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					                                          APPENDIX 7 – Offer Worksheet Guidelines

  All requests for approval of an offer package must be submitted on an Offer Worksheet form. The deadline for submission is noon on
  Tuesday. The Offer Group meets on Thursday mornings. Once the commitments on the worksheet are approved, you will be notified
  by email and asked to submit a draft offer letter using one of the College’s template letters.

  Please complete all relevant sections on the worksheet. Incomplete worksheets will not be forwarded to the Offer Group. As
  always, your Divisional Associate Dean can help with specific funding questions.

  The base offer package for all tenure-track and tenured faculty is:

                         ITEM                                       FUNDED BY
                    2 ninths                                           LSA
                    $5,000 research start-up                           LSA
                    basic office renovation                            LSA
                    standard office computer pkg.                      LSA
                    standard office furniture pkg.                     LSA
                    10% of salary for moving allowance                 LSA
                    Nurturance leave for junior faculty only           Replacement teaching covered by SIBM

           The cost of facilities or services that are wholly or partially supported by the College (e.g., access to core
           facilities, technical support, GSIs, clerical assistance, and all in-kind contributions) are funded by the
           department or program. These costs may be monetized as part of the offer letter commitments, but will not
           be included for purposes of determining the College’s start-up cost-sharing.

  The College guidelines for cost sharing may be accessed by unit administrators in the LKAG documentation section of SharePoint (see
  Divisional Affairs folder).

        (Numbers below correlate to numbers on worksheet)

1-3.   The Offer Worksheet is a “stand alone” document reviewed only by the Offer Group. Not all members of this group will see the
       recruitment dossier. Thus, information requested in items #1 and #2 is vital to the review process and must be completed.

 4.    Provide current salary if in an instructional appointment. Explain the rationale for the salary level you are proposing if it deviates
       from the norm for your unit (include an attachment, if needed). Examples of salary justification are:
          (a) candidate has been appointed to the tenure track for # years,
          (b) candidate is starting in two years,
          (c) candidate’s discipline is in an area where salaries are generally higher,
          (d) candidate has received a counteroffer from another institution, or
          (e) salary level is the norm for faculty at that rank in our unit.

 5.    Note normal unit teaching load and candidate’s load. If it differs from the norm in your unit, explain why. Note course releases, if
       any, and explain why you are offering them. If approved, they are funded by the unit.

 6.    Senior faculty may have accumulated equity toward a sabbatical at their prior institution. If applicable, indicate the number of
       terms we are recognizing from that institution and expected timing of a Duty Off-Campus leave in lieu of a sabbatical leavey. This
       leave does not accumulate equity toward a future sabbatical.

 7.    The standard moving allowance is 10% of salary. Faculty moving from outside the United States may need additional funds to
       cover their move. Please make that request in this section.

 8.    Attach an itemized list for all start-up packages. Refer to the College guidelines on cost sharing which may be accessed by unit
       administrators in the LKAG documentation section of SharePoint (see Divisional Affairs folder). Units must specify an account
       code if they are paying a portion of the start-up costs. Include a memo requesting college assistance if unit does not have the
       funds to pay for part or all of the unit share of start-up.

 9.    If applicable, attach a separate itemized list of capital equipment (i.e., equipment that costs $5,000 or more per item) and include
       an estimated cost per item.

10.    All proposed renovation plans must be approved by the LSA Director of Facilities and Operations as early in the recruitment
       process as possible. Include this estimate on the Offer Worksheet. Please make every effort to ensure that the Facilities Office is
       provided with a complete description of the necessary renovations and has an opportunity to meet with the candidate whenever
       possible. Any increase in renovation cost due to changes in scope driven by the unit or by the candidate will generally be the
       responsibility of the unit.
                                                                       OFFER WORKSHEET

                        Approval of these commitments results in authorization of an offer letter.

Please complete items 1-10 and include all relevant information on offer details (see guidelines)

 1) Unit: _______________________________ Position: ____________ Date submitted: ______________________
                                                                                   (enter #)

 2) Name: _____________________________ Rank: _____________ PhD year: _______ Start date:_____________

     Unit: ____________________________                      Effort: ______%              □ Tenured □ Tenure-Track □ Non-Tenure-Track
                                                                                                              (select one)

     Unit: ____________________________                      Effort: ______%              □ Tenured □ Tenure-Track □ Non-Tenure-Track
                                                                                                              (select one)

 3) If offer includes endowed professorship, name _____________________________________________________
 4) Salary: $_________________ 9ths: _______ Current salary (required if in instructional rank): $_________________
                                                 (enter #)

     Rationale for salary offer:_______________________________________________________________________

 5) Normal teaching load: _____ Candidate load _____ Explain if candidate load differs from norm: _____________
                                       (do not include crs releases or nurturance leave)

     Course releases: _______ over _____ terms.                     Explain if offering course releases: _________________________
                           (enter #)       (enter #)


 6) Sabbatical equity from prior institution: _______ terms
                                                        (enter #)

     Offering DOC leave during ___________________________ OR after ________ term(s) of active duty.
                                          (enter “fall” or “winter” term & year)                  (enter #)

 7) Explain if moving allowance more than 10% of salary: ________________________________________________
 8) Start-up package:      □ $5,000 LSA basic package OR
                           □ $_____________ attached detailed list with cost per item
                              #___________________________ for unit’s share of start-up costs*
                                          (enter account code(s))

     * Attach explanation if requesting LSA pay part or all of unit’s share of start-up.
 9) Capital equipment:     □ Yes (attach detailed list with cost per item)
                           □ No
10) Cost estimate for renovations that exceed basic pkg: $____________ Approved by: ________________________
                                                                                                                             (enter name & date approved)
     List room numbers to be renovated: ______________________________________________________________

To be completed by LSA Offer Group:

 Research start-up: $____________________                       Base salary: $___________________                            Ninths: #__________

                 LSA       ____% $____________                                        ____% $_____________                           #_________
    Provost PFIP/FEP       ____% $____________                                        ____% $_____________                           #_________
            Dept/Prog      ____% $____________                                        ____% $_____________                           #_________
                Other      ____% $____________                                        ____% $_____________                           #_________

 Approved by: ___________________________________________________________________________________


 ______________________________________________________________ Date: __________________________

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