RIFMAS_ River Flow Management System Using Wireless Sensing by hcj



 Bhanu Kaushik
Deep Kamal Singh
   Xiang Cui
   HostClient sends a request to Tracker.
   Tracker- Provides .torrent file containing
    information of the other clients.
   Clients - Performs both Upload and Download.
   HostClient communicates with the clients
    received in .torrent.
   Clients exchange pieces (different strategies) &
    match their hashes with those received in .torrent.
   The Ostra
   Samsara: “Honor among thieves”
   Cheating strategies in BitTorrent
    ◦ BitThief
    ◦ BitTyrant
    ◦ Under-reporting strategy
    ◦ Collusion in BitTorrent
   Using the trust relationships to eliminate a trusted
    certificate authority.
   Restrict unwanted communication from “Sybil-
    User with multiple identities can send additional
    unwanted communication by making additional
   Every client in the swarm gets a “Fair-share”
1. A trusted entity (Tracker) observes all actions for
   every client and associates them with the identity of
   the Client performing the action
2. Every Client classifies the received packets of data
   as wanted or unwanted.
3. There is a non-trivial cost for initiating and
   maintaining links in the network.
   All the transactions consists of three phases.
       Authorization -Tracker checks if the transaction can be
        approved and a token could be issued to the sender.
       Transmission – As per the token, sender takes the
        necessary action.
       Classification – Receiving client classifies the
        communication (Good or Bad) & provides feedback to
 Use link credit instead of user credit.
 Directional credit design
 Each link with a link credit balance B, initial
  value 0, and range [L, U]. With L <= 0 <= U,
  and L<= B <= U.
   A    client    before    a      Initial credit of 20 Mb is
    transaction requests the         assigned to every link
    Tracker for approval.           Receives a request for
   On     the    reply,   the       transaction from sender.
    transaction is declined or      Issues a token for the
    approved.                        transaction.
                                    After     the     receiver’s
                                     classification, makes the
                                     necessary             credit

         At Client                        At Tracker
   Simulated on 80 Planet-Lab hosts all around the
    world (MA, NY, CA, India, Canada, Hong Kong
    China, Taiwan etc.).
   Tracker – CCIS Lab Machine (God save TimePilot !!).
   Simulation subjects
      a.   924 MB
      b.   693 MB
      c.   81 MB
   Performance of original snark
   Credit-based Tracker, without sybil nodes in
   Comparison with sybil nodes in snark
   Credit-based Tracker, with sybil nodes in
   Implementing the system using a decentralized
   Using the social network to gather the torrent
   Developing and implementing a new Incentive
    mechanism for untrustworthy clients.
 Data is collected and plotted for all nodes
  including Tracker
 Attributes :-
    ◦ Downloaded
    ◦ Uploaded
    ◦ Remaining
    ◦ Event
    ◦ TimeStamp

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