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                                Myspace Surveys: Giving You The Full Picture
                                  Author: Gabriel Adams Published : 29 January, 2007, 15:19

The Myspace web site is one of the most popular web sites on the Internet. Millions of people and businesses
have created a web site on Myspace for a variety of reasons. Some of the people are trying to get more
business, some of the people are sharing their lives with their friends, some of the people are trying to find
that special someone, and some of the people are on Myspace just because it is the thing to do right now. No
matter the reason for being on Myspace, everyone is trying to add something special to their page to allow
them to stand out more than someone else.

 I have seen some pages that have a short biography of the person that just barely scratches the surface as
to what kind of person that page represents. I have also seen some interesting stories on people's web sites
that give you a little bit better insight into that person's life. Still other people will post pictures of themselves
or their friends, so that you can see them in action. A few other people will post videos of themselves that
show them hanging out, or performing at something they can do well. On many people's pages there are also
comments from their friends, which give you even further insight into their lives.

 Even though all of the features listed above can allow you to try to get to know someone on Myspace, they
still do not give you a full picture. However a new trend I have seen developing further lately is the use of
surveys to supply a lot of information at one time. I searched online to look at some of the different surveys
that were created for Myspace, and I found quite a few. Many of these surveys were around forty to fifty
questions which ranged from favorite color to the wildest thing that I have ever done. A survey can be a great
way to give a wide range of information about oneself in a very short, compact way.

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