presenting best practices and re-
      enforcing the “drill down mining” options for prospecting
    – Dedicated staff for Liberty Mutual trouble shooting and system

  Lessons learned
    – Face-to-face training increased success with the tool
    – Increase the level of usage both immediately and longer term
     Salesgenie on
Direct Access to Quality Sales Leads

      Future Releases:
Salesgenie Capabilities for the
Capabilities for the Enterprise

                Territory and Lead Management Tools
                  –   Control sales lead access through Prospect Matching Profiles
                  –   Exclude existing customers or currently owned opportunities
                  –   Manage lockout of leads to owner by time

                Data Cleansing and Consolidation Services
                  –   Deduplication and cleansing for accurate information
                  –   Content enrichment with additional demographics and modeled

                Management Dashboards and Reporting
                  –   Dashboards and reporting for sales lead usage and flow
                  –   Identify sales efficiency, track new representative ramp-up time
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