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Board of Supervisors Meeting

August 28th, 2012

Call to Order: Meeting called to order by Chairman Larry Novak at 7pm.

Roll Call and Determination of a Quorum: Present – BJ Lindvig, Nanette Hayden, Don Nelson, Larry Novak,
Glenn Aamodt. Absent – Jeremy Heen (arrived at 7:20). Quorum determined.

Disposition of Minutes: Minutes presented for July Supervisors meeting and Special Meeting. Motion made by
BJ to accept minutes as written, Nanette seconded, motion carried.

Public Input: BJ requested a current map of buildings/business for reference on zoning.

Old Business:
    1. Road Graveling: Don made a motion to allow Larry and Glenn to obtain bids for gravel and use their
        discretions on which bid to accept.
    2. Hire Vanguard for Tax Reassessment: Larry stated that we do not have to do the tax reassessment
        with Vanguard. The cost is estimated at $1500 per year for 3 years starting in 2015. There was
        discussion about the advantage of using the same company as the rest of the county. Don moved to hire
        Vanguard, BJ seconded, motion carried.
    3. Relinquishment of zoning to county: Discussion on just letting the county do it or entering into a joint
        powers agreement with the county. BJ made a motion to enter into a Joint Powers Agreement with the
        county with the option to rescind. Don seconded, motion carried. Melissa will contact Kent Reierson
        to draft the JPA.
    4. Comprehensive Land Use Plan and Map: BJ will contact Sanderson Stewart about getting the original
        public input map back. Larry will contact Walter Hadley to set up a meeting and/or ask him to attend
        the next Tri-Township meeting.
    5. Signature Card: Don made a motion to take Verlin Fossum off the bank signature card, Nanette
        seconded, motion carried.

New Business:
   1. Grading old 85: Jed Rider asked to have the old 85 hill road graded. It is a minimum maintenance
       road. Melissa suggested that once a year is pretty minimum. Larry suggested contacting the Game and
       Fish. Glenn said he would call Kent. Larry also said he would contact the county.
   2. Jon Havrilesko: Jon offered his help with zoning. The board said it is not needed at this time.
   3. Cathy Omstead is requesting gravel on her road. The current gravel policy states that if a private
       drive-way is a section line and the owner builds and gravels the road to county specs, then the township
       will maintain it.

Meeting adjourned at 7:46pm

Melissa Rider

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